Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cops: New Britain Man Approached, Stabbed In Hartford Neighborhood: The Courant

Who will be our New Mayor for New Britain?

The Democratic Party has three candidates vying for the mayoral seat:  State Representative Timothy O’Brien who lost his last year’s bid, former Mayor Lucian Pawlak, and Aldermen Paul Catanzaro.

 The Republican Party has remained very quiet in naming their selection for replacing the Honorable Mayor Timothy Stewart.

The Independent Party has joined the fray with their announced candidate Mr. Mayo who is attempting add an “R” to his name by being called Mr. Mayor after election day.

New Britain man, Mariano Cardoso, - an illegal alien


Helen Ubinas’ article in the Sunday (5/29/11) Courant, “ANOTHER DREAM IN YOUNG MAN’S REACH” is, at first glance, a heartwarming story about a New Britain man, Mariano Cardoso, - an illegal alien – who graduated from Capital Community College last Thursday. A glance at the Courant photo accompanying the article possibly tells a different story. Having been in America illegally over twenty years since he was brought here when only 22 months old, Immigration agents accidentally caught up with him this year. He was scheduled to be deported but many came to his rescue and lobbied for a stay to his deportation; it was granted. Happy days for Mr. Cardoso. The Courant photo shows Mr. Cardoso be congratulated by a friend; also in the photo is a full view of Cardoso’s mortarboard that was decorated with Mexican Flag stickers and a miniature Mexican Flag attached to one edge. No American Flag in view. This article in Sunday’s Courant was printed on the weekend when America celebrates the holiday - Memorial Day - when it honors all those that have served in our Armed Forces to preserve the Freedoms we enjoy here in our country. Memorial Day is all about American Patriotism. Mr. Cardoso chose to honor Mexico instead of America ; this after Americans stood up for him.
I asked many friends, attorneys, etc. why they though someone would be here over twenty years and not try to attain citizenship. Perhaps the most plausible response I received came from a columnist from an out of town newspaper, he wrote :
“I imagine that Cardoso didn't apply for U.S. Citizenship for two reasons. First, for many years he didn't realize that he was in the country illegally. And second, when he did realize it, he probably figured that -- correctly, I think -- that his illegal entry precluded any normal application. I can't fault him for that.
I do fault him for being anything less than apologetic and for wearing Mexican flags on his graduate's cap after making such a fuss about his supposedly wanting to stay in the United States and become an American.”
This is about the same as I was thinking but was unable to express it without fear of being “anti something.” Once again, America gets kicked in the teeth by someone who Ubinas describes as, “ ANOTHER DREAM IN YOUNG MAN’S REACH.” Some dream! Reading Ubinas’ article on Memorial Day weekend made me angry that Cardoso does not appreciate America for him.
Fortunately, a beautiful concert on CPTV, celebrating America’s true patriotism lifted my spirits.

A happy Memorial day to all the families that lost loved ones in battle.

City woman first to graduate with ‘Authority’ - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)


CHRIS POWELL: UConn idea; discount for illegals - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


During the most recent council meeting when the Mattabassett District presented its proposed one hundred million dollar expansion plans by Mr. Brian Armet, the Executive Director of Plant.     He attempted to present to the council that they would experience a reduction in the city’s cost by allowing Middletown to enter the district however, with Alderman Mark Bernacki's questioning Mr. Armet with his stating that the lower cost to the city will actually disappear when you consider the bonding cost in order to carry the portions of the cost that is not covered by grants and will cause a much higher cost to our city. The same shall higher cost shall apply to the Towns of Berlin and Cromwell.

When asked about trucking the sludge to the MDC Mr. Armet’s immediate reply that it was cost prohibitive.

Has a proper study been conducted in order to evaluate the possibility of using rail or trucks to ship the district’s sludge to the MDC after obtaining a quote from the MDC for their cost of handling the district’s material?

Why not present the facts as they really are Mr. Armet?

