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A Conspiracy of Counterfeiters - HUMAN EVENTS

Q: How do you starve an Obama supporter?

A: Hide his food stamps under his work boots

Obama foreign policy financing the extermination of all blacks in Tripoli?


Local Attorney, Adrian Baron, said he saw something in the Mayoral Republican Candidate Mark Bernacki that is extraordinary and joined Mark's slate of candidates.

frank smith

Disaster Isn't a Stimulus Package - Jeff Jacoby - printer friendly - Townhall.com

Monday, August 29, 2011

Obama, the Worrywart


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene’s Impact on New Britain: By: New Britain City Journal

Looking Forward Towards Existing Slum Property

Ms. Carol Martin's proposal for Corbin Heights & the Pinnacle Heights extension gets State Bonding Commission Approval for her renewal plan that she presented to the city Council recently and obtained its approval as well.

Ms. Martin's plan will certainly improve that area of the city with single and two family homes that will eventually will be owned by the tenants.
Her plan embraces the new HUD approach to eventual home ownership.

Alderman Carlo Carlozzi Jr. who happens to live near the area praised Ms. Martin's plan at the council meeting because it would improve that area of town.

The council Minority Leader, Alderman Louis Salvio, also praised the proposal and indicated that Mayor Stewart's administration fought for this to happen nearly for a period of six years to bring this to fruition.

At the same July meeting of the council a new tax structure was approved by the council adding this new property tax to the city's revenue stream.
"Previously, no property taxes were collected since this was a state housing project. PILOT monies collected were insufficient."

frank smith

Saturday, August 27, 2011



A recent political mailing with State Representative Bobby Sanchez saying that Tim O'Brien "works tirelessly for the change to bring the better future New Britain Needs." And With Alderman Shirley Black claiming that " Tim has worked his heart out to lower unfair property taxes, make things better for workers and their families and protect our democracy from big money interest."
Are these two individuals attempting to have the voters forget that O'Brien Picketed the Wal-Mart store in New Britain forcing them to leave the city and he was also quoted in a local paper that he opposes The Costco proposal? Sanchez stated a better future and Black said he makes things better for workers and their families.

Let's examine those two comments through O'Brien's actions and statements New Britain lost a minimum of l50 jobs at Wal-Mart and will lose 350 or so jobs at Costco with his opposing the proposal.
New Britain Needs Jobs Which Representative Tim O'Brien opposed with his picketing and comments in our local newspapers.

O'Brien Lost his last mayoral bid, with the voters being right, because his recent actions does not promote the city's job and interest needs.

Is Black's statement a coded word for "The Working Families Party?"

As all the voters in the city are aware O'Brien will be endorsed by "Big Bertha" as she did in the last election which means if O'Brien loses the primary for Mayor to Alderman Catanzaro his name will still appear in the general elections on the "working families party line."

That is the "socialist" method of running in a primary election.

Regulating us into Economic Destruction

The Obama Plan has never been explained.

New Britain Readies For The Storm - Courant.com

By Don Stacom

Parking Garages available available during storm

The Republican-American Liberals wonder why they're losing

Connecticut Can't Sustain Corporate Dole -- Courant.com

Kevin Rennie

New Britain Readies For The Storm - Courant.com

FORUM: Obama pushing amnesty for crooks at big banks - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

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NewsBusted 8/26/11 - YouTube

City Hall informed source on Expected Layoffs

With only one union accepting the Mayor's concession package layoffs of city employees are expected.

This source has also indicated that the Mayor is awaiting the results of the Police and fire unions before making the adverse decision of layoffs.

frank smith

GE Stabs the US in the Back


Should the federal gasoline tax expire in September, Governor Malloy, will respond with the possibility of adding state gas taxes,tolls and other options that are necessary.

Plan to keep your health plan? Don't count on it | Byron York | Politics | Washington Examiner

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America is Under Attack

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Vs. Obama

I won’t be intimated by the Obama Justice Department…just as I won’t be intimated by the Mexican Drug Cartel’s placing a $1 MILLION bounty on my head…and just as I won’t be intimated by the daily death threats I receive…all for doing the job I was elected to do!

Nothing – not even Barack Obama’s back-door amnesty scheme – will keep me from doing my job of enforcing the laws on the books. Our great nation was founded on the rule of law – not of men!
I made it clear that the Justice Department can make whatever threats they want to, but I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitutions of both the state of Arizona and the United States. As long as the laws are on the books, I’m going to enforce them unapologetically.

