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Feds Subpoena CRT Anti-Poverty Agency's Records of Hartford --

By Jon Lender

Former City Alderman Addresses The Water Funds Transfer violates City CHarter

The recent move by the O’Brien administration to transfer $10.5 Million from Water Dept. cash reserves to cover an erroneously perceived $10 Million General Fund deficit is troubling, unprofessional in the way it was handled and in my estimation, illegal according to our Charter. Why?

I called the Water Dept. Director and was told by him that he was not allowed to answer any questions about the transaction; I was directed to the Corp. Counsel’s Office. Guess who ordered the “gag order?” There was no reason to call a Special Meeting; this was done deviously to disallow public participation. Outside counsel was used to rule that the transfer was legal, a ruling that that the Council received a few minutes before the meeting. Other information was held back from the Council until the meeting started. Imagine if Mayor Stewart had done this! He would have been crucified by the Democrats!

Section 10-4 of the Charter was violated since there was no public hearing. Also, Section 15-4k

There is no logical reason to make these budget transfers now. The Council will have to go through a similar exercise in September to close out the FY 2012 books. This was pure trickery, an obfuscatory distraction from what O’Brien did with the Water Dept. transaction. If anybody is interested, I believe that any interested citizen taxpayer could FOI the information.

The use of Water Dept. funds by the Stewart Admin. was completely different, completely legal and with no trickery.

Many people have commented on the Herald on-line about the $43 Million fund balance - it doesn’t exist! It was one of the things I was going to ask the WD Director but of course, he had been gagged. It was a little over $20 million and with this O’Brien trickery, it is now less than $10 million. The move will seriously curtail
WD infrastructure improvement projects. By balancing the budget this way and making such a public spectacle of it, I believe this has possible serious consequences for New Britain. I predict the City will certainly be downgraded the next time they go out for a bond issuance (usually happens in April). Rating agencies look unfavorably on this type of practice - New Britain’s bond rating was declared solid in 2011 because the City did not dip into fund balance despite hard times.

Lou Salvio

Watch Out! Dangerous New Britain Intersections Ahead

New Britain Common Council Members Apprised of the Surplus Budget Left by the Prior Administration.

Former Alderman Mark Bernacki addressed the Common Council during the council's public participation referring to the budget left by the prior administration of having a "surplus."

We asked Mayor Stewart some two years ago, to come up with a cut in the budget, which has several hundred thousands of line items, and we came up with a two and one half million dollars of reductions with the" workforce reduction". He continued by citing the mayor was up to this challenge and we not only cut two and one half million dollars but ended with a "two and half million dollars budget surplus".

"We accomplished this by cutting expenses."

There have been many public comments made that the budget that was left by the prior council was enormous when every budget was approved by the council membership { Under Democratic control) that those comments were disingenuous at the least.

in another issue regarding the Broad street raids, even I don't agree with the mayor on many things, but he is our mayor and he should have been alerted of this action by the state agency. In the past, the council membership have always been alerted to these actions by the state beforehand, so the mayor should have been contacted.

According to the newspapers accounts the police chief stated that he had been contacted by the state and they had informed him that they were just doing a walk through but instead they came through with a swat team," Board Street Merchants were Targeted." There should be an investigation as to why the mayor wasn't contacted? And why wasn't the council apprised also? I think this investigation should be made since thousands of dollars of inventory was scooped up just because they had polish labels on the items.

I buy print paper would that means if I purchase this stock from a polish supplier they could just come in and take my inventory of paper because of polish labeling? Remember these sales were being done in plain view to everyone and the state came and took thousands of dollars of inventory away even after state collected the sales taxes on this inventory.

The council should investigate this issue while remembering the council designated Broad Street as "Little Poland." The polish people do shop there and buy items that have polish labels because they can read what it is. These merchants should made whole for the losses they sustained by these raids. Recall the CVS issue with the state alerted them with a warning.

Yes, "Little Poland was targeted by the state."

The Mayor should always be advised by the state on their plans of entering New Britain establishments.

Much, To Mr. Bernacki's credit he is supporting our mayor to be notified by the state in the future, even though he opposes his typical management style, as our mayor.


