Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Meeting Notice Change for the RTC



New Britain Republican Town Committee Members


We will meet on:

Tuesday April 12th

7:00 PM

Room 504

City Hall

Please contact Erin Stewart if you cannot attend.

It is imperative that we have a quorum.



Tuesday April 5th – Governor Dan Malloy will be holding a town hall meeting

7:00 PM

Trinity On Main

69 Main Street

We encourage you all to attend and sign up to ask our Governor questions about his budget proposal.

Paid for by NB RTC, Erin Stewart, Treasurer. Approved by Chairman Dwight Blint

Ohio Legislature Approves Limits On Public Employee Unions : USA Today

Obama’s ineligibility for dummies

The Hartford Courant's headline "New Britain Wondering: Will Mayor Run Again"?

With Mayor Stewart being quoted by Dom Stacom of the Courant citing that he will decide within a month.

With the Democrats jumping for a chance to win back the Mayor's seat with candidates Paul Catanzarro , Representative Tim O'Brien and former Mayor Lucian Pawlak seeking their party's nomination which certainly will end up with a Democratic primary.

With the upcoming Senatorial election many of our residents that showed up at the mayor's fund raiser in support for his candidacy subsequently, decided not to vote in hopes to retaining his Honor at city hall.

Whether you like him or not as residents he did keep the taxes low with his demanding cuts by all his department heads rather than budget increases.

 With his proven ability in steering the right approaches in spite of the opposing Democratic control of the City Council says a lot of his ability to manage our city's affairs.

I can see the panic in the voters faces at the thought of their losing the Republican leadership at city hall.

Who will replace his Honor if he decides to say I quit?

 An ultra liberal socialist with all the giveaway programs unless a strong Republican steps into the election fray in retaining the Mayoral seat for the Republicans.

frank smith

Marshalls Store Opens In New Britain -

CHRIS POWELL: Unfix the ‘fixed costs’ in state budgets - The Middletown Press (

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

City of New Britain Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart


March 29, 2011



New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart and Police Chief William Gagliardi today released the latest major crime statistics reported by the Connecticut Department of Public Safety. The latest statistics indicate a significant drop in major crime index for the City for the third quarter of 2010 as compared with the same time period in 2009.

“I am very pleased to report that the latest crime reports from the Department of Public Safety indicate that major crime, especially those involving violent acts, in the City of New Britain has dropped significantly,” Mayor Stewart announced today. “According to those reports, major crime is down 15% in our community and that is truly good news for the residents of New Britain. Adding to the good news for our taxpayers is that we have continued to maintain high standards in public safety while holding the line on spending. ”

The reductions reported by DPS were as follows:

Motor vehicle theft down from 134 to 111

Larcenies were down from 683 to 535

Aggravated assault was down from 35 to 30

Rape dropped from 2 to 1

Arson down from 1 to zero

Murder down from 1 to zero

Police Chief William Gagliardi was also encouraged by the reports. “This confirms that the strategies we have been working on for the past few years, including increased use of technology, are successful. One area of concern is the increase shown on this report in robbery and burglaries. The good news is that over the past year, we have concentrated resources on these issues and have had made arrests of persons responsible for multiple acts of robbery and burglary. I am confident our rate will improve in the next reporting period thanks to these efforts.” said Chief Gagliardi.

“Thanks to the outstanding work of our Chief of Police, William Gagliardi, and New Britain’s excellent police force, New Britain has become a safer place for the people who live here,” Stewart continued. “It has been a priority of my administration since taking office nearly seven years ago to make

New Britain a better place in which to live, work and raise a family and this latest report of crime statistics shows that we are on the right track.” Stewart concluded.


Obama meekly defended US involvement with his Libya military campaign.

 He had stated that Moammar Gadhafi had to go but was action less until his colleagues demanded for him to take action.

He stated that the United States could not turn a blind eye to the atrocities. He continued As President, I refused to wait for images of slaughter and mass graves.

Why then did he take so long to take action? And more inherently why did he go to war without making a case to the Congress? He claimed he did confer with congressional leaders during his last night's comments but, with who? Pelosi?

Congressional leaders claimed that his speech was nine days late subsequently to last night's dissertation by our leader.

His first comments on this subject was that Gadhafi " must go". With the president's clear intention to leaving the finish of this action to the NATO command. What if Gadhafi remains will that mean our President and the US have the appearance of failure with the rest of the world?

frank smith

greenwich-tells-malloy-it-already-pays-too-many-connecticuts-bills Ct Mirror

Gov. Malloy gets Told his tax plan is forcing people to move out of state.

CHRIS POWELL: Gov't tradition: Get paid not to work - The Middletown Press (

Proposed funding cuts threaten HRA programs - The New Britain Herald (


Monday, March 28, 2011

Evicting a President

Around Town: Simply Swing to hold open rehearsals - The New Britain Herald (

Whinstone Tavern See The Big Band with No Cover Charges

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011


With the boat owners in Westport Conn. moving their boats to the state of R.I. and the business owners that own aircrafts have announced in today’s Hartford Courant that just won’t buy Malloy’s tax plan and are moving their planes out of state.

During former Governor Rowland’s recent radio program he was astonished to read from a recent poll that 58% of our state’s residents are planning to leave our state because of Malloy’s sharing the “pain” tax plans.

If the former Governor's assumptions are correct there would be nobody left in this state that are wage earners to tax.

So what then?

frank smith

McNamara’s House of Cards | New Britain Republicans

FBI Launches investigation of Gulen and his movement

the most dangerous Islamist on planet earth,”

For some, aviation tax plan doesn't fly

The Boats are moving to RI. How about that Gov.

Nothing left to tax.

Stolen Puppets: Detectives Ask Public To Watch For Stolen Puppets -

25% tax hike eyed - The New Britain Herald (

Obama fails to grasp the gravity of going to war

Danno Raps About Budget!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The New Britain Democratic Town Committee Selection for the Vacancy on the Board of Education!

