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Patrick defends bill curbing union rights - The Boston Globe

East Side Clean Up | New Britain Republicans

Obama has declared war on the Constitution

Inside visa fraud in India - Computerworld Blogs




Meeting at the east side sub-station at 7:30 AM for Coffee, bagels, and donuts.
Please, in the mean time, think of sites that need the clean up attention that may be near your residence.


William Candelori, chairman of the district’s board of directors, recognized the issue of representation by flow by adding an amendment to the board’s original vote of three representatives from each town including Middletown with his adding three more to his legislative request.

This change was to address the concerns expressed by the New Britain residents
and its Council member’s so as to be able to add one or two based by the percentage paid by each member towns.

The state legislature members in attendance indicated that they will move on with the process. Candelori added that if any of the towns legislative bodies should vote against the proposal the issue would die for this legislative session.

With legislative representatives from all three towns were present in the crowded board room,of the district, with comments that seemed to opposed the three seat from each town plan proposal.

John Luddy, a current board member of the board, sensed the audience's despondency went on the attack in order to protect the board's plan with his admonishing the audience by giving the appearance as though he were saying you did not come here to praise Caesar but to bury him.

with some late arrivals the New Britain council members had a quorum present with Alderman Larry Hermanowski directing a question to the chair without first asking some of his fellow members to leave the room, in order alleviate the quorum issue, before addressing his question to the chair.

Chairman Candelori concluded the meeting by indicating "it is a very sticky issue and I respect those who expressed wanting more representatives on the board but, millions could be saved with the approval of this plan".

Mattabassett District expansion plan bonding at heart of city’s gripe - The New Britain Herald (

Mattabassett District expansion plan bonding at heart of city’s gripe - The New Britain Herald (

Newspapers Win Battle On Legal Notices; Bill Rejected For Third Year On Allowing Towns To Post Notices On Internet - Capitol Watch

Blood boils over contract dispute by The Finance Director, Robert Curry, at Common Council meeting - The New Britain Herald (

Leaders optimistic about Mattabassett membership - The Middletown Press (

PIGS FLY: Massachusetts Democrats Neuter Unions - Massachusetts - Fox Nation

Two state senators seek to brake $90M bond for Busway - The Bristol Press (

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Already, in New Britain, Alderman Mike Trueworthy told a meeting of Democrats on Thursday that he and the other Democrat Council members will do everything and anything they can to restore an additional $1.5 million to the NB Education budget. From where will that money materialize? Certainly not from Gov. Malloy's and the State Legislative Democrats proposal. Malloy is counting on the state employee unions to give back $1 billion. Fat chance! Read the front page story in today's Courant if you want to see how the unions feel. Talk about "double dipping!" What will our illustrious NB State delegation do about this, especially our State Senator? And O'Brien has suddenly become a mute! How about it Sanchez and Tercyak, what's your plan? Conservative Dem Senator, Edward Meyer was kicked out of the Dem. Caucus because he had the temerity to call the Malloy/Dem. Legislature budget a "pig in a poke" plan. He wanted to see the pig before buying the poke.

Malloy has already said that if the union concessions don't materialize, towns and cities will be forced to raise taxes. What about it Mr. Trueworthy, are you going to raise NB taxes? Trueworthy is doing that at which he excels, to wit, blatherskiting!

I don't feel that Malloy and the State Democrats will have any compunctions about passing the State budget even without the union concessions. If the state legislature and Malloy are satisfied with their feeble efforts to control taxes in the state, what can the NB Common Council do? And the Board of Ed.? Can't wait to hear what Mr. Ayalon has to say.

The U. N. Socialists Concoct Another Fleece - ‘Mother Earth Rights Treaty’

Many Conn State Workers Still Collecting Both Pensions And Paychecks -

DON PESCI: Malloy's pig in a poke tax plan - The Middletown Press (

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General Motors Scheduled To Investigate Chevrolet Volt's Role in Fire At Barkhamsted Home -


Inflation has increased this month at an annual rate of 6.5%. Cost of food and gasoline are the main causes.

We are approaching $4 per gallon and is just the beginning with predictions of $5 per gallon around the corner. Driving the consumer's cost even higher due to higher cost for food shipments.

If all the indicators are correct we are in for a rude awakening within the next few months.

frank smith

Farmington Man Charged With Driving Stolen Construction Equipment While Drunk: The Courant

Motorcyclist Injured In New Britain Crash: The Courant

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The Council Socialists Have Started November's Campaign


Mayor Stewart announced his proposed budget, and I am not attempting to take away any meaning to his announcement but I couldn't help but notice the immediate attack from the Democrats.

