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The Republican-American State economy on scary path

Danny is the cause of many companies leaving Conn.

CHRIS POWELL: Two ways to retrieve budget at last minute - The Middletown Press (

State Police Seek Convicted Sex Offender With Ties To Connecticut, New York -

Berlin Town Council to vote on sewer district entry Tuesday - The New Britain Herald (

Cromwell's First Selectman claims votes by town entities are illegal since the Board of Directors of the Mattabassett have not voted approving this issue. 

Malloy's Plan B means more cuts in local aid - The New Britain Herald (

Malloy Plan "B" is devasting to New Britain with his propose cuts.

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Survey: A Quarter of Greater Hartford Companies Courted by Other States: The Courant


June, 2011

P.O. Box 2312, New Britain, CT 06050

Established 1924

1929—Incorporated in State of Connecticut as a non-profit organization

1991 Affiliated as a charter member of FCTO (Federation of Connecticut

Taxpayers Organization)

Officers: President: Michael Wanik

Vice-President: Ann Mikulak

Vice President  Henry Zembko 225-0586

Secretary: Jeanne Biernacki

Treasurer: Janet Candelori

Board of Directors:

Nick D’Apice 225-9112

Dwight Blint 223-3793

Janet Candelori 224-2583

Rene Candelori “ “

Mary Chaponis 225-0079

Mark Fortin 225-0605

Helene Groman 225-2806

Henry Kita 223-1329

Gerald Levesque

Stanley Pac 229-7903

James Sanders, Jr. 224-9808

Elda Spaczynski 229-2502

Mike Wanick 224-1177

Frank Smith 224-0218


Membership Dues: $10.00 per year

Annual Meeting held in March (to be announced).

Election of Officers and Board of Directors at this meeting.

June, 2011


Taxpayers Watchdog

P.O. Box 2312, New Britain, CT 06050

Established 1924

1929—Incorporated in State of Connecticut as a non-profit organization

1991 Affiliated as a charter member of FCTO (Federation of Connecticut

Taxpayers Organization)

Mayoral Views – Former Mayor Lucian Pawlak (D)

Mayoral Views – State Rep. Tim O’Brien (D)

Mayoral Views – Alderman Mark Bernacki (R)

BREAKING NEWS: AFSCME Local 391 rejects concession agreement with Gov. Malloy

Fox 61 is reporting that AFSCME Local 391 has rejected the concession plan.  This was the final vote to sink the plan, so no matter what the remaining unions vote, the deal has been rejected.

Governor Malloy is now threatening to lay off 7,500 to 10,000 union members, apparently as punishment for not accepting his so-called deal.    Malloy has reportedly said he will not meet again with unions and will go ahead with his plan for the layoffs.

Sounds like little more than sour grapes on Malloy's part, otherwise why would a leader blanketly refuse to even discuss a possible solution with the unions?  Shouldn't the Governor put the needs of the state above his childish ego?

Some in Cromwell still have concerns about Middletown joining Mattabassett sewer district - The Middletown Press (

By JEFF MILL, Press Staff

Former alderman Kirejczyk announces mayoral bid - The New Britain Herald (


Mayor Stewart
hopeful on union concessions after Thursday meetings - The New Britain Herald (


Block grants
distributed - The New Britain Herald (

By Robert Storace
Staff Writer

Capitol Watch Blog - Connecticut Politics, Political News and Legislation

New Britain Council OKs Land Sale For Magnet High School -


How the Democrats Nearly Destroyed the Economy - Mona Charen - printer friendly -

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White House Executive Order on Rural Council

The feds are not helping them, they are stepping in to enslave. The government never gives “something for nothing.”

UBS to cut 500 IT jobs worldwide - Computerworld

Auditors find no problems in Busway land issue - The New Britain Herald (

Staff Writer

New Britain Delays Vote On Costco Plan -


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City of New Britain-Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart


June 22, 2011
CONTACT: Lisa Carver (860) 826-3303



New Britain, CT: Sometimes the underdog does pull off the big win. Liberty Mutual Insurance announced today that New Britain was one of 10 winners in its nationwide Bring Back the 4th contest (see attached copy of Liberty Mutual release) which will mean $10,000 in funding to help restore the City’s annual 4th of July celebration which had been cancelled due to a budget crisis.

“I was absolutely speechless when I received the news this morning,” said Mayor Timothy Stewart. “Although this was a long shot, I am not surprised as I know that when asked to respond to a need, the New Britain community always comes forward and pitches in to make positive things happen.”

The $10,000 from Liberty Mutual will be added to funds being collected by the American Savings Foundation which has pledged a $25,000 challenge grant to help make sure the annual celebration goes on in 2011.

David Davison, president and CEO of the American Savings Foundation reported on the progress of the challenge grant efforts to date. “This has been an amazing outpouring of community spirit and generosity,” said Davison. “From companies such as Acme Monaco and Farmington Savings Bank who each have donated $5000, to individuals walking into the Foundation office with small contributions, everyone is doing their part to keep this important tradition alive in New Britain.”

Mayor Stewart also received word this morning of a third $5000 donation. “The Board of the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain voted yesterday to add their support to this effort with a $5000 contribution. The Community Foundation has always been there to help in times of need, and this time is no exception as they respond to help keep our community spirit up during difficult economic times by keeping our 4th of July celebration intact.”