The Committee selected Mr. Carlos Pina to fill the vacant seat subject to the New Britain City Council approval.

It is urgent that this approval take place by the City Council since the Board is currently in the middle of its annual budget deliberations.

Frank smith

Bank Robber, Home Invader Sentenced to 33 Years In Prison

Shot At Pursuing Police During Chase From Bristol To Farmington: The Courant

Plainville Man Pleads Guilty To Federal Child Pornography Charges, Could Face Up To 40 Years In Prison: The Courant

Susan Kniep: When unions drive budgetary matters, taxpayers pay the dues: Journal Inquirer

A Way To Share The Burden: The Courant

New Britain Man Appeals For Return of Stolen Puppets: The Courant

New Britain Illegal Alien Found Napping Behind Dumpter, Held For ICE Offficials: Middletown Press

Cardiologists Won't Support SustiNet Without Malpractice Protection --

Sikorsky Helicopter Prototypes To Be Built At Former Pratt Plant In Florida -

White House: Libya fight is not war, it's 'kinetic military action'

Obama AWOL on Gas Prices - Howard Rich - printer friendly -

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The New Britain Democrats have the "Votes"


The Mayor had cited when issuing his veto message that fairness and transparency was a pivotal role in our democratic process and this resolution singled out Council members who own businesses which is unfair and close to being unconstitutional.

The Democrats, ignoring the Mayor's lengthy veto message, voted to pass the override.

frank smith

The Republican-American Gun controllers strike again

Dead woman’s sister seeking $1M from ex-rep. Jim O'Rourke, Cromwell bar - The Middletown Press (

Here’s a Killer Story About Socialized Medicine and Families

State Rep. Tim O'Brien looking for better Benefits

It is rumored that Tim O' has presented legislation that would transfer time worked at the state level to transfer to a municipality as it relates to
retirement benefits.

So, if you change from a state position and take a municipal position the state time will count towards your municipal retirement?

I have looked over the online bills site but so far could not locate this, has anyone been able to find the exact house bill?

MISSING ORANGE GIRL: Isabella, 13, is found alive and safe, police say - The Middletown Press (

MISSING ORANGE GIRL: Isabella, 13, is found alive and safe, police say: New Haven Register

Dead woman’s sister seeking $1M from ex-rep. Jim O'Rourke, Cromwell bar - The Middletown Press (

Middletown may join regional sewer agency - The New Britain Herald (

Monday, March 21, 2011

Police Officers Defend Animal Control Officer - Print This Story News Story - WFSB Hartford


Alderman David DeFronzo's Motion Meets With the Mayor's VETO


Some of the current members of the NB Common Council have been in office since 2003, notably, Mike Trueworthy and Larry Hermanowski. In all the years since Mayor Stewart was first elected, Council Democrats, many come and gone, have attempted - and failed - time and again to tarnish Stewart's reputation. Most recently and for three years, Phil Sherwood, professional agitator and dirty tricks expert was the Council Democrat leader in this effort. Phil had a lot of outside help from certain state legislators, a former newspaper reporter and most Council Democrats. It was obvious when Phil was on the Council that he even scripted comments for other Democrats. Phil's last attempt at a dirty trick was in the latter weeks of 2010 when he teamed with Mike Trueworthy to try to taint Stewart with what has become known as "no-bid-contracts." Phil and Mike targeted, Stewart and Republican Aldermen, Bernacki and Pabon. The public will soon learn why. The issue went dormant for a month or so. Then Phil resigned from the Council on Jan 1, 2011. Phil thought he would get John Geragosian's seat in the State House but was shafted by his own Party. Phil's seat on the Council was filled by David DeFronzo, son of former Mayor and State Senator, Don DeFronzo.

In early 2011, there would be a Special Election to fill DeFronzo's vacated State Senate seat. The candidates were Stewart and Terry Gerratana. Gerratana named Phil Sherwood as one of her campaign managers. Guess what? Phil convinced Gerratana to use the no bid contact lie as a campaign strategy; she used it right up to the end of the campaign.

Enter Dave DeFronzo. The dormant issue of no bid contracts was put forth to the Council again under the name of Mike Trueworthy. Trueworthy was castigated severely by Lou Salvio who said that Trueworthy was unworthy to be a member of the Council. The motion to pass the resolution was defeated. Alderman Dave DeFronzo suggested that Salvio was more interested in how the resolution was presented and by who presented it, Trueworthy. Now, Council rules are, that if a motion to pass a resolution is defeated, it cannot be brought up again until the next Council is elected. So what does brand new alderman DeFronzo do? DeFronzo is duped into presenting the issue again, only, using a completely different tack. Alderman DeFronzo is probably too intelligent to be duped so I will assume he did it of his own accord. DeFronzo presented his, “new resolution” to the Council – no question as to who was targeted. Although the vote was close, it passed.

Kudos to Mayor Stewart for his veto of DeFronzo’s resolution. It was an ill conceived and unfortunate display of partisan politics at its worst perpetrated by a young teacher in the New Britain School System. What a poor example to set for New Britain’s youth. One can only hope that the Council Democrats will not vote to override the Mayor’s veto.

veto Resolution #31338 BY MAY0R TIMOTHY STEWART

March 16, 2011

The Honorable Peter Denuzze
Town and City Clerk
27 West Main Street
New Britain, CT 06051

Dear Mr. Denuzze:

Two tenets that play a pivotal role in our democratic process are transparency and fairness. Unfortunately, the recent resolution passed by the Common Council that singles out Council members who own businesses is neither fair nor transparent and comes precariously close to being unconstitutional.

This resolution, under the guise of a harmless report, is the latest salvo in a battle of partisan mudslinging. Caught in the crossfire are two community minded businessmen, Alderman Mark Bernacki and Alderman Willy Pabon who are wrongly accused of circumventing City purchasing procedures. Without evidence and despite repeated clarifications from Finance Director Robert Curry and others that all procurement processes and procedures have been followed, this vendetta continues.