DON PESCI: Malloy's Budget filled with smoke and mirrors - The Middletown Press (

Just Drill, Barry - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Capitalism or Socialism- No Middle Way - Doug French - printer friendly -

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Russians and American Progressives: Together Again


During Public Participation portion of this week's Common Council meeting Mr. Robert Plienes, an anti-COSTCO, ultra liberal, who now has a post on the P&R Commission, made his usual grandstanding-type attack on former Mayor Tim Stewart by taking issue of the recent publicity whereby Mayor Tim O'Brien is seeking to have the Attorney General's office investigate claims that city computers were used for campaign purposes.

It has been reported in local newspapers that AG's office and three other State agencies responded stating that they have no jurisdiction over municipal government issues.

Pleines continued by suggesting that if the claims turn out to be true - who will decide ? - that they should stop his retirement check from the city and donate to the homeless , etc.

Recognizing, that a city resident has the right to his own opinion, this vicious public attack on the former Mayor's credibility was certainly uncalled for. Mr. Pleines continues to demonstrate his naiveté and his selfish personal interest in preserving what he calls his legacy to his children.

The Grading of Mayor O'Brien's first 100 Days in Office

The grades given by the Council to Mayor were a complete joke especially, those given by Bielinski and Carlozzi. Bielinski's - graded O'Brien, A+ - comments were simply untrue."

Carlozzi said, "A:" Democrat Carlo Carlozzi opined further, “Based on his openness and communications style he is willing to share information and has a great work ethic.” Openness? Communications style? O'Brien sends his enforcer (Sherwood) and imposes a gag order on Department directors to prevent them from talking to the public and also violates the charter by skirting a public hearing and preventing public participation at a Council meeting. Way to go, Carlo! Great evaluation. Democrats in general, sycophancy at its best.

Communications style? I was listening to NPR radio on Tuesday; they were discussing the situation about "ethnic stores" selling products labeled only in a foreign language. NPR called O'Brien to ask him about the recent debacle on Broad St. when stores were raided and products were seized. Wish you could have heard his non-answer. The best you can say about it, it was "generic." The host of the show could say nothing but, "thank you." Style? We're talking about, over the top gibberish, that's all O'Brien can do because he knows nothing! He's like a talking Mortimer Snerd!

Louis Salvio

Washington Post Promotes “Bubbly” Communist

License Plate Scanners Capitol Watch | CT Politics

By: Jon Lender

Hospital Worker Shoots Supervisors Amid Disciplinary Dispute, Police Say -

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



On the final day of George W. Bush's presidency (January 20, 2009), the average gas price in America was $1.849 for a gallon of regular gasoline and $2.279 for a gallon of diesel fuel.

Today, after just over 3 years of Obamanomics, the average cost of gasoline in the USA is $3.579 for a gallon of regular gasoline, and $3.959 for a gallon of diesel fuel.

Can any of us really afford 4 more years of Obamanomics?

Immigrant advocates aim for delay of Secure Communities program in Connecticut- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut

Connecticut teachers' unions rail against Malloy's education plan at public hearing (documents, slideshow)- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut

Police Keeping Data From License Plate Scans; ACLU Files Privacy Protest -


Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Time Fix and the Blame Game Begins:


At Special Meeting of the Common Council in order to re-arrange Budget spending to the end of the fiscal year with Alderman Trueworthy stating “we’ll be building a budget that not based on false assumptions.” This comment was considered by some, in the audience as a cheap shot against the prior Republican administration.

Mayor O’Brien announced this was a onetime fix leaving many to wonder does this mean a great tax increase for the next fiscal year.

With regard to the budget transfer of $10.5 million dollars from our water department Phil Sherwood, the communications director for the Mayor, claimed in a local newspaper that the transfer practice was used in the past by Mayor Stewart in order to balance the books.

I would like to remind him that the Stewart transfer was not done in the same fashion he would like us all to believe.

“The Tax Increases are coming.”

Horrific Crashes Coming To An Intersection Near You All So That Democrats Can Pick Our Pockets
NewsCentral 2 CBS Report Shows Accidents Increase As A Result Of Traffic Cameras

Booing the Gluttony of the Obamas

One Question Only: Why Did Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Socialize Medicine? - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Long Island Lesson In Red-Light Cameras: Is Connecticut Next? --

BY: Jon Lender

Lopes' Bill to cap the Busway!