Several weeks ago, the City announced that the fireworks would be cancelled because budget constraints including possible layoffs and service cuts. The annual event at Stanley Quarter Park typically attracts 30,000 people. City officials estimated that costs for the fireworks and necessary employees to staff the event would be around $50,000.

Last week, the American Savings Foundation responded to the announcement of no fireworks by offering $25,000 toward the event and challenged the community to match that amount. As of today (June 22, 2011) the total raised by the challenge is $15,940 ($5000 each from Acme-Monaco, Farmington Savings Bank and the Community Foundation and close to $from smaller donations. With the additional $10,000 raised by the community-wide response to the Liberty Mutual contest, the total from all sources is $50,940. This means the fireworks are definitely going to be held on July 4th.

“I want to thank Liberty Mutual, particularly local reps Carlo Carlozzi and Doug O’Leary, for the opportunity to bring back the fireworks,” continued Mayor Stewart. “And I am so grateful to the folks at the American Savings Foundation, particularly Dave Davision, Board chair Harry Mazadoorian and former New Britain Superintendent of Schools and Foundation board member Dr. Marie Gustin who not only came forward with generosity in dollars, but generosity in spirit as they led the way to this tremendous success for our community. I also want to thank all the New Britain residents who put in their own effort, whether you went online to participate in the Liberty Mutual contest, or whether you donated to the challenge grant, we could not have done this without you.”

Festivities will begin at 6:00 pm on July 4th with a band and other activities at Stanley Quarter Park Fireworks will begin after dark at approximately 9:15 pm.

Obama’s ineligibility: We now have elective despotism

Mafia Code of the Congress


The New Police Department Groundbreaking event at Main and Chestnut Streets was held on October 12, 2010.

Today, at this location, was the signing of the of the steel beam by many of city officials. Mayor Timothy Stewart, pictured here, Police Chief Galliardi, Chairman of the Police Commission Mr. Michael Wanik,the members of the Building committee and many other dignitaries.

Key Conn. union votes down Gov. Malloy's concessions package - The New Haven Register (

Democrat and GOP candidates to meet with town committees this week - The New Britain Herald (

Police report...June 21 - The Bristol Press (

Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Britain man facing home invasion charge after breaking down door of Middletown home: Middletown Press

Minority Leader Salvio Spells it Out

The Democrat Party of NB - The "PARTY OF NO!".
For the past 8 years, Council Democrats and NB, State legislative Dems have attempted to thwart any positive venture forwarded by the Stewart administration, designed to stabilize or lower property taxes. The Democrats have been aided in their efforts by the DTC Chair. Today's column by S. Whipple conjures up examples from the past as well as those of today. Most often the name of Re. Tim Obrien is linked to their effort.
Rewind to about 5 years ago; the Tilcon Co. came forward with a proposal to buy unused, low level NB watershed property on the city's west side - no water involved - for, $15 million. Homeowners along Wooster St. petitioned O'Brien and the State Sen. Don DeFronzo to squash the proposal they did. Bye bye to $15M for NB.
Rewind to a few years ago. The WalMart store on Farmington Ave in NB is picketed by, among others, you guessed it, Tim O'Brien and a couple of NB Council members, all Dems. Result? WalMart says bye bye to NB.
O'Brien professes to champion property tax reform, more and better jobs and lower taxes. Switch to, today. The COSTCO organization, comes to NB with a proposal. Who jumps in and is leading the fight against the proposal? None other than Mr. property tax reform/jobs/lower taxes guy, Tim O'Brien. But wait, another champion of "NO" has emerged, with the name, DeFronzo. This time it's Alderman Dave DeFronzo (see today's letter to the editor).
Alderman DeFronzo is against the COSTCO proposal, the Aquinas proposal and The CREC proposal for Pinnacle Heights. Goodbye millions in property sales, goodbye to hundreds of thousands in property tax relief, goodbye to hundreds of "good" jobs, ETC.
But of course, it's an election year. The Dems are already plotting to see who will take over as Mayor - everybody knows who the DTC will endorse - and they will be making the same promises they always make. Who will suffer? New Britain taxpayers.

Lou Salvio

City of New Britain-Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart


June 20, 2011
Contact: Lisa Carver, (860) 826-3303


New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart announced today that a brief beam signing ceremony and photo opportunity to mark the progress of the construction of the City’s new police station will be held on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at approximately 4:45 p.m. on the construction site at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets.

“Steel has been reaching into the New Britain skyline over the past few weeks building excitement about this public safety project” Mayor Stewart said today. “The Police Station Building Committee has been meeting monthly and doing great work in keeping the project on schedule, containing costs and encouraging local hiring. The signed beam will be a permanent part of the building and will commemorate that good work for posterity.”

The signing will take place after the conclusion of the Committee’s monthly meeting which will begin at 4:00 pm at the construction site trailer.

Malloy's concession-deal-likely-live-or-die-afscme-- Ct Mirror

WHIPPLE: Is Costco worth the cost? - The New Britain Herald (

Scott Whipple
Business Scene

Council to vote on trio of projects Wednesday - The New Britain Herald (

July 4 fireworks - downsized - are a go - The New Britain Herald (

Staff Writer

Board of Education approves union concessions; 15 jobs saved - The New Britain Herald (

Malloy Takes Nip Out Of Watchdog Agencies -

Former Editor of the Herald, James Smith and a Member of the FOI commission, speaks out.

