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The Bizy Bee: Sherwood Wets Pants Over Stewarts "Threat"

Photo is of Sherwood leading a group of agitators in front of WalMart shortly before WalMart closed its New Britain location.

GOP FOI - The New Britain Herald (

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 10:17 PM EDT

By James Craven
Staff Write

Press publisher leads bell ringing - The Bristol Press (

TRIAD Collecting Fans For Needy Seniors -

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Herald's original headline changes on line:


Have you noticed that the version that you have posted here has been changed by the Herald from allegations to a version that cites what Sherwood says more like gospel?

This appears that the Herald is listening to the radicals on the City Council.

Council Members FOI'd for frivolous spending proposal -------- The Bizy Bee

A Socialist Government is One that Distrusts its Citizens

By Daniel Greenfield

GOP, Taxpayers Group Back Stewart; Democrat Calls For City Hall Protest -

Don Stacom

Sherwood alleges threat by Stewart - The New Britain Herald (

Monday, June 28, 2010


Gary Robinson's letter to the Editorial in today's New Britain Herald!

Mr. Robinson's comments are well taken when he cited that it would be more prudent to bring in an attorney who has no dog in the fight and hopefully gain a more objective opinion that would not have appeared to be a foregone conclusion of the process?

Aldermen Trueworhty and Sherwood if you should proceed with your nonsense get a "New Dog".

BREAKING STORY: High Court Ruling Extends Gun Rights: Fox News

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NEW BRITAIN: Loaded Bob's Furniture Truck Stolen: WFSB

If you happen to see a Bob's Discount Furniture truck parked in an unusual place, please share that information with New Britain Police at 826-3000

NBRTC Press Release!

New Britain, CT – The New Britain Republican Town Committee will issue four Freedom of Information requests to state and city officials Monday in an attempt to obtain all communications surrounding the council’s decision to spend $20,000 to hire an attorney to sue the city’s mayor.

“I believe this is an extremely dangerous precedent that Council Democrats are trying to establish,” said NBRTC chairman Dwight Blint. “This issue can and should be resolved outside of the courts and without expense to taxpayers.”

“Imagine how we are going to look to potential homebuyers or businesses that are interested in moving to our city. This is only going to hurt taxpayers, negatively impact the city’s image, and deepen an already divisive political atmosphere within the city,” Blint said.

The four individuals who will receive the FOI requests are Alderman Phil Sherwood, Alderman Michael Trueworthy, State Rep. Timothy O’Brien and the city’s Corporation Counsel Gennarro Bizzarro.

Through the state’s Freedom of Information Act, the NBRTC will be requesting that Sherwood, Trueworthy, O’Brien and Bizzarro provide all communications they’ve had with each other regarding the Mayor’s veto and the Council’s subsequent decision to hire Stephen Mednick.

The NBRTC believes that the actions of the Democratic leadership of the Board of Aldermen are a reckless waste of already limited taxpayer dollars. Many residents are finding it difficult to comprehend why the members of the city council would take such a draconian measure as to sue a duly elected mayor for acting within the confines of the charter.

For More Information
Contact Dwight Blint
(860) 899-4711

O'Reilly: Obama Could Face Impeachment If He Pardons Illegals ---Newsmax

Barack Obama: A Bill of Indictment

Alan Caruba of the CFP

GEORGE WILL: Analyze this, Elena Kagan - The Middletown Press (

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thomas F. Farr - Obama administration sidelines religious freedom policy

When Idiots Join Hands

Dr. A. Zottola Announces His Distain For The City Council.


In today's letter to the editor in the New Britain Herald, the good Doctor expressed his anger towards the Council and attacks the Herald op-ed journalism and asked where is the voice of the Chamber of Commerce?

His comments continue on with his spew by stating we failed to sacrifice, and we failed our kids.

He continued by admonishing the Mayor by citing that he has a weak record of promoting public education. and clearly attacks the bloggers by claiming that they are bigoted, uninformed, self serving scoundrels who abuse their freedom of speech without any burden of responsibility.

I totally agree with the doctor when he cites his disgust with the city council but I disagree with his attack on the Mayor when he has not only kept spending down for our city but also eyeballed the mismanagement occurring at the Board of Education.

Doctor Zottola please be aware that this blog has kept our citizens informed on issues that the local papers chose not to print as newsworthy.




NEW BRITAIN, Connecticut (June 23, 2010): On Thursday evening, the Board of Directors and Officers of the Citizen’s Property Owners Association, Inc. (CPOA) of New Britain voted to wholeheartedly support Mayor Stewart in his line item veto of the proposed FY2010-2011 budget. Concurrently, the organization leadership unanimously voted to express extreme displeasure with the actions of certain New Britain Common Council members in their challenge of Mayor Stewart’s actions; especially with regard to the Council's vote to engage outside legal counsel at taxpayer expense to fight for the enactment of an unnecessary property tax increase.

Michael Wanik, CPOA President stated, “We are greatly concerned by the actions of certain Council members who are bound and determined to unnecessarily raise our taxes. These Council members have embellished and exploited situations to create panic with regard to board of education funding; while the district continues to spend monies virtually unchecked.” An example of mismanagement cited was an advertising insert in two local newspapers at an estimated cost upwards of forty thousand dollars while teaching funding was being discussed and positions put on the line. At the Common Council meeting on the evening before Alderman Paul Catanzero had stated on the record that he thought the advertising insert for the schools was “money well spent” as he enjoyed the positive articles. Wanik had stated perhaps the full costs of the newspaper equated to one or more of the education jobs currently in limbo; illustrating the financial mismanagement.

CPOA Directors also expressed disappointment with the inflation and manipulation of revenue accounts by the Council while further cutting funding for essential services such as six police officers.

The organization was also quick to point out that not all Common Council members supported these actions and applauds their actions.

CPOA will monitor the situation and ensure taxpayers understand and observe the process that is resulting in an unnecessary increase on their tax bills while city services become tighter.

ABOUT CPOA: The objective of the association shall be “to foster, encourage and promote interest in all activities of local, state and regional agencies by local taxpayer groups as those activities affect taxpayers of New Britain and the State of Connecticut; also to develop and establish an agenda in support of certain legislative initiatives which would affect greater economy, efficiency and effectiveness in our state and municipal governments and disseminate information regarding such state and regional agency activities and legislative initiatives to the state’s and New Britain’s taxpayers.” (CPOA By-Laws 3.0)
Michael W. Wanik

GOP, Democrats In New Britain Agree: Other Side Is To Blame -


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Prescott Bush, Jr. Dies At 87; Son Of U.S. Senator, Brother Of American President, And Uncle To Another President: The Courant

Is the New Britain Herald Playing Games To Support A Political Agenda???