With his placing the 4,000 construction jobs in jeopardy by placing a cap to this project while claiming to have not consulted with any of the Bristol's opponents of this project is Lopes' usual method of avoiding the facts.

His boss is Donald DeFronzo, is a certainty through communications flow, he is following his bosses' wishes.

His expression, if you form an opinion of my intent, has he stated in a local newspaper, "first needs to have a conversation with me."

I trust that the construction unions will speak up for their unemployed construction workers that needs these jobs this project will provide and have the conversation he requested to have with him .


DON PESCI: On gas and gasbags - The Middletown Press (

Mark Boughton---Danbury Main Street Partnership Kicks off First Meeting.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Taxing medical progress to death - HUMAN EVENTS

NewsBusted 2/17/12 - YouTube

The Special Common Council Budget Meeting Held 2-16-12


The Closing of the budget short fall by transferring $10.5 million from the water Department, as a loan, by the transferring the water department's bonding liability to the city for which the city has to make two annual payments of $400,000.

This answers the immediate city's financial problems until the end of this fiscal year by reducing the approved budgets to all departments effective today which will stop their already approved budgetary spending.

This is a great way in ending the fiscal hemorrhage however, what horrendous financial gap will the city face with its next fiscal annual budget, will it require to raise taxes?

New Britain To Perform Parks And Recreation Work -


New Britain: State Agency At City Hall To Discuss Allegations Involving Computer Files But Asked to not be Named -


Water Department Surplus To Close $10M Budget Gap For The City of New Britain -


Thursday, February 16, 2012

CFPB targets debt collectors and credit bureaus -

The Feds taking over credit bureaus activity and methods of reporting.

CCSU: 18,275 Social Security Numbers Exposed -


"Where's The beef"

In East Haven, the Justice Dept even went so far as to insert themselves into the selection process for the acting police chief,--a move that no one can explain where they even get the authority for such a bold move as to interfere with a hiring process--but the victims in that case were Hispanic.

Since the victims on Broad Street in this case are Polish, white, and own their own businesses, very few elected officials seem to even care. All accounts are that 5 businesses were apparently profiled for raids simply because their owners are of Polish decent. Tens of thousands of dollars of private property were then reportedly seized under "color of law" as a result of these purported ethnically targeted raids. So far, there is very little being said by the Democrats in power to even oppose this apparent travesty of justice in what appears to be the victims' fault for not being of a politically correct ethnic or racial group.

The current question facing New Britain may no longer be "Where's the beef" but "where's the feds?"

Linux skills in demand, wages up

Patrick Thibodeau, senior editor

Appeared in a Michigan small newspaper as an editorial

CHRIS POWELL: Tenure defense impugns public education itself - The Middletown Press : Serving Middletown, CT

The Death Penalty Becomes an Issue in CT-5 | Capitol Watch

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



So far our socialist style dictator is getting away with simply ordering thousands of people to join unions against their will simply because he is ordering them to--whether they want to or not.

To date he is getting away with outrageous orders affecting 2 groups of people who are both made up mostly of self employed people working out of their homes by forcing unions into their homes--again simply because he ordered these people to belong. Stories of union thugs visiting these people in their homes and making all kinds of threats to coerce them to join the union are becoming commonplace and so are stories that they are telling people they are acting on the order of one man, the same "SOCIALIST" style dictator that ordered all of this in the first place.

If it were not happening right here in Connecticut, you would say that nothing so outrageous could ever happen in America.

The rest of the public doesn't seem to care because they are not employed in one of these areas, so the attitude is simply one of not caring because "it doesn't matter to me." If you listened to Governor Rowland's radio show yesterday, you heard that there is some talk about plans to force every person who is self employed mowing lawns, landscaping or plowing snow to join a union whether or not he wants to and again simply because our communist-like dictator orders him or her to. At the rate that this dictator is going, it appears that it won't be long before every single person in this state is forced to belong to a union all because one dictator says they must. For those who don't seem to care simply because they have yet to fall victim to this gulag style oppression, I would like to leave you with a famous quote from a victim of similar type oppression:

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out - because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the communists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out - because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me -
and by then there was no one left to speak out for me. (The German anti-Nazi activist, Pastor Martin Niemöller)

And here is the current version:

First they came for the home health care workers, and I didn't speak up for I am not a health care worker.