President Pro-Tempore Trueworthy could hardly wait for the mayor to complete his report to begin his attack on the mayor's budget proposals.      Trueworthy asked many questions, but the mayor was quick to point out that Trueworthy had sixty days, along with his council membership, to submit the council's budget.

That wasn't enough to have it just end there.     Next Alderman Carlozzi began November's political campaign by asking childish questions regarding a private report submitted to council members by City Finance Director Mr. Curry.     This private report soon became publicized with Carlozzi demanding to know who told the finance director to place the names of the spouse's within the report since they were not members of the council and that the motion was for the transparency of the council members who are doing business with the city, apparently wanting to keep secret who the spouses of council members work for and what their incomes are. 
      Carlozzi's tirade went on for several minutes until laughter erased the tenseness surrounding the council chambers when Alderman Pabon offered "I didn't know my wife made that much money."

Needless to say it wasn't enough for the Democrats to accept the sad report made by the mayor without taking advantage of an opportunity to besmirch the two aldermen that the original so-called transparency resolution attacked.    Mayoral Candidate Paul Catanzarro join in the fray, supporting the public opionion that the campaign is started.     I'm sure that the radical Working Families Party must have been proud of the childish antics of the Democratic candidates they will no doubt endorse.

The New Britrain Dog Pond Has New Friendly Dogs ready for Adoption

Please Call 860 832 3000 to arrange appointment.

Mayor, City of New Britain Budget Proposal

                               The Mayor's Budget Proposal to the City Council

April 13, 2011

To the Members of the Common Council:

I bring before you my eighth budget as Mayor of New Britain.  Each year it seems this message becomes more difficult as the financial challenges of an urban community in a stagnant economy outpace our resources.

This year, the picture is even gloomier as the storm clouds gather with predictions of “doomsday” budgets by Governor Malloy, where the state’s budget woes threaten to push back on Connecticut cities and towns.  Here in New Britain, that would mean a loss of $30.6 million dollars for a 10 mill increase in local property taxes. The devastation that such a state budget would wreck on our community, particularly our children and seniors, is unfathomable.

Over the past eight years, New Britain has done its part to keep our fiscal heads above water.  We have approached each year’s budget from every possible angle – reducing and controlling spending, decreasing number of employees through attrition and reorganization, keeping our bonding and debt service in check, expanding our Grand List and looking for new sources of revenue.  This constant budget vigilance has meant minimal property tax increases over the past eight years, which is critical for city taxpayers who are already paying more than their fair share.

But, as I stated in last month’s State of the City address, our financial future is no longer under our direct control. New Britain, like our sister cities and towns across Connecticut, are about to be swept along in a sea of red ink surging downstream from the federal and state governments.

I hope with all my heart that this doomsday budget is avoided, but I cannot in good conscience ignore the warning signs that at least some reduction in aid to cities will come to pass in the state’s adopted budget. As such, I have no choice but to drastically cut the City budget in anticipation of a draconian cut in state aid.

This budget therefore, cuts an additional one million from the Board of Education budget over the four million cut by the Board of Finance and Taxation, leaving the Board of Education with the minimum allowed under state statute:  $118 million. 

Council Budget Message

April 13, 2011

Page 2

Since we cannot further cut education funding without penalties from the state, the City side of the budget will bear the brunt of these drastic measures by reducing the City budget 10% across the board.  There are also cuts in accounts where we anticipate implementation of further cost saving measures or additional revenues, such as health care benefits, pension funds and sale of city property. I am presently working on an implementation plan that will identify those jobs and other areas that will be impacted by this reduction in operations.

Unfortunately, this budget as proposed will ignite frustration and loud protestations from many groups, such as those advocating for restoration to education funding or unions concerned about the lay offs that will most certainly occur.  I would ask that parents, teachers, city employees and taxpayers remain calm and pull together to have respectful, productive discussions on what is obviously “the perfect storm” of financial conditions that negatively impact New Britain’s budget. Hard choices need to be made, but we need to make them together as a community in order to continue to meet the difficult challenges that lie in the weeks and months ahead.

The Mayor’s budget is far from the last word on the FY 2012 budget.  The Council has until June 13th to adopt a budget and you should have the benefit of more information on state funding.  Until we receive that information, I cannot recommend a course of action that raises property taxes, knowing full well that events outside our control will very likely leave the Council no choice but to do so to make up for reductions in state funding.