New Briatin--Neighbors Of Ruined School Property: Don't Bring Low-Income Housing Here -


Middletown Council Approves Joining Mattabassett District -

Perry bid would trigger debate over states' rights | Philip Klein | Columnists | Washington Examiner


Police report...June 20: DUI arrests - The Bristol Press (

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Obama will Resign and for Good Reason

The union-owned Democrats - The Washington Post

By Charles Krauthammer,

Even Boeing is not allowed to use their new Plant by the unions.

EDITORIAL: Conn. energy czar has mandate to cut costs - The New Haven Register (

Malloy's tax on electricity will lower costs????

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guida's dairy celebrates 125th anniversary: WTNH

Mayor Stewart To Meet With Unions To Discuss Concessions: The Courant

Target Store Votes Against Union, 137 to 85: Wall Street Journal

Tom Foley: Outdated policies invite a Connecticut crash -

Shariah Law is a Muslim Killer - Now They Want to Use It On Us

YouTube - • Crash Politics • Obamacorn CEO Bertha Lewis applauds her own socialist speech


Sherwood would no doubt be jealous because he only led the charge to drive Wal-Mart's 150 jobs out of town." Don't forget, O'Brien was in on the WalMart thing, also, as was Catanzaro.

Sherwood also chased away a potential interest in Pinnacle Heights - do we all remember the "where's the beef" comment?

And, let us not forget another important piece of negative history attributable to DeFronzo's father and to David's co-opponent to Costco, none other than the carpet bagger from Manchester, the ever glad handing Tim O'Brien.

About five years ago, The Tilcon Company approached the City with a proposal to purchase excess, non usable NB Water Department watershed land, west of Wooster St. A few disgruntled folks opposed the sale and pursuaded then then State Senator Don DeFronzo, and Rep. Tim Obrien to have the State Legislature to squash the deal. THE SALE WOULD HAVE BROUGHT IN $15 MILLION DOLLARS. THAT $15 M WOULD HELP NB A LOT RIGHT NOW.


The Republican-American Moderate Dan to left-wing Dannel

Busway petition turned over to DEP - The Bristol Press (

Bristol Police Blotter - The Bristol Press (

Teachers’ union concedes 3 furlough days
to keep 15 posts - The New Britain Herald (

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Political Factions Line Up Over Costco Controversy: The Courant

Why do liberals hate freedom so much? - How the World Works -

To The Editor by The Minority Leader of The Council

To The Editor:

Public Hearings of the NB Common Council as well as the public participation sessions before Council meetings are interesting. Some have no participants. Usually hearings on zone changes attract more people.

Some people show up just to show up. Some show up to speak on whatever is the subject, while others have a personal interest in the subject. One also learns that many have computers and have learned to “GOOGLE” subjects for information. Etc., etc.

Agendas for Council meetings are published on the Friday before the Council meeting. Notices for public hearings are and must be published in the local newspapers, days before the hearing, especially for zone changes.

Now, with reference specifically to Mr. Zagorsky’s Editor letter, today (6.17.11): Mr. Zagorsky, an attorney, is a participating member of the City Plan Commission and probably knows the rules better than most. The agenda for the 6/8/11 meeting of the Common Council was available to the press and the Council on Friday, 6/3/11. A Public Hearing of the Council’s P. Z. & Housing subcommittee (for a zone change) was scheduled for and held on, 6/7/11 and had been properly noticed in the media. Many spoke at the public hearing and the meeting ran very late.

When some of the same folks that were present at the Public Hearing on 6/7 started showing up for the 6/8 Council Meeting, I told them that there was no agenda item on the Hartford Rd. zone change for the 6/8 meeting. Some people left. Others (about 15 or so) stayed because they had come prepared to speak; Mr. Zagorsky was one that stayed. Before the meeting, the Herald reporter came and asked why there was no zone change item on the agenda. Remember, as has been said, agendas are published the Friday before the meeting, in this case, 6/3. The Council meeting was for, 6/8.

My incomplete response to the Herald reporter was, “... the meeting the night before ran late... “ Remember, issues, especially zone change issues must be properly noticed. There hadn’t been time for this. Certainly, an attorney and member of the City Plan Commission must know this. Yet, Mr. Zagorsky uses my incomplete answer to the Herald reporter as one of his points of contention (???). Mr. Zagorsky had come prepared to speak and, speak he did, for about 15 minutes. Also, I take considerable umbrage at what I refer to as Mr. Zagorsky’s unprofessional characterization of the motives of City attorneys that had offered opinions on Alix Stanley’s gift to the city and his wishes as to its use. Mr. Zagorsky noted that of course, city attorneys were opining on an issue where the City was the applicant for the zone change – what is that supposed to suggest?

Other, unkind words and accusations have been spoken at the meetings and in the press. Please people, stop using this tactic.

Lou Salvio, Minority Leader
New Britain Common Council


Gov. Malloy: Remember this one that appeared three days or so ago? I hope you are not surprised to the union membership's vote against your proposal.

Alderman Mark Bernacki announces his Mayoral Campaign at the Falcons Club.


His announcement was amazingly held with standing room only crowd. Many in attendance were well known political and business entrepreneurs.

Substantially members of both parties and including some independents.

Alderman Bernacki has served 9 terms on the city council and four years as the chairman of the Police commission.

When he was pondering whether to run or not, subsequent to Mayor Stewart's announcement that he was not going seek another term,he was advised not to run by his mother because she had seen through his dad and him that being on the city council can be "brutal and nasty."