If the Council was truly interested in full and fair disclosure of City work or payments that could be a possible conflict for those serving on the Council or as Mayor, this report would include ALL employers of those elected officials whether it be profit, not for profit or government entity. The Democrat Council members certainly gave the message loud and clear that fairness was not their aim when they roundly turned aside suggestions to do just that.

Our justice system and constitution is predicated upon equal treatment and against singling out a person or class of persons for discriminatory treatment. Yet the Democratic Council majority does just that by placing a target on Aldermen Bernacki and Pabon by precisely wording this resolution so that for all practical purposes it applies only to them. City Corporation Counsel previously warned that Council that such uncorroborated allegations could lead to defamation litigation from those so unjustly accused, but the Council majority ignores prudent legal advice and forges ahead with this witch hunt.

The claim that the aim of this resolution is not personal or political from Alderman DeFronzo, the sponsor of this resolution, is disingenuous. During the course of debate on this resolution, Alderman DeFronzo’s own words prove otherwise as he refers to the Republican members of the Council as “the other side” making it clear that this was a political battle, not an attempt at good government. Again, if full and fair disclosure and not political sniping were the goals, the resolution would include all employers or businesses and not just a select few.
Page Two
March 16, 2011

Some may characterize this veto as being political in nature. I will state unequivocally that should a resolution reach my desk that includes payments made by the City to any entity employing or owned by the Mayor or a member of the Council, I would sign and support that. There is no good reason aside from politics to exclude any group. It’s all public information and available for the asking. And if Council members feel the public would benefit from reports, then more information would be of greater benefit to the public.

In fact, if people are genuinely interested in disclosure, all potential conflicts should be disclosed. To that end, I would encourage inclusion of spouses’ employers in order to see all potential sources of conflict as money winds up in the same household. Shouldn’t it be the public who decides the implications of $77 thousand over ten years on small printing jobs to Alderman Bernacki’s business AND $2.2 million over the same time period that went to the Human Resources Agency of New Britain which employs Alderman Trueworthy’s wife? Having the Council interject their political slant and filter is an insult to the intelligence of the voting public.

For the above reasons, and with all due respect to the Council, I hereby veto Resolution #31338 of the March 9, 2011 meeting of the New Britain Common Council. If we take supporters of this resolution at their word that this is not political or personal, they will come back with a fairer, more balanced approach to this reporting of city payments to the Mayor and Council members and spare the City further hypocrisy.


Timothy T. Stewart
Mayor, City of New Britain

cc: Common Council
Gennaro Bizzarro, Corporation Counsel
Robert Curry, Finance Director

Obama, As Red as It Gets

And facilitating illegals: Journal Inquirer

And facilitating illegals
By Chris Powell (Journal Inquirer)

Despite state government's bankruptcy, some people in the General Assembly still can't give away the store fast enough, and in one respect they have Governor Malloy's support -- with legislation to give illegal aliens the discount on tuition at state colleges that is given to state residents.

This legislation is said to be a matter of compassion. Yet it would frankly undermine federal immigration law and invest in people who, far from building Connecticut up, could get deported at any time. The legislation also would deprive some legal Connecticut residents of their own opportunity for higher education, crowding them out. This legislation has no compassion for them.

Yes, young people living illegally in the United States because of their parents' violation of immigration law present a sad situation. But so do the children of anyone who has committed a crime so serious that he is sentenced to prison. In both circumstances the alternative is only not to enforce the law at all, to let the children be used as hostages to lawbreaking.

That is the objective of many on the political left who would treat the children of illegal aliens as citizens without benefit of the naturalization process -- to nullify all immigration law, to erase the country's borders, and thus to prevent the United States from even maintaining itself as a sovereign country with a distinct civic culture. This subversion of immigration law perversely suits many on the political right as well, who welcome the cheap and unskilled labor because it reduces wages and weakens the working class against capital.

But the sad situation isn't hopeless. Each year the United States accepts more legal immigrants than all the rest of the world combined. That's great, but like natural-born citizens those legal immigrants are playing by the rules and are entitled to their enforcement. The tuition discount legislation can only proclaim that the rules will never be enforced and so should never be respected, and that citizenship itself is meaningless.


Chris Powell is managing editor of the Journal Inquirer.

This story was originally published on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 as part of a multi-story article. To read the entire article click the headline above and the link will bring you to the entire article.

OUR VIEW: Busway approval is an idea that makes sense - The New Britain Herald (

Sunday, March 20, 2011

When even Cuomo attacks NY's spending disease without tax hikes, the game has completely changed


Democrats possible up-coming Primary


He joined his fellow Democrats in overriding the Governor's veto on House Bill 6502, which became Public Act 09-183. This act grants better benefits to state facilities contractors and their employees. I might add with better benefits that is provided to the state employees and does so with taxpayers " YOUR" expenses.

Should he become New Britain's mayor will he continue to spreading the wealth by raising your taxes in order to do so?

And with his counterpart that the Democrats have to offer, " the ethics violator" Alderman Paul Catanzaro successful election would suggest that Ethics would not be not a priority in his administration.

frank smith

The Proposal That No One’s Talking About. - Mark Boughton - Connecticut News

"Malloy giving away your tax money."

Malloy will choose railway or Busway after Monday meeting - The Bristol Press (

By Steve Collins

Staff Writer

Saturday, March 19, 2011


In the New Britain Herald dated March l7,2011 John McNamara with his responding to the Herald’s Editorial citing the city’s ethics policy was politicized by the current administration.

The DTC chairman should be reminded that one of his own candidates, for the mayoral election, was found guilty by the “ Ethics “ commission of our city.