I would like to thank you for your due diligence and commitment as you enter the next phase of the budget process.  As always, please know that all department heads and I stand ready to work together with you both on the budget itself and cost saving measures throughout the coming fiscal year.


Timothy T. Stewart

Mayor, City of New Britain

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nicohlas Mercier, Candidate for the New Britain Board Of Education

Nicholas Mercier

Mercier to run for Board ofEducation

New Britain, CT, April 12, 2011 – Nicholas Mercier, Chairman ofNew Britain's Board of Finance and Taxation, announced that he will run for NewBritain's Board of Education this fall. Mercier, a   Republican, said, “Weneed Board of Education members who understand what it takes to teach a childand who will work tirelessly to ensure that every child succeeds.”

Mercier, who has served for two years on the Board ofFinance and Taxation, is also an elementary music teacher in Naugatuck andlives in New Britain with his wife and young son. He expressed confidence inthe quality of New Britain schools. “We have a good system that can serve allof our children well. While New Britain’s school district may be consideredfailing under the guidelines of No Child Left Behind, those numbers do not tellthe whole story. I see so much potential in the New Britain school system. Someof our programs have take students who would have dropped out in any otherschool system and helped them move onto college.”

“My work on the Board of Finance and Taxation has alsotaught me that more funding is simply not the whole answer. Other urban schooldistricts spend far more and see far less success than we have. We need toimplement smart, targeted programs that have been proven to succeed. It isabout developing our teachers to be the most knowledgeable, highly trained, andmotivated work force of educators possible.”

In addition to his classroom work in Naugatuck's schools,Mercier has led workshops in areas of learning theory and technologyintegration in the classroom and served on the executive board of the KodalyEducators of Southern New England. “There is much we can learn from othersystem's successes to improve education here in New Britain”

2 attachments — Download all attachments  

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Press Release - Candidate Announcement.pdf
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Thank You, Mr. Trump

Monday, April 11, 2011

O’Brien: City shouldn’t lose seats on Mattabassett board: The Herald

Tax Battle Could Shut Down Millstone | NBC Connecticut

CCSU Task Force May Publish List of Party Houses: WFSB

Appeals court upholds block on parts of Ariz. immigration law - The Washington Post

Rep. Tim O'Brien's Claims

smith photo


The facts as I understand it was the hard work of another Tim our city's current Mayor and that O'Brien is currently vying for that office as a candidate.

 Therefore he must make claim to doing all the good for this city when in fact he has been against prospering city businesses with his picketing not once but twice against a firm that employed in excess of one hundred city residents that was forced out of the city. A well known firm known to all, The Wal Mart store on Farmington Avenue, which remains vacant since their exiting.

Mayor Stewart, in the same Courant article cited that he and Ms. Carol Martin of the Konover firm have been working on this project from day one.

It is a well known fact that O'Brien, Alderman Paul Catanzarro and former Alderman Phil Sherwood were involved in the picketing against this employer.

As you may recall this blog did comment at the time as follows:

A Responsible Corporation :

Why did Representatives Tim O’Brien, D-24th District and Peter Tercyak, D-26th District who were also joined by Alderman Catanzaro, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 371 Brian Petronella, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal with more than 20 blue-shirted protestors from the Working Families.

John Green, the director of the Working families indicated that the rally was called because of corporate greed exhibited by Wal-Mart and a threat to deprive workers of severance pay.

THE NEED FOR THIS UNWARRANTED DISPLAY WAS ONLY TO SURE UP O’BRIEN’S CANDIDACY FOR THE UP-COMING ELECTIONS. Wal-Mart has always been a responsible identity throughout the USA. Why would they endanger their image with the buying public?

Do I need to say more?

I am submitting a picture that will be sufficient for all readers to ascertain the foregoing as being fact.

The Republican-American Busway project sheer madness

Picketer throws soup at job applicant outside Dichello Distributors in Orange, cops say - The New Haven Register (

Unions are the problem.

Mayor Segarra needs to stop playing the new kid card - Helen Ubinas | Notes from HeL


Mayor Stewart

In celebrating the 87th year since the start of the COPA in New Britain,  Mayor Stewart addressed its membership regarding the city's up-coming financial dilemma.

He immediately mentioned the bussway, citing that there will be ridership which will alleviate traffic on I-84 during rush hours. He also said that the rail system would be a good thing for New Britain, but pointed out it would cost billions of dollars. He noted that Former Governor Rowland hatched this plan [the Bussway] but fails to admit it on his own radio show.