Upon reading the comments today that have been posted to the Herald story about last night’s council meeting, I noticed the following comment:

NB Herald is also playing games wrote on Jun 24, 2010 9:41 AM:

"When this article was posted on the web late yesterday, there were A LOT of interesting and true commentaries immediately posted. However, this morning they are all gone! Talk about selective reporting! "

I also remember reading last night’s comments. If you look at the article today, the very first posting is written by Nicholas Mercier. Last night there was a string of postings that preceded Mr. Mercier’s comments, and as I recall every one of them was negative about the games perpetrated by the Democrats at last night’s council meeting. Many of the comments had some very thoughtful reasons for opposing the Sherwood/Trueworthy agenda, but as of today they have all been apparently “purged” by the Herald for some unknown reason. There was no foul language, so why would they purge these comments?

There was also a suggestion that the story had been rewritten or reposted to the site, but what baffles me about that suggestion is that Mr. Mercier’s comments were there last night, so if that is the simple explanation, why then were the other comments not replaced along with Mr. Mercier’s?

We all know that the Herald editorial staff leans so left that they would need a boat to reach San Francisco, but some of my readers have been suggesting for a while that Sherwood may somehow control whatever the Herald prints. After seeing so many comments critical of Sherwood simply purged from their web site, it is looking more and more like these suggestions may possibly have some credibility.

After a stunt as obvious as this one, do you think they still wonder why a growing number of people don’t trust them to report the news accurately?

Allegations of Misuse of power?


One newspaper’s headline was “allegations fly at the council meeting” and an other wrote for its headline “Next Stage of The Budget Feud: NB Vs. NB?

Charges after charges alleged by the council’s Majority Leader turned Wednesday’s night’s Council meeting into a complete disarray with Sherwood’s own revelation that he does not have a “legal opinion in writing yet“.

The Democratic side of the aisle attempted to pressure the city attorney to render his new opinion immediately; but he indicated it would take at least two days.

The claim of misuse of power by these democratic agitators was reveled through their own pontifications and it did became quite evident, to the meeting attendees, of the misuse of power and by who.

Trusting that cooler heads will prevail in order to prevent the taxpayers from having to pay for these public demonstrations, coupled with the ensuing legal cost, by the so-called representatives of the taxpayers:

“One can only dream and hope“.

Disarray of the Obama administration

CPOA Board of Directors and Officers Meeting!

This Meeting is Scheduled to be held TODAY in room 201 at the New Britain City Hall at 7 PM .

Current updates on important recent local and state level issues will THE TOPICS.

Blumenthal Calls Marshal's Alleged Shakedowns "Deeply Disturbing" | New Haven Independent

Caligiuri cries foul over Greenberg petition drive---Capitol Watch Blog

By Daniela Altimari

Will Obama listen to anybody? Editorial | Washington Examiner

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Next Stage Of Budget Feud: 'New Britain vs. New Britain'? -



Cheshire Defense Wants To Close Hearings -


Jon Voight is once again taking President Obama to task in a letter published yesterday by The Washington Times.

His complaints: Obama's handling of Israel and Arizona.

... You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world. ... You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegal's, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. ...

FARMINGTON: Man Charged With Arson In Garage Fire: The Courant

FARMINGTON: Burglar Left Cell Phone At Crime Scene: The Courant

Last night’s elections: A good night for conservatives

Last night’s primaries had a theme, it was a theme of victory for conservative candidates. It was also a night in which establishment endorsements and old party names were no help.

In Utah, Mike Lee narrowly won the GOP nomination for Senate after a campaign marked by acrimony and dirty tricks. Lee had the backing of conservative Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.
Rep. Bob Inglis, R-S.C., who had sought compromise legislation on global warming and voted to censure fellow South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., was defeated by prosecutor Trey Gowdy.
Tim Scott, R, who was backed by the Club for Growth, crushed the son of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond in last night’s runoff to get the GOP nomination in the state’s coastal first district. He stands to become the first black Republican in Congress since 2002.
Jeff Duncan, R, another Club for Growth candidate, won the runoff and the nomination in the third district that had been vacated by Rep. Gresham Barrett, R.
Barrett, meanwhile, lost his primary for governor against state Rep. Nikki Haley, R, who, like all the other winners mentioned above, is now a prohibitive favorite for the fall.
Read more at the Washington Examiner:

School budget set 122 Teachers to be laid off - The New Britain Herald (

By James Craven
Staff Writer

Political Pressure Rising In School Budget Dispute By Sherwood & McNamarra -

—Don Stacom

New Britain City Attorney Approves Veto: The Herald

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 10:40 PM EDT

By James Craven
Staff Writer

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Common Council Meeting - June 23, 2010

The Common Council of New Britain will meet this Wednesday. Public comment will begin at 7:00PM where any member of the public can address the Common Council, the regular meeting is to follow. The agenda for this meeting can be viewed here and the associated documents can be viewed here.The agenda seems relatively light for this week. The only issues being discussed seem more like formalities than hard pressing matters. There may be some discussion over the transfer of funds from the General Contingency Fund to the Health Department in order to cover the rising costs of evictions, however even that issue seems tame.

While the Mayor’s veto is not on the agenda and Majority Leader Sherwood has said he does not intend on bringing the matter before the council it is unclear as to whether the issue will come up. There have been times in the past when issues have been added to the agenda at the last minute. Perhaps by keeping the budget off of the agenda the Majority Leader is hoping to keep the public at bay.

However, you should still take the time to attend the meeting and speak out during public comments on the issue of the budget. In several Herald articles Phil Sherwood has spoken out as a supporter of taking legal action against the Mayor. He is alleging that Mayor Stewart has acted in violation of the City Charter by utilizing his veto powers, despite the fact that corporation council previously provided the legal opinion that the Mayor was acting within the guidelines of the City Charter. When he did not like the opinion of Corporation Council he asked how the Council could seek an outside legal opinion.

In short, Mr. Sherwood would like to see this matter brought into court at the tax payers expense so that the City of New Britain could sue the City of New Britain. In this bizarre legal battle the only guaranteed loser would be the taxpayers. They would have to fund the outside attorney, they would have to fund the Mayor’s defense, and in the case that the Courts chose to ignore the City Charter, as Mr. Sherwood has, the taxpayers would be hit again with higher taxes. This matter must be addressed before it can even be allowed to arise, we must speak out against this wasteful game of vengeance that Alderman Sherwood would play at the tax payers’ expense.