Then they came for the owners of day care centers, and I remained silent because I am not a day care worker.

Next they came for the Polish shop keepers and still I remained silent for I am not Polish nor do I own a business.

Next they came for.....

The New Britain Housing Authority Receives HUD Grant

The Housing Authority will Receive a Four Million Federal HUD Grant for a Community Center.

An 18,000 square foot community education training center which will provide adult education.
Primarily, as a main target, it is to provide Job training for the low income residents.

This was developed through collaboration of Representative Chris Murphy, HRA, Capital Workforce

partners, Victory Energy Solutions, and the New Britain Housing Authority Board Members together with Housing Management.


The Polish Business Community is Outraged.

The Polish Business Community is Outraged with the Manner The State Consumer Protection handled their selectivity enforcement raid in the Broad Street area.

In a meeting held at the Pulaski Club Former Mayor Lucian Pawlak together with Mayor Tim O'Brien heard from the local Polish Business owners of their outrage of the apparent targeted raid as being selective against the polish community.

With one comment summing it all " Little Poland was Targeted."


Obama includes Canada in his `King of World’ territory

Poverty Agency Warrants A Hard Look -

New Britain Housing Authority to receive a Four Million Dollar Federal Grant.

For an 18000 square foot community center in order to provide an educational training center which will be built adjacent or near the Mount Pleasant Housing Project.


CHRIS POWELL: Malloy’s tenure reform sounds more like repeal - The Middletown Press (

Connecticut Getting $21M From HUD for Public Housing -

New Britain Sells 18 Acres From Pinnacle Housing Site To CREC -


Feds Seek Assets From 5 Connecticut Car Companies In Terrorism Probe Including A Dealer in New Britain, Ct. -

Obama: Violating Much More than Conscience

Obama Budget: A Lie Wrapped in a Theory Inside a Stimulus - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day Care Centers being Forced to Unionize by Malloy

Former Governor Roland spent a considerable amount of his air time today discussing the wrong that Malloy's administration is doing by forcing unionization of all the day care centers without their even having a chance to vote in becoming a member of the union or not.

The New Britain Herald’s Editorial “finding a better way

It is very enlightening with the paper’s editors for taking a stand questioning the “selectivity enforcement” regarding raids on the polish community in the Broad Street area of our city.

With their further questioning if the Spanish community "if they are in compliance with the English- first requirement."

The Department of Consumer Protection Agents could have communicated the violations in a less punitive ---and less dramatic way the editorial remarked.

Again The Herald’s stand that all ethnic communities should receive equal scrutiny is commendable.


Obama budget: National debt will be $1 trillion higher in a decade than previously forecast - The Washington Post

Bombs target Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia; 2 injured - The Washington Post

Where is the outcry from the local radical Dems?


By news reports, 4 different stores were raided by state agents and thousands of dollars of property seized. The only apparent connection for the 4 simultaneous raids seems to be that the owners are of Polish descent. The only reported reason for the medicines being seized was that the labels were written in Polish. Not that there was anything dangerous about the products themselves, but that the labels were written in a language that the state simply disapproved of.

I have little doubt that if these were Spanish markets (bordegas) that were targeted and items were seized simply because the labels were written in Spanish, some of the same radicals who protested in demand of Walmart hiring only Puerto Ricans for store managers would likely already be out in force protesting in front of DCP headquarters, and where is the massive outcry the Hispanics received when a mayor simply made a comment about tacos even if the comment was in poor taste? Or how about the outcry against a local paper when a cartoonist called ghetto residents "losers who raise losers"?

This case goes way beyond what happened in East Haven with the mayor's one comment or simply a cartoonist ridiculing poor people. In this case businesses were raided by government agents, and property was seized, and from the news accounts, only Polish owned markets were singled out for such raids--leading one to believe that the ethnicity of the owner was the only purpose for selecting which markets were to be targeted. If that is true, then is that not called "profiling?" How many markets in town sell products whose labels are only written in Spanish? Italian? Ukrainian? Why were none of those “raided” on this same day?