The Mayor cited that the city is enjoying a double A bond rating and said that a recent memorandum claiming otherwise is hogwash.

Malloy is suggesting to cut the pilot program costing up to $1,000,000 to the city's taxpayers.

He also mentioned that the Main street area will be closed for a weekend in September for the October-fest celebration.

The mayor discussed the Board of Education request for more funding with their annual increase of $10,500,000 .

Regarding the pinnacle Heights project,  he said he is attempting to arrange 3 acres for the Hospital For Special Care out the 69 acres.

Captain Paventi showed the attendees the two Fidelco dogs sold to the police department for a sum of $1.06 each and will be undergoing training at the state police barracks in Meriden.

The PRYTKO_JANUS AWARD was presented to Mr. Elmo Aiudi.

The COPA had, at their last board meeting, decided to donate $1,000 to the police department for the maintenance of the dogs.

Nicholas Mercier was clear, as the city's finance chairman, that they cut all that could be cut however that the mayor did have his turn making his cuts.

Submitting his proposal to the council next Wednesday, the Mayor blames the school board for their annual pie in the sky request with not enough state funding allocated for them.

Susan Kniep, a former mayor of East Hartford, Ct. was very direct with her comments citing that the activists are taking money out your pockets for the benefit of the public employees and their pensions, which will bankrupt our state. She has asked Gov. Malloy to freeze the state employees' wages. She also cited that if the non-profits accept federal and state funds their registers should be opened for public scrutiny.

Journal Inquirer > Archives > Chris Powell > How will Malloy jump when union talks fail?

No More State Chauffeurs -

Return America to Main Street - Star Parker - printer friendly -

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hartford Police Capture Shooting Suspect In Newington: The Courant

New Britain man goes on trial for grisly killing of pregnant teen: Middletown Press

Criminal Justice Online: Brownsville, Texas, names streets after ICE special agent Jaime J. Zapata


The old adage that history repeats itself can only be reminded that the city of Hartford and New Britain have similar repeats in history with Hartford’s former Mayor Dominic Deluca, who was garbage truck driver became the city’s mayor, and now in New Britain has an announced Democratic candidate for Mayor, whom is a park and recreation worker, fulfills the similarity in the two cities histories.

Mayor Deluca to my recollection never had ethics charges brought against him but New Britain’s aspirer to the mayor’s office had charges brought against him by the city’s ethics commission with the Democratic controlled council membership paying no heed to the sanction.

The Democrats have continually demonstrated their shady mode of operation because they have the votes.

frank smith


John McNamara Chaiman of the NBDTC shows his union relationships.

Feds release $40M for local railway upgrade - The New Britain Herald (

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Drugs and Money Seized in New Britain, Bristol Bust -





Prytko – Janus Award to be presented to local businessman Elmo Aiudi

NEW BRITAIN, Connecticut (April 3, 2011) - The Citizens Property Owners Association, Inc. (CPOA) will hold its annual meeting at the Marchegian Hall, 40 Acorn St, New Britain, CT at 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm on April 10, 2011. At 87 years old, the NB CPOA is Connecticut’s oldest taxpayer organization. Members and those interested in cost effective government are invited and encouraged to attend.

During the meeting, President Mike Wanik will award the Prytko – Janus Award to local businessman Elmo Aiudi.

Invited speakers include:

Mr. Nicholas Mercier, Chairman of the Board of Finance and Taxation, who will comment on this year’s budget; and in particular, will comment on the Board of Education’s budget request of $123,086,473. Chairman Mercier’s perspective is unique as he is a conservative thinker, and teacher by profession;

Mayor Timothy T. Stewart, who will also be commenting on this year’s budget;

Susan Kniep, President of the Federation of CT Taxpayer Organizations, former mayor of East Hartford, and staunch advocate for taxpayers.

In addition to the comments by Mr. Mercier, Mayor Stewart, and Ms. Kniep, CPOA officers for the forthcoming year will be elected.

ABOUT the CPOA: A member of the Federation of Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations Inc. (FCTO), the New Britain CPOA was founded in 1924 when several property owners and businessmen bonded to keep abreast of city government spending. By charter, CPOA "shall foster, encourage and promote interest in all activities of local, state and regional agencies by local taxpayer groups as those activities affect the taxpayers of New Britain and the State o0f Connecticut; also to develop and establish an agenda in support of certain legislative initiatives which would affect greater economy, efficiency and effectiveness in our state and municipal governments and disseminate information regarding such state and regional agency activities and legislative initiatives to the state's and New Britain's taxpayers." (CPOA By-Laws 3.0)

People interested in receiving more information on the CPOA should e-mail:; or drop a line to CPOA, P.O. Box 2312, New Britain, CT 06050.


