Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Britain Republican Town Committee PRESS RELEASE

Contact:   Erin Stewart    860-841-7734

 May 30, 2012

NEW BRITAIN- As conventions for State Representatives races have been underway for the month of May, New Britain Republicans have endorsed a slate of candidates to challenge the democratic delegation this November.

In the 24th District, Peter C. Steele will challenge the incumbent. The campaign will be a rematch between Steele and Rick Lopes, who won a close race for the seat in a January 2012 special election following the resignation of Mayor Tim O’Brien. “The legislature adjourned on May 9th having passed legislation that is not only taking Connecticut in the wrong direction, but was done without the input of the citizens they are supposed to represent. New mandates such as paid sick days will further weaken the state’s small businesses. Important debates about education “reform” were carried on behind closed doors. I am running for the legislature to provide a local voice for parents, business owners, and all those who are being left out of the process.”

Daniel Davis will challenge Rep. Peter Tercyak for the 26th district seat. Davis, 25, is young, energetic, and determined to bring a significantly different message to Hartford if elected, “To change the way Hartford functions, we need to change the people that we put there to represent us and hold them accountable in doing so. I am running now because I believe our state is at a pivotal crossroads. We must proceed with caution if we are to improve our state's current condition. What we have now, do not represent the needs of our city,” said Davis. “We need representation with the political strength and advocacy to make decisions based on the needs of our community, not just continuing with the status quo. I am very eager to bring the same vigor I have while campaigning here in the 26th district with me to Hartford."

Challenging Rep. Bobby Sanchez in the 25th district is Rich Gadomski, a political newcomer, who strongly disagrees with the out of control spending our representatives in Hartford approve time and time again. “I feel that Governor Malloy and his team let us down year after year, they have repeatedly taken more money from our pockets and not given any back to our community, we need the resources, we need the help, and our representatives in Hartford have failed to do two things; 1. Relieve us of the tax burdens we face and 2. Bring more state money into our city. We can't afford to keep these people in office any longer."

State Senate candidate for the 6th district, encompassing New Britain, Berlin and part of Farmington is Republican Town Committee Chairman Dwight Blint. Blint said he is running for the seat based on one message and one message only, state leaders need to stop taking and wasting our money. He promises if elected, he would vote "no" on any tax or fee increases and he would vote against any increase in state spending.

"Our representation has approved record tax increases, they continue to spend what we simply do not have, I wouldn't run my household budget that way and I don't think we should run our state government that way either," said Blint.

Elections will be held Tuesday November 6th. Registered voters should be aware that the voting districts have changed due to redistricting that is done every ten years.


Attempts by a State Representative to Control New Britain Schools

Amazingly on the very same day that U.S. Secretary of Education granted a federal waiver relieving our state of the required federal "No Child Left Behind Mandate" our local state representative Robert Sanchez, decided at a local conclave held Wednesday, to express his continued desire to have the state take over five of New Britain's schools without naming which ones with his new utterance however, in the past he had cited the Diloreto school needed to be taken over and subsequently denied having targeted this school when his comments were actually taped.

What is more disturbing is the fact that his new utterance by this representative occurred even after Robert Rader, executive director of the Connecticut Association of School Boards, stated with this waiver, we're not to label schools by one tag anymore such as under performing or failing as stated in his statement in the Hartford Courant. He did in fact continued with his citing with a waiver the districts can earn recognition for improvement over time.

Time has come for this state representative to stop publicly bashing our New School Superintendent, Mr. Cooper, for expressing his concerns with the threat of the school intervention by the state citing that he believes the New Britain school system should remain autonomous.

This state representative should listen to Mr. Robert Rader's comments and act accordingly or plan on losing his re-election bid to represent our citizenry at the state capitol.


No Apologies For Poland from ‘President Misspoken’

Busway Public Relations Campaign Hits A Bumpy Patch In New Britain -


Does Anyone Still Like Obama? - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Britain GOP Chief To Challenge In 6th District -


Historical View of The New Britain City Budget Problems


Mayor O’Brien has told us that there was a $10.5 M then $11.5M then $30 M budget deficit. This budget was reviewed and voted on unanimously by the democrat controlled council 10-1 last May (Friday, 5/27/12). The following facts must be repeated as many times as is possible until Council majorities change: the Common Council passes a municipal budget every year; throughout the 8 years of Tim Stewart's tenure as Mayor, all Councils have had a super majority of Democrats and all of those 8 budgets were approved; throughout the 8 years of Lucian Pawlak's tenure, the same situation prevailed and also for many years prior to Lucian!!!!