Is the chairman turning a blind eye to the actions of the members of his own party but is quick to place blame onto the Republicans and the Herald for the negativities of his own party member?

frank smith

Former Stamford City Employee Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Stealing $351,000 From City Under Mayor Malloy - Capitol Watch

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested In West Hartford: The Courant

Webster Bank robbed in New Britain: Southington, Farmington link suspected - The New Britain Herald (

Schaller Oldsmobile building to be renovated after sale - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple

Staff Writer

City of New Britain Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart


March 18, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lisa Carver (860) 826-3303



New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart announced today that the City will begin soliciting proposals from buyers for the purchase and economic development of the property at 74 Kelsey Street that is the former site of St. Thomas Aquinas parochial high school.

The City purchased the property in October 2010 from Seventy Four Kelsey LLC. The owners had fallen behind on their property tax payments, and the buildings were on the City’s blight list due to their deteriorated condition which necessitated the City’s action.

“This is the next step to turn a neighborhood eyesore into an economic development opportunity for our City,” Mayor Stewart said today.

“In order to begin the process of converting this long vacant property into productive property, we are announcing today our intention to solicit proposals from potential developers. This is an extremely valuable piece of property that can be converted to a number of uses, including housing. We have already received a great deal of interest in the property and I expect to see some very creative proposals made by potential developers.”

The lot area is 2.2 acres with two buildings that formerly housed the school and an adjacent convent. The condition of the buildings is poor necessitating extensive renovation, or more likely demolition. The parcel is currently zoned T, two-family which permits single and two-family residential structures.

“This property is in a prime location a short distance from the New Britain central business district, Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) and the Hospital of Central Connecticut. With our location in the center of the state and being two hour drives from Boston and New York, this property should draw a great deal of interest from serious developers looking for opportunities in business friendly communities such as New Britain.”

Concluding, Mayor Stewart said, “This is another step in my continuing effort to return government owned properties to the property tax rolls. Over the past seven years of my administration, millions of dollars in city-owned properties have been purchased by private developers and corporations making them real revenue producers for the City. It is my intention to continue with these aggressive efforts in order to increase our grand list and to raise new revenues for the City of New Britain.”

The Request for Proposal is attached. Interested parties can contact Municipal Development Director Ken Malinowski at (860) 826-3330. Proposals are due to Jack Pieper, Purchasing Agent, City of New Britain, New Britain City Hall, Room 401, 27 West Main Street no later than 11:00 a.m. on April 15, 2011. Pre-bid meeting and inspection of premises will be held on site on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.

Obama Dithers While the Earth Trembles

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Route 9 Closed After Fatal Accident in New Britain: The Courant

New Britain Police Investigate Bank Robbery: WFSB



State Representative Timothy O’Brien has recently announced his intentions of running for the city of New Britain mayoral seat.

As usual, with all his campaigns, the Working Families Party along with Ms. Bertha Lewis will be invading our city with many paid out of state workers endorsing all the Democratic candidates.

He cites New Britain needs Democratic leadership at city hall presuming it would free up all the give away monies that Mayor Stewart prevented from being allowed in order to maintain lower taxes for the residents.

They will be door knocking with their paid campaigners who are bent with fabricated facts in order to confuse the voters.

All the Democratic candidates are proud in receiving Bertha’s endorsement just like O’Brien did in front of the city hall building the last time around.

May the games begin as usual?

And now, Last night, Alderman Paul Catanzarro threw his hat into the ring and is running for Mayor. He was also endorsed by the Working families Party in his last election for Alderman. He is pictured in today’s Herald with our former Senator Joseph Harper, Jr. who is supporting Paul.

Also vying for this spot is our President Pro-Tempore Alderman Michael Trueworthy who has not taken out petitioning papers like his two counterparts.

Who is Bertha going to support during this apparent up-coming Democratic primary?

Politics from the Nation's Capital Big Oil loves it when Obama puts federal lands off-limits (But Big Oil isn't really who you think it is) .

OUR VIEW: More bureaucracy? - The New Britain Herald (

Obama's Social Security Fraud --

Stanley Golf Course Opens This Morning -

CHRIS POWELL: Eat the rich? Ok, but who gets to eat them? - The Middletown Press (

Monday, March 14, 2011

ACMAT Sells New Britain Building, Leases It Back: The Courant

New Britain School Employee Placed On Paid Leave Following Public Indecency Arrest: The Courant

Alderman Louis Salvio sets the Record Straight


To: Editor, New Britain Herald

“Double dipping” and “double standards” are always in vogue with New Britain Democrats. Case in point; in the Special Election for 6th District State Senate held in February, Gerratana used two major dirty tricks type points as her total campaign strategy, to wit, “double dipping” and, “no bid contracts.”

Gerratana clamed that if Tim Stewart was elected, - he wasn’t - and if he stayed on as Mayor even for a reasonable transition period, Stewart would be "guilty" of "double dipping.”

Gerratana had as one of her campaign managers, former Alderman, Phil Sherwood. While still an alderman, Sherwood joined with Alderman Mike Trueworthy in accusing Stewart of awarding “no-bid contracts” - no such thing exists – to Republican Aldermen Mark Bernacki and Wilfredo Pabon. The issue was defeated by the Democrat controlled , Common Council. Sherwood resigned from the Council in January but soon was hired by Gerratana as a campaign worker for her State Senate bid. Apparently, and one can only surmise, that the no-bid contracts issue originally brought up by Sherwood while on the Council, was resurrected in the Gerratana campaign by Sherwood. While this ridiculous issue was shown repeatedly to be hogwash,, Gerratana used it again and again throughout her campaign. This dirty trick accomplished its intended purpose but in the process, had a further detrimental effect on the division between Republicans and Democrats on the Council.

Double Dipping; the Special election also covered the election of someone to fill the State Rep. Seat vacated by John Geragosian. the Democrat candidate, Bobby Sanchez was unopposed.

