Monday, June 30, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Illinois Homecare Provider Unionization Scheme

Rally Today - 6:00 p.m. at the State Capitol

Rally Today - 6:00 p.m. at the State Capitol

Victory for Religious Liberty 



The Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby is a tremendous victory. 


The decision was a close call but nevertheless, a victory! 


Please attend a rally at the Connecticut State Capitol today to show gratitude and support for a fundamental and founding principle in this country.


Israeli TV stations say bodies of 3 Israeli teens kidnapped in West Bank have been found - The Washington Post

Woman Sees A Drone Hovering Outside Her Window While She's Changing - Connecticut Post

HOBBY LOBBY WINS: Supreme Court rules employers with religious objections can refuse to pay for women's contraception

Justices: Can’t make employers cover contraception - The Washington Post

Court: Public union can’t make nonmembers pay fees - The Washington Post

Friday, June 27, 2014

Costco Land Transfer Deeds Finally Signed


CPOA Holds Annual Meeting, Names Officers


No baloney Obama still claims scandels are phony

Rallying supporters in Minnesota the day after new revelations about wrongdoing at the IRS related to the targeting and harassment of his political enemies, President Obama doubled down on claims that the mounting scandals around his administration are fabrications. The Hill: “President Obama charged that his Republican opponents had ‘nothing to offer except cynicism and fear and frustration’ during a fundraiser Thursday in Minnesota. The fundraiser capped off a day Obama spent with Rebekah Erler, a working mother who wrote the president to detail her financial struggle. ‘It moved me,’ Obama said of the letter, adding that he only went into politics to help people like her. Obama said he remembered what it felt like to be struggling to figure out ‘how you lead a good life and raise your kids, not looking to get wildly wealthy… trying to make ends meet. That’s what we should be talking about every day in Washington,’ he said. ‘We talk about everything else. .. We talk about phony scandals. We talk about Benghazi. and we talk about polls and we talk about the tea party and we talk about the latest controversy... We don’t talk about her.’”

» Swine flu found at Texas shelter for Central American children » News -- GOPUSA

Tearing Down Old Police Department


GSG Asks City to Revise Request


Government by fiat - The Washington Post

Thursday, June 26, 2014

HUD Demands Misused Funds be returned and The Blame Game Starts!


The O’Brien administration requested the funds for a project that did not exist but Alderwoman Suzanne Bielinski was quick to place blame onto the following administration {Mayor Erin Stewart’s } for not pushing the project through.
Miss Bielinski, how could Mayor Erin push for something that never existed?

So now Erin is saddled with an additional " Deficit" of $900,000 dollars because you Democrats voted for the phony request from HUD.  

Hillary Clinton’s latest falsehood on Iraq - The Washington Post

Obama backs U.S. military training for Syrian rebels - The Washington Post


New evidence about the actions of the IRS official at the center of the investigation into the agency’s systematic targeting of President Obama’s political adversaries is intensifying the firestorm over the alleged corruption. IRS executive Lois Lerner apparently pushed for an audit of one of the administration’s most outspoken critics in the Senate. In emails with a colleague, Lerner claims to have mistakenly received an invitation to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to give a speech to a non-profit group in 2012. Lerner wrote that the group offered to pay for Grassley’s wife to attend. Lerner wanted to sic investigators on Grassley, even though, as her colleague observed, the offer was not improper. How did Lerner, a then-unknown IRS division manager, end up with a speaking invitation to an Iowa Republican Senator? We can’t know because Lerner refuses to testify. What other notable Republican did she suggest be targeted? We can’t find out because the agency “recycled” the hard drives that the IRS says include her sent items from the key period of the targeting. But what we do know is: Pushing for the selective prosecution of a high-profile administration adversary in the Senate is a big deal and will change the way this case moves forward.

“We don’t want her in jail, we want the truth. We want the truth more than anything else...” – House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif. on “The Kelly File” making his first-ever demand for a special prosecutor into the targeting of the president’s political enemies. Watch the full interview here.