Michael W. Wanik

Ms. Ann Mikulak 860-229-7889

C. W. Resourses Bottle Drives

CW has a couple of bottle drives upcoming, in an effort to help support relief efforts for Japan.

On Saturday, April 9, from 8-12 pm, we will be collecting bottles and cans (remember, water bottles too!) in our Bristol location, at 461 Broad St.

On April 16, the following Saturday, we will be collecting at our New Britain facility on Myrtle St.

If you would like to help coordinate a special drive at your place of employment, feel free to give me a call, that would be great!!

Remember, also, this not only helps the Red Cross in their relief efforts, but also provides employment for some of our bottle sorters as well.

Many thanks, hope to see you at one of these efforts.
I’ve attached a couple of flyers that you might choose to put up at your place of work, one for Bristol and one for New Britain.

Again, many thanks,

Art Helfgott, Mgr.,CW Resources 461 Broad St., Bristol, CT 06010--860-583-0401

East Side's Guest Speaker Sgt. T. Baden of the New Britain Police Department Youth Bureau:

With four Detectives assign to her staff she explained the hardships her department members must encounter. Handling an approximate 150 cases per year and having each of the four detectives handle a minimum of 25 case load at all times averaging of 500 arrest per year. Handling Court cases of child abuse, and physical harm to children with broken legs, bones and etc.

Another major issue are the school students creating gangs fights with other gangs after school. Taking a minimum of three arrest before the courts may detain them at the Hartford Juvenile Center however we cannot go into the schools but we do work closely with the Assistant Superintendent of the Board of Education.

We cannot arrest any youths under the age of 17 and that state law is soon being changed to under 18 years of age. The children knows those facts so we cannot threaten them into conforming with proper actions or changing their wrong actions or directions because they tell each other that there isn't anything they can do to us.    Even if we should steal a car and crash it.

For the most part many of these children lack parental guidance at home and are starving for some sort of guidance & structure and if they wind up in the juvenile center they welcome being told when to eat breakfast, when to study, and when to go to bed. They are not really bad kids but need guidance and structure.

We work with the friendship center, the Klinberg family center, and big brothers & sisters.

When the Vice Squad arrest the parent of youngsters we bring the children to the station and watch them until the department of DCF take over their care.

One question asked by an attendee was how do they handle bullying? It is usually two kids fighting with a gang of kids watching the fight. When the police arrive they move on to another street leaving very little action for the police to take especially if they actually didn't see the alleged occurrence.

She explained that the parents have the right to discipline their children and even slap them when needed. The thought that the children can call the police to have them arrested is false unless the parent has caused bodily harm to his/her child.

Another comment made by a person recalling his childhood days with his mother telling him wait until your father gets home.

The police youth department detectives must be commended for all the awful situations they must handle each day finding it hard to forget what they had to endure during their shifts.

frank smith

CPOA to hold annual meeting | New Britain Republicans

This Sunday Afternoon at 2:30 P. M. 

The coming meltdown of Barack Obama

Government shutdown may disrupt business travel, H-1B visas

By Patrick Thibodeau, Editor 

378 State Retirees Collected Pensions Exceeding $100,000 In 2010, Report Says -

Two teens charged after graffiti spree - The New Britain Herald (

Police report ... April 7 - The Bristol Press (

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Residents rally in support of bill to standardize paid sick days: The Herald

Thousands of Illegal Aliens May Have Voted in Colorado - HUMAN EVENTS

Membership in the United Nations is Like Having Obama President for a Second Term - UNTHINKABLE

Governor Malloy’s Continued Saga.

After the many town hall meetings the Governor has finally arrived to speak to the New Britain area residents tonight.    After being introduced by Mayor Timothy Stewart The Governor spoke briefly for approximately ten minutes  allowing the balance of one hour allocation of time for questions from the attendees.

Sadly, many of the these individual were there pushing their union’s agenda.

A lottery was pulled that allowed twenty persons to speak and present their questions to Governor Molloy.

Concerns and fear that the Vocational school system may be changed by the State Administration and turned over to the cities.