Judge blocks Obama moratorium on deepwater drilling

"GOD" didn't Graduate in New Haven takes reference to 'Lord' off high school diplomas - The New Haven Register (

By Abbe Smith, Register Staff

CHRIS POWELL: Now Weicker tells us; and facilitating felons - The Middletown Press (

Mark Levin: Obama is Criminally Liable!

Mark Levin has one of the most listened to radio talk shows in America, almost as popular as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity's shows. In the clip above, Mark, who is a constitutional attorney who previously worked for the Justice Department, explains how Obama is criminally liable for what he calls "malfeasance".

Dems May Challenge Stewart's Veto: The Herald

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Britain Says Taxpayers Can't Afford Teachers' Giveback Offer: The Courant

Paul Carver Speaks Out

This year state Rep. Tim O’Brien voted for a state budget that cheats every child in New Britain of an adequate education, and now he wants to blame somebody else for the consequences of his vote. O’Brien voted for the state budget that his party leaders put forward. That budget borrowed for current expenses, skipped payments owed to the pension fund and froze education money for local school budgets.

Let me repeat the last point; O’Brien cast his vote to give New Britain the same amount of educational funding that was received last year and the year before. For three years, New Britain has received a fixed amount for educational expenses. One of those years, O’Brien voted for a budget that took an additional $1.5 million, in a grant, away from New Britain school children. This grant had been used to fund all-day kindergarten classes.

During that same time, he has voted for many mandates that increased the costs local Boards of Education must cover. Increasing mandates and flat-funding education leaves the city with just two options; cut BOE requests for increased spending or raise local property taxes.

O’Brien cannot have it both ways. He cannot be a political puppet and support his party leadership’s budgets that under fund education and then urge more local money for the Board of Education. The only place that additional money can be raised is from higher local property taxes.

For years, O’Brien has whined (and accomplished nothing) about how property taxes are too high and unfair. However, his votes in Hartford to deny needed education funding can only lead to higher property taxes or teacher layoffs and oversized classrooms.

Paul M. Carver
BOE Member

Obama Is Wrong; Alternative Energy is Not an Alternative

By Dr. Tim Ball

DTC Chairman Urges Override of the Mayor's Veto!

Democratic Town Committee Chairman McNamara issued statement, dated June 21, 2010., urging the Democratic control common council members to override the Mayor's budget veto at Wednesday night's common council meeting.

Maybe the Chairman should look up the legal rules of engagement in our city Charter!

The Bizy Bee: Mayor Stewart's Veto Message

New Britain School Board To Decide On Union Offer -


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bernier Signs Defundit Pledge, Promises to Work to Repeal Obamacare: The Herald

WTNH personality arrested in Milford for shoplifting - The Middletown Press (

By William Kaempffer

FARMINGTON: Swimmer Rescued From Farmington River: WTNH

NEWINGTON: Math Teacher Wins Presidential Award: The Courant

A Dog in the Manger Presidency

By Kelly O'Connell Sunday, June 20, 2010

Subsidizing smokers

JAMES H. SMITH: A plea for civility in local government - The Bristol Press (

New Britain Students Shine In Solar-Powered Car Project -


Toyota plan for new plant doesn’t sit well with UAW - The New Haven Register (

Political Fallout and Falsehoods by The NBTC

As many of you already have heard, Mayor Stewart has elected to utilize his line item veto on the 2010-2011 budget. You can view a pdf of the entire veto letter here. In his veto message Mayor Stewart called members of the Common Council to task for acting in a reckless and irresponsible manner. In a move that the Mayor called “grandstanding” the Democrats attempted to increase funding to the Board of Education by $1.5 million. When it came time to balance their budget the Democrats elected to do so by artificially raising projections for tax revenues beyond a realistic level. When that was not able to balance their budget they also sought to increase the projected amount the city would receive from the sale of property.

To add insult to injury the Democrats on the council offered no explanation for their inflated figures. They acted as if they could just claim the city would be able to generate the funds to fuel their fantasy budget. This is a slap to the face of the finance department, the Board of Finance and Taxation, the mayor, and to the taxpayers as a whole. It is bad enough when politicians elect to tax and spend without restraint, it is even worse when they choose to completely abandon reality.

Now Majority Leader Sherwood is threatening to sue the Mayor for acting like a responsible adult and refusing to allow such a sham of a budget to be passed. It is time for the citizens of New Britain to call upon our elected officials to move beyond these childish games. We cannot afford the reckless behavior of Alderman Sherwood and his cohorts to continue unchecked. Place a call to your Aldermen and Alderwomen, let them know exactly how you feel about them playing games with your tax dollars. Write to the editor of the Herald and the New Britain City Journal and insist that the deception ceases. It is time all our political leaders show the fiscal responsibility of our Mayor.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hartford mayor convicted of corruption - The Middletown Press (

By EVERTON BAILEY Jr., Associated Press

New Britain's Taxpayer Dilemma!


It was comical but very sad to read the Democratic outrage over the veto notice presented to the city common council members in today's Hartford Courant quoting King Sherwood as calling the mayor's action an " Abuse of power by the Mayor" at the DTC Meeting last night. The King also charged that the Mayor's action were illegal by amending the budget with the use of the line item veto.

At the DTC meeting "Threats Surfaced" with Sherwood indicating that the Board of Education will sue and he will be attempting to get the council members to become interveners in that suit. But in the Courant story Sherwood is quoted as saying he predicted that the school board will sue and also predicted in the courant article that the council would probably join the suit if that happens. Sherwood also said he believes he can use taxpayer dollars to pay for an attorney to handle the suit!

It is the opinion of this editor that the Democrats are willing to spend taxpayers money by joining in; or establishing their own lawsuit over the fact that the Board of Education will not be getting the 1.5 million dollars that the Democrats voted last Monday night with their usual grandstanding for Education.

Let's face it, all the council members are supposed to be preventing unnecessary spending of taxpayer's money, but will the Democrats be willing to join King Sherwood in his quest in keeping his promise to the Board of Education, and wasting your money?

Perhaps if Representative Geragosian had represented New Britain as Chairman of the Legislature's appropriations committee, none of this would be necessary, because he would have obtained more funding for New Britain schools instead of presiding over a committee that gave nothing to New Britain while increasing funding to Hartford, New Haven, New London, and Waterbury. When questioned why he didn't get some of this funding for his own district in New Britain, Geragosian responded that those towns had more problems than New Britain has, which left me questioning who Mr. Geragosian really represents!