Gerrratana and the Democrats claimed that Stewart would be double dipping if he won and kept the job as Mayor. That charge too would prove to be specious. Gerrantana and the Democrats apparently have no problem with the fact that Bobby Sanchez continues to be employed by the local HRA Office, will keep that job and will collect another paycheck as a State Rep. NO PROBLEM AT ALL! In addition, Sanchez, although not paid for it has stayed on in his APPOINTED position as a member of the NB Board of Ed. No conflict there? That’s OK, Don DeFronzo did it. Sanchez will be voting on a state budget that has important relevance to the NB Board of Education budget , a Board on which he still sits. No conflict there either?

On Friday, The Herald printed a wonderful Editorial (Our View) decrying the damage that had been done by the “no-bid contract” fiasco to Aldermen Mark Bernacki, Willy Pabon and Mayor Stewart. Some commenters posted comments to the Herald, on line that said the effort was, “too little, too late.” The damage had been done . However I think some commenter failed to understand that the Herald was actually chiding Democrat Alderman Dave DeFronzo for continuing the Democrats’ vendetta, (Author’s opinion) against the Mayor, Bernacki and Pabon. Guess what, Council Democrats pushed the issue along. As I said at the beginning of this letter, “ Double dipping” and “double standards” are always in vogue with New Britain Democrats.” Please allow one final paraphrasing from a very famous novel; it seems that in NB, [all politicians are equal, but Democrats are more equal that others ].

Lou Salvio, Alderman.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ex-football Star Tebucky Jones' Farmington Mansion To Be Auctioned

New Britain High coach owes more than $53,000 in taxes: The Courant


Republicans should demand the immediate suspension of the 18.4-cent federal gasoline tax and, at the state level throughout the nation, the suspension of the additional 30-cent average local tax. When gas prices drop again -- likely not for several years -- the taxes should resume.

As oceans rise, IT vendors respond


A year ago, United Technologies Corp.'s chief financial officer, Greg Hayes, touched off a firestorm when he said that anyplace is lower cost than Connecticut.

Thursday, as UTC executives again met with Wall Street analysts, Hayes said the Hartford-based company still has a sharp focus on shifting from high-cost to low-cost locations. But he said he wasn't going to make any state-by-state comparison this time around.

Sikorsky president Jeffrey Pino put it the most bluntly: "I'll say what Greg didn't say. When we move work out of our home state, it goes to a lower-cost location."

OUR VIEW: More bureaucracy? - The New Britain Herald (



[  Nice going David.   I thought Phil was the worst but your are gaining in passing him out.  ]
frank smith

Local students push legislators for more funding - The New Britain Herald (



Thursday, March 10, 2011

1,126 State Employees Paid More Than Governor:: Yankee Institute

A Sad Moment in the Council Chambers

                                    FRANKSMITHSAYSNB EDITORIAL:

A very sad moment during the public participation occurred when an elderly woman spoke about her leaving her former residence subsequent to selling her home. She came to New Britain and purchased her current residence for cash.

Indicating her current income of $656 per month wasn’t sufficient for her to maintain her tax payments claiming she no longer can claim that she owns this property because the city has placed a $5,000 tax lien.

With my being in attendance of this council meeting I personally found it very hard to get to sleep last evening thinking of her plight. Wondering why none of the council members present attempted to find a solution for her or arrange for some city agency to provide her with the apparent advice she desperately requires.

Hoping I will be able to sleep tonight but will our city Alderman?

All Business Payments made by the City to the Mayor and or Aldermen must be reported Monthly

Last Night's proposed resolution # 4 proposal:

Alderman David DeFronzo proposal that all payment made by or on the behalf of the city to any or private either own or operated by the Mayor or any council members purpose: for the fiancé department to issue a written report for inclusion on agenda at each council regular meeting of the common council.

Alderman Willie Pabon asked DeFronzo do you think that Mark and I are taking money from the city without bids? DeFronzo offered little for an answer by just repeating the language in his proposal. Unfortunately, Defronzo’s answer was a non-answer to Pabon’s direct question.

Then Alderman Mark Bernacki chimed in stating that this is just a remake of former ALDERMAN SHERWOOD’S ORIGINAL MOTION THAT FAILED A YEAR OR SO AGO.


If this resolution sees council approval at a subseuent meeting then most business owners will not wish to serve the city in any capacity.


Citizens of New Britain, Members of the Common Council, Elected Officials, and City Employees:

Today I stand before you to give my eighth State of the City address as Mayor of New Britain. While we continue to make progress on economic development, job creation and quality of life issues in our neighborhoods, the good news is overshadowed by the uncertainty of the state and federal budgets and the large impact they will have on our city budget, particularly education.

Just as homeowners have reduced their household budgets in response to the stagnant economy, our local government has tightened its belt. With years of streamlining of services, elimination of vacant positions and other cost saving measures, I feel we are at the point where we have little options left under our direct control given that so much of our budget is dependent on state and federal dollars. This year in particular, we remain at risk of losing critical funding which I fear will result in either higher property taxes or lay offs with accompanying drastic cuts to essential city services.

Although a federal government shutdown has been temporarily avoided, it is still a possibility. Our Municipal Development Department recently received official notice from HUD that a possible federal government shutdown would mean no CDBG, HOME or Emergency Shelter grant funds coming into New Britain. The loss of federal stimulus dollars that the State Department of Education used to supplant state funding will leave a $10 million hole in our education budget. We don’t fully realize our dependency on the federal government until the threat looms that we will need to operate without that funding.

While initially, Governor Malloy’s proposed state budget appeared to leave municipal funding intact, but we are finding it true, as the saying goes, “that the devil is in the details”. While education funding is left at 2010 levels, there will be reductions to other programs, such as the manufacturing machinery and equipment PILOT. The MM&E PILOT was supposed to help make industrial cities whole when the property tax for such equipment was phased out. The elimination of this PILOT will create a $2 million hole in our budget.