But I desperately need your help. It's going to take a lot of resources to combat the attacks and false allegations against me and my deputies. We anticipate a very expensive campaign to defend myself and my record.

I cannot compete with the local and national media machines that distort my record and the job I’m doing to protect this country. And, I don’t have the personal resources to defend myself from these vicious attacks. I have to go directly to the people for their support. I need good people like you in this country to stand behind me and help me fight this fight.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County, Arizona

Hatred never holidays---The Obama Vacation

Lawsuits Produce More Allegations Of Misconduct By New Britain Police Captain - Courant.com

Job creation and fighting blight, the focus for Naples

Former Herald reporter[ Guinness] looks to eliminate waste in government

Vacancies and drop-outs: Big changes for GOP candidates:Carillo moves out of state, Jehning drops out and Santos runs into residency trouble

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Even after all the membership were given a complete eye ball presentation by the Costco engineers and legal representatives--- the Council Democrats are demanding more information when in fact they are only requesting a zone change.

This is just a delay tactic by the Democrats in order to prevent businesses from coming to New Britain.     Just like the way they got Wal-Mart to leave our City.

Recent information has been brought to my attention that the Town of Newington is trying to get Costco to come to their town instead.

frank smith

The Mattabassett Board of Directors awaited answers from the Legistalture before admitting the city of Middletown into the District

The Mattabassett District Board of Directors are awaiting answers from the State Legislature how the City of  Middletown payment is to be made to the district in one lump sum or installments of two payments totaling a sum of $13,000,000.  Based on recent comments made by the Board's Chairman, William Candelori, The Legislative act is unclear.

Bogus Labor Deal Numbers Will Come Back To Bite Us - Courant.com

Property Transfers

Friday, August 19, 2011


Roy Centeno’ s personal profile in the Herald (8/19/11) is full of contradictions when considering his votes on the Council:

 “…he has and will only support budgets that have a no tax increase or a very small increase.” How small is very small? Tax increases come when there is not enough revenue to support spending. So how Centeno vote on the Aquinas proposal? He voted, NO! How did he vote on the Zone change to get the Costco proposal under way? Voted to table it!

 About Costco; Centeno voted to delay a vote on the zone change that would get the process started and says the Mayor is keeping plans secret. Fact, there are no plans. First, there was only a proposal FROM COSTCO TO NEW BRITAIN! All Council members and the public have seen it. The proposal and an initial rendering were presented to the Parks Commission months ago. All commissioners, Costco representatives the Mayor and Aldermen Catanzaro and Salvio were present. There was never nor has there been since, hard and fast plans. When this first proposal was made there was and continues to be some public opposition (call it, “Plan A). Stewart has made another proposal (call it, “Plan B) involving Newington, and the State DOT has no hard plans or even a rendering. Remember, Centeno voted to delay action. Says Stewart is not open and above board.

 Centeno says Kurtz made a positive impact on the School District; “She did a good job” and “She was a straight shooter”, and “She implemented a lot of ideas that made a difference.” Really? Name just one. Centeno’ s opinions on Kurtz are not supported by the majority of NB folks.

 On transparency; Centeno supported a poorly worded, vindictive witch-hunt type resolution about Council members that have businesses that are used by the city. This resolution was hatched by former alderman and dirty tricks expert, Phil Sherwood and later continued by Alderman DeFronzo. Fact, there are two aldermen targeted by this resolution, both Republicans. What does that tell anybody? That Democrat Council members are only interested in trying to discredit their political opponents, nothing else.

Yes, he’s a nice guy and easy to talk to but his actions show he is little "mor."

frank smith

Manhunt On For Meriden Gunman - CTnow

NewsBusted 8/19/11 - YouTube

1st of 7 of New Britain city unions rejects concessions

Today's Article in the Herald " Centeno seeking 3rd council term; Needs a review of his comments:


Alderman Centeno, who was raised in New Britain, said transparency in government is of utmost concern.

Specifically, Centeno cites a resolution he supported that requires the city’s finance director to give a report twice a month of every council person who does business with the city. Republicans countered that the measure was politically motivated because the only two council people who do business with the city are members of the GOP.

