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Senator Christopher Dodd introduced the "Supporting Military Families Act of 2009" and Representative Tim O’Brien, who is not working with Senator Dodd but is a mayoral candidate for the City of New Britain, decided to jump on Dodd’s band wagon with his calling for military honors for the Polish solders who fought under the Polish flag. The National Guard Military honor chief issued a new edict citing that foreign veterans would no longer be given military honors at their funerals.

Therefore Mr. O’Brien in his attempt at unseating the current Mayor, Timothy Stewart, in today’s New Britain Herald 7-31-09, is calling for the military honors for the Polish soldiers who fought under the allied flag during World War II-- citing that they are part of the community too and should receive the recognition that they deserve from the United States.

I deem it to be a cheap political tactic in trying to obtain the Polish votes in the upcoming election while forgetting so many other servicemen who served as our allies. The complete list of U.S. allies included in addition to Poland: Great Britain, USSR, Australia, Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Greece, India, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, The Philippines, South Africa, and Yugoslavia. Don't members of the armed forces of these nations deserve honoring as well? Apparently their votes do not count to Mr. O'Brien, or should they?

Perhaps Representative O'Brien should focus on doing the job the voters already elected him to do and deliver the state a working budget--since we have now been operating without a budget for an entire month! | Targets Conn's Senator Chris Dodd

Hartford's Tea Party to be Held On Spetember 11th.


01:24 PM EDT Friday, July 31, 2009

House Votes to Give $2 Billion More to 'Cash for Clunkers'
Week-old government program to encourage car sales had proven so popular with consumers that it was almost out of cash. The House bill would redirect funds in the already-passed economic stimulus package that were intended for energy loan guarantees.

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Why Obamacare is sinking---Tort Reform is Required


Dodd's Lingering VIP Problem - Courant

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama-Care, Euthanasia, and The Boiled Frog Syndrome

By Jim O'Neill----cfp

- Too Many Presidential Czars Keeps Congress in the Dark

By: Eric Cantor The House Minority Whip

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gov. Rell Says She Will Offer Tax Increases For the First Time - Capitol Watch

By; Christopher Keating

The Democratic Ticket—The Unethical Slate of Candidates: EDITORIAL

The Democratic Party has earned the title of the unethical party. They have among their endorsed slate of candidates, Paul Catanzaro whom they have seen fit to nominate for re-election in November. This is an Alderman who cost the city badly needed funding through his multiple conflicts of interest that were so egregious that even the federal government refused to provide badly needed funding to city programs because of his conflicts involving having been president of H.R.A. and an alderman at the same time.

Then there is the issue of his being an employee of the Parks Department, while voting on issues that effect his department and even voting against contracting out of Parks Department work-- thereby creating the possible availability of overtime for himself, but the pièce de résistance is when he recently spoke on, and then voted against his own ethics commission report finding him in violation of city ethics policies. According to the city charter, any member of the council who is heard to speak on, or who votes on an issue in which he has a personal interest shall be expelled from the council.

When he did this, it was in the presence of his 13 fellow Democrats, on the public record and televised to the public on community access television, so there is no disputing what happened. Catanzaro was even quoted by a local newspaper as saying that if he didn’t vote on his own issue, then he couldn’t speak on it, so he decided to vote so he could address the council—in direct violation of the charter.

What earns the Democratic candidates the title of the unethical slate of candidates is that not only did they vote to reject the bi-partisan, unanimous findings of their own ethics commission against their cohort, but they also failed to perform their sworn duty of office to remove Catanzaro from the council as the charter mandated under the circumstances that they were all witness to and sworn to uphold.

Of course he is not the only one of the Democratic Aldermen who failed to pay his/her property taxes until he was exposed on this blog, but it at least deserves him a mention on that issue here too. The alderman who also works full time for the city Parks Department was quoted as saying that he couldn’t pay his $248.48 car tax bill until he received his tax refund—but of course the rest of us who aren’t elected to the council and who don’t receive a salary from the city are expected to pay on time.

For the party to nominate this individual with such a history of conflicts of interest and unethical behavior is as outrageous as the Democratic Party nominating Chris Dodd for re-election and deserves to be just as popular.