Back to the O'Brien/Sherwood administration. Since he took office in 11/11, O'Brien and Sherwood have continued with nauseum to blame the previous administration for everything they see as "wrong" with NB finances. The perceived deficits claimed by O'Brien/Sherwood: first, the Mayor took $10.5 M from the Water Dept. reserves to cover the first figure that was really (11.5 million). From where did the other $20 M suddenly appear?

What Mayor O’Brien didn't tell NB taxpayers is that he wants the City to join the State run, very expensive, Health Care plan. In order to join the plan the premium is $20 Million up front. This would also remove health benefits as a negotiated item from our City labor contracts.

Incidentally, this is the same plan that is being promoted by the New Britain Democrat Town Committee Chairman John McNamara and Dem. 5th Dist. Congressional endorsed Candidate, Chris Donovan of Meriden.

They also want the New Britain Board of Education to join. We should all hope that BOE Chairperson Beloin-Saavedra will stick to her previously announced "guns" and not agree to join this expensive plan.

The Courage of the Poles Transcends Obama ‘Misspeaks’

N.J. mayor arrested on hacking, conspiracy charges

DON PESCI: WWE vs. Chris Powell - The Middletown Press (

Teacher Evaluation Planning Belongs In The Open -

The Control Freak President - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michael Reagan Compares Scott Walker to Dad in New Ad

New London's First Black Firefighter

The New London Day announced strange happenings with one Firefighter named Mayo who was fired Last December due to alleged  poor performance.  
 But he was rehired on May 2 due to new information surfacing in Mayor Finizio's office with the mayor rehiring him.   
 "Pink Slips"  effective June 30th. to 25 firefighters and several police officers were placed in the mail Friday that included firefighter Mayo.
  New London's first Black firefighter 
   "May not become one."


Ticket For No Seat Belt For First Lady Cathy Malloy | Capitol Watch

CHRIS POWELL: Trivia heartens liberals; and a felon for senator - The Middletown Press (

Outsourcing Our President - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Britain Political Parties Prep For November Races -


O’Brien Hopes to Name the New Police Building After Chief Gagliardi

Letter to the Editor

5/14/12 --- 5-25-12  As appeared in the City journal Edition Today:

The fact that the new Administration in New Britain is inept is shown with every action it has taken in it’s first six months of running the city. Some of its actions are in violation of the Charter while others are in violation of State laws and others are glaring examples of unkempt promises - stop short of calling them lies. Still others are ridiculous actions of the Common Council that add to breaking state laws and violating the NB Charter.

Some examples. Mayor O’Brien has told us that there was a $10.5 M then $11.5M then $30 M budget deficit. This budget was reviewed and voted on unanimously by the democrat controlled council 10-1 last May. First the Mayor took $10.5 M from the Water Dept. reserves to cover the first figure. From where did the other $20 M suddenly appear? What Mayor O’Brien didn’t tell NB taxpayers is that he wants the City to join the State run, very expensive, Health Care plan. In order to join the plan the premium is $20 Million. This would also remove health benefits as a negotiated item from our City labor contracts. Incidentally, this is the plan that is being promoted by the New Britain Democrat Town Committee and Dem. 5th Dist. Cong. Candidate. They also want the BOE to join. We should all hope that BOE Chairperson Beloin-Saavedra will stick to her guns and not agree to join the plan.

Section 5-4 of the NB Charter clearly describes the procedure to be used by the Mayor in any reorganization plan. These provisions in our Charter have been violated clearly and frequently by Mayor O’Brien and his administration and disregarded by the Council. No plan has been presented to the Council, no public hearing has occurred, yet, people have been displaced, budgets of various entities confused and nothing has been questioned by the Council.

Mattabassett. The City of New Britain should oppose vehemently any plan put forth to build a new sludge-burning incinerator. Building this incinerator will cost over $30 million that we don’t have. The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) has stated that it can burn all the sludge that Mattabassett. can provide. Don’t believe the stories that are being peddled by the Exec. Director of Matt. that it is simply too costly. It would cost NB Much less than its share of building a new incinerator. We could pay for years of transporting sludge to MDC with our share of building a new facility.

Last for now; Larry Hermanowski’s folly of spending $25K of taxpayer funds to audit the BOE’s books. The City spends a significant amount of money each year to have an independent, well respected accounting firm audit all City accounts. Mayor O'Brien and the democrat controlled council recently hired a firm with political ties to Governor Malloy. So much for independence. The BOE is not under the control of the Common Council. It has submitted its budget to the Mayor and to the Board of Finance. Both of those entities could have asked any questions they wished of the BOE. The BOE should tell Mayor O’Brien and the Council to make any changes they deem necessary in the BOE’s budget requests. Other than that, the BOE and the Council should not meddle in each other's prerogatives.