» Welcome to the Executive Dictatorship » Commentary -- GOPUSA

A new industrial age is being built on sensors, 3D printing and the cloud - Computerworld


» Cheney expects 'far deadlier attack' than 9/11 » News -- GOPUSA

Supreme Court limits president's recess appointment power | Fox News

Snow White Unleashed. Rell Says Malloy “Lies”. — Daily Ructions

BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Bristol voters may get the final say on Depot Square

Response by an unknown teacher to Chris Powell’s Editorial

The Opinion page of the Sunday (6/2/14) Herald carried a column written by Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester. Powell’s article discussed the now abandoned proposal to reform teacher evaluation practices in Connecticut along with standardized testing of students. Standardized test results of students were to become an integral part of the State’s standards for teacher evaluations.

Whew!  I’m glad that idea was stalled. As usual, Powell was right on point with his assertions. He used as beautiful examples of being glad that the process was stalled, two letters that had been written by Connecticut public school teachers, one from “tony” West Hartford and the other from “gritty” Bridgeport. Powell’s major point was that decline in effectiveness of public school education is not that the caliber of teachers has declined but rather, the caliber of students; put another way ,the “tony” West Hartford students are not necessarily smarter than the “gritty“ Bridgeport students, just better prepared, perhaps.

In my opinion, teacher evaluation reform should concentrate on the improvement of instruction and not tie in as a major factor standardized test results of students as an indicator of teacher quality. The students in a teacher’s classes are as varied as snow- flakes as will be the effectiveness of that teacher with each student. Teachers must be skilled in identifying the strengths of their students and also, ways to capitalize on those strengths. Teacher evaluators must be equally skilled in identifying the strengths of all teachers. Evaluators must be able -prepared- to offer suggestions for improvement in areas of instruction as well as praising the strengths of a teacher. 

All people learn differently, including teachers.. It’s harmful to judge them on basis of standardized test scores.



Sally sale for this weekend

Sally has House for sale at1900 Mount Vernon Road
Southington, CT with furniture and a car 2000 for less than 4K with low mileage .

For arrangements call her at 860-828-2907


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Issa: I'll Consider Immunity for Lois Lerner

» Furor About Plan for Illegal Kids » Commentary -- GOPUSA

Boehner plans to file suit against Obama over alleged abuse of executive power | Fox News


If you can divine a national trend from a runoff election in Mississippi, be our guest. But rather than pondering the motives of 3,188 Mississippi voters who made the difference in a bitter, hyper-local election, there’s a more useful consideration today. What’s at stake nationally this year is control of the U.S. Senate, and Republican chances of taking the majority went up significantly Tuesday night.

T-Mobile looks to keep customers satisfied with test drives, free music streaming

Sap Data Center Power


Decommissioning servers is a difficult
process, as Barclays learned in its nowe
successful effort to rid itself of underused
systems. By Patrick Thibodeau

cut carbon dioxide pollution
, in part through ef-
ficiency improvements, could put pressure on data
centers with servers that are doing very little work
- or none at all.

Many high-profile data centers rurl by the likes of Apple, eBay
and Google incorporate alternative energy into their power mi
and all boast about the efficiency of their op-

erations. But a recent Uptime Institute survey
suggests that a large number of data centers
"are running substantial numbers of servers
that do nothing.

Nearly 25% of the more than 1,000 enter-
prise data center operators and executives who
responded to the Uptime survey said that at
10% of their servers are "likely comatose."
And the actual numbers may be higher.
"Most data center operators can't even tell
you how many servers they have, never mind
their utilization, so caution in interpreting


those numbers is indicated," said
Jonathan Koomey, a research
fellow at the Steyer-Taylor Center
for Energy Policy and Finance

at Stanford University. "The
percentages for comatose servers
are likely much bigger

Managing underused servers
and improving efficiency isn't
easy, as Bardays has discovered.

Last year, Bardays decom-
missioned about
9,100 physical
servers, which represented
12% to
17% of the financial services com-
pany's total server footprint
. Those
systems collectively consumed

2.5 megawatts, and Bardays
became a model for the industry
when it took them out of service.