Israel’s Obama Problem

By: Daneil Greefield of the cfp

Denials are all Sen. Dodd has left Editorial--Republican -American

VIP to open today - The New Britain Herald (

by:P Scott Whipple

Parties pick candidates for November election - The New Britain Herald (

Br James Craven

Party endorsements - The New Britain Herald (

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legal notice for Pinnacle Heights Public Hearing

The Common Council and the Committee on Planning, Zoning and Housing will hold a
public hearing on Tuesday evening, August 4, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council
Chambers, City Hall, 27 West Main Street, New Britain, Connecticut for the following:
Resolution #30674 - Re: Sale of city owned property known as Pinnacle
At this hearing interested persons may be heard and written communications may be
received. Item #30674 is available for public inspection during normal business hours in
the Office of the Town and City Clerk, City Hall, 27 West Main Street, New Britain,
John B. Melecsinsky
Clerk of Committees

Reid fights 'destination discrimination' - Business -

By Jennifer Robison

$25 Million for CT Powerball Winner | Connecticut

Foxwoods: 67 layoffs in restructuring | Connecticut

Dems To Propose Eliminating DMV - Politics News Story - WFSB Hartford - Rasmussen: Obama Double-Digit Negatives

NEWS ALERT --- Washington Post

12:00 PM EDT Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Committee Votes to Send Nomination of Sotomayor to Senate Floor
The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved President Obama's first Supreme Court pick Sonia Sotomayor in a largely party-line vote, sending the nomination to the floor. The full Senate is expected to vote next week.

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ObamaCare’s Prescription for Death

By Daniel Greenfield of the CFP

Obama's '47 Million Uninsured' Claim Is False -

Caligiuri: Dodd should resign if Countrywide allegations are true - Capitol Watch

By: Danielaal Timari

Delegation fights for $40 M reimbursement to hospitals - The New Britain Herald (

by Scott Whipple

Smith Photo

Sen. DeMint of S.C. Is Voice of Opposition to Health-Care Reform

By Philip Rucker of the Washington Post

Election season gets under way - The New Britain Herald (

Bry James Craven

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Associated Press: AP IMPACT: Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened

Dobbs repeatedly makes Obama birth certificate claims his CNN colleagues call "total bull" | Media Matters for America

Should TX Invoke State's Rights If Health Care Passes? | The FOX Nation

Nancy Pelosi on being unpopular: 'I don't care' - Glenn Thrush -




I have been asked by some of my readers to have another open forum so they can vent their issues


Sen. Gary LeBeau, East Hartford Democrat, Running for Gov. - Capitol Watch

By Christopher Keating


Rising to ten per cent unemployment and attempting to add or force his socialized medical plan onto the American public even though the medical profession claims it will not work.

His stimulus plan is bankrupting America as we knew it.

Our capitalistic system is disappearing with the Socialist and Marxist take over that is being orchestrated by our president.

With the economy tanking and unemployment count growing each day; it is amazing that the Congressional Democratic Party hasn’t decided to put a stop to all this nonsense.

It can only be assumed that more tea parties are required to bring about the change that we as voters thought we were voting for. This kind of change is needed immediately by putting an end to the socialist takeover of our government.
Remember the stimulus package that was passed by the Congress? We will never be able to pay the interest cost which will bring about the demise of America within a few short years.

Our national debt is $12 trillion. The unfunded Social Security liability is $11 Trillion, and our Medicare unfunded liability is approximately $48 Trillion. Obama, during his first six months, has raised our entire debt to a sum of $71 Trillion with the help of 32 czars that were never vetted by Congress and by rushing his stimulus via Speaker Pelosi without anyone reading the entire proposal. Now the president is demanding that Congress ram through socialized medicine by passing a bill that even he admits he never read.

My greatest fear is that even God cannot help us out of this dilemma.

Obama’s Health Plan Will End Medicare for Seniors

Truth in reporting was once the mainstay mantra of our communications system.

The End Of White Guilt?

By Nancy Morgan of the CFP

Robert J. Samuelson - Obama Reform Sidesteps Health Costs

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After Arrest, Cambridge Reflects on Racial Rift

By: Krissah Thaompson and Cheryl Thompson

Calling Chris Dodd-- Interesting site from New Britain

Page after Page of Reasons to Hate Obamacare!