A small business owner, that has championed and supported others to become business owners as he and his wife have been for twenty two years.

His being involved with many charitable organizations too numerous to mention but his most appreciable and well known community service was given a "hand up" to the needy in our community with his starting a non-profit charity called warm the children with warm winter clothing in 2004.

After thanking Mayor Stewart for keeping the city taxes stabled as mayor he went on to say "my primary concern will be to bring jobs to New Britain, grow our grand list and control spending. Bringing leaders of both parties with local business and non- profit sectors together to work for the betterment of the city."

He concluded by stating that it is going to be a difficult and potential ugly election. You've seen the lengths that some candidates will go to disparage another. "I will not do that. I consider some of my Democratic opponents my friends. I want to open a positive campaign and talk about the issues encouraging the other candidates to keep the focus on solving our problems."

With a MBA from the University of Hartford he is well equipped to undertake and assume the Mayoral duties serving the city's citizens very well.

Canada Gives the Bum’s Rush to Bill Ayers, Terrorist, Obama Pal, and ACORN Conspirator

Open Forum Thirteen

Back by popular demand is another open forum to allow you to post items you think may be of interest of your fellow readers. This is your chance to post comments that you want to share, but don't seem to fit into existing articles or areas of discussion.

Please submit any comments you wish to make about New Britain's Budget Proposals.

And please comment on Governor's Malloy's proposed tax increases.


Jon Green: Chairman of the Working Families Party is an independent, grassroots party dedicated to electing progressives and standing up for the needs of ordinary working class families whose voices are so often overlooked in politics. For us, this first-of-its-kind win is really a proud moment.
If you get paid sick days, it’s easy enough to take them for granted. But today in Connecticut, there are hundreds of thousands of low-wage service workers, mostly women, without paid sick days. For those workers, a child’s doctor’s appointment can mean losing pay and a bad flu can cost you your job. We can do better than that.
Especially in difficult times like these, it’s not right to make people choose between their health and their job, or between being a good parent and a good employee. When this legislation takes effect in January, hundreds of thousands of low-wage service workers will enjoy this basic protection.
It’s the first statewide paid sick days bill in the nation, and something Connecticut can be enormously proud of.

Two State Employee Locals Reject Concessions Deal With State -

Here we go with more taxes by Malloy with his phony budget

Big contract lifts Otis Elevator up - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple, Staff Writer

Empire state Building contract

Acme Monaco donates $5K to July 4 fireworks; city now $20K from goal - The New Britain Herald (


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mark Bernacki will Announce tonight @ the Falcons Club

Hello All.

Attached is my digital photo and biography.

I will be announcing my candidacy for Mayor of New Britain tonight at the Falcons Club
located at 201 Washington Street in New Britain at 6:00pm. The event will be held on the
second floor. The entrance is on the Washington Street side. Go to the second floor and
the room is directly to the right.

Thank you.

Mark Bernacki

Mark Bernacki's BIO

Name: Mark H. Bernacki, age 55
Address: 141 Oakwood Drive, New Britain
Party Affiliation: Republican
Family: Wife-Maria Gallo Bernacki; son-Mark II; daughter-Marybeth
Employment: Owner, Sir Speedy Printing Center, New Britain, 22 years
Educational background- University of Hartford-MBA ; CCSU-BS, Computer Science; NBHS

Office Sought: Mayor

Civic & Professional Associations
National Federation of Independent Businesses-CT Leadership Council Vice Chairman
Community Foundation of Greater New Britain-Catalyst Fund member, scholarship committee & board

Warm the Children-Volunteer Coordinator Rotary Club-board member
New Britain EMS-board member Elks Club of New Britain
Unico Foundation of New Britain Kiwanis Club of Middletown-board member
St Maurice Church-communicant New Britain Chamber of Commerce
New Britain Business Network Group Polish American Business Association-board member
Literacy Volunteers -board member Pope John Paul II – school board member
NBHS Parents Music Association Coached summer/fall youth baseball for several Doc Mirliani Golf Tournaments seasons
Pulaski Club – Financial Secretary

9 term Alderman serving under 5 Mayors Chairman, New Britain Police Commission – 4 Years
Mayor Pro Tempore – 4 Terms Charter Revision Commission
Asst Majority Leader – 1 Term
Asst Minority Leader – 3 Terms

IBM's new future: Quantum computing

By:Patrick Thibodeau, Senior Editor of Computerworld.

State funding OK’d for DiLoreto Magnet School project - The New Britain Herald (


Mayor floats alternate Costco layout not involving use of Stanley Park - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple
Staff Writer

CHRIS POWELL: Legislative session -- more delusional than liberal - The Middletown Press (

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FORUM: Democrats and potheads have a lot in common: New Haven Register

New Britain Fireworks Going From Boom To Bust To Boom: The Courant

Motorcyclist Injured In New Britain Accident, Police Say: The Courant


Date: June 15, 2011

Contact: Lisa Carver (860) 826-3303

For Release: Immediately Upon Receipt


New Britain, Conn. – It’s not too late for New Britain to light up the night sky on the Fourth of July with the biggest and best fireworks display in Connecticut.

The American Savings Foundation has pledged a $25,000 challenge grant to help make sure the annual celebration goes on in 2011.
This pledge gets us half way home,” said Mayor Timothy T. Stewart. “If businesses and residents follow the community spirited lead of the American Savings Foundation and come forward to meet the challenge, the City will make this year’s Great American Boom as loud and bright as ever.”
Last week, the City announced that the fireworks would be cancelled because of budget constraints. The City had to make a difficult decision in a budget year of likely layoffs and other service cuts. The annual event held at Stanley Quarter Park typically attracts about 30,000 people. It is a great tradition for New Britain families to enjoy the fireworks together.