That success was the end
result of a multiyear effort to
develop a decommissioning

That program began after
Bardays took on a number of re-
dundant systems in its
2009 ac-
ion of the North American
operations of Lehman Brothers
Initially, the decommission-

ing process was chaotic. "What
we learned was the biggest impediment to success was people
reluctance to click the 'approve' button" on a change ticket, said
Paul Nally, a director at Bardays.

Shutting down a database server might involve a dozen tickets,
but there was no order to the process
. The Bardays IT operation
used an orchestration software tool to ensure that the approach
followed a series of orderly steps: Database administrators went
first, followed by storage administrators, then operating system
specialists and finally the people who did the physical work

To overcome concerns about decommissioning, Nally said the
process was made as "safe as possible" and "reversible." With
those controls in place, he noted, "people's reluctance to hit
'approve' sort of abated.

Shutdowns take place over three weekends. On the first
weekend, there
's an inventory check to make sure the server is
where it's believed to be; a week later, the server is shut down
via an automated workflow; and the server is
removed from the rack on the third weekend.

The three-week process allows Bardays IT
teams to quickly recover a system if a mistake
is made during the decommissioning.

There were some errors early on, but the
process has improved with the adoption of a
, repeatable plan.

Decommissioning ser~ers is "cleaning up
after yourself," and in doing so
"you remove a
lot of noise from the environment
," said Nally.
The end result, he added, is a more nimble and
efficient IT opera
tion. +

Teen arrested in Southington fire that killed teen girl | WTNH

Former Vice President Dick Cheney predicts U.S. will face deadly, nuclear attack within decade - NY Daily News

Removing Troops Opened Door To Al-Qaida's Return --

Charles Krauthammer

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ex-GOP state chairman working to get Pelto on ballot | The CT Mirror

AP Chelsea Clinton, $10M Apartment, $3M Wedding, $600K Job: I Just Don't Care About Money

By Leslie Larson, New York Daily News

General Hayden: Obama Pulled Out of Iraq Too Soon

» Six Facts You Should Know about Obama's Flood of Illegal Aliens » Commentary -- GOPUSA

» Massachusetts Mayor: Stop sending refugees! » News -- GOPUSA

Mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts, Domenic Sarno

Katie Couric Marries John Molner :

The UPC barcode arrived 40 years ago; now, they're ubiquitous - Computerworld

Obama’s bad bet on Maliki

- Dexter Filkins: “President Obama won the White House in part by promising to end the war in Iraq, and since then he placed his faith in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to help him do so… In early 2009, a group of American diplomats in Iraq warned the White House that it ran the risk of creating a dictator. They were largely ignored, and when Maliki won [re-election] a year later Obama gave him his full support.”

Microsoft, insurer, may make home automation inexpensive -- even free - Computerworld


Important Meeting Notice

The "Fair Housing Law" in Connecticut is the most misunderstood law impacting rental property owners. Its scope and coverage is far-reaching with many landlords being "Simply Clueless" about tenant rights and this law.
Some Fair Housing Questions;
  • How many children are allowed to live in a one-bedroom apartment?
  • What is the difference between a Companion Pet and Service Animal regarding your "No Pet Policy"?
  • Do you have to rent to an applicant collecting unemployment?
  • Can you deny a tenant's "Reasonable Accommodation"? 
  • What constitutes an illegal apartment advertisement?
  • Are unmarried heterosexual and homosexual couple treated the same?
  • Who can legally discriminate against the Fair Housing laws?  
These questions are just the tip of the Iceberg, the wrong answer will cost you thousands if a discrimination complaint is filed against you!

I encourage all landlords to attend our Fair Housing Workshop on Wednesday June 25th at 6:30 in the auditorium at Shelton City Hall, 54 Hill Street. This a must attend event if you rent apartments in Connecticut, Attorney Tucker McWeeny will do the presentation, more details are below.

