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BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Bristol residents rally to help abused cat

BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Bristol residents rally to help abused cat

HUD Allocations Enrage New Britain Council Membership


IBM banned from China banks in 'trial'

By Richi Jennings

Delusional Alderman??

Mr. William Ostapchuk stated the some of the following comments at last night’s common council meeting:  He noted that the fire prevention association mandates four firemen per truck with its arrival in 120 seconds but we only have three firemen per truck and the mayor’s budget proposes further cuts of the force from 35 men to 26 which does not met the fire protection standards “that determine home cost of insurance”.  He also indicated that he was advised by a public official that the fire department was too large and that maybe a fire house should be closed.  
 Alderman Louis Salvio in reputing Mr. Ostapchuk comments that he wanted the public to know that there is no investigation of the fire department ongoing and that one should check with the fire chief before making public statements.   Mr. Ostapchuk had referred to the alderman’s remark of calling him delusional in the past.

Maybe an investigation of the city’s fire  standards should be called for without any delay.    
 A meeting of the minds of the common council membership delusional or not should occur.


Cheney: Obama is the 'Weakest President in My Lifetime' - Fox Nation

Thumbs Down To Bridgeport's Lawbreaking Pols -

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gov. Malloy Signs Bills Establishing the Office of Early Childhood and Moving Connecticut toward Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Legislation Also Establishes the Office of Early Childhood and Includes Recognition of Dyslexia as a Primary Specific Learning Disability

Governor Dannel P. Malloy, joined by Commissioner of the Office of Early Childhood, Myra Jones-Taylor, State Department of Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor, state legislators and local officials, this afternoon signed two bills at the Helen Street School in Hamden that will expand pre-kindergarten for the state's three and four-year-olds, add dyslexia as a primary specific learning disability for children requiring special education, and formally establish the Office of Early Childhood.

"Ensuring that students are prepared to compete in a global economy and excel in twenty-first century careers means that we must strive to equip them with the knowledge, skills and tools they will need from day one," Governor Malloy said.  "This is not the case when a number of students in Connecticut come to kindergarten having had no learning experience prior to that.  By codifying the Office of Early Childhood in statute and moving our state toward universal access to pre-K we are taking significant steps to close the achievement gap and ensure that all students succeed -- regardless of income or zip code."

Pope Francis: Benedict 'Opened the Door' to Pontiffs Retiring

Questions for Gov. Malloy on the budget - Raising Hale

Appraisals confirm state overpaid for parking garage, perhaps 10 times too much - Raising Hale

How Netflix streams movies to your TV

T-Mobile rolls out voice over LTE in Seattle - Computerworld

Ann Coulter: 'We're All Going to Be Getting the Same Health Care the Vets Are Getting' - Fox Nation

City rallies for abused cat - The Bristol Press (

By Steve Collins, Staff Reporter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Experts: Obama's Wavering on Keystone XL Keeping Gas Prices High

Critics: White House Blunder Puts Whole CIA Unit in Peril

States face higher Welfare costs because of ObamaCare

- AP: “Before President Obama’s law expanded Medicaid eligibility, millions of people who were already entitled to its safety-net coverage were not enrolled. Those same people are now signing up in unexpectedly high numbers, partly because of publicity about getting insured under the law. For states red or blue, the catch is that they must use more of their own money to cover this particular group… whether or not a state expands Medicaid, all states are on the hook for a significantly bigger share of costs when it comes to people who were Medicaid-eligible under previous law.”

Unions, employers square off over ObamaCare costs in collective bargaining | Fox News

Leave no man behind: Why is Team Obama unable to bring home Marine held in Mexico? | Fox News

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Britain residents saddened with the loss of Deputy Fire Chief

May 26, 2014

For Immediate Release

The New Britain (CT) Fire Department (NBFD) is saddened to report the death of Deputy Chief David Fiori. Deputy Chief Fiori fell ill in his office at Fire Station #1 on Beaver Street at approximately 10pm on Sunday, May 25, 2014. His fellow firefighters immediately provided emergency medical care to him. He was transported by New Britain Emergency Medical Services (NBEMS) to the Hospital of Central Connecticut (HOCC) where he was treated in the Emergency Department. He later died at approximately 3:30am on May 26, 2014.             