Mayor cuts budget; Dems scream foul - The New Britain Herald (

By James Craven
Staff Writer

New Britain Budget Dispute Becomes Verbal Brawl -


New Britain Federation Of Teachers Statement -

Kurtz: Teacher Concessions Too Costly: The Herald

Teacher's Union: No Confidence in Kurtz: The Herald

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mayor Stewart's Veto Message

City of New Britain
Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart


June 17, 2010



Utilizing his “line-item” veto authority, New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart today rejected parts of the Common Council’s 2011 fiscal year budget calling the Council’s

measure “grandstanding”.

In a veto message sent to Town and City Clerk Peter Denuzze, Stewart said he was executing the veto “to mitigate the impact to city taxpayers with the hope that the Council majority can put aside its partisanship to work together to face the tough economic realities facing the City of New Britain.”

“It had been my hope that given the dire fiscal situation facing our community

Democrats on the Council would join with me in a bipartisan effort to make the tough decisions needed to lessen the tax burden on our citizens.

“Instead of coming together and finding common ground during this time of budgetary

crisis, some members of the Board of Education and Common Council have chosen to play the old game of ‘us vs. them’. Facts and figures are twisted and spun in an attempt to pit City vs. Board of Education, Republican vs. Democrat, parents of school children vs. elderly taxpayers, and management vs. union.

“These tactics are a reprehensible zero sum game where there can be no winners, only losers as the community contends not only with a lack of resources, but with the negative impacts of lack of cooperation among participants in city government.”

Continuing Stewart said, “In order to make their fantasy budget work, Democrats used inflated projections of potential property sales, arbitrarily increasing the property tax collection rate, and the workforce reduction savings.

“These inflated projections are even more disappointing when they come after meetings I had with Democratic and Republican Council leaders at which realistic amounts for these

figures were discussed.

“For these reasons, and with all due respect to the Council, I am exercising my line-item veto authority to reject several items in their budget, primarily $1.5 million in school district expenses, and the transfer to other funds of $526,761.

“These changes will result in a mill rate of 36.63, an increase of 1.65 mills or 4.7% over last fiscal year’s rate.

“This veto is done to mitigate the impact to city taxpayers with the hope that the Council majority can put aside its partisanship to work together to face the tough economic realities facing the City of New Britain,” Stewart concluded.


NOTE: A copy of Mayor Stewart’s veto message is attached to this release

Line Item Veto By Mayor Stewart with Explaination!

June 17, 2010

The Honorable Peter Denuzze

Town and City Clerk

27 West Main Street

New Britain, CT 06051

Dear Mr. Denuzze:

The City of New Britain, like cities and towns across Connecticut and across America, continues to face some of the most challenging economic times since the great Depression. The question before us is whether the city’s leaders will make the difficult decisions necessary to maintain a sound financial structure at the expense of political popularity, or whether we continue to pursue partisan gamesmanship at the expense of what’s best for our community.

When I proposed a 2.55 mill rate increase in my budget submission, it was with a heavy heart. My proposal came at the end of a long process, going through every fund and line item, leaving no stone unturned looking for any additional revenue or ways to reduce spending to minimize any property tax increase to our residents and businesses who are already suffering in these dire economic times. It pained me to add to the burden of many who have tightened their own household budgets in light of losses of homes and jobs, but I had no other choice given estimates of revenue and the cost of maintaining essential city services.

Since that budget submission on April 15th, I have worked with both Republican and Democratic council members in an attempt to reduce the mill rate even further. I was heartened and hopeful by our discussions as it seemed that given our dire situation, people were willing to put aside political differences for the greater good. Sadly, recent events along with the budget proposed by the Council Democratic majority have dashed those hopes of bi-partisan cooperation.

Instead of coming together and finding common ground during this time of budgetary crisis, some members of the Board of Education and Common Council and even Democratic state legislators have chosen instead to play the old game of “us vs. them”. Facts and figures are twisted and spun in an attempt to pit City vs. Board of Education, Republican vs. Democrat, parents of school children vs. elderly taxpayers, and management vs. union. These tactics are a reprehensible zero sum game where there can be no winners, only losers as the community contends not only with a lack of resources, but with the negative lingering impacts of lack of cooperation among participants in city government.


June 17, 2009

Page Two

I am deeply disappointed in those who have chosen this plan of attack, particularly Board Chairman Sharon Beloin-Saavadra and Superintendent Dr. Doris Kurtz who have escalated the usual budget rhetoric to historic heights in an attempt to politically blackmail me and the Council into increasing the Board of Education budget. This blackmail has consisted of a series of meetings and statements designed as a scare tactic to frighten parents of school children with the annual “sky is falling” rhetoric.

In addition to their choreographed public displays (even going so low to use children as props in their propaganda campaign) that scapegoat the City for the lack of progress in our schools, the Board of Education has used a loophole in the state statutes to hijack close to $1.5 million in additional funds for their budget and then still ask for more on top of that. If this back stabbing and grandstanding is how our educational leaders define “collaboration” and “cooperation” between the School District and the City, it’s no wonder that students have difficulty with reading comprehension.

I took the oath of office as Mayor to govern this entire community. My decisions are made on the basis of what is right for all in this community, not just those who write letters to the editor or grab headlines with gross exaggerations of classroom sizes. My decisions are also based on facts, particularly the hard financial realities of a community that can’t afford high property tax increases, not on politically expedient pandering to one group in the community over the other. Therefore, I will be exercising my line item veto authority to remove the additional $1.5 million for the Board of Education budget. Unfortunately, due to constraints of state statutes I am forced to leave in the backdoor $1.478 million 2% set aside funds.

While I am not pleased with the actions of certain Board members, I do want New Britain parents to know that I am not taking this action lightly or as political retribution. As a former member of the Board of Education, and as a parent of two New Britain public school educated children, I fully appreciate and share their concerns for the future of education in our City. However, throwing more money at the problem does not guarantee success. In these times of fiscal hardships, raising the mill rate to increase education is like a successful operation that kills the patient. What good is an education to prepare our students for the future, if the community has no future itself with a tax rate that discourages job creation and home ownership opportunities?

In addition to the propaganda surrounding education funding, I have also had to face threats and bullying by members of the Democratic leadership. Alderman Trueworthy sought a pledge from me not to veto the budget or the Democrat majority would let my budget pass knowing that if the Council did not pass a strictly clerical adjustment to the budget reflecting the State’s passing to cities of the ARRA stimulus money, the City would have a budget shortfall of $10.5 million. The night of the budget vote, Alderman Trueworthy with his cohort State Rep. Tim O’Brien on the phone browbeat Corporation Counsel Gennaro Bizzarro challenging his legal opinion on a veto saying that the Mayor could not lower the mill rate.