Bob De Cosmo
President, CTPOA Inc. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bobby Jindal: Angry Americans Ready for 'Hostile Takeover' of Washington

Mayor Stewart takes action for the city's children

Mayor Erin Stewart transfers $19,000 from her office budget so as to repair two of city‘s swimming pools that have broken pipes caused by the awful winter weather. 

 This act, by her, is making sure the city’s children will be enjoying a good summer.




Barack & Marx: Why Revolution is the Only Game in Town

With No Keystone Pipeline, Canada OKs Oil-to-Asia Plan

Disappointed by the Obama administration's decision to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Canadian government has approved the construction of a major pipeline to deliver oil to Asia.

The Northern Gateway project will run 732 miles from the oil sands in landlocked Alberta across British Columbia to a new marine terminal in the Pacific Coast town of Kitmat, according to global news agency AFP.

It would transport about 525,000 barrels of oil daily for shipment across the Pacific to Asia, most likely to China.

If approved, the Keystone XL pipeline could carry 700,000 barrels a day from Alberta to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he was "profoundly disappointed" that President Barack Obama has delayed a decision on the Keystone and added that Canada needed to diversify its oil exports, which now go almost entirely to the United States.

As long ago as December 2011, Harper disclosed that he had warned American officials that if Obama put the Keystone on hold, his government would ship Canadian oil to Asian markets

He told CTV News: "I am very serious about selling our oil off this continent, selling our energy products off to Asia."

But opponents in British Columbia have threatened to block the pipeline over fears that it would make the province vulnerable to an oil spill, damaging the scenic coastline, The New York Times reported.

About 220 large oil tankers would visit the Kitmat facility if the Northern Gateway project is built.

Enbridge, the company that would build the pipeline, must meet about 100 conditions imposed by a regulator before construction can begin, according to the Times.

The government's approval is predicated on Enbridge fulfilling those conditions.

According to AFP, the project will cost $7.3 billion.

AP Exclusive: 'Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,' Rape Victim Says

The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie

Teachers failed to warn of education's collapse - Journal Inquirer: Chris Powell

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sheriff Paul Babeu: Obama 'Doesn't Get It' on Illegal Immigrant Crisis

▶ Gainesville, Texas - Best Small Town Getaway - Texas 2014 - YouTube

US Rep. John Larson meets his match at an East Hartford Senior Center!

While attempting his ten minute presentation for his social security proposal he was immediately confronted by a person calling him a liar with his asking why don’t you just pay back all the money you took from the social security fund?   And then a woman took the floor with her blaming the Obamacare and the death panels.  When Larson asked what death panel and who is on that panel?   She immediately replied “Obama’s people.
This is what he gets for hanging around with Madame Pelosi as you may all recall wasn’t she the one, when referring to the Obamacare bill, “ We didn’t have time to read the bill but let’s pass it and read it later.”  


Spain Arrests Freed Gitmo Captive Running Jihadist Recruitment Network

Ex-Bergdahl Roommate: White House Knew He Was a Traitor Before Swap


We The People of Faith

Thursday, June 19, 2014

BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Possible Bysiewicz bid sets off furor in Bristol

Jesus, Republicans and NRA banned on school website | Fox News

Andrew Lampart a Woodbury Ct. Student High School's computer blocks conservative information.

Obama announces he is sending up to 300 troops back to Iraq as advisers - The Washington Post

Short of what our Generals were seeking for presidential action.

Prosecutors: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker part of 'criminal scheme' |

The high Price of the Obama Presidential to Remember!

No Decisions Ever!   

Surprise: ObamaCare Is Costing More Than Washington Predicted -

Senators blast Obama foreign policy as political war over Iraq heats up | Fox News

We need a president to make decisions

Dick Cheney, did you really want to go there? - The Washington Post

Obama foreign policy and Iraq -

AP Photos Trump Slams Obama: America Used to Lead The World, Now We Don’t Even Lead From Behind