“It (resolution) eliminates doubt from the average citizen and shows we are open and transparent. It snuffs out the perception that members of the council that do business with the city might be getting some type of special treatment.”

Centeno also said there could be more openness coming from the office of Republican Mayor Timothy T. Stewart.

“There wasn’t transparency, for example, when it came to Costco,” Centeno said of the plan to build the mega-store in the city. “We didn’t have all the information we needed from the mayor’s office when it was time to vote.”

Centeno, who is of Hispanic descent, said it is important that more Hispanics become involved in all aspects of the city.

“I’d like to see more of a representation of the 17,000 Hispanics (out of a population of 74,000) in the city,” said Centeno, who lived in Puerto Rico as a young child. “I’d like to see a little more representation in the police and fire departments. City Hall, also, should be more representative of the population.”

Asked why residents should vote for him, Centeno said, “I’ve proven myself to be honest and open. I am easy to talk to.”

Centeno also said he has and will only continue to support budgets that have a no tax increase or a very small increase. Yes he did; thanks to Mayor Stewart insisting on holding the taxes down.

He also addressed the Doris Kurtz issue by stated that "she did a good Job." I will live that comment for our readers to comments.

Centeno seeking 3rd Council term

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Speaker, speaking before the Democratic Town Committee, was proud to mention that he started as a community neighborhood organizer right here in New Britain. He told the committee members how he worked with the HRA organization and fought for the elimination of telephone toll call to Hartford.

 He continued by stating that he fought for health care for everyone, lower prescription cost, compace, dial-a-ride, raise taxes on millionaires, helped to raise the minimum wages 12 times, and the paid sick leave act.

He was proud that he was able to help get a Republican Governor { Rell } to agree to raise the taxes on millionaires.    He also indicated that he is for health care and social security.

It is the opinion of this writer that the Speaker offers little or no change to Rep. Chris Murphy's legacy.

frank smith

Unions Ratify Concessions Deal To Avert Layoffs - Courant.com


O'Brien Door-to-door Campaign


Written today by Robert Storace of the New Britain Herald at 1:37 P. M. today; entitled "O'Brien, Catanzaro make case door-to-door."

O'Brien is quoted saying that he wants the make the city the destination for people to move here and relocate their businesses.

This O'Brien comment is rather ambiguous when in reality he and his liberal socialist picketed Wal-Mart forcing them to leave the city thus eliminating a minimum of 150 local jobs. Please do not forget that this State Representative firmly stated that he is against the Costco proposal denying our city of more employment opportunities for New Britain.

Yes Mr. O'Brien you cannot say your are for bringing in businesses when you and your radical cronies publicly force them out of town, as in the Wal-Mart case, and then publicly stating your are against Costco as well.

Could we say your remarks are made in a spurious manner in order to win votes?

Exceeded sewer capacity won’t halt Berlin developments

Plainville mourn loss of officer in crash

Landmark downtown diner sold to Bristol-born cook

LETTER: Nitrogen in sewage can be asset - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

Mattabassett District should take notice of this individual's letter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Bus, The Beast and the Dark Lord of Mordor

Yes; Two buses that were Manufactured in Canada-----good going Mr. President.

O'Brien, Catanzaro make case door-to-door

Off-Duty Plainville Sergeant, Involved In Theater Shooting, Dies After Crash - CTnow

A Reply to a Nasty Comment

Anonymous said...

This is such a mean spirited blog.

August 16, 2011 9:14 PM

It appears that when this blog carries an editorial written by the Assistant  Majority leader of the city council it makes this blog " Mean Spirited."

One can only assume the maker of the anonymous comment is a Democratic Socialist that cannot stand for comments that helps the City's financial condition and only inspires spending, spending, and more spending.

But, thanks for being one of my readers.

frank smith

Outspoken Salvio looking for 4th term on Council

New Brite Plaza purchased for $15.2 M

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Britain Polish Festival Opens Aug. 20 - Courant.com


Actions of The New Britain Council at it's best.

At the 8/10/11 Common council meeting, all Democrats present (Carlozzi, absent), except Sanchez voted to nix the Saint Thomas Aquinas proposal. The final vote was, 9 Democrats opposed, the 4 Republicans plus Sanchez voted to approve. So the motion was lost.. One wouldn’t want to “pigeonhole” Trueworthy.