Since the apparent victims of possible profiling in this case are all Polish people and white, I doubt that anyone in the local left wing movement will even care.

I wouldn't even expect the mayor's wife to be willing to get arrested in protest of this apparent injustice simply because the class of people who were singled out doesn't fall within the favored groups of the liberal movement.

For Polish people, many of whom are no doubt immigrants, there is no occupy movement in so far as Democrats are concerned, even if they do come from a former communist country.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, the difference for our local libs may not even be the fact that these people are all white, but possibly that these immigrants are all here legally?

So for the Polish immigrant, there is no mass protest with tacos, or in this case, pirogies, however, the failure of the Democrats to rally for their cause should prove to be a real eye opener for all local residents of Polish and even Slavic descent.

White House says contraception compromise will stand - Washington Times

A political organizer prepares his exit from Connecticut

New Britain Celebrates Season With WinterFest On Feb. 17 -

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Britain's Legislative Delegation Praises Malloy Plan For Education Aid -


Bonding Actions by The Common Council becomes an Issue

Once again, Mayor O'Brien plays the blame game regarding the Police Station building project - I don't know, maybe it makes him feel good.

I have written about this subject before but it bears repeating; the boding issue would have been completed this past summer by the previous Council had the then, Mayor Pro Tem not threatened to have the bonding resolution tabled.

To prevent construction of the police station from coming to a complete stop, Mayor Stewart withdrew the resolution, saving three projects from months-long delays (you know, union stuff). The additional bonding approved at last night's Council meeting would not have been something with which O'Brien would have to deal. The bonding then could probably have been done at a better rate.

Now, O'Brien says that his newly formed Police Station Building Committee will scrutinize project costs in an effort to effect some savings. This, years after architects, construction experts, engineers, police experts and telecommunications experts have done their collective jobs. Can't wait to hear what these "experts" find!"

Louis Salvio

Inflation the Economy’s Code Blue

Coming out of the shadows: Four more years of Obama

Obama's H-1B answer in forum may haunt him


Is The Costco deal in Limbo for the City of New Britain?

With an indiscreet resolution introduced by Alderman David DeFronzo at yesterday's common council meeting, banning the sale of park land, which was immediately referred to a council sub-committee for further review.

In spite of public newspaper comments attributed to Phil Sherwood, the mayor's communications director and the mayor himself, noting that the Costco plans to build in the city are "moving forward."

Then why are Sub-committee meetings required to meet to discuss the DeFronzo Park Land resolution if it is not to stop the Costco Deal?


New Britain Police Supervisor Earns Officer Of The Year Honor -


GOP Needs to Rip Obama Mask Off on Energy - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Bernanke Finally Says Something That Seems to Make Sense "8.3% Unemployment Understates Labor Weakness" - Mike Shedlock - printer friendly -

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chris Healy Speaks Out on Malloy's Budget

“My hat’s off to him from a political point of view,” said Chris Healy, former chairman of the state Republican Party and now a political consultant. “But at some point this fairy tale has to end. He either has to go back to the legislature with real budget cuts in real time or raise taxes. That’s the only way he can do it.”

Source: The New York Times

The Berkowitz Building - Blight In New Britain -

By Don Stacom

Obama is Big Brother's Keeper - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The students presented their robotic program to the Board Of Education members yesterday, showing how they designed each item. With their making a blue print of each part and painfully worked the planning of many hours by working together.

They actually demonstrated their final product by showing the board membership how their machine worked.

These students have proven to be well oriented in working together as a group and must be commended for their hard working relationship.


New Britain Uniform Store Featured In National Uniform Magazine

Security Uniforms on Broad Street has been featured in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of "Made To Measure" which is a trade magazine for uniform manufacturers and dealers. To have a New Britain business featured in such a publication is really an honor for a local business.

Click the headline above to read the entire story as published online in "Made To Measure."

India builds a mega data center - Computerworld

by Patrick Thibodeau, editor


Ms. Ann Mikulak citing that the board's proposal was entirely inflated and "I know how it's done, I used to work here."