New Britain Summer Theater Camp Features "The Little Mermaid" -

New Britain Theater To Stage 'Rent' -

Friday, June 13, 2014

Thoughts on the Budget Meeting

Commentary by: Robin Vinci, Editor, NBCJ

Bizzarro to Run in 24th District


Border Sheriff: Influx of Illegals is Like Hurricane Katrina

» Truth 'needs to be out' about ObamaCare, says Democrat » Fresh Ink -- GOPUSA

» Obama caught napping, say critics » News -- GOPUSA

Reaction to Mayor Stewart's Veto


Former Mayor DeFronzo and now a State Commissioner coupled with John McNamara Democratic Town Committee Chairman spoke eloquently with many poor residents they arranged to fill the council chambers, attempting to persuade the common council membership to override Mayor Stewart’s Veto proposal.
With the common council passing the Mayor’s Veto proposal Mr. McNamara decided, to not take the loss with his appearance of weaken power over his control of his council minions but, resorted to usual attack mode on his web page blaming Mayor Stewart and Mr. Ken Malinowski for the reduction for the HUD funds for Community Services.
Apparently, Mr. McNamara doesn’t understand the workings of a democracy but, favors a socialistic preference with controled results.       

Primary Gives Hartford Residents A Vote On Stadium --

Kevin Rennie

» Obama Ramps Up America's Destruction » Commentary -- GOPUSA


As Americans flee Iraq ahead of an advancing column of Islamist soldiers hell-bent on toppling the U.S. backed government in Baghdad, the likelihood of American military involvement is growing. Though the Obama administration, not usually a stickler on legal constraints of the executive branch, is claiming legal obstacles, it seems hard to imagine that any American president would allow Baghdad to fall to a group as despicable as the ISIS, militants so vile that even al Qaeda won’t claim them as their own. More than 4,000 Americans were killed liberating and then pacifying Iraq, at a cost of an estimated $1.7 trillion. Plus, failing to stop the worst of the worst now may mean a third invasion of Iraq at a later date. (Read Dexter Filkins’ concisely excellent explainer to get the picture.) But for a president who has factored domestic politics more heavily into foreign affairs than perhaps any in history, nothing is ever straightforward. After all, no one thought that Obama would flinch on Syria after promising attacks amid a genocidal onslaught, especially with lots of liberal support. But he did.

Volunteers flock to defend Baghdad as insurgents seize more Iraqi territory - The Washington Post

GOP Blasts Obama on Iraq Turmoil: 'Something That Was Avoidable'

Obama’s national security team under fire on Iraq, Bergd

Malloy chose busway but railroad may do him in - Journal Inquirer: Chris Powell

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Feds Force Michigan Town to Cancel July 4th Fireworks - Fox Nation

President Obama promises help for Iraq, won’t “rule out anything” | Post Politics

Boost that battery: Tips and tricks for laptops

BY:Brian Nadel


Most politicians would kill for a 54 percent favorability rating, but for the 2016 Democratic frontrunner the number is a troubling sign. As Hillary Clinton’s campaign blitz surrounding her latest book drags on amid gaffes and fudgy facts, her previously stratospheric ratings have begun to slide. A new Gallup poll  shows Clinton down a dozen points since leaving her post as secretary of state, with a 5-point drop since February. Partly that is because Clinton’s candidacy is forcing perceptions through a more partisan prism and partly because she is disappointing the massive expectations she and her campaign organization have created for her.

An Internet of Things prediction for 2025 -- with caveats


Mayor Stops helping the Rock Cats team

Mayor stops helping the Rock Cats in getting their property taxes lowered that is owed to the town of Berlin for the portion of the stadium is in Berlin since they decided to move to Hartford.   Therefore, they will be required to pay the full tax owed to Berlin effective July first this year.  
Maybe the city of Hartford will pay this tax bill for them??

Slain Canadian Mountie’s police dog cries during master’s funeral - NY Daily News

Krauthammer Slams Obama: He's Operating Under His Own Constitution

Pelto: ‘Exploratory’ Phase Ends; He’ll Definitely Run For Governor On 3rd-Party Line; Will Form Candidate Committee | Capitol Watch

Border Patrol Agents to Babysit, Feed, Interact With Illegal Alien Youths at Shelters

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The New Britain mayor's veto Issue

Attempts to override Mayor Stewart’s veto failed.