Deputy Chief Fiori was a 36 year veteran of the New Britain Fire Department. He began as a New Britain firefighter in 1978 after serving in the United States Marine Corps. He rose through the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief and has served as the Acting Assistant Chief. 

“The loss of Deputy Chief Fiori is a tremendous loss for our members and Department”, stated Fire Chief Thomas Ronalter. “Deputy Chief Fiori was, and is, held in the highest regard by the members of this Department. His passing creates a void in our Department that will be felt for years to come. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chief Fiori's family” said Chief Ronalter.

“The entire City of New Britain mourns the loss of a dedicated public servant and dear friend, Deputy Chief Fiori. Our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers are with the entire Fiori family at this time” stated Mayor Erin Stewart.    

The Fiori family is in the process of planning funeral services for Deputy Chief Fiori.

Further information will be released when available.       

IRS Rules Employers Can't Dump Workers into Exchanges

» Blame Socialism, Not Shinseki » Commentary -- GOPUSA

Hillary Desperately Distancing Herself From Obama - Fox Nation

Restaurant Robbed At Gun Point For Third Time Since Guns Were Banned From Store - Leah Barkoukis

Rideshare Operations: Taxis Or Not, They Need Regulation -

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Nasty New Britain Alderman of New Britain!


During the last common council meeting Alderman David DeFronzo adversely  questioned the mayor for her selecting a lobbying firm for advise without the council’s approval.   Then he recently posted on his Facebook page completely inaccurate information which was pointed out by a local media’s reporter.
We all can recall how the city nearly lost its financial control to a state takeover but, was saved by the “TANS” plan to prevent it with Aldermen DeFronzo, Michael Trueworhty and Adam Platosz disagreeing with our city’s financial advisor by battering him with question after question for a period of four hours before allowing the vote to take place.   Therefore, the council business was allowed continue at about eleven P. M. 
This blog pointed out that these are three individuals that certainly needs to be eliminated during our next election day for not representing our city needs that they were elected to represent.
Alderman DeFronzo, with media leaks, announced his intentions of running for mayor and has placed the blames to all the city’s problems onto our mayor while she has made many decisions in the city’s best interest without her concerning herself with her re-election quest.
Alderman DeFronzo with his need to enhance his changes to win the office of mayor he has enlisted his father, a state commissioner, to place former Mayor O’Brien to a state job, without qualifying for this position, even though many unemployed state  residents do qualify.  The commissioner did this with obtaining Governor Malloy’s’ approval.
Alderman DeFronzo with his furthering his attack onto Mayor Stewart has turned to his Facebook page and cited misinformation as stated by the local media.
A time for a change has arrived for both in New Britain and the state of Connecticut with voters ridding of themselves of the aforementioned Socialist.

Half of Doctors Won't Take On New Medicaid Patients

With the Medicaid program poised to expand due to the Affordable Care Act, a new survey involving 1,399 medical offices in 15 large metropolitan markets shows that more than half of doctors won't accept new Medicaid patients.

Merritt-Hawkins, a Texas-based national healthcare consulting firm, surveyed doctors in five specialties — cardiology, dermatology, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, and family practice — and found that just 45.7 percent will accept new Medicaid patients.

That is down from 55.4 percent in 2009, before Obamacare was signed into law.

According to the survey's authors, "The rate at which physicians accept Medicaid can vary for a number of reasons. In some cases, reimbursement rates provided by Medicaid to particular specialists may be below their cost of providing services. If not actually below costs, Medicaid reimbursement often is relatively low compared to that offered by other payers, and therefore busy physicians may have no economic incentive to see Medicaid patients.