But Helene Groman asked the best question of the night…."Where is this money going to come from?"

Archbishop Mansell On Federal Edict

Mayor: New Britain Is At Least $9 Million In The Red -


One Dead In New Britain Crash -

New Britain School Board Seeks $13.6M Increase -


CHRIS POWELL: No war without atrocity; and research or teaching? - The Middletown Press (

Assessment company accused of scam say it's legit - The Middletown Press (

Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama: Israel Has Not Decided on Attacking Iran


Early Sunday Morning a swarm of Police and Defectives surrounded the construction site after some culprits broke into the site to steal whatever is there for the taking.

Coming soon: Individual mandate to buy Chevy Volts | Washington Examiner


The Reagan Resolve, by Those Who Knew Him - Edwin Meese III - printer friendly -

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bad Timing On Minimum Wage -

Nursing Home Union Must Face Reality -


Obama Uses Jesus to Push Tax Hikes - President Obama - Fox Nation

New Britain School Board Set To Decide On A Budget -




Said Erin Stewart, Board of Education member, when referring to the proposed School budget Increase however Mayor O'Brien's appointed finance board chairperson sees it the other way.


Saturday, February 4, 2012


The Keystone Pipe Line has the Congress spending more time on this issue then they did of the Solyndra matter.

The Keystone would put people to work ----what is the problem----Obama???


With numerous individuals attending this special meeting to discuss the Mayor's new anti-blight ordinance and how it effects landlords while the tenants damages their properties and the fines are leveled against the property owners.

A CPA spoke representing over 105 owners addressing tenant caused damages being accessed against the property owners as being unfair and many attendees echoed the same displeasure regarding the O'Brien new "anti-blight ordinance."

Amazingly, local newspaper articles have the Mayor claiming that the Alliance is "defending slumlords." And also charging "defending the worst of landlords."

Mr. Mayor the attendees objected to the increase of fines to $250/day/violation when the existing ordinance that you have replaced was sufficient to address the blighted problems within the city.

Could it be that you are trying to upbeat Mayor Stewart re-dressing of your original ordinance you had the common council pass while you were an Alderman because your plan was not workable?

The changes that were made by the Stewart administration to address any blighted violations did not need any changing.

UK elderly are “wasting too many bedrooms”


Rush: Obama's Jobless Numbers Are 'Corrupt'

First, they came for the Catholics | Michelle Malkin | Columnists | Washington Examiner


The Republican-American Furthermore--- Malloy Claims

Post-Storm Brush Mess In New Britain -

by Don Stacom

Homeowners Warned About Company's Pitch Regarding Property Tax Bills -


Obama Adds New Layers to Slow Permits - Lincoln Brown - printer friendly -

Friday, February 3, 2012


Applications are available at New Britain’s senior center with the filing deadline of May 15th.


31 people attended this meeting at the Belvedere Restaurant of Broad Street with many of the speakers are against this new ordinance change made by the New Mayor O’Brien that raises the fines to $250 /day/violation.

The Quote of the day ended with Former Mayor Tim Stewart stating “blame the people that for this jerk as Mayor

Legislators Discuss Aquinas Site, Education, Health

NewsBusted 2/3/12 - YouTube

Journal Inquirer > Archives > Chris Powell > Malloy's first year: Getting eaten alive

New Britain Educators Face Major Budget Choices On Feb. 6 -


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Britain's Grand list Improves City Income

New Britain’s Grand List Improves by nearly 1 per cent but in the New Britain Herald's edition of today failed to mention the great improvement that would be realized by our city when the COSTCO store is introduced to the grand list showing a tax revenue increase of $700,000 for the property, inventory, and equipment taxes.

They did mention however, the Dental Care of New Britain on South Main which was due to the property being purchased by Mr. A. Krohn and promoted the old bank building, part of the strip mall, by making the needed improvements to attract his new tenant.


Malloy: Cut The Red Tape That Burdens Schools -


Machinists Lobbying Arm Chooses New President -

Broken Immigration, Broken Education

Political Capitol

Swan of CCAG disagrees.

Moving Oil on Buffett's Railroad - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Web Tracking
Online Florist