Mr. Mark Bernacki  & Mr. Louis Salvio

NewsBusted 5/25/12 - YouTube

Obama Hires his Personal Murder Czar and Dems continue to Threaten SCOTUS

FAQ: The new push in Congress to increase STEM visas

Patrick Thibodeau, senior editor, Computerworld 

Obama's Land of the LOST - Michelle Malkin - printer friendly -

In Latest Sign of Print Upheaval, New Orleans Paper Scaling Back -

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama: Nothing But Broken Promises!

New Britain GOP Convention Selects

Mr. Peter Steele for its 24th. Legislature District Candidate.

City of New Britain's Budget Hearing at Slade Junior High School Thursday Evening @ 7 P. M.

The Mayor's Mysterious appearance $20,000,000 portion of the council budget hole is for the purchase into the State insurance program for all our city employees that House Speaker Donovan is pushing along with his fellow comrade John McNamara Chairman of the NBDTC. Sources at the board of Education have indicated no interest to joining this proposed plan. The General Public should bring this issue to light during the hearing.

Another major issue that the attendees should tackle is the proposed purchase of the Berkowtiz Building for a sum of $22,000 with our Mayor/Sherwood neglecting to report that this proposal will certainly cost the taxpayers not only for the removal of this ugly building but the remedial state and federal requirements of removal of all asbestos, which will have to be packaged and shipped out of state as required by state Statute . The Land after that is completion of removal of the building may also needs an engineering phase 1 in order to determine whether or not further remedial clean up may be required before this lot could be sold. Is the Taxpayers interest being ignored by city hall? Environmental concerns creates cost to the taxpayers.

The possibility of saving this building for a takeover for renovation by a developer the remedial clean up will still be required. Will the city have to clean it up before the sale can occur? This issue should be clarified by the administration during this hearing.


Obamacare's Patient-Dumping, Privacy-Meddling Scheme - Michelle Malkin - printer friendly -

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Britain High School Music Band Fundraiser -

CHRIS POWELL: Medical smoke screen; and CEA's reform pose - The Middletown Press (

New Britain Poised To Buy Berkowitz Building -


BRISTOLTODAY.COM: New plan would ax 44 city workers, slash services

By Steve Collins

Today is National Peace Officers Memorial Day!

Peace Officers Memorial Day is a national observance that pays tribute to the peace officers from across the nation that have been killed in the line of duty. The holiday takes place on May 15 each year.
The holiday was created on October 1, 1961, when Congress asked the president to designate May 15 to honor slain peace officers. President John F Kennedy signed the bill into law on October 1, 1962. Amended in 1994, President Bill Clinton, through Public Law 103-322, directed that the flag of the United States be flown at half-staff on May 15 each year--although if you look around as you travel today, you will see that few flags will be lowered in accordance with this federal law .

According to a proclamation by President George W. Bush in 2002:
"Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week (the week in which May 15 falls) pay tribute to the local, State, and federal law enforcement officers who serve and protect us with courage and dedication. These observances also remind us of the ongoing need to be vigilant against all forms of crime, especially to acts of extreme violence and terrorism."
Much of the holiday centers on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial wall in Washington, D.C., whose walls feature the names of the nearly 19,000 law enforcement officers who have been killed in the line of duty. The memorial is purposely located at the entrance/exit to the Judiciary Square Metro (subway) station--forcing thousands of people to walk past the names of the fallen officers each day due to the station being one of the busiest stations in the DC subway system. Here in Connecticut, we have a memorial on the grounds of the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden that honors the names of all police officers killed in the line of duty in our state. Several local police departments also maintain their own memorials and hold their own services each year to remember the fallen officers from their agencies.

In honor of today's special meaning, I offer you the late Paul Harvey's report: "What is a Policeman"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Britain Man Hospitalized After 'Violent' Assault -


Elizabeth Warren: Senate Candidate, Marxist Author & Shameless Race Grifter

O'Brien's Mysterious $30,000,000 Budget Hole Without The Entire Truth!


What our mayor has neglected to explain to the taxpayers is the need for the $20,000,000 portion of the deficit.

At the Budget Hearing, that will be held next Thursday evening at the Slade Middle Junior High School, it has been reported in recent publications, that John McNamara will rise in order to push the state form of Hospital coverage's for all out city employees including our education employees.

Informed sources claims that the Board of Education will not join this plan and the need for the Twenty Million dollars is the required down payment to join this plan when our Mayor always citing that his administration will always be transparent to the taxpayers but has elected to hide the need for this large sum from the public eye.