"In other cases, the process of billing for and receiving Medicaid payment can be problematic and some physicians choose to avoid it."

The Medicaid program is one of the major ways Obamacare expands coverage, and 7 million additional people are expected to be added to the program this year, although they won't necessarily be able to access healthcare, according to a report on the survey from the Heritage Foundation.

"By further expanding this broken program, Obamacare will only exacerbate the situation, continuing to harm many low-income Americans who have no option other than Medicaid," according to Heritage Foundation policy analyst Kevin Dayaratna.

The survey found that last year Boston had the highest rate of Medicaid acceptance by physicians in the 15 markets, 73 percent, followed by Portland, Ore., with 63.5 percent.

Dallas had the lowest rate, 23 percent, and Minneapolis was next with 23.6 percent.

But rates among some specialties were far lower than the overall rates in some metro areas. Just 7 percent of cardiologists in Minneapolis accept new Medicaid patients, no dermatologists in Dallas will take them on, and only 20 percent of doctors in family practice in Denver accept new Medicaid patients.

In contrast, the average rate of Medicare acceptance in the five specialties in the 15 markets was 76 percent, including 98 percent in Boston and 95.8 percent in Detroit.

The Merritt-Hawkins report concludes: "As millions of the previously uninsured obtain healthcare coverage through the ACA, ways will need to be found to ensure access to physicians."


President Obama Lack of Leadership Questioned!


President Obama has never taken responsibility for any lack of leadership but to blame former President Bush and whoever else that may come to his mind.
In order to deflect his lack of leadership domestically and abroad he has recently blamed global warming and our the Secretary of State claimed the same posture.
This new direction started with the President’s visit to the west where the farmers are experiencing a drought due to lack of rain and or water.
With the administration now resorting to blaming “Global Warming” as being the cause of western famers dilemma elaborates the fact the President has a short memory whereby Nancy Pelosi some three years ago stopped the irrigation to the western farmers and wasn’t her that introduced the “OBACARE Legislation”  saying “ We haven’t had time to read it but let’s pass it and read it later.”
We all know the disaster that Obamacare has turned out to be and with our president resorting to blaming “ global warming” has being the culprit is his way to deflect why Democratic candidates are not asking for his support during their upcoming mid-term elections.
Who does our President have to blame, not former President Bush, but Pelosi but he will not by resorting to his global warming stance.   
Mr. President Pelosi is your “problem.”

BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Bristol residents rally to help abused cat

By: Steve Collins, Staff Reporter

Benghazi leaves many unanswered questions to be answered by the White House.




What transpired within the oval office during the unfortunate attack and why was help denied to at least try to save the ambassador and his staff?

Those answers are kept by the secret service logs and visitors logs and will be a far reach for the investigative team to seek.  

 Another unanswered question is where was the president, within the White House until his departure to Las Vegas, could it be in and out of the situation room but not providing any help to ward off the fatal attack?


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Problem Goes Deeper

NBCJ, Commentary

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The White House Occupants Should Care!


The VA widows do not appreciate the President’s stating his is mad as hell over the VA/scandal because he hasn’t shown that any corrections will ever get done or will make the adverse Veterans affairs go away.   Unfortunately, our war heroes have been dyeing while waiting for their needed medical care at the veterans hospital with made up waiting list that the media cited the list being fictitious in nature.  Our well known senator John McCain, r- Az., himself, a well-known prisoner of war, one might ask where has he been for the last six years or so while his fellow war mates has been denied their needed medical attention. 
While the President and his aid, Jay Carney, continue to deny the situation is as critical as the media claims.  It is time for the inspector general’s office to inspect all the charges permeating from the denied care to all our war heroes without any delay. 