The Governor’s proposal to allow cities to levy a 1% sales tax and a hotel tax will favor the larger cities and those like Manchester and Danbury that have large shopping areas. While I appreciate that the Governor is trying to give municipalities the tools to help themselves rather than rely on the state, cities like New Britain will benefit minimally or not at all. In addition, the Governor proposes to push back some state services to cities, such as the responsibility for technical schools. Clearly this is not an additional burden we can take on as we have our hands full with our current school facility costs.

I will be working with mayors and first selectman from cities and towns similarly impacted by legislation such as the MM&E PILOT elimination proposal to advocate that the state not push its burdens down to the cities where we are already suffering from high rates of foreclosures and other impacts from the economic downturn.

Even if this lobbying effort is successful and even though we were fortunate to have some growth in our Grand List for 2010, rising costs such as gasoline and health care will force the City to make some hard budget decisions this year. Now more than ever, we need to hold the line on discretionary spending, and be prepared to say no to special interest groups who are pressing in from all sides as not for profits and others who receive government funding are long on need and short on dollars.

As Ben Franklin said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Even though this is a local election year, I would hope that we can put aside our differences and work together to ensure that New Britain’s residents, particularly our children, receive our fair share from the state. I am encouraged that Governor Malloy is holding town meetings to receive feedback on his budget proposal, and I urge everyone who can from the Council and the community to attend the New Britain meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th at 7:00 pm at Trinity on Main.

Another issue that New Britain needs to hang together on is the Busway. With recent announcements on federal funding and $5 million in state bonding for Transit Oriented Development, the project is very close to putting shovels in the ground later this year. I want to thank Gerry Amodio, Bill Millerick, Mark Moriarty and others from New Britain who went up to the State Capitol a few weeks ago to fight efforts led by the town of Bristol to kill the Busway. We need that kind of community support to ensure that our transportation needs and economic development future are provided for. With gas prices approaching $4 a gallon, it is clear there is an urgent need to reduce Connecticut’s dependence on oil in favor of mass transportation.

As I said during the recent state senate campaign, the top three reasons for the Busway are jobs, jobs and jobs. One thousand construction jobs, from the Busway project alone will be created; jobs that people need now, not in 10 years or more when a rail line would be built. Add to those jobs construction jobs from Transit Oriented Development and jobs in retail, services and offices in and around that development, and you have something we can cross partisan lines to work together to make it a reality. Governor Malloy recently announced he will hold some type of forum to weigh the pros and cons of the Busway and I hope that similar to Hartford’s Mayor and Council, we can show united support for this project that is so vital to our City and region.

A great example of the positive results of the community coming together is the construction of our new Police Station. After some heated discussions on the Council floor, we are now working together through the Police Station Building Committee, including Aldermen Centeno and Pabon, as well as monthly updates to the Council. You can see the fruits of this collaboration through the progress on the site and I thank the Council for its interest and support.

Despite the many winter storms, work is on schedule with concrete work underway and steel work starting in early May. We continue to have above average numbers for local employment thanks to Capital Workforce Partners as well as Downes Construction and their subcontractors. This project was also recently recognized by the Capital Region Council of Governments with a $225,000 sustainable development grant for streetscape improvements in the area around the Station.

While the news is not good on the budget front, there are still many positive things happening here in New Britain. In October, the City launched our Single Stream Recycling program and it was a tremendous success. Early data for the first two full months of the program show that total recycling in New Britain has jumped 88% from a year ago, and that over 82% of the city’s households are recycling which is up from 62% a year ago. In terms of pounds, this means that nearly 750,000 pounds of material has been recycled since the program began in mid-October 2010 that would have been disposed of as trash. Sending material for recycling is much more cost effective than sending it to the trash burning plant.

The end result is that while most Connecticut communities realize a 20% to 50% increase in recycling when they implement a Single Stream Recycling program, New Britain’s increase has been nearly 90%. It’s a great achievement and one that the City and its residents can take great pride in. The increase in recycling is not only good for the environment, but it’s one that will result in cost savings for the City, when our tight budgets can certainly use it.

I also want to recognize the efforts of Public Works, Police, Fire, Water, Parks, School Facilities and all the City employees who worked so tirelessly through this winter of extraordinary weather to ensure public safety. Given New Britain’s density, the number of hills, and the lack of off street parking in many multi-family buildings, we were particularly hard hit this winter. But our employees responded to the challenge, whether it was holding meetings to coordinate responses, shoveling out fire hydrants, or clearing around schools, they got the job done.

I also want to recognize CW Resources for their efforts in shoveling driveways and sidewalks for low income seniors. We do forget at times how blessed we are with individuals and groups whose daily support of our community helps us make it through difficult times. Home and business owners also deserve recognition for their patience and cooperation in coping with the effects of Mother Nature.

A lot of what goes on in city government is not sexy, but many important things go on behind the scenes to ensure New Britain’s viability as a community and the continued health and welfare of our residents and businesses. Good news like the reports we received in June and October when credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poor’s confirmed our positive bond rating does not receive headlines in the newspaper. But I think it should, since this saved the City over one million dollars on interest costs on the Police Station bonds alone.

Similarly, you probably have not heard much about the successful implementation of the City’s new purchasing and payroll system which has added many efficiencies and cost savings to our financial processes. Or the COPS grant that will put seven additional police officers on the street. Or the interest from developers in building housing on the former Aquinas site. Or the great work being done by the Historic Preservation Commission. Or the plans by local restaurant owner Nick D’Agostino to bring back a city celebration with an Oktoberfest this September. There are truly many wonderful things and great opportunities going on in New Britain every day.

As I have for the past few years, I will close with a plea for more civility in local government. Over the past year, the bickering, mudslinging, and politicizing of Council agendas have reached a point which gives New Britain negative publicity and a pugilistic reputation we can’t afford to project to the outside world in these dismal economic times.