So much for your transparency Mr. Mayor!       Keep on blaming former Mayor Timothy Stewart's administration for your own deceitful transparency.

Malloy's Security Detail Nears $700,000 In Overtime Pay -


DON PESCI: Malloy capitulates to unions - The Middletown Press (

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dr. Cooper's Week of Introduction to the School District

                                     A Smith Photo

Dr. K Cooper's week with our New Britain school system meeting with all the Districts employees, students, parent organizations and including all the ethnic groups with his describing as a meaningful adventure. While visiting with the district's students, one child knowing that he is from Texas, asked if rides a horse he replied every day on his way to work.

He cited that the Board membership turned out to be very great to work with.

He again pointed out that his priority is to improved the dropout rate by creating better literacy programs in the lower grades as a start of the solutions needed in the school system.

His first impressions was that New Britain is a vibrant community with many variables. When asked by not having to deal with unions in Texas would that present a problem with his coming here? His response was that he did meet with the union leadership and he was greeted with their commitment of their responsibility to move our school system forward.

When asked if he was aware of the recent proclamation of the common council to audit the Board of Education Books his response was tactful and somewhat direct by stating that the board membership does not come under the common council control.

He is still concerned with the threat of the school intervention by the State citing he believes the school system should remain autonomous. Ms. Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, Board President, pointed out that due to budget reductions they had taken monies from the junior High schools in order to address the needs of K-8 urgent needs at the time and of course that weakened the performance level of the Junior Highs.

When asked if he had meet with Mayor O'Brien he indicated yes and is looking forward to meeting with him often in the future. With Sherwood's permission he was asked?

With his starting as the District's new Superintendent on July first all the citizens, taxpayers, students and their parents wish him well with his new endeavor.


Friday, May 11, 2012

New Britain Officials Encouraged By Early Effects Of Anti-Blight Ordinance -


White House lied, jobs died - HUMAN EVENTS

NewsBusted 5/11/12 - YouTube

Romney is the Only Option

Nicholas D. Mercier speaks out against council actions

" The administration trumpeted its support for our children and education when it increased their funding by less than 1%. Meanwhile, within the Mayor's budget, the Public Library has had it's budget cut by over 30%. What is the most reprehensible part about this travesty is that the Mayor hid these cuts by consolidating the budget of the Public Library, the Youth Museum and two other entities into a single line item.

This administration speaks of supporting education, and then does the exact opposite. This administration speaks of transparency, and then releases a budget that is so opaque it makes the budgets put forward by Dr. Kurtz crystal clear. One can only wonder what other "nuggets" are waiting to be discovered if the Common Council foolishly accepts what the Mayor has proposed whole cloth and passes his budget. "

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Common Council Acts to Audit School Books!


This was a proposal introduced by Alderman Larry Harmanowski to Auditing the school books in order to check into the districts payrolls, and look into the outside companies they hire just to change light bulbs.

This is all coming from the very fact that Larry is our State Commissioner Donald DeFronzo's point man.

This is also a direct attempt, with the common council's affirmative vote, to mandate their strong hold over the Board of Education's actions and possibly reducing the effects of its board members.

                                      A Smith photo

Gay Marriage is Obama’s Poison Pill

GEORGE WILL: Taxing jobs out of existence - The Middletown Press (

CHRIS POWELL: Fixing schools requires more than remediation - The Middletown Press (

New Britain Prepares To Examine Schools' Finances -


New Britain Police Chief Hit With 5th Federal Lawsuit -


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Obama:  “2012 is Make or Break for American Marxism”

Our Board Of Education's New School Superintendant

Dr. K Cooper's introduction to the Public this evening presented a very impressive vision for our Board of Education moving forward. He was very much concerned with the "Threat of a takeover by the State" of some of our schools within our city when it’s a community and local level matter. He was alluding to the public comments made by our State Representative Robert Sanchez regarding his working with the Governor in having the State take over three city schools. He stated he wants to ensure our maintaining our independence.

He also stated that the graduation rate is a big issue and will be our top priority along with equity within the school system in providing equal resources to all the district's children.

" Finding to do more with less funding."

We have 83 % of the district's faculty with advance degrees which is a significant resource in helping our children achieve.

With his closing remarks he offered "we can do this together in partnership."