By: Alan Caruba

Blood Found At Crash Scene; Driver Missing - Connecticut News Story - WFSB Hartford

Flight From Bradley Makes Emergency Landing - Connecticut News Story - WFSB Hartford

Herald moves to new downtown office - The New Britain Herald (

By Lisa Backus

YouTube - Taxed Enough Already - Short Version Full Vocals

Representative O’Brien: More Spreading of Your Wealth!


Representative O’Brien joined his fellow Democrats in overriding the Governor’s veto on House Bill 6502, which became Public Act 09-183 as a result of their veto override.

This act grants better benefits to contractors performing work in state facilities than even state employees would get for similar work, and does so at taxpayer (YOUR) expense. The act includes just about any contractor performing work for the state, and even extends to businesses providing food services by operating a franchise at a state facility like a DOT rest area, university or hospital cafeteria and more.

It mandates that these private employers provide their employees a wage based on the state’s “prevailing wage” for similar jobs, and also requires these employers to provide the following benefits: Medical, Surgical or Hospital Care, Disability or Death Benefits,

Unemployment Benefits, Vacation Pay, Personal Leave, Training Benefits, Legal Services and Benefits.

The act even goes so far as to mandate that if the state changes contractors, for example the employees of the contractor that is being terminated are not performing their work to the state’s satisfaction, all the employees of the company being terminated are guaranteed a new job with the new contractor. Yes that is current, it dictates to the private employer who he/she must hire and prohibits that employer from firing that employee for a minimum of 90 days, and if some state bureaucrat feels that employee is performing their work satisfactorily, that private employer may never terminate that employee even beyond the 90 day period. Stop me if I am wrong, but isn’t that communism when the government dictates to private citizens who they must hire?

One of the areas these liberals have been praising about this act, is that it apparently provides free health care to all of these contract employees, and their families and children--all at state (YOUR) expense. This is even greater than the benefits provided to current state employees. According to the state comptroller, Nancy Wyman, a current employee must pay between $17.74 to $68.74 per pay period for health care insurance just for the employee (depending on the plan selected) and for employees with families, the rates are $61.69 to 235.92 per pay period, but now employees of a private employer are going to apparently receive these benefits for free from YOU!

Apparently the legislature, along with Mr. O’Brien, just don’t understand that we have a $9 billion budget deficit, a record number of business closures in our state, a record number of taxpayers moving out of state, and still they seem to think they can just keep increasing spending as if the money grows on trees.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Actor Paul Rodriguez Turns GOP After Farmers Hurt to Save Endangered Fish |

Sen. Dodd visits Community Health Center - The New Britain Herald (

By: Herald Reporter James Craven

Conservative kiosk not allowed at mall | | Local News for Charlotte, North Carolina | Top Stories

Middletown man featured on AMW arrested |

Dodd Remains Weak Among Independents -

by: Daniela Altimari

Delay the Minimum-Wage Hike -

by David Neumark - Midwives Would Be Paid the Same as Doctors Under Provision in Health Care Bill

By: Adam Brickley - Cop Tells Obama: I Didn't Vote for You and Won't Apologize

A Responsible Corporation - Editorial By Frank Smith

Why did Representatives Tim O’Brien, D-24th District and Peter Tercyak, D-26th District, joined by Alderman Catanzaro, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 371 Brian Petronella, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal with more than 20 blue-shirted protestors from the Working Families Party protest in front of the New Britain Wal-Mart store?

John Green, the director of the Working Families Party was quoted as saying that the rally was called because of "corporate greed" exhibited by Wal-Mart and an alleged threat to deprive workers of severance pay.

Apparently these community agitators are of the belief that if a company intends to make a profit from its investment, then that is being greedy. My understanding from the remarks at this rally is that they are of the belief that a company like Wal-Mart should continue to run a store that is losing money "for the good of the community."