Frank Smith

Obama Cheats and Frauds - Now Wants to Cut Troops Pay

Obama screws to the troops by reducing their pay on Memorial Day Holiday!

State union members divided prior to vote on concessions - Connecticut Post

"The whole thing stinks. It's terrible,"   Concessions by the Gov. Malloy are very bad.

OUR VIEW: Congress needs to act
on internet sales tax - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Because the internet tax kills business activity in Conn.

Tenergy Christ takes on new name, new ownership as Res-Kem General Water - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

By Scott Whipple,Staff Writer

LETTER: Malloy squanders chance to cut costs - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Connecticut's Open Season On Business - Courant.com


New Britain's Special Council meeting held this Evening:

Amazingly, the Democratic council  members were in total agreement to not increase the mill rate for the fiscal year of 2011-2012.

They recommended funding for the public safety department to full staffing, and dial-a-ride also was funded.

The Council's President Pro-Tempore Alderman Trueworhty stated that there still more work to be done with additional adjustments to be made like more funding for the Board of Education, etc. He suggested that the Mayor should bring people to the table to discuss what can be done in switching funds to make things work by avoiding layoffs at city hall.

The package proposed by the Democrats was passed with Alderwoman Mary Marrocco, the only Republican in attendance, voting "NO."

frank smith

Tech's future: Huge screens, ARM servers, geosocial everywhere

By: Patrick Thibodeau, Editor of Computerworld 

A Question for The New Britain Council Members?

I have been told that the ED of the Mattbasssett claimed that sending the materail to the MDC is too costly.


Has the City Council asked the MDC to price this proposal of taking all of Mattbasset's material?

Minority Leader Speaks out Against the Majority Leader's Public Statement

" “The people who spoke made some valid points on the repercussions of not having a splash park,” Magnuszewski said.

Mr. Storace: Please check with Mayor Stewart to find out how HE plans to keep the Splash Park open. The statement from Eva is misleading. It's not easy to find $200 K in a crisis budget year.

Also, I asked you to check with Mr DeMaio to find out what the vandalism at that park cost the city ?????????

Many of the Splash Park supporters that spoke used bombastic rhetoric that could be considered as threats rather than passionate pleas. "

This weekend: music, food and dance
at St. George Church Greek Festival - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

By Scott Whipple

Staff Writer

Willow Street splash park spared from budget axe - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)



Meeting is scheduled for six P. M.

Group stages petition drive to stop Costco plan to convert forest to - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

By Scott Whipple

Staff Writer

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bring The Fight To The Democrats On Medicare And Obamacare

Mr. Brian Amet, PE

Mr. Brian Armet, PE the executive director of the sewer plant gave his explanation to the New Britain Council membership his reasons for the need for the one hundred million dollar addition to the plant with his citing the DEP orders requiring all plants to denitrificate it's nitrogen from being introduce into the Conn. river.

He continued explaining the need for two clarifiers in order to meet the 100 year flood condition when we would not be able to draw water from the Ct. river. He cited the need to improve our grit system, the replacement of our Incinerator, with many parts are beyond repair or life's use. He mentioned the Ifas media system was considered by the board members until a plant in Vt. had its i-fas media show up in the area beaches.

Mentioning a free generator agreement was now in question since the company that arranged it is in bankruptcy.

Mr. Armet mentioned a recent purchase of an adjacent property but neglected to answer and alderman's questions as to the cost of the purchase.

After citing the annual savings of $1,400,000 New Britain would realize with Middletown being allowed to join the District. With Berlin and Cromwell also seeing annual savings.

But with the questioning by the Alderman Mark Bernacki of his bonding cost to carry portions of the cost not covered by state grants that would cause an actual annual increase to all the three towns with Mr. Armet agreeing.

When Mr. Armet was questioned as to why not ship the sludge by rail or trucks to the MDC incinerator in order to cut our cost of this expansion he replied that we are more efficient in with lower cost of $80 per dry ton and the trucking cost would make it prohibitive.