Secondly, at the same Council meeting and done unilaterally by Council Democrats (to the exclusion of the Republicans) and led by Alderman Larry Hermanowski, all Council Democrats signed a petition that was presented to the Mayor, compelling the Mayor to ask Costco to come to a special meeting of the PZ&H Committee of the Common Council – called by whom? - to present COSTCO’S plans when non exist for examination.

Since only Democrats signed the petition, only Democrats were in favor of this ridiculous move.


Tim O’Brien has stated in the media that he is anti the Costco proposal.

Assuming he goes along with all current Council Democrats that were endorsed by the DTC including those supporting Alderman Paul Catanzaro for Mayor.

Ergo, it is logical to conclude that Tim O’Brien and all current Common Council Democrats are opposed to Economic Development, increased Tax Revenues and some property tax relief that would be provided by these two proposals.

That is what the NB Council Democrats promise for the New Britain residents/taxpayers.

Voters think about these issues, before you cast your vote.

And please don’t give me any more of the Alex Stanley Deed stuff!

Frank Smith

Poll Shows Perry Jumping Into Double-Digit Lead - Rick Perry - Fox Nation

Costco to meet with committee

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Total leadership failure

Erin Stewart hopes to bring fresh set of eyes to Board of Ed

Outsourced and fired, IT workers fight back

New Britain Hit With New Lawsuit Against Police - Courant.com


CHRIS POWELL: Who's your daddy?; felons as lawyers - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

Mattabassett no closer to approving Middletown


Monday, August 15, 2011

Bodies “Shoved Under Bus” to Stall Obama’s Campaign Junket?

All The Presidents Backers in his last Election.

Liberals are coming unglued as they realize that it is almost certain that Governor Rick Perry is sure to be our next President.


You can tell how scared Obamacrats are by the level of their nasty attacks. The latest attack to emerge today is that Governor Perry is in no way responsible for the successful economy in Texas with their 5% unemployment versus 10% in the rest of the nation. According to Obamacrats, it is not fair to give Governor Perry credit for the more than 900,000 jobs that were created under his watch in Texas because these jobs were supposedly created by Obama's stimulus plan which apparently was only successful in Texas as it was a dismal failure in the other 49 states.This nonsense comes as no surprise considering that the Democratic candidate has no record other than total failures to run on, so with their lack of any ethics, we would expect Democrats to attempt to take credit for Governor's Perry's record of creating jobs--a record so incredible that just last week USA Today coined the phrase "The Texas Miracle" to describe Governor Perry's amazing accomplishments in these times that are clearly dismal in the remaining 49 states.

The current resident of the White House is sure to go down in the history books as America's worst President when even his loyal supporters can't find anything positive to cite regarding his accomplishments and must resort to stealing credit from a successful leader like Governor Perry.


I first met officer Oakley at the New Britain Diner many year ago and found him to be pleasant and concerned with everyone's problems.

I continued to witness his continued desire to serve the public. I recall his talking of retiring until the Police Chief presented him with a new toy "The Sedway."

Larry enjoy your retirement.

frank smith

The Silence that Shatters America

Column: The Reagan stimulus vs. the Obama one - USATODAY.com

To The Editor:

Some things seem never to change. Consider the current shenanigans of the NB Common Council. For 8 long years, Council Democrats have worked diligently to discredit and obstruct any positive initiatives put forth by Mayor Stewart; positive means, would benefit NB citizens and in particular, taxpayers. The Council meeting on Wednesday, 8/10/11 was a prime example. Led by a bombastic, totally irrelevant and incoherent rant by Mayor Pro Tem, Mike Trueworthy and a completely inane gesture by Ald. Larry Hermanowski to petition the Mayor to compel the COSTCO Co. to come to a special meeting of the PZ&H subcommittee of the Council and present their development plans. Hermanowski’s gesture was particularly troubling since, other than Alderman Bernacki, Hermanowski has more years of service on the Council than any currently serving member. He should know better.