For those agitators that have never held a private sector job, that is called welfare and has no place in the private sector. Management has a duty to its investors to either make the store profitable, or cut the cancer. Contrary to widely held liberal beliefs, corporations do not exist for the purpose of creating jobs. They exist to market a product or service with the intent to make a profit, and create jobs in the pursuit of producing this product or service "for profit." Despite the liberal philosophy that was just demonstrated by some of our misguided elected representatives, profit is not a dirty word, but in fact is at the route of our entire economic system.


Wal-Mart has always been a responsible identity throughout the USA. Why would they endanger their image with the buying public? This display has done little more than damage any hopes of encouraging Wal-Mart to expand in Connecticut--especially any future locations in New Britain. - 'Scofflaw' Obama Grudge Against Cambridge Police? - News - 07/24/2009 - Italian Festival opens tonight

by: Jason Vallee

Pratt & Whitney union, management talk about cuts | Connecticut

By Crystal Hanyes

Health Care Jobs On Decline In Connecticut -

by Zeke Miller

The Obama Era: Voices of Power |

Shea-Porter: “Many of My Constituents Would Love to Wait in Line for Medical Care” : Now! New Hampshire

Mass. Officer Won't Apologize for Gates Arrest: Top News Stories at

News Item by the Fraternal order of Police

Parts sealed in Hartford mayor report |

Sobriety checkpoint this weekend in Plainvile | Plainville Citizen

Thursday, July 23, 2009

UConn Law Student Caught Up in $1 Billion Pot Bust | NBC Connecticut

By Leanne Gendreau & Doug Greene

Palin to feds: Alaska is sovereign state with the State of Tennessee Signing Also

By: Chelsea Schilling of World Net Daily

Cambridge Police Officer Crowley teaches racial profiling class at academy - But President Obama attacked him in speech

by O'Ryan Johnson

Q Poll: Dodd Still Trails GOP Frontrunner -

By Daiela Altimari


01:22 PM EDT Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reid: No Vote on Health-Care Reform Before Recess
Senate majority leader says full Senate will debate and vote on healthcare overhaul legislation after it returns in September from a monthlong recess.

For more information, visit - New Jersey Mayors, Rabbis Allegedly Trafficked Knock-Off Gucci Bags With Laundered Money - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

ACLU, ACORN, Sue to Overturn Penn. Law Against Voter Fraud


Anyone with questions about the proposed universal health care should seriously consider watching Sean Hannity's one hour special Thursday night at 9 PM on Fox News, channel 59 on Comcast Cable.

The show is entitled "Universal Nightmare" and is a look inside the President's proposed health care reform.

GOP Congressional Report Accuses ACORN of Political Corruption, Widespread Fraud - Political News -

O’Reilly: ‘I’m Not a Dumb Guy, But I Don’t Know What Obama’s Plan Is’ | The FOX Nation | Exposing Liberal Media Bias

BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Courant reaching ever deeper lows

By: Steve Collins

Displaced Wal-Mart Workers Fear For Benefits - Attorney General Blumenthal cites Ct.Law

by; Janice Posada

American Thinker: Michelle Obama's Patient-Dumping Scheme

By: David Catron

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Representative Tim O’Brien: Not Prepared to Lead?

Representative Tim O’Brien recently announced his plan to run for Mayor of New Britain on a promise to return manufacturing jobs to New Britain. This is a novel, but unrealistic idea considering that the majority of manufacturing jobs were moved either to more business friendly states, or overseas to countries where labor markets are much cheaper.

Representative O’Brien has demonstrated through his voting record in the legislature that he has helped this state to create an anti-business climate through votes like the one on Monday where he voted to override the Governor and forced through the Sustinet plan without any plans to pay for it. Even the Hartford Courant today questioned the ability of the Sustinet plan to sustain itself. Additionally, how many businesses will be anxious to locate here if the Democrats get their way and pass the 25% income tax on business income—another measure that Representative O’Brien supported.

More telling of his agenda was how just today Representative O’Brien appeared at a rally for the employees of Wal-Mart. This is a familiar venue for him, because he was present at previous rallies and protests, along with New Britain Alderman Phil Sherwood who brought his ACORN PALS with him, at this same store-- which some even believe is at least partially responsible for the company’s decision to close this store. Representative O’Brien clearly and publicly took the side of the employees against the employer. This sends a terrible message to any company that might consider locating to New Britain when its elected officials are appearing to lead public protests against employers. If he were elected mayor, what employer would be willing to meet with someone who has a history of leading protests against other employers?