June 17, 2009

Page Three

So much for Democratic Council members’ pledge of bipartisan cooperation. What I gather from this budget process is that bipartisanship only functions here in New Britain when I agree 100% with Council Democrats. As I have throughout my years as mayor, I refuse to let these bullying tactics and political backroom deals interfere with City business. I am appalled that others such as the triumvirate of Sherwood, Trueworthy and O’Brien would use the children and seniors of this community as a smokescreen for their blatant political agendas. This agenda even includes having taxpayers pay more in taxes rather than have the mayor get credit for a lower mill rate.

Another questionable decision by the Council in this budget was to continue to appropriate money for a senior citizen tax relief program that does not exist. In a year when every nickel and penny counts, the Democratic majority, led by Alderman Trueworthy, have chosen instead to once again make a symbolic gesture with over half a million dollars by putting it toward this nonexistent program. I feel it is the height of hypocrisy: On one hand the Council rails about the horrific state of the Board of Education budget, and on the other hand, they put a half million dollar appropriation in the budget when they are fully aware it will sit doing no one – not seniors, not students, and especially not taxpayers – any good. Therefore, I will be vetoing that portion of the Council adopted budget as well.

Last year, I warned that the budget games played by the Council, including arbitrarily raising the tax collection rate and increasing other revenue without adequate documentation and cause for the increase would result in a budget deficit for the 2010 fiscal year. I take no comfort in knowing that prediction is bearing out with an estimated deficit at June 30th.

But unfortunately, the Council is taking that same route again by arbitrarily increasing the property tax collection rate, the workforce reduction savings and the amount of property sales revenue without any documentation to back up these changes. This is another hypocritical act by Council Democrats as for the past six budget cycles, Alderman Trueworthy has railed against my estimates of property sales revenue as unrealistic.

These inflated projections are even more disappointing when they come even after meetings I had with Democratic and Republican Council leaders at which realistic amounts for both workforce reduction and property sales revenue were discussed. At a meeting last week, I indicated that an additional $250,000 for workforce reduction above the $1 million in my budget would be reasonable, as would an additional $1 million in property sale revenue. Instead, the budget passed by the Council has an additional $750,000 in workforce reduction savings and $1,950,000 almost $1.5 million greater than what I indicated could be sustained.

Basically this would stick the mayor with having to make a budget with inflated estimates work, and leaving the door open to criticize me when next year rolls around with a deficit. This is certainly not the spirit of bi-partisanship that had been hoped for during this budget process; it is just more political games. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury in a line item veto of reducing these amounts, only cancelling them in total, so I have no chance but to leave these inflated estimates in the final budget.


June 17, 2009

Page Four

For the above reasons, and with all due respect to the Council, I hereby veto in part as follows, Resolution # 30965-5 of the June 14, 2010 special meeting of the New Britain Common Council:

Line #001-1960-0527-491 School district expenses $1,500,000

Line #001-1961-9015-493 Crossing guards $ 12,000

Line #001-0500-0505-943 Transfer to other funds $ 526,761

Line#001-1154-1540-111 City Clerk overtime $ 2,000

Line#001-1338-3240-389 Disposal tip fees $ 150,000

Line#001-1551-5510-380 Public Library grants & contributions $ 25,500

These changes will result in a mill rate of 36.63, an increase of 1.65 mills or 4.7% over last fiscal year’s rate. This veto is done to mitigate the impact to city taxpayers with the hope that the Council majority can put aside its partisanship to work together to face the tough economic realities facing the City of New Britain.

I also veto Resolution #30971-5, the Capital Improvement Program Budget. I feel that political games were played with this budget as well, particularly with the Washington Park field improvements that hint of political favoritism and pork barrel spending to favor one particular district alderman. The Capital Improvement Budget will revert back to the Mayor’s budget, which I feel best serves all areas of the City.

All six of the prior budget preparations during my administration were difficult, but this year was the most frustrating of all. Part of my frustration is the slow pace of economic recovery that is hitting cities like New Britain hard. But that is outside of our control and we need to deal with it as best we can.

What is most frustrating to me is that which is within our control that is painfully absent: Our collective will to put political agenda asides for the greater community good. The citizens who elected us deserve nothing less and in the difficult budget year ahead; New Britain’s very survival depends on it.


Timothy T. Stewart

Mayor, City of New Britain

cc: Common Council

Board of Education

Robert Curry, Finance Director

Company begins series of meetings on power line in Sound - The New Haven Register (

Obama calls $20 billion BP escrow account for claims a 'good start' -

Bribery And Extortion Case Goes To The Jury; Closing Arguments Completed In Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez's Trial---Capitol Watch Blog

Hospital eliminates 19 jobs - The Bristol Press (

Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:13 AM EDT

By Jackie Majerus
Staff Writer

New Britain's Municipal Pools To Open Saturday -

Women's group heading to Conn., New Britain woman selected for director position: Middletown Press

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lawmakers want Humane Society to stop euthanizing animals - The New Haven Register (



Mayor Stewart has his choice to veto all or a portion of the proposed Democratic budget that increases the city budget with their denying the Mayor’s proposal to reduce his proposed budget from a seven percent tax increase to an approximate increase of five percent. But the socialistic tactics of the Democratic side of the aisle insist on sending more money to the Board of Education.

Stewart has championed by keeping our taxes down in spite of the Democratic tax and spend policies, however, the Majority leader of the common council expressing in past printed comments that he favors giving the funding request to the board of education. Based on that commitment he apparently made up his mind before listening to all the public input and from the common council membership, which would raise questions about what type of representation we are getting from these Democratic elected officials who under oath promised to represent us all--and not just the unions.

Now this very same Majority leader is quoted in today’s Herald, after he and Alderman Trueworthy added $1.5 million for the school budget Monday night, has the nerve to say if the mayor vetoes the Democratic budget that they have the votes to override his veto. That is in effect forcing the tax burden onto fixed income seniors, unemployed residents, and already overtaxed property owners.

These Alderman are living up to what democrats are known for ---“tax and spend”.

--Alien in the White House-- Quotable

DON PESCI: Blumenthal to media: Bug off! - The Middletown Press (

Federal Government Recognizes Shinnecock Tribe, Big Step Toward New Casino In New York -


June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NEW BRITAIN: Budget Veto Expected: The Herald

Obama Gives Back Major Strip of AZ to Mexico | The FOX Nation

Angle calls Harry Reid a 'a whack job, marginal candidate' - The Hill's Ballot Box

By Sean J. Miller

CPOA President speaks out!