Pelosi Sets Up the Benghazi Circus

The Democrats didn't want hearings on Benghazi -- they called for a boycott and called hearings a "waste of time." And now, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's appointment of five highly partisan members to the Select Committee who have made their disdain very clear, the Democrats have signaled that not only do they want to make sure these hearings are a waste of time, they will do everything they can to make the hearings a circus


What difference does the House’s Special Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks make to 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton? Enough of one for Clinton allies to push House Democratic leadership to drop plans of boycotting the panel. Politico reports: “Clinton emissaries launched a back channel campaign, contacting several House Democratic lawmakers and aides to say they’d prefer Democrats participate, according to sources familiar with the conversations. [House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s] staff said they have not heard from Clinton’s camp… On Wednesday, Pelosi appointed five Democrats to the committee, giving Democrats another crucial mission in the months ahead of what was already a tough election year: act as Clinton’s first line of defense.”

Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Site - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

by: Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld Editor

Pope Faces Serious Health Concerns as Holy Land Trip Begins

Ben Carson: 'I Don't Want to Be President'

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Day Services, Parade Set In New Britain -


Veterans groups offer mixed reactions to Obama’s VA remarks | Federal Eye

Governor Rick Perry: I'm Back!

China and Russia Sign Gas Deal


Gazprom Says Deal Worth $400 Billion Over 30 Years

May 21, 2014 7:18 a.m. ET

Breaking News
*Russia's President Vladimir Putin: China to invest at least $20 billion in Siberian gas fields, pipelines, news agencies report.
*Putin: Total cost of new fields, pipelines for China deal will be $55 billion
*Putin: Gas price in China deal linked to crude oil, oil products

Beijing and Moscow said they signed a much-anticipated contract to supply China with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Russian natural gas following a decade of difficult talks.
Neither side released details about the price, long the major sticking point of a deal. The two s...

Drunk Illegal Alien Who Killed Cop Qualified for Obama Amnesty | Judicial Watch

Chelsea's Mother in law Loses

Mother-in-law of Chelsea Clinton loses primary in Pa.


Former congresswoman Marjorie Margolies will not be making a return to Congress next year after a 20-year absence. Margolies, the mother-in-law of Chelsea Clinton, was defeated in the Democratic primary for the U.S. House in Pennsylvania's 13th district Tuesday by state Rep. Brendan Boyle, who was carrying 58 percent of the vote when the Associated Press called the race for him with most precincts reporting.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

American Socialized Medicine?


The white house has not explained the VA loss of the dead veterans/ scandal.   What the press has neglected to mention for at least the last three years or more is the reference of the death panel which is included within the 2700 hundred pages of the affordable care act, which is now referred to, as rationing care.
Obama Care is the President’s biggest failure and it is just the beginning of many instances to appear with hospitals closing up due to the many restrictions imposed on them with all the record requirements legislated for them to follow.
Unfortunately, the veterans loss of life, at the VA, will certainly be minuscule to the Washington mandates of who will get medical care or not by determination if a person has outlived his usefulness, with old age being a major factor; and decided by federal bureaucrats, and not medical professionals that commonly will be known as “socialized medicine”.    

Immediate repeal of the affordable care act should be passed by Congress. 

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» Veterans Affairs lies: Obama knew » Fresh Ink -- GOPUSA

Explained: The ABCs of the Internet of Things - Computerworld


Dershowitz: Christie's Speech at Jewish Event 'Inappropriate'

» Prominent Democrat not lining up behind Hillary » News -- GOPUSA

Obama campaigned on the backs of waiting-list veteran heroes in 2008


[President Obama] acts as if – it was the same with the IRS, eavesdropping on the AP, and all the other scandals, the Obamacare launch – he stumbled upon the presidency and discovered all this horrible stuff is happening. He’s in charge of these departments. At some point, you’ve got to ask, ‘Where has he been, and where is the competence, the elementary competence, he promised when he ran in 2008?’” – Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier”

Yes, we can still repeal ObamaCare -- let's get to work | Fox News

Cheney’s claim that Obama dropped Bush’s missile defense plan after a ‘mere request’ from Putin

Ex-Malaysian prime minister says CIA, Boeing 'hiding' missing airplane - NY Daily News

Pending further review, prof's promotion stands - The Bristol Press (

Monday, May 19, 2014

Morocco should drop absurd charges against a journalist - The Washington Post

» Julian Castro is Obama's pick for HUD, perhaps for 2016 ticket » News -- GOPUSA

Comments made to the members of the common council by Mr. Bill Ostapchuk on May 14th.