House Passes State Budget At 2:30 a.m. Tuesday | Capitol Watch

Malloy: 'Meaningful Education Reform' Achieved -


CHRIS POWELL: Does Connecticut have money for Communist politics? - The Middletown Press (

From Meritocracy to Mediocrity in One Presidential Term - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Sunday, May 6, 2012

State's Agencies, Entities An Expensive Structural Mess -


I am offering my readers a chance to post any issues they feel are important to the people of New Britain. If you have an issue with city government that you would like to share with the rest of the readers, feel free to post it here. Whether it be a problem you experienced with a city agency or official, or something positive they may have done and you would like to share it with the rest of New Britain, this is a chance to do so. Public interest stories are also welcome, so if you know about a person, or group of people that is doing something to somehow make the lives of others better, feel free to post it here.

You are welcome to post items anonymously, or may sign your posts if you choose to do so. Consider this an opportunity to speak up about issues you feel may be important to the people of New Britain. Simply click on the comments link below to leave your message. Thanks for checking in to review my postings and please feel free to check back frequently as I have a number of interesting stories in the works.

Obama: “We’ve Begun to See What Change Looks Like”—America: “No Thanks, Barack!”

Police Departments, Including New Britain's, Tighten Rules On Social Media Use -

EDITORIAL: WTIC radio's John Rowland problem - The Middletown Press (

Five Reasons Why Liberals Shouldn't be in Charge of Anything - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Five Reasons Why Liberals Shouldn't be in Charge of Anything - John Ransom - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary

Friday, May 4, 2012

Unionized Child Care and In-Home Care Providers Take Next Step Toward Collective Bargaining -


Feds Probe Misuse Of Grant Money At Pequot Reservation -



City Hall Source claims that the 130 Layoffs Will Never Happen as was predicted within our number one posting.

Now our common council President Pro-Tempore Michael Trueworthy, in a recent public statement, cited that he sees no increase in taxes with the layoffs being reduced through not replacing the 37 vacant slots and thirty additional Jobs through retirements that will not be replaced.

Other jobs could be saved through Union Concessions.

However, with the reduced workforce what will happen to the needed services for the city residents?

"That remains the question".


State May Take Over 3 Schools in New Britain

Trueworthy Forsees No Tax Increase for New Britain

NewsBusted 5/04/12 - YouTube

Next in Line: Election Year Brings Oscar Berger’s “The Presidents” to the New Britain Museum of American Art

Labor proposal passes Senate, heads for Malloy's signature


Two New Britain Republicans To Run For Legislative Seats -


Buying Obama: How the UAW Got the Best Investment Returns in History - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Britain-Based Foundation Adds Two Board Members -


Post-Paralysis, New Britain Man Hopes Technology Gets Him Back On The Green | Connect

by: Ryan Cane

Rowland Leaves Wilson-Foley Campaign | Capitol Watch

by: Daniela Altimari

Lou Salvio wrote on May 2, 2012 6:55 PM:

" This is a disgusting article. Our new superintendent has to have a special meeting with African Americans?

How about just regular, taxpaying citizens of New Britain, whoever they are?

There isn't an African American, Polish American, Italian American, Irish American that it is more important than am I. The plight of all New Britain citizen taxpayers is the same.

Alderman, the Rev. Rha-Sheen Brown wants to feel Cooper's heartbeat! How about mine?

Where and when does this trash stop? As soon as we figure out that we're all in this together, the better off we might all be! "

The Hypothetical President - HUMAN EVENTS

Two GOP Candidates for the 25th & 25th Legislative Districts

NB Republican Town Committee 5/2/12

New Britain GOP Candidates Seek Nomination

NEW BRITAIN - At last night’s Republican Town Committee Meeting two local residents announced their intentions to seek nomination to run for State Representative in the 25th and 26th Assembly Districts.

Political newcomer Richard Gadomski is ready to challenge in the 25th District. Gadomski comes from strong roots in the New Britain community and is eager to run a positive campaign, “I am looking forward to re-energizing our community’s belief in our politicians once again, it’s important to regain trust in our elected officials who have let us down time and time again. I want to change that, I’m not a politician, but I know how to listen to people.”

Daniel Davis, is seeking nomination for the 26th District, stated that, “I am excited and thankful for the opportunity to run. I am looking forward to a boots-on-the-ground campaign to get out in the community and hears what the residents of the 26th district have to say.”

Nominating conventions for each district will be held on the following dates:

24th District – May 16th

25th District - May 22nd

26th District - May 22nd

Times and Locations are TBD.

Residents should be aware that the General Assemble districts have changed, and you may not live in the same district as before. You can check what assembly district you reside in for the November 2012 elections at this website:

                    Mr. Davis        Mr. Gadomski

Obama and His Serfs Wish to Keep America Impotent Until Socialism Rules

CHRIS POWELL: Teachers rally shows how Connecticut works - The Middletown Press (

GM Chairman Akerson to Newsmax: Bush, Obama Share Credit For Bailout Success

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