Mayor Stewart’s Veto Tonight’s Common Council Meeting An Issue

HUD Compliance is Mayor Stewart’s main issue for her veto of the common council vote of adding aid to various community agencies citing she is not about to bite the hand that feeds us with her referring to former Mayor Tim O’Brien not abiding to HUD’S rule and regulations which caused HUD’s taken away 1.6 million dollars away from the city for O’Brien’s ignoring HUD’s demands.

Bergdahl’s writings reveal a fragile young man - The Washington Post

Ex-Milford mayoral hopeful loses law license - Connecticut Post

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eric Cantor succumbs to tea party challenger - The Washington Post

Mayor Stewart's Veto

Erin Stewart just vetoed critical funding for human services and community organizations in our city!


Mayor Stewart had proposed reducing and eliminating $126,432 allocated by the city from federal HUD grants to organizations that provide needed human services that help people in our city. When City Council Democrats, without a single Republican vote, restored some of the funding that Stewart had cut, She responded by vetoing $371,000 in critical funding for services for children and youth, feeding the hungry, helping women and families harmed by domestic violence, keeping the homeless warm and more.
By John McNamara, Chairman for the Democratic town committee 


ABC News’s Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Rodham Clinton on Benghazi | Erik Wemple

White House: 90 in Administration Knew of Bergdahl Deal, But Not Congress

Negativity the oxygen for Obama’s surrealistic America

Hartford Residents Say Fix Schools Before Building Ballpark -

Monday, June 9, 2014

» Treason: Obama's 'Gitmo Five' » Commentary -- GOPUSA

Obama and the Mockery of Honor - Fox Nation

Summer Brings Scooters, Bikes on Streets



A Fox News poll that was in the field just as news broke about President Obama’s decision to circumvent Congress to release five Afghan Islamist militant commanders in exchange for one U.S. soldier found voters worried about the consequences for the future but generally split on whether they agreed with the choice. But we haven’t seen much, if any, polling to indicate how voters feel now that details have emerged about the deal, especially allegations of desertion and even collaboration against the soldier ransomed by the president. Today, we get our first snapshot of what voters think and it’s not pretty.

White House reportedly let Bergdahl parents take part in secure video conferences | Fox News

Cruz: Repeal 'every word' of ObamaCare | TheHill

Freed Taliban 'Pretty Old Guy' Says He'll Fight Again the Day After LA Times Minimizes Dangers | NewsBusters

New Britain Raises Fees For Transfer Station -

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rat Cats?

“The Rock Cats move was a kick in the groin,” Was Mark Bernaki’s comment in a local media but, most New Britain residents are referring to them as being “ Rat Cats”. 

  The planned move to Hartford is not occurring for another year but most of the Rock Cats followers will be boycotting the remaining local games as their message to the Rat Cat owners.


Stasi: Freed soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl fell from hero status fast - NY Daily News

Malloy turns his back on stadium madness - Journal Inquirer: Chris Powell

Friday, June 6, 2014

East Side NRZ Meeting Held Thursday Evening!

Mr. Bob DeCosmo was asked to attend this meeting and to point out the methods on how to improve the neighborhood problems.
The arranging of selecting three hot spots or streets in the area where problems exist.  Since the group meets on a monthly basis he suggested getting volunteers to meet more frequently in order to address any upcoming problems with the selected streets.
He did mentioned to contact the code enforcement of the city to bring attention to the owners of the existing violations on their properties and if they ignore the notice from the city then the city can send the necessary help to do the needed work and place a lien on the property.   The Mortgage company [ Bank} will then be behind the city’s lien and will certainly raise its concern with the owner immediately.
Unfortunately, New Britain, does not have any grants available for the city property owners however, banks and foundations could be approached to obtain the necessary funds.
Another area of concern is the training of landlords on how to do the proper background checks of future tenants in avoiding trouble tenants that would create havoc with the peaceable quit in the area. 