Honorable Mayor and Honorable Members of the Common Council

I wish to thank you for the long hours of hard work that you have put in addressing
the very serious economic issues facing our community. My expression of gratitude
goes to the members o
f the Board of Finance and Taxation who labored long and
conscientiously in reviewing information before submitting their recommended budget
proposal to the mayor.

Their labors were acknowledged by the mayor for it appears that in preparing her
proposed budget for 2015 she accepted many of the recommendations of the Board of Finance and Taxation without change.

I am surprised that with the severity of this economic crisis that there was not a more
equitable distribution of its costs to all departments
for the coming year. I do understand that the Board. of Finance and Taxation reviewed all requests submitted and made reductions.
However, preliminary review ofthe mayor's proposed budget suggests that the school
department, the fire department and the Office of Human Rights and Opportunities and the Bureau of Youth and Family Services bear a greater share of that cost.

The Board of Education request was $133,758,000 was as we all know reduced by the Board of Taxation and Financed and further reduced by the mayor. I am glad to see that the mayor, the Common Council and the Board of Education have formed a Blue Ribbon Committee to
work together to address the differences that exist
. With 624 properties for sale in our
community there is the opportunity to attract young families which is
important to our well- being.

The fire department's budget request for 15 .09 million was reduced by the Board of Finance and Taxation to $13.3 million and the mayor further reduced this request by 1.2 million in her proposed budget. What is surprising to me is that the mayor accepted the budget recommendations of the Board of Finance and Taxation as submitted with little or no change for many departments including Town Clerk, Treasurer's Office, Finance Department, public library, youth museum and the senior center. The proposed reduction in the fire department budget will have serious repercussions.

Please do not misrepresent what I have said. I am surprised that there was not a more equitable distribution of cuts in the budget.

I was very surprised in the mayor's proposal that she eliminates all line items in her budget for the city's Office of Human Rights and Opportunities.

It also eliminates all line items for the Bureau of Youth and Family Services
except salaries which have been reduced in the mayor's budget proposal from $234, 528 to $80,321. Cutting back the budget virtually eliminates this Bureau and its ability to leverage money. At present 48 percent of its budget is funded through local tax dollars while 52 percent comes from grant sources. I would suggest that in times of financial crisis, the Bureau of
Youth and Family Services provides an example for others and that you would want bureau's and departments to leverage tax dollars to obtain other funding and to
work collaboratively with other departments and agencies within the city.


Gov. Deval Patrick, D-Mass., expressed his concerns about a potential Hillary Clinton presidential bid Sunday telling CNN, “I guess I worry a little bit”  when asked about the attitude of “inevitability” surrounding her run. Patrick added the prevailing opinion that Clinton has a clear course to the White House is, “off-putting to the average voter,” warning.

U.S. to announce first criminal charges against foreign country for cyberspying - The Washington Post

Can GOP Run Clean Benghazi Hearings? --

Thursday, May 15, 2014

America could hold answer to Putin's pipeline pinch on Ukraine | Fox News

Ben Carson Weighs 'Calling' for Presidential Run

COULTER: Obama Has Done To America In 8 Years What It Took 100 Years To Happen To The British Empire - Fox Nation

Aaron Hernandez indicted, accused of killing two men in 2012 | Post Nation

Hannity: I'm Moving to Florida With a Ranch in Texas

‘Danged if I know’: Susan Rice seems to scoff at Benghazi probe question | Fox News