The Sludge sub-committee had analyzed the cost per dry ton without including the administrative to be an approximate $157.00 per dry ton.

Mr. Armet in answering the council's questions as to why we do not have more sludge business cited competition from MDC, Naugatuck, and plants down near the shore.

This motion to allow Middletown to join the district was passed by the New Britain Council with Alderman Louis Salvio registering his vote of " NO."

All other town owners must pass their resolution or this matter will fail and it will be returned to the legislation for further review during their session next year.

CHRIS POWELL: Silly you if you thought concessions meant cuts - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To the Editor, By Paula Pare

To the Editor,

I’m writing to you regarding the Costco proposal for New Britain. I am all for Costco coming to this area and am glad they have picked New Britain as a potential home. If Costco does come and make New Britain its home, they are going to bring 250 jobs to the area and also bring a big tax break for its current residents. Who in this day and age doesn’t need a job and also a tax break? The unemployment rate is sky high and I believe our taxes are going up, correct?

I understand the frustration many citizens are having regarding the land, the trails, the wooded areas, etc. ... but let’s sit and think a moment. Who’s using the trails? Who’s going into the wooded areas looking at the birds? No one I know and no one I’ve ever heard of before.

We have seen many businesses come into this area but then leave due to various reasons. Walmart and Shaw’s come to mind. But Costco is a strong company and we’d be crazy to turn their proposal down and let them move to another town/city. If they are willing to pay for all the planning, moving, construction, etc and not ask New Britain to pay for any of this building, then we’d be a fool to let them leave. New Britain needs more people coming into it for shopping, living, dining. Why buck everything or everyone that wants to come to our town and try and make it better?! People, we need this company! We need the business!

Someone wrote in and was concerned about the traffic. It’s a mess in that area during the holidays, I agree. But what about the other 10 months of the year? There are no problems getting to/from West Farms Mall, Target, Borders Books and all the other places in this area from January to November.

It was also noted that this land was deeded for recreational use and should be used as such. Well, to some of us, shopping is a recreation!

Paula Pare

New Britain

Subject: Courtesy and respect For the Republican Membership

Alderman Trueworthy:

It is obvious that you and some of the other members of your “caucus” are practicing blatant, callous disregard and disrespect toward the Republican members of the Common Council. You need to be reminded that all 15 members of the Common Council were elected by New Britain voters, not simply Democrats. And, although you act as though it were, the United States of America is not a dictatorship.

Why this note to you? It has come to my attention that you intent to, or have already scheduled a Special Meeting of the Council for Thursday, ?????(5/26) or possibly Friday, 5/27/11. Purpose? Ostensibly, to adopt the 2011/2012 Municipal Budget. While the NB Charter allows the Mayor Pro Tem to do this, once again you show your ignorance and act as though you are the only one that counts. Everyone knows why you are in such a hurry. You also will simply produce the changes in The Mayor’s Proposed Budget that you hope to advance without discussing them with anybody. ?People have lives, Mike and can’t always be at your beck and call. It takes weeks to craft a budget, Mike, yet you would seek to change everything in a matter of hours and by personal fiat. Mike, you need to have your head examined as do all the Council Democrats that act like sheep being led to slaughter.

And Mike, your resolution, #11, re Mattabassett is ridiculous. I doubt if any of the three other towns would agree to the terms as proscribed. If you insist on going through with Res. # 11, I would call the other three towns and request that they oppose it, especially a couple of provisions. This Mattabassett fiasco you propose is simply your blatant disregard for the rest of the “world.” Have you no shame?

Lou Salvio

State Senate votes to give in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

Dems plan to adopt Friday; GOP say they won’t be there - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pawlak Announces Run For Mayor: NB City Journal

Overstock Exits Connecticut Online Ad Market With Bloggers To Avoid Sales Tax: The Courant

Get ready for the mass exodus as Democrats drive the last remaining businesses out of the state with one radical tax after another, and one radical regulation after another.  Connecticut clearly is anything but "open for business!"