First issue, rehab of former St. Thomas Aquinas High School on Kelsey St. Since the school closed many years ago, it has become an environmental problem/eyesore/blight location. The property has been sold and resold a number of times. Finally, the city took it over in foreclosure. The City has tried through numerous RFPs, to attract developers. To date, a well-known & reputable redevelopment company, Community Builders, has made only ONE viable proposal. Despite efforts by the Mayor, Community Builders, the City DMD Dept. and the East Side NRZ, certain neighborhood residents and some who live nowhere near the area have riled the residents to believe lies about the proposed development. This culminated in an ill fated, secret meeting between a few Council members and rabble-rousing residents. Result? Obstruction complete! Council Democrats kill proposal. City revenue, lost. Blight continues. Trueworthy rants that the City is incompetent in seeking developers.

Second issue, COSTCO. Readers should appreciate these facts: Mayor Stewart and the City did not approach Costco in an attempt to lure them to New Britain, COSTCO approached the City with a proposal. The proposal involved taking over a portion of the Red Nine at the Stanley Golf Course. The City considered the proposal. Costco produced a temporary rendering showing how they “might” relocate three golf holes in AW Stanley Park and assume ALL costs for the relocation. They’re NO hard and fast plans, only a suggestion. Later, after much opposition the Mayor produces a proposal for a possible, Plan B, involving the Town of Newington and the State DOT. Again, NO PLAN! So, now, what does the illustrious Hermanowski do? He produces a petition to compel the Mayor to tell COSTCO that they must come to a special meeting to “Present Their Plans.” RIDICULOUS! There are no plans, only a proposal by the City for a Zone change. The zone change would indicate to COSTCO that the City is interested in their proposal. Period! But, Hermanowski insists there are plans and, COSTCO must show them. In other words, MESSAGE TO COSTCO FROM COUNCIL DEMOCRATS; THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN NEW BRITAIN. WE’RE NOT INTERESTED IN


All Democrats (no Rs) present signed the petition, even those that are positive toward Costco. Go Figure!

Lou Salvio, Alderman

Property Transfers---New Britain Herald

Four New Britain police officers head into retirement

Terminating the Liberal Agenda - Mike Needham - printer friendly - Townhall.com

Sunday, August 14, 2011

.Costco to meet with committee

Governor Rick Perry Quotable

Governor Rick Perry:

"In America the people are not subjects of the government, the government is subject to the people."


Erin Stewart will be a welcomed new face on the Board Of Education. This 24 year old brings a lot of political savvy to the table and will inspire our youth as a role model.

The Democrats are worried that she may win and I presume they have been busy posting unkindly comments on my blog.

Erin ignore their comments and go for it.

frank smith

Obama, the Duke of Babylon & the Christian Origins of Marxism

Stewart: Union deal could be weeks away - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

By Bryan Koenig

Staff Writer

Erin Stewart hopes to bring fresh set of eyes to Board of Ed - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)



Saturday, August 13, 2011

Obama Our Prince of Wails, Goes on Another Vacation to Forget Tea Party Terrorists

Obam a Prince?

Governor Rick Perry:
"I'm Going To Be Your Next President" Fox News



President Pro-Tempore Alderman Michael Trueworhty has exhibited, on many occasions, his usual rantings at City Council meetings.

The most recent occurrence happen at the last council meeting when Alderman Hermanowski handed a petition to the Mayor requesting that the Costco Company appear for a meeting with the council membership in order to answer needed question that was asked by the neighborhood residents over the last few meetings. The Mayor responded " are you serious?" They are only asking for a zone change the Mayor continued. Alderman Hermanowski did the bidding for Trueworhty "we need more answers from Costco." "They have not submitted their plans" Hermanowski continued with the Mayor responding "They will not spend money on design concept renderings until the zone change is approved." Trueworthy went on to say"right" Costco won't make a good faith effort without the zone approval in a very sarcastic tone.

  Amazingly, Alderman Catanzaro publicly stated that he would support the plan B version of the plan.  Why did he he sign onto Hermanowski's petition if his public statement was sincere?

During the same council meeting Alderman Salvio had a tabled issue brought up from the table. The sale of Saint Thomas Aquinas School to a developer. Now the Obstructionists went on to work citing that there was only one "bid" and we need to get another RFP. Needless to say Trueworhty drastically stated " I am not going to get pigeonholed into voting for only one proposal." Yes thanks to Trueworthy and his democratic minions the unsightly condition at this location will remain blighted for many years to come.

We must also recall how he handled the Pinnacle Heights sale, by having his former Majority Leader ask " where's the beef." with this investor leaving the city and never coming back to negotiate who, incidentally, owns major investments nationwide and including New Britain's Target Store.