Mr. Michael Wanuk spoke before the common council as the President of the CPOA by thanking the council members for the many hours they have to spend in serving the community as Aldermen & Alderwomen adding; we must bring sanity to our budget. We must be creative with a fiscal responsible posture.

As for the Board of Education Jobs I do not believe that speaker after speaker that are here presenting the Board of Education propaganda as to class size and loss of teachers. I cannot reconcile the board of education and the Superintendant of the Board for turning down the federal dollars. With the acceptance of these federal funds it would have mandated the removal of administrators from three schools. The school population is getting smaller and we have a shortage of funds but yet we need more money?

Our good students are leaving so make a movie to help them to want to come back into the system how much did that cost?

The superintendant and her staff have not made the necessary reasonable controls to make a good return for our tax dollars but utilized scare tactics to create an uproar and get support for more money.

The Board of Education needs to become more responsible and fiscally responsible for our community. They also need to manage better, then they have in the past, before they get more tax dollars of which some percentage is wasted.

Too little is being done for us by our state legislatures which the CPOA will be addressing in the future.

I agree with what Mr. Cliff Parker said earlier, accountability, compromise, and wise decisions.

Congress Wants To Bail Out Union Pensions - HUMAN EVENTS

by Connie Hair

NEWINGTON: Reward Increased to $1,500 in Vandalism Case: WTNH

WEST HARTFORD: Man Charged In Abduction of Gold Roc Diner Waitress: The Courant


FARMINGTON: Police Warn of Telephone Scams: The Courant

Former Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy Facing Slander Suit By Democrat Lee Whitnum Over Her Comments---Capitol Watch Blog

By Christopher Keating

Martha Dean: Blumenthal's Office Mismanaged, Calls it "A Crisis in Leadership:" The Courant

Monday, June 14, 2010

Middletown Teen Missing; In Need of Medication - The Middletown Press (


Are School Vouchers the Solution to New Britain’s School Budget Woes?


Washington DC had one of the nation’s most successful school voucher programs. 1,700 students, 99% of them black or Hispanic, were able to take advantage of the program which provided them with vouchers to attend private schools such as the very same school that the Obama children attend--that is until the Obama administration killed the program. This is just one more example of the Democrats holding their thumb over minorities to keep them down and preventing them from succeeding, and all for an allegiance to the unholy money they receive from union coffers.

Could the program work here? Let’s look at 2 more success stories:


The New York Experiment

The New York City results show solid success in a voucher experiment that involved 1,300 lower-income students, principally minorities, in the fourth and fifth grade, chosen by lottery. Harvard’s Paul Peterson is co-author of the recently published An Evaluation of the New York City School Choice Scholarships Program: The First Year. He reports that students in the program gained 4 percentile points in reading and 6 percentile points in math, compared with a control group of students who had applied for, but did not win, a spot in the program.

Moreover, the schools have smaller class sizes, are more integrated, and have less disruption, less fighting, less cheating, less tardiness, and less racial conflict. There is more communication with parents. Students do more homework. Mr. Peterson, like Mr. Norquist, is a Democrat! (American Enterprise Institute For Public Policy Research: “Score One for School Vouchers”)


Milwaukee and Its Mayor

No one senses the political situation better than John Norquist, the hard-driving mayor of Milwaukee. The city is Ground Zero of the voucher movement, starting with 1,500 publicly funded private school scholarships made available for low-income inner-city children in 1991. Milwaukee now has about 7,000 students on vouchers, with more than 10,000 expected next year, and 15,000 slots authorized.

Mr. Norquist, who has a sense of humor, thinks that elementary and high school vouchers are a valid and valuable program, just as the G.I. Bill is for college education: "Under the G.I. Bill right now . . . you could go to any public, private, or parochial school you want. You could go to Yeshiva University and become a rabbi. You could go to a theological seminary and become a Catholic priest. Or you could go to the University of Wisconsin and become a communist."

Several points about the outspoken Norquist are of political relevance:
(1) although vouchers have become a talisman for Republicans, he is a Democrat; (2) he’d like to be governor of Wisconsin one day; and (3) he has received 65 percent and 60 percent of the vote in a heavily Democratic city in his last two runs for mayor.

Mr. Norquist believes that other Democrats ought to get with the program, even though usually friendly teachers unions and the liberal People for the American Way vigorously oppose the idea. He gets particularly vehement with one argument coming from antivoucher forces, who claim that vouchers will "cream" the best students to private schools, leaving the inner-city public schools in worse shape than they are now. Mr. Norquist replies: "The creaming has already occurred under the public school choice system that we’ve had in America for the last 35 to 40 years. . . . If you have money and kids and you’re white, you leave town. And that’s school choice that you never hear the defenders of the public school monopoly bring up. Creaming? Anyone care about creaming? No. Because they’re still in a government-run school." (the bold type was added to draw your attention to this paragragh) (American Enterprise Institute For Public Policy Research: “Score One for School Vouchers”)

Back to New Britain.

Instead of spending our tax money producing sales videos to lure the parents into keeping their children in our under-performing schools, perhaps the money the school board is spending on such failed efforts would be put to better use making vouchers available to children and allowing their parents freedom of choice over what schools their children attend. Through this sales video effort, it appears that the Superintendent of Schools is spending our money to protect the union interests when she is being paid with our tax dollars to represent the children and their parents who are paying her salary. This is simply wrong. Isn’t it about time our elected officials started putting the best interests of the children and the taxpayers who are footing the bills ahead of the demands of the unions that they seem to care so much about? At least that is how the Democratic Mayor of Milwaukee seemed to feel.

FARMINGTON: Trraffic Stop Leads To Drug Factory, Cops Say: The Courant

There He Goes Again. — Daily Ructions

FARMINGTON: 1 Killed in I-84 Crash: WFSB

Saturday, June 12, 2010

James Griffin to Oppose Rep. Peter Tercyak

James Griffin announces his candidacy for the 26th. District Against Rep. Peter Tercyak.
A lifelong resident questions what Tercyak has he done for our city as one of its state representatives. He concluded by saying let's get him out!