In my opinion, this showed that he is just not ready to lead, since a leader or chief executive needs to remain impartial in such disputes. Let us not lose track of the fact that Wal-Mart is a taxpayer and has certain rights and expectations from their elected representatives, especially if that representative has plans to persuade that same employer to locate to his city in the future.

New Britain Man Among 5 Arrested In Cocaine, Heroin Raid -

By Hilda Munoz

New Britain Mayor Running For Fourth Term -


It's Law, But Is SustiNet Fiscally Sustainable? -


Manchester Man sought in E. Hartford murder | | connecticut - Dodd Working To Distance Himself From Financial Companies

BRADY DENNIS contributed to this story

Woman Charged With Biting Husband On Face -


Why We Must Ration Health Care -



New Britain’s Mayor T. Stewart is expected to announce his mayoral bid for his fourth term at the Whinston Tavern located at the Stanley Gold Course tonight at 7 P. M.

The F-22 Model for Medicare---Washington Post

By Ruth Marcus

Health Care Debate a Showdown Between Socialism & Freedom? | The FOX Nation

Obama Regulatory Czar's Confirmation Held Up by Hunting Rights Proponent - Political News -

BERLIN---FOI request probes bid process used by council - The New Britain Herald (

By: Scott Whipple

Netflix thriving in bad economy |

By Kent Pierce

Berlin disposal plan trashed |

by: Bob Wilson

Rally for Wal-Mart workers today - The New Britain Herald (

By: James Craven

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Representative Tim O’Brien: Out of Touch with His Constituents, Out of Touch With Reality!


On Monday, Representative Tim O’Brien joined his fellow extremists in the legislature in voting to override Governor Rell’s veto of HB 6600, a bill that created “universal health care” here in Connecticut a/k/a the Sustinet plan.

The plan describes itself as “health care that is universal” and provides some great benefits to recipients at state taxpayer expense:

Medical Home Services

Inpatient and outpatient hospital care

Generic and name brand prescription drugs

Laboratory and x-ray services

Durable medical equipment

Speech, physical and occupational therapy

Home health care

Vision care

Family planning

Emergency transportation




Short-term rehabilitation

Identification and treatment of developmental delays (up to age 3)

Wellness programs

Dental Care

Mental and Behavioral Health (including tobacco cessation, substance abuse, and prevention of and treatment of obesity)

Quite an impressive list, especially for those of you who have employer provided plans that probably cover only the basic health care needs. When vetoing this measure, Governor Rell warned that it would cost the taxpayers at least $1 billion per year to pay for it, and with a $9 billion budget deficit already in existence, it was irresponsible to spend so much money without any substantial plan to pay for it.

On the same day that this vote was held, WTIC radio conducted a poll of Connecticut residents. That poll showed that 80% opposed the legislature in overriding any of Governor Rell’s vetoes. Also on that same day, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz reported that we set a new record in this state, but not one we should be proud of.

According to Bysiewicz, a fellow Democrat, a record number of businesses closed down in Connecticut during the first six months of 2009. The report said that 7,000 businesses shut down in that six month period, the largest number of business closings for any six month period since these records have been maintained. The only solutions the legislature offered to pay for these items were huge tax increases that included a 25% tax on all business income and seizing 30% of inheritances. You work hard all your life to put some money away, and the legislature wants to seize almost one third of it before you can leave it to your children, and with record numbers of businesses already ceasing operations in Connecticut, I am sure that seizing one quarter of their income is really going to encourage new businesses and create jobs for our state.

This is just one example of the irresponsible measures that Representative O’Brien has supported in the legislature, and now he wants to bring this same tax and spend entitlement attitude to city hall. This leaves one question, who will be paying for all the entitlements he loves to support once he arrives in city hall?