“Our board of directors believes in the City of New Britain,” said Harry Mazadoorian, chairman of the board of American Savings Foundation. “Times are tough, but the annual fireworks display is a celebration of the City’s traditions, as well as its promise for the future. We hope the entire community will consider joining this effort by making a donation to keep this tradition going strong.”

Donations toward the match can be made by Friday, June 24, to the American Savings Foundation New Britain 4th of July Fund, 185 Main Street, New Britain, CT 06051. For more information, call 860-827-2556.

American Savings Foundation’s roots in the City go back to 1862 when the Savings Bank of New Britain was founded. Now a permanent charitable endowment, the Foundation was established by American Savings Bank in 1995 to give back to the community. College scholarships are a central part of its mission. This year the foundation is providing $675,000 in college scholarships to 380 Connecticut students, including 68 New Britain residents.

“The Fourth of July is a celebration of America, the land of opportunity,” said David Davison, president and CEO of the foundation. “Our scholarships help families afford the dream of a college education. We want all New Britain youth to know that if they work hard in school, they have a great chance to receive an American Savings Foundation scholarship.”

The foundation recently awarded 125 new scholarships for the upcoming school year. Applications for 2012 will be available in January at

“That’s another great reason to celebrate,” said Davison.


Democrats seek major H-1B, green card reform


Agenda 21 and Obama’s Rural Council?

City GOP circulating pro-Costco petition - The New Britain Herald (


Rock Cats Tell New Britain: See Fireworks For A Buck -


New Britain School Board Says Next Step Is Up To Its Unions -


Middletown, Cromwell arrests - The Middletown Press (

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Britain School Board Says Next Step Is Up To Its Unions
Labor Concessions Could Reduce Plan For 78 Job Cuts: The Courant

Wisconsin's High Court Says Controversial Union Law Can Take Effect : Fox News
Another Major Blow To The Unions And Their Dwindling Membership!

New law bars public employees from collectively bargaining for most benefits!

With union membership at a 70 year low in this country, unions are apparently on their way out!

Fire That Destroyed Berlin House Was Set: The Courant
Fire Marshal Seeks Public Help In Supplying Leads

YIPP Poll: Unhappy with Malloy | Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Wal*Mart Suceeds Because of Liberals

Sing the praises of Wal-Mart, a great American success story.
Liberals hate Wal-Mart because it puts local Mom and Pop concerns out of business, ruthlessly cuts costs, and is driven by profit. Well no kidding! Why do you think its annual revenues—$500 billion—exceed the GDP of all but 18 of the world's 181 countries? Because people (liberals too) like to shop there. If they didn't, it would go out of business. That's how economics works! Oh, I forgot, you’re a liberal, you don't understand that.

Mayoral Run by Mark Bernacki To Be Announced

Mark Bernacki will be making his announced plan for the up-coming campaign at the Falcon Club, this Thursday evening, June 16th at 6:00 P. M. All are invited to attend.
On the Democratic side of the isle three candidates have already entered this race Alderman Paul Catanzarro, former Mayor Lucian Pawlak, and State Representative Timothy O'Brien.
Additionally, added to this mix is another candidate running on the independent ticket, a retired welder Mr. A. Mayo.
Bernacki, a nine term alderman, is the owner of Sir Speedy Printing in New Britain. He is also the volunteer coordinator of Warm the Children, a local charity providing warm winter clothing to needy New Britain children. Bernacki is also active and serving on the boards of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Community Foundation of Greater New Britain, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Polish American Business Association and Unico Foundation. He is a past board member of New Britain EMS, Pope John Paul II School, and Literacy Volunteers and was a member of the NBHS Music Association and Doc Mirliani Golf Tournament. Bernacki also is a member of St Maurice Church and the Elks Club and coached youth high school baseball for several seasons.

Police report...June 13 - The Bristol Press (

Former alderman, business owner running for Common Council - The New Britain Herald (

Democrat Dominic Colossale a Democrat

CHRIS POWELL: Is there any future in Connecticut outside of government? - The Middletown Press (

Rivkin and Casey: Why ObamaCare Is Losing in the Courts -

New Britain Schools Now Planning To Axe 83 Jobs: The Courant

Monday, June 13, 2011

OUR VIEW: Making jobs a priority - The New Britain Herald (

69 Higher Taxes for Connecticut | Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Congress agrees that Obama is above the law

Karl Marx Was Quoted to Say:

"There is only one way to kill capitalism—by taxes, taxes, and more taxes."

Belvedere a dream come true for talented Polish cook - The New Britain Herald (

You Can Buy Meds At Costco without Being a Member

Since the cost of prescription drugs is so outrageous, I thought everyone should know about this.
It pays to shop around! This helps to solve the mystery as to why they can afford to put a Walgreen's on every corner. On Monday night, Steve Wilson, an investigative reporter for Channel 7 News in Detroit , did a story on generic drug prices gouging by pharmacies. He found in his investigation that some of these generic drugs were marked up as much as 3,000% or more. So often we blame the drug companies for the high cost of drugs, and usually rightfully so. But in this case, the fault clearly lies with the pharmacies themselves. For example if you had to buy a prescription drug, and bought the name brand, you might pay $100 for 100 pills.
The pharmacist might tell you that if you get the generic equivalent, they would only cost $80, making you think you are saving $20. What the pharmacist is not telling you is that those 100 generic pills may have only cost him $10!