30 Years Later, Ronald Reagan's Normandy Speech Still Resonates

» What Matters Most in Obama's Terrorist Trade » Commentary -- GOPUSA

New Britain Taxpayers get a11% Tax Increase!

After hours of lengthy discussions by the common council membership it approved Mayor Stewart’s proposed budget of 4.88 mil increase tonight.  Mayor Stewart must be commended for her budget proposal without her concerning herself for her re-election bid.   She has honestly acted what is best for the city and its taxpayers.  She has won my vote trusting she has garnered all the votes of the citizens that elected her to the office of mayor.  The lengthy discussions that occurred was caused by the Democrats attempting to add more free stuff to the budget that they always support.
Councilman Jamie Giantonio must be commended for supporting the Mayor's proposed budget citing it is 'responsible and not balanced with inflated revenue numbers" which stopped the DeFronzo, Trueworthy and Platosz  push to get more free stuff as aforementioned.

BRISTOLTODAY.COM: Bombs and Bristol

By Steve Collins, Staff Reporter

Thursday, June 5, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Bergdahl declared jihad in captivity, secret documents show | Fox News

In a May 17 commencement speech at Morgan State University, Attorney General Eric H. Holder once again dismissed the problem of voter fraud as being inconsequential. Efforts to curb it, he claimed, are merely attempts to deprive minorities of their right to vote.

It's not just that Holder personally persists in ignoring the many cases of such fraud that have been documented by historians and journalists. His entire Justice Department studiously ignores evidence of possible fraud and steadfastly refuses to do anything about it. I know this from experience.

From 2010 until 2013, I served on the Fairfax County Electoral Board in Virginia. In August 2011, we notified the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia in Alexandria, as well as the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department (which coordinates election-crime prosecutions) in Washington, D.C., of possible voter fraud by non-citizens. In checking with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the board discovered 278 registered voters who, when they got their driver's licenses, told the DMV they were not U.S. citizens. Before we canceled any of the seemingly illegal registrations, we gave all of these voters the opportunity to confirm their citizenship. None of them did so. Almost half of them (117) not only had registered to vote, they had voted in state and federal elections.

Sprint near deal to buy T-Mobile USA for $50 billion, reports say

Boughton Critical of Rock Cats Move | Capitol Watch

NRZ Agenda for tonight's meeting

Reminder about tonight's CTPOA-New Britain presentation
Just A Reminder
Development Plan on Eastside-NRZ Agenda

Bob De Cosmo
Pres. CT Property Owners Alliance


Thursday June 5, 2014
Stanley Memorial Fountain of Life Church
639 East St, New Britain CT  06051


Why did Team Obama so badly botch the publicity of the release of five Islamist militant leaders in exchange for an accused Army deserter? The deal was sure to have been controversial, but might have, if done with humility and a low-key approach, engendered respect. Instead, the publicity blitz backfired on the administration. New Fox News polling explains how the struggling White House team ended up here, with Democrats in open rebellion and President Obama’s old rivals in Hillaryland taking potshots at his judgment? Desperation seems to be the thing. After a damaging turn with the revelation of widespread abuse of veterans at government hospitals and deepening concerns about the administration’s foreign policy setbacks in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the president’s previous strong suits are a shambles. The desire to return to the high point of his presidency, the killing of Usama bin Laden and subsequent Afghan drawdown, was understandable. But with a milky foreign policy speech at West Point, N.Y. and then the accused deserter PR fiasco, Obama finds himself in even worse position. But the poll shows us why he got greedy for a big win.

Madame Nancy Pelosi with her "Disdain" for Seniors


 We can all recall her famous Obama Care statement when she announced we do not have time to read this bill lets pass it and read it later.
Within this bill it established a death panel which was reputed by all the citizens that were aware of its ramifications.
Well the Obama group with Pelosi’s help change this direction by calling “Rationing Care”
All I have to say to the seniors whatever it is called we are all doomed.  

George F. Will: When a president goes rogue - The Washington Post

If Hartford entices team, state taxpayers will pay - Journal Inquirer: Chris Powell

Bergdahl's hometown cancels 'Welcome Home' ceremony amid questions | Fox News

Bristol Offers Reward In Bomb Threat Investigation -


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Rock Cats Mystery!