Governor Rell: Gov. Rell Blasts U.S. Senate Vote to Strip F-22 Raptor Funding

Pratt & Whitney Threatens To Shut Down Ct. Plants -

by: Erick Gershon

Democratic-controlled legislature overturns 7 vetoes, but not health insurance bill

By Paul Hughes of the Republican Republican

Flashback! Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine | The FOX Nation

Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Ours, Not Up for Debate "For Obama to Get Lost" - Politics & Government - Israel News - Israel National News

The Weekly Standard----- Kennedy's Ration Health Care Kill the Proposal and start all Over

by William Kristol

Stewart expected to seek fourth term as mayor - The New Britain Herald (

By James Craven

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thousands run in Plainville for Petit Family Foundation | Connecticut

Cink Wins British Open

News Alert

02:43 PM EDT Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stewart Cink Wins British Open
Stewart Cink derails Tom Watson's chance to become oldest major champion in golf history.

For more information, visit

Candidate Threatens Armed Rebellion Against Government | The FOX Nation

Massachusetts Universal Health Care Cuts « Liveshots

RealClearPolitics - Video - Sen. Jon Kyl Delivers Weekly GOP Address On Health Care | Exposing Liberal Media Bias

Artists’ Cooperative finally full - The New Britain Herald (

By Jennifer Abel

Friday, July 17, 2009

Activist Ned Coll Arrested Again -

By: Hilda Munoz & David Owens

News Alert

08:17 PM EDT Friday, July 17, 2009

Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite has died at age 92, CBS News reported tonight.

For more information, visit

Timothy O'Brien Announces Run For New Britain Mayor -

By: Don Stacom

EDITORIAL---Phil Sherwood: More Racism, More Spending Ideas, More Rhetoric?

Alderman Phil Sherwood was recently quoted as protesting racism at the New Britain Wal-Mart store. Sherwood reportedly blamed the so-called racism on Wal-Mart’s lack of Spanish speaking managers. The bottom line is that Sherwood and his supporters organized protests and now for some reason (multiple reasons have been offered) Wal-Mart is closing this store.

Sherwood appeared recently on the evening news protesting the Governor’s cuts to clinics that provide free services to people living with the HIV virus. I reported at that time that he was full of ideas on how the Governor should continue to spend all of our money, but with a projected $9 billion budget deficit, he did not offer one solution on how to pay for any of this spending he seems to like so much.

Now Sherwood has another issue where he sees racism and an opportunity to spend more of our money. The Herald quoted Sherwood as saying: “We must provide quality, affordable health care to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or income.” (“Study shows disparities in health care for minorities”, July 16, The Herald by Jim Craven).

Lately I have noticed that much of what Sherwood seems to say either involves claims of racism or ideas to spend more money through taxation. In this latest effort, he managed to find both—how lucky he must have felt! I believe this is a left wing attempt to make the health care reform plan into a racist issue similar to the way that anyone opposing President Obama’s socialist agenda is called a racist by left-wing extremists. This time Sherwood is definitely in the minority. The latest Rasmussen Report (one of the nation’s most accurate and respected polling services) reported that the majority of Americans oppose the President’s health care plan and the numbers are 2 to 1 for those who strongly oppose it versus those who strongly support it (Rasmussen July 10-11, 2009 telephone poll).

I am sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the next issue where he can find involves racism, or that he can suggest spending more of our hard earned money on, or most likely both.

How Do Falls Affect Older People? - Connecticut News Story - WFSB Hartford

State To Companies: Register Or Else -

Connecticut loses more jobs in June |

Health Care Plan By Senator Dodd a Farce.

Senator Dodd’s adverse health plans that will make you wait in line: 13,000,000 health care insurance workers will lose their jobs if this bill is enacted.

"If you are happy with your current health care, you can keep it"---Just another lie being spread by Obama. I just found this posted on the Fox Nation web site:

(a) In General- It is unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage that duplicates the benefits provided under this Act.
(b) Construction- Nothing in this Act shall be construed as prohibiting the sale of health insurance coverage for any additional benefits not covered by this Act, such as for cosmetic surgery or other services and items that are not medically necessary.