At the end of the report, one of the anchors asked Mr. Wilson whether or not there were any pharmacies that did not adhere to this practice, and he said that Costco consistently charged little over their cost for the generic drugs.

I went to the Costco site, where you can look up any drug, and get its online price. It says that the in-store prices are consistent with the online prices. I was appalled. Just to give you one example from my own experience I had to use the drug Compazine which helps prevent nausea in chemo patients.

I used the generic equivalent, which cost $54.99 for 60 pills at CVS. I checked the price at Costco, and I could have bought 100 pills for $19.89. For 145 of my pain pills, I paid $72.57. I could have got 150 at Costco for $28.08.

I would like to mention, that although Costco is a 'membership' type store, you do NOT have to be a member to buy prescriptions there as it is a federally regulated substance. You just tell them at the door that you wish to use the pharmacy, and they will let you in.

I am asking each of you to please help me by copying this letter, and passing it into your own e-mail, and send it to everyone you know with an e-mail address.

Sharon L. Davis
Budget Analyst
U.S. Department of Commerce
Room 6839
Office Ph: 202-482-4458
Office Fax: 202-482-5480

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The “Muslims First” Foreign Policy

Obam's Policy

Get Moving On Busway Preparations --

Get Moving On Busway Preparations --

Letter From To Associates -

Good Going Gov. Malloy and all your socialist members of the legislature that are not business friendly at all.

Mattabassett bill gets final approval; Middletown all set to close aging sewer plant (updated) - The Middletown Press (

EDITORIAL: CL&P customers burned by state - The New Haven Register (

Great Editorial: Malloy and the Legislature should make the refunds to CL&P customers immediately.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Texas governor looking more like a presidential candidate: New Haven Register

Minority leader speaks out on The Attorney General's Interference with City Affairs

My second comment on this issue:

Only three members of The Common Council - all Democrats - voted against the SGC zone change at the Council's P,Z & H subcommittee on 6/7/11. The three were, Dave DeFronzo, Mike Trueworthy and Eva Magnuszewski. It is my opinion that one of these three, one with political connections in Hartford, either called or wrote to the A.G.'s office to ask for an investigation into the SGC zone change issue. That's the only issue about the SGC proposal from Costco that has had Council input thus far. No puchase and sale agreement, etc.

Questions for the AG: what, in the name of all that is within the AG's purvue and in the realm of AG functions does your office have to do with a Municipal Zone Change issue that has yet to be finalized?, and, who made the request for you to get involved? (Of course, I think I know the answer already?) If my thinking turns out to be correct and this proposal is stifled, it will be yet another example of obstructionism by NB Council Democrats in the same vein as the losing $15 Million here, four million or five million there and a sale of excess NB watershed property to Tilcon a few years ago; this sale was squashed in the state legislature by Don DeFronzo and Tim O'Brien. Losing $!5 here, $4 or $5 million there in property sales revenue means nothing to these folks as long as their election votes are secured. HOW DO THE CITIZEN TAXPAYERS OF NB FEEL ABOUT THEIR TAXES AND MILL RATE NOW?

Only a couple of steps in the "process" have been completed. WHAT WILL THE AG FIND OUT? When Alix Stanley "gave the land to NB, there was no golf course, no A.W.Stanley Park, no swimming pool no ball fields or anything else. The City, with a little help of the then, WPA, built most of these things. Do we have deeds for these? What documents are requested that mean anything?

The Smell of Politics Brings Out the Worst in Some People

NAMELY THE DEMOCRATS cuts ties to state's businesses

Malloy----This is just the start against your taxes.

Veteran, retired welder to run for mayor as petition candidate - The New Britain Herald (

By Robert Storace

Al Mayo, Candidate

Friday, June 10, 2011

Attorney General Steps Into Controversy Over Sale Of Park Land -


LETTER: Politicians Are Clueless: Middletown Press

Liberty Insurance Company Fire Works Contest

Press Contact:
Carlo Carlozzi, Jr.
Douglas O’Leary
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Residents Can Earn $10,000 for NEW BRITAIN’s 4th of July Celebration
From Liberty Mutual Insurance’s BRING BACK THE 4THTM Contest

(New Britain) – Facing stretched budgets, cities and towns across America are viewing local Fourth of July events with growing uncertainty, as many municipalities make the tough choice to scale back or cancel longstanding celebrations. To help, Liberty Mutual Insurance will once again host BRING BACK THE 4THTM, an online contest through which U.S. cities and towns can compete for one of ten $10,000 grants to continue cherished July 4th traditions such as parades, fireworks displays and ceremonies honoring our veterans. Starting Wednesday, May 4, 2011, residents from New Britain can visit to help earn funding for their community tradition.

Here is how the contest works: Upon visiting the Bring Back the 4th website, visitors are prompted to take a brief quiz on Responsible Moments in U.S. History, featuring questions about Americans who helped shape our nation and inspire others. Each completed quiz counts as one credit towards the site visitor’s town, and the 10 U.S. municipalities with the most quizzes completed on their behalf will be eligible to win grants. Website visitors may take the quiz once, and are encouraged to rally family, friends and co-workers to visit and take the quiz themselves. Featured on the website are a host of tools for spreading the word via social media, websites, blogs and newsletters.