What do you think a potential investor in city business or property or someone contemplating moving to our City thinks when they pick up the New Britain Herald or watch the Council meetings on Nutmeg? While democracy isn’t always pretty, people want to know that their local elected officials can put their personal and political agendas aside long enough to focus on the best interests of the community. And if we are being honest with ourselves, we will admit that is not happening here.

But this does not have to continue to be the case. We can resolve here and now to put the unpleasant past as well as partisan agendas behind us and move forward toward more issue focused discussions. There are many challenges and opportunities facing New Britain this year, but we need to work together to achieve positive outcomes. The voters who elected us deserve nothing less.

Thank you and may God continue to bless the City of New Britain.

New Britain Mayor Predicts 'Hard Budget Decisions' -


Robbery reported at bank in Farmington - The New Britain Herald (

Call Farminton police if you have any information on this individual.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bob Englehart: Connecticut Business Moved To Mass. Because of Paid Sick Leave!


Alderman David DeFronzo’s Needless Resolution.


This resolution is somewhat a re-hash of Alderman Trueworhty’s recent motion that failed with three of the Democratic Aldermen siding with the Republicans.

At recent meetings of the common council Mr. Curry, our city’s finance director, has stated that 16 bids RFQ’S are sent out.

What does this Alderman wish to accomplish?

Isn’t he in effect redoing the failed Trueworthy's motion?

Additionally, isn’t there a council rule that once an issue fails it cannot be re-hashed until after the next election?

Trueworthy: More Interesting Campaign Donations!

You already saw the sizable donation made to Mr. Trueworthy's campaign by an attorney that Trueworthy was passionately fighting to award a "no-bid" contract worth at least $20,000 to.  Let's take a closer look at more of the information:

In November 2009, the council Democrats appointed William Candelori to the Mattabassett District Commission.  On November 17,  Mayor Tim Stewart vetoed that appointment, citing the serious financial impact this position may have had on the taxpayers and the city and he also cited the "questionable ethics surrounding Mr. Candelori's career, as well as the quality of representation during his term as Mattabassett commissioner and chair"   The mayor was apparently referring to Mr. Candlori's status as a convicted felon and former principal in the Colonial Realty scandal--which has frequently been cited as Connecticut's very own Madofff style ponzi scheme. 

Once again Mr. Trueworthy and his sidekick Sherwood went on a crusade to defend Mr. Candelori and in December they led the override of the mayor's veto of this appointment on a purely partisan vote (4 Republicans voted to sustain the veto, while 11 Democrats voted to override the veto--thereby appointing Candelori).

Once again, I have the question of whether Mr. Trueworthy was acting in the best interest of the taxpayers, or was he simply fighting for someone he knew would make sizable donations to his campaign coffers?  In this case keep in mind that the vote occurred on or about December 9, 2009.   Trueworthy's campaign records reveal that on October 14, 2009 William Candelori made a $250 donation (the largest allowed by law) to Trueworthy's campaign, and then on November 18, 2009, Shirley Candelori (of the same address as William) reportedly donated $100.

In this case was Mayor Stewart  right in trying to find someone else to run the Mattabassett District?

As you may have read, the Mattabassett District under Mr. Candelori's leadership, is now in the process of trying to commit the taxpayers of the 3 member towns to a debt of over $100 million for an extensive expansion of the plant.  The taxpayers of New Britain would be directly responsible for at least $70 million of this expense, which would most likely be much higher than the anticipated $70 million.  This expansion is so alarming that the leaders of the Town of Berlin have begun investigating the possibility of pulling their town out of the district and building their own plant in Berlin, but of course so far the Democrats on the New Britain council have been silent regarding such an enormous tax burden that might be forced upon their citizenry.

This story is almost incomprehensible that at a time when we are being forced to lay off an estimated 100 teachers because we can no longer afford their salaries, that our Democratic elected officials have no apparent concern over a plan to spend over $70 million for a sewer plant.

Whose interests are these Democratic Aldermen really protecting???

Public Education: Progressive Indoctrination Camps - Chuck Norris - printer friendly -

CHRIS POWELL: Lament of the last liberal in Connecticut - The Middletown Press (

Regional planning unit asks Malloy to spike Busway plan - The New Britain Herald (


Monday, March 7, 2011



Local newspapers have announced that Alderman Paul Cantanzaro will be making his announcement, on March 16th, that he is planning to run for the mayor’s seat.

One cannot help recalling that the City’s Ethics Commission had found this Alderman “GUILTY” as charged with the Democratic Council membership turning their heads away from the commission’s recommendation citing that this finding is only political.

After the publicity of the fact that the Democrats refused to accept the Ethics Commission findings the chairman of that commission, former Mayor William McNamara, resigned from this commission because of the inaction taken the by the Democratic side of the council isle.

With all the publicity of the former Mayor’s resignation the voter’s apathy of the facts returned this Alderman to his seat as the highest vote getter in that following election.

I guess being endorsed by the Democratic and the Working Families Parties leaves no room for ethics.

Council Meeting – March 9, 2011 | New Britain Republicans

Freshman Alderman David DeFronzo's resolution motion attacked.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

103 Years Young in Kensington, Ct.

One Hundred Three Year Old Birthday celebrated today at the McDonald’s Restaurant in Berlin, Conn.

Even Though her birthday falls on March first Mary Labienniec’s celebration of her being one hundred three years young was being celebrated today with all her friends at the restaurant.

She is a permanent fixture at the restaurant holding court with all her senior friends whom she considers
as being “just kids”.

Amazingly, she was able to drive until a few months ago when she developed an eye condition which forced her to giving up this luxury without her having to depend on others in providing her with transportation.


Mary is Pictured with her Great-Great Grandson during her 102nd. birthday celebration.

Cubby Clark played for this festive affair as he has in the past years.

