Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alderman Catanzaro must be Expelled from City Council

At the Wednesday night council meeting, Alderman Paul Catanzaro spoke against, and then voted to reject a recent Ethics Commission ruling calling for Catanzaro to be reprimanded for personally voting on a previous issue that could have resulted in his receiving personal overtime for work that would have otherwise been given to a contractor.

By voting on his own personal reprimand Wednesday night, Catanzaro has again apparently violated section 4-7 of the city charter which states in part: “No member of the Common Council shall be heard to speak upon, nor shall be allowed to vote upon…any matter in which the member has a pecuniary interest.”

Catanzaro reportedly told reporters from both the New Britain Herald and the Hartford Courant that his reason for voting on the matter was because if he was to recues himself, then he wouldn’t be allowed to speak on the matter, but that is precisely what the city charter dictates; that he not be allowed to speak on his own matter of interest.

The punishment dictated by the same charter for violation of this section: “expulsion.”
As stated in the charter: “Any violation of this provision shall be grounds for expulsion of any member violating the same…”

This is the culmination of over 4 years of serious conflicts of interest that have been made public regarding this same alderman. He has ignored warnings from other Aldermen and even the Mayor when planning to vote on other past issues of personal interest. This time the law is crystal clear. It mandates that this member be expelled from the council.

This time, Catanzaro’s actions are similar to a judge hearing his own court case and then declaring himself “NOT GUILTY” at his own trial. This is shocking behavior for any elected official.

The only way to begin to restore public trust in the Common Council is to follow the law and expel this member for the violations he willingly committed. Mayor Stewart needs to act quickly in beginning the impeachment process for this serious violation.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous says...


You said that Catanzaro voted against the suggestion of the Ethics Commission that he be reprimanded for his participation in conflict of interest issues related to his votes as an Alderman. This time he did it again in full view of television cameras. Votes no on the recommendation by the Ethics Commission that he be reprimanded for conflicts of interest. What gall, what stupidity! The only action necessary in dealing with this man is EXPULSION from the Common Council for violating the NB Charter.

Anonymous said...

The democrats on the council couldn't even muster up the intestinal fortitude to vote for the REPORT from the ethics commission.

Besides the super umber minority on the council who is going to vote for expulsion? Do you need 10 total votes or 12 to expel?

The council democrats have the numbers now but it will be up to the thousands of voters to do what these clowns can't do. Fire one of their own.

Anonymous said...

This will be just one more reason to dump all 13 crooked Dumbocrats at election time.

Anonymous said...

What a system, a bunch of crooks decide if one of their own crooked politicians should be impeached? Sounds like something Obama would dream up.

Anonymous said...

Bill McNamara has resigned from Ethics Commission over the Council Democrats refusal to accept the Ethics Commission report regarding Ald Catanzero.

Read the Herald Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Where is Filthy Phil, the dirty ethics czar to condemn the actions of his fellow sleazeball from the council? You can bet your *** that if this were Lou Salvio, you wouldn't be able to shut Sherwack up, but let one of his comrades break the law, and not a peep. Maybe Sherwack needs to go to, especially now that we know just what a phony he is!

Anonymous said...

Can Catanzaro be fired from his parks and rec job? If so, it should be done. That, on top of his losing the election next November, should be the end of this stupid nonsense!!

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