Liberty Mutual will close the contest on Flag Day, June 14, 2011, and then tally the quiz credits to determine winners and award grants to the 10 cities and towns that prompted the highest participation, the week of June 20. Bring Back the 4th grants will be awarded to cities and towns in three size-based categories:

 Small Cities/Towns – Up to15,000 residents (Four grants)
 Medium Cities/Towns – 15,001-100,000 residents (Three grants)
 Large (three grants – 100,001 residents and over (Three grants)

“As a company with roots in the New Britain region, we appreciate first-hand the important role Fourth of July traditions play in our city” said Doug O’Leary and Carlo Carlozzi, Sales Representatives for Liberty Mutual Insurance. “By participating in Bring Back the 4th, local residents can rally in support of a fun, patriotic celebration that brings us together as community members, year after year.”

In addition to the Bring Back the 4th contest, Liberty Mutual also helps America celebrate Independence Day by sponsoring The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, a nationally broadcast CBS Television special featuring Conductor Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops.

For full contest rules, please visit

About Liberty Mutual Group
“Helping people live safer, more secure lives” since 1912, Boston-based Liberty Mutual Group ( is a diversified global insurer and third largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S. based on A.M. Best Company’s report of 2010 net written premium. Liberty Mutual ranks 82nd on the Fortune 100 list of largest corporations in the U.S. based on 2010 revenue. The company employs over 45,000 people in more than 900 offices throughout the world.
The eighth-largest auto and home insurer in the U.S., Liberty Mutual ( sells full lines of coverage for automobile, homeowners, valuable possessions, personal liability, and individual life insurance. The company is an industry leader in affinity partnerships, offering car and home insurance to employees and members of more than 13,000 companies, credit unions, professional associations and alumni groups.


City of New Britain--Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart


June 10, 2011
CONTACT: Lisa Carver (860) 826-3303


New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart today urged New Britain area residents that were disappointed with the announcement earlier this week that budget cuts had forced the cancellation of this year’s July 4th fireworks to support an online campaign for funding from Liberty Mutual Insurance.

“Liberty Mutual Insurance’s ‘Bring Back the 4th Contest’ (see attached press release issued earlier by local Liberty Mutual representatives with contest details) is giving communities across the country like New Britain that cannot afford July 4th celebrations the chance to compete for one of ten $10,000 grants to fund fireworks,” Stewart said today. “This wonderful community spirited program by Liberty Mutual gives New Britain a chance to have fireworks this year despite our dire financial situation,” Stewart continued.

“Should New Britain be the winner of this online contest, I will ensure that the City would find the funds for fireworks, although it would be a scaled down event without the bands and other entertainment normally provided with the annual ‘Great American Boom’”, said Stewart.

Stewart concluded, “I encourage everyone who is interested in seeing fireworks in New Britain this year to go to and participate in the contest and ask your family and friends to do the same.”

June 10, 2011
CONTACT: Lisa Carver (860) 826-3303


New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart today urged New Britain area residents that were disappointed with the announcement earlier this week that budget cuts had forced the cancellation of this year’s July 4th fireworks to support an online campaign for funding from Liberty Mutual Insurance.

“Liberty Mutual Insurance’s ‘Bring Back the 4th Contest’ (see attached press release issued earlier by local Liberty Mutual representatives with contest details) is giving communities across the country like New Britain that cannot afford July 4th celebrations the chance to compete for one of ten $10,000 grants to fund fireworks,” Stewart said today. “This wonderful community spirited program by Liberty Mutual gives New Britain a chance to have fireworks this year despite our dire financial situation,” Stewart continued.

“Should New Britain be the winner of this online contest, I will ensure that the City would find the funds for fireworks, although it would be a scaled down event without the bands and other entertainment normally provided with the annual ‘Great American Boom’”, said Stewart.

Stewart concluded, “I encourage everyone who is interested in seeing fireworks in New Britain this year to go to and participate in the contest and ask your family and friends to do the same.”

Print Version: Lieutenant governor shows her true colors

Print Version: Lieutenant governor shows her true colors

$100 Million Mattabassett Project Could Begin By December -

Sign Our Petition to Support Democracy! | New Britain Republicans

Thursday, June 9, 2011

HP, Microsoft take joint aim at Oracle


Give them another reason why Obama has GOT to go.

Just how economically illiterate—make that economically suicidal—do you have to be to launch the eye-wateringly expensive Obamacare program (not to mention the bailouts and the "stimulus" spending that's directed almost entirely to government workers—just what hard-pressed taxpayers need, more government workers to be kept wallowing in pork) in the midst of the biggest financial crisis America has seen since the 1930s? Just how does recklessly expanding America's debt to the point of near bankruptcy and raising taxes on the productive sector of the economy serve any useful purpose? No wonder economist Arthur Laffer is predicting a double-dip recession. The recovery won't begin till Obama is out of office—and never let a liberal try to tell you otherwise.

If U.S. bails out Greece now, who will bail us out later?

New Britain Council Delays Action On Costco Store -

Developer eyes Thomas Aquinas property for housing site - The New Britain Herald (

Mattabassett bill gets final approval; Middletown all set to close aging sewer plant (updated) - The Middletown Press (

Call to Action: Support the Democratic Process | New Britain Republicans

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The Costco Hearing
This new Complex being proposed by Costco will generate a sum of $475, 000 per year in Tax Revenues.