Exclusive Barbara Walters photos: Inside Four Seasons bash as celebs honor career of legendary TV reporter - NY Daily News

UConn Professor Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Retires With Pension -

Government released hundreds of immigrant felons

Dr. Carson: Leaders Who Fail to Own Up to Mistakes Are Unfit For Office - Fox Nation

He is referring to Hillary

Lawsuit Sets Off Political Jockeying In New Britain -


Sally has a huge estate sale this weekend

Huge Estate/Moving Sale

40 Pheasant Chase
West Hartford, CT

Saturday May 17th 8am-4pm
Sunday 9am-2pm

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekly Standard: Hillary Candidacy Not a Done Deal

» Why Democrats are Terrified of the Select Committee » Commentary -- GOPUSA

Questional Clinton Run for _Presidency

But Bubba’s press secretary doesn’t see a Hillary run - Taking a contrarian view, Bill Clinton’s former press secretary Mike McCurry does not see 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton making another White House bid. In a recent interview with Real Clear Politics the Clinton confidant said, “The work she is doing through the Clinton Foundation with her husband and her daughter she finds terrifically rewarding . . . we all know what running for president is like. It’s kind of hanging around in Manchester, N.H., and Otumwa, Iowa, at the local Denny’s shaking hands with a lot of sometimes less-than-interesting local political people.” McCurry furthered, “So she is going to do that for the next 2½ years at the age of 65 when she could be doing all this great stuff on a global stage? I don’t know. I think that’s why she hasn’t said ‘I’m doing it.”

[“You get close to the presidency, you have to release health records to show that you are, you know, in good enough condition to hold the office. She [Hillary Clinton] is approaching the age…that Ronald Reagan had reached when he ran for president in 1980. Something we’ll be dealing with at some point. John McCain had to deal with it. Others as well.”—Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume discussing Karl Rove’s suggestion that Clinton may have brain damage. Watch here. ]

City Attorney Annouces His Run For The Legislature

City Attorney, Gennaro Bizzarro, has announce he is seeking to run for the state legislature for the 24th. District hoping to unseat state representative Rick Lopes.

Gennarro indicated to me that our state is losing too many jobs to other states and he will be campaigning for “change.”


U.S. Frees 36,007 Illegal Aliens With Serious Criminal Convictions | Judicial Watch

Activities Set For May, June At Iwo Jima Memorial In New Britain -

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ordering Google to Forget -

The Annual Budget Proposal Hearing by the Common Council at The New Britain High School.

Many speakers, were loaded up to speak fervently for increasing the snap programs, pointing out the need for food for our cities children.  A few residents were concerned that the municipal funding for the youth and family services were being eliminated by the Mayor’s budget proposal.

Amazingly, the 4.88 mill rate increase was not the major concern of the speakers but some voiced their concerned of the continued need for the school budget to get the 4.4 Million that the school board received last year but our Mayor is standing to her original decision regarding this matter.

Little mention that the city may be facing employee layoffs but many of the speakers were pushing for more free stuff.   One can only be concerned what will happen with many of our working residents, that are moving out of Connecticut, who will be left to provide the needed free stuff?


» John Boehner suggests he is thinking about retirement » News -- GOPUSA

GOP Convention

At the GOP state convention they have nominated Henry Zembko to be their Senatorial candidate.



Karl Rove: Hillary Clinton may have brain damage from 2012 fall - Washington Times

George Stephanopoulos Pushes Geithner to Back Hillary 2016, Skips Obama Critique | NewsBusters

DHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List

Need A Job? See Don And Dan -

Little Opposition to 11% Tax Increase In New Britain -


Wall Street's collapse was computer science's gain - Computerworld


Monday, May 12, 2014

Let Hillary Clinton respond in writing | Right Turn

Geithner, in memoir, suggests White House asked him to bend truth on deficit | Fox News

Seattle Washington


You want to see something better than Burma Shave signs? These are Northbound on I-5 (88 miles south of Seattle ).
The federal government is now petitioning to have these signs removed, or Washington state will be denied additional monies for interstate highways.