(a) In General- The health care benefits under this Act cover all medically necessary services, including at least the following:
(1) Primary care and prevention.
(2) Inpatient care.
(3) Outpatient care.
(4) Emergency care.
(5) Prescription drugs.
(6) Durable medical equipment.
(7) Long-term care.
(8) Palliative care.
(9) Mental health services.
(10) The full scope of dental services (other than cosmetic dentistry).
(11) Substance abuse treatment services.
(12) Chiropractic services.
(13) Basic vision care and vision correction (other than laser vision correction for cosmetic purposes).
(14) Hearing services, including coverage of hearing aids.
(15) Podiatric care.
What is private Insurance companies going to cover????
They will be gone along with our choices.

This is apparently what Connecticut Senator Dodd is so proud of!

Print Version: Pickens slim for wind power--Republican American Editorial

Must-See Undercover Expose of Socialized Health Care! | The FOX Nation - Joe Biden: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’

Thursday, July 16, 2009 - Poll: Voters Reject Obama's Healthcare Reforms

7th H1N1 Death Reported In State - Connecticut News Story - WFSB Hartford

Gov. Rell ---Vetoes Cuts Insurance To Janitor's Kids - Connecticut News Story - WFSB Hartford

Governor Rell: Gov. Rell: McHugh Will Be New Chair of UConn Board of Trustees - News - 07/16/2009 - Group to look at regional health departments


Man found dead in turnpike motel | Berlin Citizen

The Berlin Citicen - America's Health Care Is Better Than Europe's - Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - National health is national suicide


CBO Chief: Health Reform Measures Would Weaken Economy

Plan being drafted by congressional Democrats would worsen an already bleak budget outlook and driving nation more deeply into debt, CBO director Douglas Elmendorf says.

For more information, visit

5 Children, 3 Others Hurt In Berlin Crash -

4th arrest made in teen's murder |

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Army cancels Afghan tour of soldier who said Obama's not president | McClatchy

WTIC News/Talk 1080 - 11th Inmate Sentenced to Connecticut's Death Row

Rell makes Executive Order with budget |


Governor Rell: Gov. Rell Tells Commissioners to Develop Lists of Salable Assets

Person Shot Near U.S. Capitol|ABC 7 News - New Hampshire news, business and sports - Free cell-phone service offered to low-income families - Wednesday, Jul. 15, 2009

Activist NED COLL Arrested After Tiff At Tisane -

Missing 15-year-old Girl Found In New Britain -

I wish to thank you all for your help in finding this young lady and also for reading my blog that alerted you of her missing issue.

Senate Committee Passes Obama Health Crimes Bill

By: Sher Zieve

Quotable---Republican American

By Robert Samuelson

O'Brien Expected To Run For Mayor -

The announcement will and fund raiser be held at the Pulaski Club on Grove Street in New Britain. This affair will be held at 5:30 to 8 P.M. A donation of $10.00 is expected.

BY; Don Stacom of the Courant


The Democratic sub-committee informational meeting held at the Diloreto School last night to discuss the Pinnacle Heights project was somewhat a complete scam since it was formally announced by Mayor Stewart that the purchaser would not be able to make this meeting but did arrange to make the August 4th meeting along with the hospital garage matter which is scheduled for that same date.

Good comments were made by a local school teacher, Tammy Bacho, suggesting the necessity of providing activities to be addressed for our youth such as a movie theater, along with new businesses that would relieve the city’s tax payers which would also help support the school system of New Britain.

The most disturbing portion of this meeting were comments made by Mr. Carlo Carlozzi,a member of the Democratic Town Committee, expressing his concern that the developer was not in attendance when he rightfully knew that mayor Stewart had announced that this developer would not be able to attend this informational meeting due to vacation schedules, but did agree to attend the August 4th. meeting.

The comments by Mr. Carlozzi left this writer with the impression that his efforts were simply to make Mayor Stewart look bad when that mayor had made his previous public announcement at the last Council meeting of the Common Council.

As a member of the Democratic Party I was appalled with the comments made by a fellow Democrat Carlozzi.

I was also very much disappointed with the informational meeting presentation by the Democratic council when this matter could have been addressed with questions directly to the contractor and or purchaser at the August 4th. meeting.

“What a waste of time for all who attended" A low number of eleven people from the public.

UConn sued, alleged sexual harrassment

Info workshop draws small crowd - The New Britain Herald (

By: James Craven

Democratic newsletter misquotes Herald - The New Britain Herald (

By: James Craven

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