Alderman Trueworhty is an arrogant control freak, for an example, he doesn't let his Majority Leader, Eva Magnuszewski, perform her duties as the majority Leader during the council meetings.

Obstructions, need more answers, never agreeing with the administration to the point of accusing everyone else but themselves---Thanks to the "anti-blight" Democrats. The voters don't need to witness Trueworthy's temper tantrums meeting after meeting by ending his political existence on election day along with his Democratic minions.

If you want more of this skulduggery?      just vote these "IDIOTS" back in office.

New Britain: Two Primaries, Three-Way Race For Mayor - Courant.com

Rick Guinness in ward 4

New Britain Police Target Businesses That Buy Stolen, Shoplifted Goods - Courant.com

Mayor's Facebook Post Slams Council, City's 'Ignorant People' - Courant.com

Costco to meet with committee - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

By Scott Whipple

Staff Writer

Thursday, August 11, 2011



Is it to play to the audience and the speakers that spoke meeting after meeting claiming the same repetitive comments? Or is it just to embarrass the current Administration?

Possibly his mind has slipped a little and doesn't recall that Costco did make a fantastic presentation to the council's planning & zoning sub- committee where they committed to pay all cost involved with this project. All they were seeking was a go ahead from  this committee so they would be able to commit the project for design.

I would tend to believe that the recent publicity of the Democratic refusal to sell the Saint Thomas Aquinas property to a developer will place Costco in a uneasy frame of mind to deal with New Britain any further.

Mayor Stewart was correct in asking the "makers of the Costco petition if they were serious."

Friendship Center May the Democratic Plans for Saint Thomas Aquinas Property

Could it be that the Democrats, has I stated before on this blog, be planning to turn the Saint Thomas Aquinas property over to the Friendship Center?

Which will add more room, for the homeless needing help from the city, into the neighborhood.

frank smith

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America - Take down Obama and the rogue government


Alderman Trueworthy urged his Democratic membership to turn down this proposal since it was the only proposal.

 " Let's put out to bid again."

 Even after the Process was explained to the Alderman by Mr. Kenneth Malinowski.

Alderman Sanchez, a Democrat, voted for the sale voicing his reluctance to side with his leadership on the issue.   This sale would have provided much needed income to the city but the Demos demostrated their lack of leadership on behalf of all the citizens and voters of the City.

This is not the only sale that was stopped by the Democrats we can all remember the Pinnicle Heights fiasco with their asking "where is the beef" comment.

And now they are ready to oppose the Costco deal as well even after their consultants provided that they were going to pay for all the cost even to adding an extra lane to the highway entrance and exist.

The Taxpayers are the losers for voting for these incompetants to represent them.

frank smith 

Nonpartisan group can't verify savings in Gov. Malloy's Conn. union deal - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

Police report...Aug. 10 - The Bristol Press (bristolpress.com)

Rash of burglaries prompt police to ask public for help - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

The berlin Police Deapartment ask for the publics help.

Democratic Petition for Costco Information Causes Stir

Ayalon seeking BOE re-election - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Portland/Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

Blame Obama - Michael Reagan - printer friendly - Townhall.com

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Britain Police Chief's Statement

In response to Officer's Elias's complaint, which appeared in today's Hartford Courant, Police Chief William Galliard stated that the officer has never complained to his supervisors regarding the statements he made the Hartford Courant reporter.

Wall Street: Software more valuable than oil

Quote Margaret Thatcher:

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."



In the event that Alderman Paul Catanzaro should win this primary, as expected, Bertha will have O'Brien running for Mayor on her Party Line, the Working Families Party, for the up-coming general elections.

Candidates Wake up.

Complaints Mount At New Britain PD - Courant.com

Housing proposal uncovers Berlin exceeds daily wastewater capacity at treatment plant - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

The Mattabassett District claims.

Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

Monday, August 8, 2011

ACORN’s Campaign Against Money Mart May Lead to Violence and Blackmail

Was Obama Hope & Change slogan a subliminal message for illegal aliens?

Cloud security fears are overblown, says U.S. CIO


In a recent article Tim expresses if elected as New Britain's Mayor "he will work to attract and create businesses at former Shaw's and Wal-mart sites."