  Reference to the recent approval of the busway was met with " you are asking us to sacrifice but with this project we have a spending problem."    The high salaries being paid to the governor's appointees with Governor Molly expressing that they are reviewing all management positions and many positions will be eliminated.    And that the appointees were evaluated for their past experiences. The Governor frankly expressed that the school system was operating, during the last administration with Stimulus dollars, and we are currently evaluating how much each city needs without hurting each town's taxpayers. Out of desperation he asked do you want me to discontinue the pilot program? We have to find solutions together.

The local president of the machinist union stated that at the beginning of your comments you have mentioned the increase in taxes would cost $400 per year and that most of the people here tonight cannot afford the increase you propose because they spend all they are able to earn. But the rich would not miss that sum or even more because it is money they do not spend at all.

The Governor with his opening statement, address a need to help the Hospitals, to end early retirements for state employees, asking for state employees to restructure and or renegotiate. He also supports portable housing because it is cheaper for the state to keep the owners in their homes. He is proposing to return the lost stimulus funding to DCS a sum of $271 millions. When asked by a resident if he supports the SustiNet Health care plan his response was "NO".

 He also stated that the average family will experience $470 per year tax increase with the sales tax increase costing $37 per year. Returning the ECS funding formula to keep the towns and cities taxes down. He also stated that Connecticut has not increased jobs within the state for the last 22 years.

CHRIS POWELL: Just another month in state’s collapse - The Middletown Press (

Malloy Retreats From SustiNet -

Monday, April 4, 2011

Former FBI Agent From Farmington To Seek 5th District Congressional Seat: The Courant

Governor Malloy: Gov. Malloy Announces Dual-Track Decision on Busway and Bristol/Waterbury Commuter Rail Line

Malloy To Pursue Hartford-New Britain Busway -

Great for the City of New Britain

A visit to the Pennsylvania fortress of “The World’s most Dangerous Islamist”

To The Editor by The Minority Leader of The Council


To: The Editor:

As a member of the Common Council, I find “Budget Time” the most difficult time of the year. Producing a budget for our city is more of a daunting task than producing a budget for your family. Why? There are politicians involved who, once they get elected think they’re experts in all fields, many more special interest groups and thousands of folks who want all their problems solved but who want lower taxes to boot!

The Education budget is more difficult to scrutinize. The costs involving in paving streets are much easier to predict than what is needed for teaching students and then assessing disappointing results of teaching efforts. It can be as ridiculous as, did I correctly predict how much asphalt we’ll need vs., how well prepared are our students and their teachers.

All that said, remember, you know immediately if you ordered enough asphalt. Compare that with, how soon do you know if your efforts on behalf of students are working? Difference, it takes years! Everybody I know that is directly involved in education knows all this. They know that the education situation is more complicated and that it depends on how knowledge of teaching and learning is used to effect improvement.

If one takes the small time frame of the past ten years and examines education progress in New Britain, it is not impressive by any measure. On the other hand, if one examines “education” spending in that same time frame, the difference is startling; the beneficiaries are not the students, rather, it has been those delivering the instruction and their supervisors.

Now the following is simplistic: every year, the public is told, “ the largest part of the education budget is employee salaries/benefits.” By only one measure, what do standardized test scores show us? One can say with surety, it shows that simply asking for and spending more money on education every year doesn’t result in improvement. So, what does? Let the public answer that question.

Lou Salvio, Alderman

103 Russwin Rd. New Britain

Malloy to announce Busway decision today - The New Britain Herald (

School board plans rally ahead of Malloy’s budget talk - The New Britain Herald (

Sunday, April 3, 2011

State Pensions Including Accrued Mileage Expenses


During the past week, The Hartford Courant, has exposed the state's pension mileage abuse with several editorials.

The accumulation of the mileage vouchers being added to a retiree's pension is actually accruing the total amount collected, over the years, each year in the pension check.

Hopefully, Governor Malloy will take out the mileage portion from all retirements pension payouts.

CPOA Annual Meeting, April 10th.

The annual meeting will be held next Sunday April 10th., at the Marchegian Hall--- in the lower level.


Minutes of the last meeting, Treasurer's report, Old Business, New Business, election of officers and the Board of Directors.

The City Budget will be discussed.

The Prytko- Janus Award will be awarded to Elmo Aiudi.

Special invited Guest: The Honorable Mayor T. Stewart, and Ms. Susan Kniep, FCTO State President.

OUR VIEW: Health fair, academy gives career insight - The New Britain Herald (

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