While attending the Common council meeting, I was quite surprised to hear Alderman Paul Catanzaro cite that he was outraged at the mistrust of the Mattabassett organization. This is the same Alderman that was found guilty by the Ethics Commission for violations of the ethics code of the city of New Britain--violations that mandated his removal from office under the charter. Yes, the council refused to accept this finding because they would have to remove him from the board of Alderman, so they termed the unanimous decision which was even supported by Democratic Commissioners as a "political finding" and therefore ignoring their sworn duty to remove him.

Of course, isn't the Mattabassett Board of directors Chairman a convicted felon?

It's no wonder why the Chairman of the Ethics Commission, a Democrat himself, resigned from his committee after the council ignored it's finding and recommendation

Two options on the table for sewage treatment in Higganum Another Mattabassett Fiasco???? - The Middletown Press (

By JEFF MILL, Press Staff

Board Of Education issues Demonstrated By Alderman Louis Salvio:

As is usual at budget time in New Britain, the NB Board Of Education (BOE) is pitted in a budget controversy with the Mayor/ Common Council. BOE budget demands threaten to drive the mill rate/taxes up for taxpayers for the first time in seven years. NB School Superintendent Kurtz threatens 135 teacher layoffs if that happens. “Battle lines” are drawn between tax and spend Common Council liberal Democrat leadership (Sherwood and Trueworthy) and Mayor Stewart.

On 6/8/10, at a meeting between the BOE, Sherwood pledges to vote NO on any budget that doesn’t add millions to the BOE budget. In addition, a decision by the State to allow a controversial move by the BOE has done two things; reduced NB revenue projections by $1.5 million (creating a hole in the City General Fund Budget) and at the same time raising the City mill rate by 1. 5 mills ($1.5 million). All this will be decided Monday, 6/14/10 when the Council makes its final vote on the City Budget.

Between 700& 800 NB School students have opted to go to Hartford & CREC Magnet schools. There are almost about 600+ from NB High School alone. Even though the City must pay about $4000/student in tuition, etc. for these students plus transportation costs for “SOME”, the BOE still wants millions of dollars more. WHY? TO SAVE MORE THAN 135 TEACHING POSITIONS IN NB!

Why do students leave NB Schools? It’s not because they wish to achieve racial balance in our schools – they want a “BETTER EDUCATION!” NB students - and those from other towns - go to Hartford magnet schools and the Hartford school s score s go up significantly. NB creates Specialty Schools: DiLoreto Dual Language, La Pense, HALS, etc., and yet NB scores at the bottom in CT on standardized tests. In the meantime, Hartford scores go up. Dr. Kurtz will give an extra long winded explanation for this. Let the readers of this letter decide what is real.

For nine years under Dr. Kurtz our schools have continued to fail miserably. Yes, some programs have produced great results, e.g., robotics, culinary arts. Some of our students go on to prestigious schools, great! But all the new programs have done little to, increase test scores and to curb the flight of NB students and their families from town. Every year, Dr. Kurtz has asked for more money. Result! Many new programs but little progress.

Teacher Union President, Rhonda Barker has only interest in protecting the union and the same is true of others. This is to be expected – it is their job. What is not expected is that Dr. Kurtz and our administrative leadership go along. Our State Legislators, DeFronzo, O’Brien, Tercyak, Geragosian, Boukus have been absolutely NO HELP.

NB Taxpayers should say NO to all this nonsense and demand a NO BUDGET INCREASE for the BOE.

Lou Salvio, Alderman
City of New Britain

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rep. Peter Tercyak Demonizes Captialism in Letter to the Editor


In a letter to the editor published in the New Britain City Journal, Representative Peter Tercyak explains his reasons for participating in a union protest at a Hartford nursing home that ultimately caused him to be arrested by the Hartford Police.

Despite the fact that Spectrum does not even own a facility in his district, Rep. Tercyak goes to great detail to compare the owners of Spectrum Healthcare to two non-profit nursing homes that are located in New Britain. One is operated by the Catholic Church; the other is operated by Hospital For Special Care. Rep. Tercyak seems to demonize Spectrum simply because they operate for a profit. He insists that because Spectrum won’t accept the same contract as these non-profit organizations, that the problem must rest with the company, and not the union.

It is clear when reading Rep. Tercyak’s letter that he dislikes the fact that this company actually exists to make a profit, and that the operators of these homes have a duty to return a profit to their investors—the very foundation that this capitalist society is built upon. His letter left me with the impression that he believes the investors for Spectrum should simply invest millions of their own dollars without any profit and should do so out of the goodness of their hearts.

If I remember my college economics class correctly, this type of redistribution of income is called communism.

LETTER: By Nicholas Mercier; Schools should be more transparent - The New Britain Herald (

KATHLEEN PARKER: The little engine that might - The Middletown Press (

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alderman Sherwood Objects to Additional Plate Finders!

Claiming he always felt uneasy with the first one because of the aggressive nature in intervening in an intrusive manner into privacy concerns. He continued by saying that he had expressed his concerns with the first one that was recommended.

The three additional plate finders are being provided by the Bureau of Justice Assistance grant programs for our city, at no cost to the city. Apparently Alderman Sherwood cares more about a criminal's privacy than he does about keeping our neighborhoods safe!

The police department indicated that the additional equipment would offer greater safety for the public in helping to manage burglaries and hit and run cases because with the four cruisers roaming our streets these units would immediately provide the information needed of what vehicles were in the area and would help the police identify outsiders that don't belong. Chief William Gagliardi ended the interchange with Sherwood by advising him "Don't be afraid of the future."

Sewer Increase Creates Dialog

The Minority Leader of The Common Council, Louis Salvio, expressed his concerns over the planned expansion of the Mattabsett District for One Hundred Million dollars citing if Middletown doesn’t join the Mattabassett district we should just truck the sludge to the MDC and avoid this enormous cost to the New Britain Taxpayers.

The foregoing remark was partly caused by the district’s proposed increase of cost, recommended by New Britain’s Board of Public Works, of a twenty cents per cubic foot.

Aldermen Sherwood and Trueworthy voted against the proposal causing a tied vote, by the Democrats, with the Mayor breaking the tie by voting for the resolution.

NEW BRITAIN: Funeral Services Finalized For Fire Fighter

Man Found In Farmington River : WFSB

The Herald's Silence of the Arrests!


After about ten days of silence regarding the arrest of Representative Peter Tercyak, the New Britain Herald decided to print a story announcing he was arrested along with 20 others who were staging what the Herald termed a "peaceful" union demonstration in a driveway at the Hart Place Health Center in Hartford.