I assume the Mayoral candidate also wishes that the voters forget his part that he took along with his cronies, Former Attorney General Blumenthal, Alderman Paul Catanzaro, Former Alderman Phil Sherwood and various members of local unions in picketing Wal Mart forcing them to leave New Britain.

Claiming to be a job creator when in fact, with your actions, you lost 150 Wal-Mart jobs.


frank smith

Regional Sewer Board May Vote This Month On Adding Middletown - Courant.com

The Mattabassett District

Property Transfers - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Friday, August 5, 2011


Your View; appearing in today's New Britain Herald, 8-5-11, entitled " A HISTORY OF TWO MAYORAL CANDIDIATES" Authored by John McNamara.

John; Mark was a democrat for many years but you are incorrect when you say he left the party. The fact was that the party left him with the socialist take over that occurred under your leadership.

You insinuate that O'Brien is better equipped to handle the job of mayor for the city of New Britain when in reality his educational background is lacking preparation and knowledge in handling the large annual budget the city faces each year but, Mark's MBA degree and years of service on the city council has prepared him for the task for serving as Mayor of our great city but, you seem to ignore his qualifications.

Let us not forget of the passing of Tony Tercyak when you as Chairman decided to bring in a carpetbagger back to New Britain, from the institute of living in Hartford, to be the candidate against Bernacki who was running for Tony's vacant seat. That is when the party left Mark with your running Tony's liberal socialist son against him.

You also attack Mark for his support of the professional soccer team but have you considered how New Britain would have gained if this effort had turned out successful? This attack was uncalled for since it was an attempt to bring new faces to the New Britain scene.

You also commend Tim O'Brien for bringing tax relief to the city but failed to mentioned that he has supported the highest tax increases proposed by Governor Malloy and he also supported the retroactive state payroll tax to January of 2011. Therefore, the taxpayers be dammed.

As a conservative Democrat, I certainly take exception, to your attempting dress up Rep. O'Brien when he has accomplished very little for the city of New Britain.

frank smith

Lynching the Tea Party

Former Microsoft exec, Obama donor named new U.S. CIO

Patrick Thibodeau

Smart spending’s the goal for school board candidate - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

New Britain DMV office has uncertain future - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

`Hobbiting’ Obama

White House 'clarifies' H-1B, green card rules to attract investment


Governor D Malloy was here in New Britain to endorse Tim O'Brien for Mayor and Tim was Also endorsed by the Working Families Party by Bertha Lewis the President of this organization and the president of the Acorn group as well.

Remember, Governor Malloy was also endorsed by the Working Families Party,
 when running for the office of Governor.

"Birds of a feather flock together."

by: frank smith

Stewart chides Trueworthy for voting while presiding over council meeting - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)



The Busway Brings Jobs - Courant.com

New Britain Police Seek Suspect Involved In Strong-Arm Robbery - Courant.com

at CVS Pharmacy, West Main St., New Britain

West Nile Virus More Widespread Than Last Year - Courant.com

Found in New britain

Monday, August 1, 2011

GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!!

A May Day rally in Los Angeles , co-sponsored by the SEIU and various communist groups, as well as other unions, reflected yet another step in the normalization of self-identified communist and socialist ideologies in the Obama era. Not only did the SEIU help to organize the rally in conjunction with communists, they marched side-by-side with communists, while union members carried communist flags, communists carried union signs, and altogether there was no real way to tell the two apart.
The communists freely and proudly declare their affiliation.

And the SEIU has no problem marching arm-in-arm with them.

“Smash Capitalism” is a slogan the SEIU apparently endorses — or at least doesn’t mind marching behind.

In case you think the SEIU is some peripheral out-of-the-mainstream organization:

The SEIU devoted $28 million to Obama’s campaign , making the SEIU “the organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president .” Furthermore, who is Obama’s favorite White House guest and one of his closest confidants?

The individual who has visited the Obama White House the most: SEIU President Andy Stern, who has visited 53 times.

Obama is closely linked with the SEIU.

The SEIU is closely linked with communists.

You do the math.

Did I say communists? Sorry, I meant Communists (with a capital “C”).

Note how the Communists that day (like the women on the right in this photo) carried solid red flags symbolizing their ideology. Keep that in mind as you view the next photo…

One of the SEIU leaders picked up a Communist flag and led a contingent of rank-and-file SEIU members. Everyone was OK with that.

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