The State of Washington replied, they will secede from the Union rather than be intimidated. These are a matter of free speech paid for by a private citizen. It seems the Obama government uses intimidation and ignores the first amendment when they want to silence someone.

Bravo for the man who created them.
Bravo for the state of 
Washington !



Is Monica a problem for Clinton? | TheHill

Suzanne Bates: Follow the money . . . right into Democrats’ hands

Stasi: Monica Lewinsky's story reminds us Bill Clinton is to blame, Hillary Clinton doesn't deserve female voter support - NY Daily News

Barbara Walters drops by 'Saturday Night Live' for surprise farewell - NY Daily News

OUR VIEW: Meetings in Bristol, New Britain could be decisive - The Bristol Press (

Not adding up: CPAs say
state debt is unsustainable - The Bristol Press (

CTfastrak New Britain Work Schedule For The Week Of May 12 -

Ukraine government denounces referendum as 'farce' as Moscow calls for dialogue | Fox News

Friday, May 9, 2014

Peter Ceglarz Seeks Nomination in 26th

GOP Candidate for the 26th. district

City of New Britain to sue CGS


Pelosi seats only one Democrat to Benghazi Panel

BY SUSAN FERRECHIO, Washington ExaminerA top Democratic House lawmaker and close ally of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wants Democrats to post on...

AT&T Homes Services

AT&T has sold their Home services to a Stamford Company covering their Telephone, Television, and the Internet services.

No date has been established as to when closing will occur.



BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Brown is 'saddened and disturbed' by privatization move

Charles Krauthammer: How to do the Benghazi hearings right - The Washington Post

Connecticut Gov. Malloy fills revenue shortfall with money from land of pretendl -

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beckel of the five follows Hillary's example

Beckel on Benghazi probe: 'What difference does it make?'

May. 06, 2014 - 6:27 - 'The Five' co-host blasts Republican push for answers

White House sees 'real danger' China will soon take R&D lead

 By:   Patrick Thibodeau

Clinton’s real problem isn’t Benghazi, it’s al-Qaeda

Senate Moves to Debate Energy Savings Bill, Keystone Bid Stalls

Obam's Library in Chicago

Monument to corruption

There might be no more fitting monument for Barack Obama's presidency than a presidential library and museum built in Chicago by close cronies with $100 million that the notoriously corrupt, Democrat-controlled government of flat-broke Illinois doesn't have. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Obama, Democrats better buckle up as Benghazi Select Committee ramps up | Fox News

Rep. Gowdy: 'Let Us Have a Hearing Before You Judge It'

GOP president to repolace the Demon Office

More than half of voters hope next president has different policies
Republicans have an advantage of 4 percentage points over the Democrats with the U.S. midterm elections six months away, a poll released Monday said.

Trey Gowdy can do an end run on Benghazi Liars with video maker on the stand

AP Photo Liberals Beg Pelosi to Not Appoint Dems to Benghazi Committee

Carney's Response to Benghazi Emails is Criminal | Judicial Watch

Thursday, May 1, 2014

If The New Britain Board of Education together with the state Board of Education gets their way.

In getting the 4.2 million dollars they are seeking because the O'Brien administration with his Democratic minions called a state grant as being from the city budget.

This will increase the Mayor's proposed budget from 4.88 mills to approximately nine.

let us all hope that the mayor wins her current stand with this issue for the taxpayers sake


Nutmeggers say higher taxes, cost of living forcing them to rethink living in Connecticut:

49% of Connecticut Residents Want "OUT OF HERE" Thanks To Democrats Destroying This State With High Taxes/Anti-Business Atmosphere!

Poll: 49% of Connecticut Residents Want "OUT OF HERE!"

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