Interestingly, I am left with questions about how the Herald is qualified to describe the type of protest--especially since they failed to have a reporter present and failed to report on the original event? Even though 21 were arrested, the Herald seems to feel they were qualified to judge the protest as "peaceful" despite the fact that the Hartford Police Department apparently felt otherwise through their decision to arrest 21 "protesters."

This article appears to have been engineered as an attempt to make the paper appear that it had previously reported the arrest of the city’s state representative and was simply printing a follow-up story, when in fact the paper never made the previous report as anyone would have expected them to.

The Hartford Community Court Judge continued the case until next week (Tuesday, June 15th at 10:00 AM) when Representative Tercyak will be expected to enter a plea in his pending criminal case.



In the event that a Republican New Britain Official should be arrested, just like the recent arrest of Rep. Peter Tercyak, it would certainly be front page news in our local paper, however, this Representative happens to be a Democrat and not considered newsworthy by the local publication.

Be it a Republican Alderman or Commissioner of New Britain and the glaring front pages would have an immediate impact of it’s news content with the morning coffee.

It is very hard to understand as to why the local editors seem to give the socialistic & radical Democrats a “FREE PASS” that is never afforded for the Republicans.

UPDATE: Representative Tercyak's court case was continued until Tuesday, June 15 at 10:00 AM when he will be expected to enter a plea in his pending criminal case.

Greenberg of Litchfield Heading for 5th District Primary (Web First) - The Bulletin


Restoring Glory To New Britain Stanley Co. Staying In New Britain --

Dan Haar

New Britain Budget Cuts Could Result In 40 Students Per Classroom -


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mayor Tim Stewart: Tax Increase Could Be Less Than 7%: The Courant



CCAG's Tom Swan, Reps. David McCluskey and Peter Tercyak Arrested In Nursing Home Protest : The Courant

State Representative Peter Tercyak of New Britain Being Taken Away in Handcuffs By Hartford Police!

Click the headline above for the entire story from

UPDATE: Representative Peter Tercyak is scheduled to be arraigned in Hartford Superior Court, Community Session, on Tuesday, June 8, 2010, at 10:00 AM. The court is located at 80 Washington Street in Hartford.

Missing West Hartford man | connecticut

What is the Board Of Education Attempting to Hide?


Last night's New Britain council meeting with the members of the Board of Education led to nowhere with the educators claiming if they do not get $3 million restored to their budget by the city council, they will be forced to layoff 130 teachers due to the budget shortfall.

The Minority Leader complained that their report lacks the line by line item budget with the educators clinging onto a letter that was issued by the mayor some five years ago, but he has subsequently requested year after year along with the council membership for the line by line report from the board of education in order to comply to the provisions of the city charter.

After claims surfaced that the BOE was "top heavy," Dr. Kurtz, as reported in today's Herald, made a statement that her district has the least amount of administrative staff than any other school district in the entire state. I find her comment to be outrageous considering there are school districts in Connecticut with part time superintendents, and certainly smaller towns like Newington, Plainville and Berlin must have less administrators simply because they are smaller districts, but if Dr. Kurtz was offering to part time her own position as Superintendent as a way to offer cost savings to the district, then that might be an idea worth pursuing.

Was Dr. Kurtz being less than truthful when she made this remark to the city council last night?

P.C. Richard Plans Mid-August Opening In Manchester And Newington -

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Britain Man Identified As Hartford Homicide Victim: The Courant

The Democratic Resolve!!!!



The Mayor has been putting up with their nonsense and now they are picking on Dwight.

Blumenthal a Liar?--- Quotable

Roger Aronoff, Accuracy in Media analyst

TRIAD Holds Food Drive -

—Ken Byron

---Republican Brickley Blasts Larson Over House Defeat Affecting Pratt Engine; Larson Cites 'Great Progress' --Capitol Watch Blog

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DEMOCRATS STRIKE AGAIN: Mayor's Driver Arrested For Operating Under Suspension!

We The People

How's That Hope And Change Working For You?

Republican’s Nominate 30-Year-old Entrepreneur for 24th Assembly District

Henry Zemko,111 is TheRepublican Candidate For The Sixth District!

6th Senatorial District ( New Britain, Berlin, and part of Farmington) Republican delegates unanimously endorsed Henry Zembko III, 37 a life long resident of New Britain, who has been a small business owner in the community. And now a Realtor and office manager for Kelley and Company Real Estate, who is making his first run for Office. Mr. Zembko is currently serving as a member of the New Britain Republican Town Committee representing the 2nd ward, and as a Justice of the Peace

"We need our Government to work, and to work for us. Sadly we have come to the point where its finger pointing, and Party line votes. This doesn't solve the problems that we face today. Our Elected Officials need to know that they represent the Proud Americans that voted for them, and not just the party that they belong to. And we need now, more then ever, to solve the problems that we face in our Streets, Towns and Cities, and States. We need not only to retain the businesses that we have in the state, which we have not done, but attract new businesses to our state as well. Another problem is more 18-35 year olds leave CT after graduation than any other state, this can not continue to happen either if we really intend to have a stable economy in our state.

When we have politicians in office that always say they have the solution to the problems that we face, yet when their term is over there was none, it reminds me of this quote by Albert Einstein "We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" . But that's what they are trying to do, and what we need to change that in November. I'm Henry Zembko and I want to be your next State Senator in the 6th Senatorial District so we can move forward by focusing on our Citizens and the problems that we all face everyday"

Mr Zembko is a very proud resident of the City of New Britain, and has been involved in many community activities and organizations over the years. Most notable is his pride of being a member of the Elks, where at B.P.O.E. # 957 he is currently the Esteemed Leading Knight

Republican Chair Speaks Out!

What I found most troubling was the way Rep. Geragosian kept blaming "suburban" legislators and "leadership" for the state's fiscal woes and for the lack of resources being sent to New Britain. He is the co-chair of appropriations, one of the most powerful committees in state government - he controls all the bucks.

Additionally, he is a longtime legislator and a leader in the Democratic party. Yet, he talks as if he is simply a hapless cog in the wheel and New Britain is just a victim of circumstances.

He refuses to take any responsibility for his lack of leadership or his failed role as our advocate. We need to send people who care more about New Britain than their political aspirations to represent our local interests in Hartford.

The New Britain Republican Town Committee is very excited to have some strong candidates for the voters' consideration - people who will look out for New Britain. Visit our website to learn about them, and please support them, especially if you're tired of career politicians and their excuses.

Walnut Hill Park gazebo to reopen today - The New Britain Herald News : New Britain, Conn., and surrounding areas (

-Columnist Rick Green On Martha Dean; Facing Attorney --Capitol Watch Blog

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