They also said they will pay all cost associated with the changes to the Golf course and will provide a wider exit from route nine by adding another lane to this exit and adding another lane the inlet to route nine heading back to New Britain.

The sale price for the approximate 17 acres is being negotiated by the city council however, informed sources have estimated the purchase price at Four Million dollars.

This sounds like a very appreciative help to the taxpayers of the city as being a WIN WIN -- PROPOSAL BY THE COSTCO COMPANY.

frank smith

Serious New Britain Motorcycle Accident: 21-Year-Old Driver Had Leg Amputated: The Courant

City of New Britain- Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart

June 7, 2011


New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart today announced that funding will be made available to open two of New Britain’s swimming pools as well as well as the splashpad at Willow Street Park. All of New Britain’s pools were slated to remain closed this summer due to city budget cuts.

“I, like many in our community, was concerned about the consequences, particularly to our youngest residents, if there were no pools open for a recreational outlet this summer,” Stewart said today. “With the continued stagnant economy, so many in our City have no other way to beat the heat, and the reality is that many kids could get into trouble or get hurt by mischief such as illegally opening up fire hydrants.” Stewart continued.

“Despite the continued budget crisis, I am ordering that Willow Brook and A.W. Stanley Park
pools as well as the Willow Street Park splashpad open on June 18 with A.W. Stanley pool on the 15th, 2011 after New Britain public schools close for the summer. Delaying the opening until then will achieve some savings, and the remainder of the costs will be covered by an anticipated surplus at the end of this fiscal year (June 30th).”

Mayor Stewart also announced today that the annual Fourth of July fireworks and “Great American Boom” event will not be held this year due to budget constraints.

“While this event has long been a tradition that many both inside and outside of New Britain look forward to each year, we cannot in good conscience hold a discretionary event that costs the City close to $50,000 for fireworks and overtime while it is still possible employees will lose jobs and more essential city services will suffer,” said Stewart. “I am sure that when our budget situation and the economy improve, the Great American Boom will be back in New Britain.”

Pools will be open in the morning for swim lessons, with the afternoon for recreational swim (1-4:45 pm) and evening hours (6:15 – 7:45 pm) for family swim. Splashpad will be open 9 am – 8 pm. Both pools and splashpad will be open 7 days a week. For further information about the pool schedule and other summer activities, residents should contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (860) 826-3360.


If socialism is so great, how come the suicide rate is so much higher in countries with socialized medicine, including Sweden, Switzerland, France, and Cuba?

Malloy Cost savings with Unions Questioned---

UConn Health Center More Rash Than Bold --

WHIPPLE: Paid sick-leave bill bad medicine for business - The New Britain Herald (

Mattabassett bill heads to House - The New Britain Herald (

Yes: New Britain's cost will increase as noted by Alderman Bernacki's questions to Brian Armet, the executive director of the Mattabassett District, at a recent meeting of the City Council. The Bonding cost interest is the cause for the added cost.

Deport California's Illegal Immigrant Prisoners - Chuck Norris - printer friendly -

CHRIS POWELL: Rehabilitation requires a job and a place to live - The Middletown Press (

by Chris Powell

Costco Wins First Round In New Britain: The Courant

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Obama tunes out, and business goes on hiring strike

Obama ignores reality of facts.


I trust that most of my readers can recall then first Friday meeting held by the common council was held behind locked doors but the most recent special meeting which held on Friday May 27th. The doors were unlocked.

While having a coffee with a city Alderman that was not a member while
the original incident occurred. And with my commenting how this change of having unlocked doors for the most recent meeting was a welcomed change.

He immediately expressed that all meetings should be held “Friday nights.”

This comment was of no surprise to me since this Alderman has voted along with most of the socialized issues the Democrats propose.

Frank Smith

New Britain High School Students Learn Forensic Science

Examiner: Obama Tells Falsehood About Chrysler Bailout - Unemployment - Fox Nation


Conn. Senate votes for pot decriminalization bill - StamfordAdvocate


Cain: Obama Couldn't Run a Pizza Joint----- Newsmax -

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


In today’s edition the Herald was quick to single out a Republican candidate, who was not elected, but was recently arrested. But when a Democrat is arrested the Herald fails to report the incident.

Representative Peter Tercyak was arrested by the Hartford Police with the Hartford Courant not only carrying the story but placed a colored photo of the police taking him away in handcuffs. Why didn’t the Herald carry this story? Could it be that he is a Democrat and not a Republican?

Yes, the fellow zealots politicians that share the editorial staff’s liberal extremism with the majority of the public rejecting their one sided reporting style.

By not reporting this incident did the Herald do an injustice to its readers and voters by ignoring this newsworthy story which may have made a difference with this representative's re-election bid?   Maybe, Just Maybe, The Democratic Party would have not selected him to run again.

Again, I repeat------"one sided reporting."

Sadly, this paper is being referred to as a local rag when it was once revered as an excellent newspaper.

I am sure we all remember Mrs. Brown with her demanding excellence in reporting the news from all her reporters and editors.

frank smith

Pandering to morons

Sick Days Bill Harmful -

Conn. Is Not Business Friendly.

New Britain Mayoral Candidate Declares Raising $9,000 -


Cops: Losing GOP assembly candidate posed as former Dem city councilor - The New Britain Herald (

Chu Pimps Your Budget at the Pump - Bob Beauprez - printer friendly -

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