Last year Mary had asked Chubby six months ahead of time to reserve the first of March for her event. He agreed and when she left he was overheard asking how the heck does she know that I will still be alive?

Well a year has passed and Chubby is here to entertain not only Mary but the Two hundred or more of her well wishers.

Cubby we are all hoping she has arranged for you to play at her 104th.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jim Russo Animal Contol Officer Hurt on the Job!

Many speakers for the past two council meetings have turned the council chambers into a dog festival, during public participation, with some taking issue with Jim Russo the Police department's Animal Control Officer.

Unfortunately, while attempting to break up a fight between two pit bulls Jim was bitten and was rushed to the hospital.

It is now a concern how the friends of the New Britain animal control will conduct themselves at the next council meeting.

It is also hopeful that Jim will be able to return to work soon and his injuries are not disabling.

Federation of Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations

Malloy's appointtes get bigger state salaries and pensons.

Malloy Tells Union Officials: Stakes High For Both Of Us -

Look for the Union Label - Bill O'Reilly - printer friendly -

Marshalls to open in downtown - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple
Staff Writer

Friday, March 4, 2011

Newington's Mayor Jeff Wright Expected To Resign Monday -

Trueworthy's Glass House


Most people still remember Alderman Trueworthy's latest lunacy with his attacking the mayor for so-called "no-bid" contracts.

The trouble is that the mayor has absolutely nothing to do with city purchasing, and even after the city purchasing director not only testified that the mayor did in fact have nothing to do with purchasing decisions, and also testified at great length about how every purchase that was made was the result of his office soliciting quotes from as many as 16 vendors, and that any purchases awarded to businesses owned by city aldermen was the result of them offering the best prices, Trueworthy continued with his craziness by attempting to pass a resolution instituting a 90 day moratorium against purchasing any products from businesses owned by elected officials.

Some of the problems with Trueworthy's resolution were that it would punish city business owners who have apparently done nothing wrong simply because they are civic minded and choose to serve the city, and in the process his resolution would in many cases force the city to buy goods or services from out of town businesses, instead of from New Britain businesses that pay taxes and employ people in New Britain.

I can only guess that these reasons are why some of his fellow Democrats voted against the resolution, creating a tie vote which allowed the mayor to cast his tie breaking vote to end Trueworthy's latest crusade.

Throughout the recent Senate campaign between the mayor and Theresa Gerratana, Trueworthy was one of several Democrats who attempted to slander the mayor with accusations regarding what they termed as "no bid contracts" but is this the ultimate in hypocrisy?

Many of you may recall last July when the mayor vetoed a budget and even the city attorney who is already being paid by the taxpayers to render such advice, gave his opinion that the mayor was within his authority to veto that budget.

Trueworthy and his former cohort, Phil Sherwood, went on a crusade to hire New Haven attorney Steven Mednick, who has been described as a "life long Democrat" for a retainer of $20,000 to supposedly sue the mayor for vetoing their budget. This was once again some craziness that failed because Trueworthy and Sherwood once again failed to get enough support from their fellow Democrats to approve the hiring of this attorney that would have ultimately produced the effect of the taxpayers paying for the city to sue itself, however:

A campaign finance report for Trueworthy's campaign has surfaced. In that report his campaign disclosed that Trueworthy received donations of $250.00 from Steven Mednick, and another $250.00 donation from Marlene Mednick--apparently Steven's wife, since they both reside at the same Hamden address.

So now I am left with the question of whether when Truewothy was so ambitious in trying to ram through a resolution for the city to hire Attorney Mednick, was he supposedly looking out for the best interests of the city, or was he attempting to give a lucrative contract to someone who Trueworthy knew would fill his campaign coffers with generous contributions?

Perhaps we really do need a new resolution, but that resolution might need to prohibit Aldermen from voting to give $20,000 "no-bid" contracts to people who give the maximum allowed donations to their campaign funds.

Union Leader Calls For State To Follow Taxing Model That Is Proven To Fail


Once again, AFL-CIO President John Olsen shot off his mouth about raising taxes to punish those evil rich people while supporting no cuts for his unionized state employees (one of his recent statements was that state employees shouldn't be punished because they didn't cause the problem).

With this latest statement, Mr. Olsen is demonstrating what an ignoramus he is.

Try learning from history Mr. Olsen.

A couple of years back, socialist Democrats in Maryland got the brilliant idea that they would balance their bloated budget by raising taxes on millionaires. One year later, the state had 1/3 less millionaires because they fled that socialist state for more conservative responsible states (probably right to work states where they could get away from unions too!).

The end result was that with the much higher tax rate, Maryland took in less revenue than they did at the lower rate.

For a misinformed person like Mr. Olsen let me explain it in a way that a 2 year old could understand.

The rich do what is called voting with their feet. When you punish them by singling them out with huge tax increases to pay for an endless socialist agenda, they move to where they are welcome--great states like Texas (right-to work state with no income taxes of any kind), South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and soon to be Wisconsin & Ohio.

What's the next issue for these unions? After that ridiculous case in Orange, I have little doubt they will soon be demanding free coffee and donuts for all state employees.

Audit: Bysiewicz’s office should recount books and customer money: Raising Hale

"Auditors criticized accounting procedures which led to a $5.2 million overstatement of customer balances out of a total of $12.5 million. Of the 20 accounts with the highest balances, auditors found that none were correct and that the errors could have existed for up to 10 years."

(click the headline to read the entire story)

Paid Sick Leave Bill Isn't Business- Friendly -

Auto dealers: New taxes may cripple state’s industry - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple
Staff Writer

Assistant majority leader Paul Catanzarro announces mayoral run - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple
Staff Writer

NBBOE Officials predict over 100 teacher layoffs in school year - The New Britain Herald (

NEW BRITAIN: Bookie Kept Taking Bets Even After Police Raid: The Courant

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