Former Mayor O’Brien and his right hand Mr. Sherwood was replaced by the good doctor who was the Mayor of Hartford's former aide.   They all had to know about the planned move of the Rock Cats to Hartford.   One would suppose when Erin won her election O’Brien decided to not apprise her of the pending negotiations with Hartford, by the Rock Cats.


Harford Mayor annouces Rock Cats are moving

Editorial: Surrender Without Honor - Pres. Obama Has Betrayed the Highest Obligation of His Office - Fox Nation

Bergdahl prisoner swap: Team Obama more willing to negotiate with terrorists than Congress | Fox News

Innocence of Muslims, Take Two

Drug-makers volley attack against insurers over O-Care subsidies | TheHill

HURT: An unfair trade for an undeserving deserter - Washington Times

Surrender without honor  - NY Daily News

Charities And Youth Baseball Groups Respond To Reported Rock Cats Move -


Monday, June 2, 2014

John Bolton: Bergdahl Deal a Sign of 'Weakness in the White House'

'We Lost Soldiers in the Hunt for Bergdahl, a Guy Who Walked Off in the Dead of Night ...' - Fox Nation

For this deserter.

Alderman Salvio corrects Alderman DeFronzo’s comments in his letter to the editor.

This letter is a personal response to one that appeared in The Herald on Friday, 5/30/14 from David DeFronzo. Some facts need to be made clear before getting to the main thrust of this letter: Mr. DeFronzo is currently an Alderman serving on the New Britain Common Council. a position he held all throughout the Administration of Tim O’Brien  and one he holds today; when O’Brien took over as Mayor in 2011 New Britain’s mil rate was 36.63, when he left two years later, it was 44.?? ; some people realized a reduction in their real estate taxes because of a statewide/ordered Revaluation that lowered most property values - while most personal property taxes increased. Mr. DeFronzo carefully obfuscates these facts by asserting that Mayor Stewart has “opted” to hit taxpayers with an 11% increase to balance the budget. Does everyone see how sly and underhanded is his wording? What Mr. DeFronzo intimates is that  Mayor Stewart should be held responsible to taxpayers for all of O’Brien’s feckless administrative practices, practices he (DeFronzo) proudly supported along with other Council Democrats. It’s important to mention here that before the 2011 municipal election, Herald writer, Robert Storace wrote profiles of all the candidates; in DeFronzo’s profile it was reported that he said, he “strongly supported” that O’Brien budget.

At the public hearing on the budget, 18 people spoke about Youth Services a few on education, taxes  and one fire department cuts. But, Mr. DeFronzo says that cuts in these areas are significantly high; what he doesn’t say is that that there are other negotiations still going and that there is still time before final reconciliations on the 2014-2015 need to be completed. Now Mr. DeFronzo knows all this but he’s trying to scare people into thinking that doomsday is here and that our Mayor is responsible.

Mr. DeFronzo tries to demonstrate what a forward thinker he is but fails to acknowledge that what he attempts to credit as his thinking/ideas are things that are already being done. DeFronzo uses “weasel words” such as there need to be “real concessions” and “real discussions”.  One can infer from these remarks that any discussions that have gone on and any concessions made are FAKE !

Near the end of his “Treatise” on how to balance a budget and run a government DeFronzo cites the need for accurate revenue projections and the need to find sustainable revenue sources. WOW! Recently, Common Council members received a document showing the PHONY REVENUE PROJECTIONS of the 2013-2014 O’Brien budget. Now, a few paragraphs ago , I cited that Robert Storace reported in his profile on Mr. DeFronzo, that DeFronzo said in 2011, that he “strongly supported the 2013-2014 O’Brien  Budget ! This entire letter by Mr. DeFronzo to me, is simply an attempt to pull the wool over taxpayers’ eyes about what O’Brien did to New Britain and to place the blame on the current Mayor.  It won’t work !


Lou Salvio, Alderman

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