CHRIS POWELL: ‘Fellow state employees,’ not ‘fellow taxpayers’ - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lawmaker Questions DOT's $5.6 Million Purchase Of 1.5 Acres For Busway: The Courant

Case closed: Microsoft marks the end of era

Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld Editor


...is 70 years old.

Today, if Dorothy were to encounter

men with no brains, no hearts,

and no courage,

she wouldn't be in Oz.

She'd be in Congress.

Obamacare repeal means waivers for everybody

Youth & Family Services Honors Four at Annual Ceremony

City Journal

Introducing: The Dog of the Week - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Bernier hires campaign manager, CWA endorses Roberti - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

YouTube - -Malloy "Concessions"


Obama channels W except on Israel and Palestinians

Mayor Details ‘Drastic’ Cuts

Loose lips - NYPOST.com

Big mouths in the Obama Administration

Lawmakers wary of allowing governor to cut town aid

Malloy wants to screw to towns.

Connecticut workers question health care changes - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

Molloy doesn't listen.

Build Store Elsewhere - Courant.com

Friday, May 20, 2011

Governor Malloy To Preside Over The Most Massive Tax Increase Ever To Be Shoved Down The Throats Of Connecticut's Middle Class!

Busway Battle Moving To D.C.?: The Courant

DOT Pays Extravagant Prices For Land On Busway Route: The Courant

Editor's Note: Kevin Rennie is a former Republican State Senator from the 3rd District (representing all of East Hartford, South Windsor, and parts of Ellington and East Windsor.

Mayor Stewart Announces Open Office Hours

Mayor Stewart will have open office hours Tuesday, June 14, 2011 from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Office hours with the mayor will be held in his office at City Hall, Rm. 204, 27 West Main Street.

Citizens are encouraged to stop by to talk to the Mayor about any issues of concern.

Contact Us | New Britain Republicans

Stewart upset after city Dems craft own union concession plan - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)



City GOP leaders criticize school board for accepting ‘set aside’ funds - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)



New Britain stands to keep majority on Mattabassett board - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Opposition Towards UConn Expansion Plan: WTNH

WTNH reports that much of the opposition to this latest spending plan of the Governor's is coming from within his own party!

Click the headline above to read the entire story!

Announcing Martin Rosol’s Online Store

The History of one good President

We will never see this again.

Thought you'd enjoy this one!

This one you want your Children and Grandchildren to read.

They won’t believe this happened, but it DID.

Harry & Bess

This seems unreal ...

Harry Truman was a different kind of President. He probably made as many, or more important decisions regarding our nation's history as any of the other 42 Presidents preceding him. However, a measure of his greatness may rest on what he did after he left the White House.

The only asset he had when he died was the house he lived in, which was in Independence Missouri. His wife had inherited the house from her mother and father and other than their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives there.

When he retired from office in 1952, his income was a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an 'allowance' and, later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year.

After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess drove home to Missouri by themselves. There was no Secret Service following them.

When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, "You don't want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the American people and it's not for sale."

Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing, "I don't consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise."

As president he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food.

Modern politicians have found a new level of success in cashing in on the Presidency, resulting in untold wealth. Today, many in Congress also have found a way to become quite wealthy while enjoying the fruits of their offices. Political offices are now for sale. (sic. Illinois )

Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, "My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!

I say dig him up and clone him! At least he was honest! ;o)

$6 Million In Cocaine Seized In Windsor Locks Was Headed To Plainvillle, Channel 3 Reports

Although their print story makes no mention of it, during their noon broadcast today of Eyewitness News, WFSB reported that the estimated $6 million worth of cocaine that was seized by the state police in Windsor Locks, was headed to an address in Plainville. 

CHRIS POWELL: ‘Fellow state employees,’ not ‘fellow taxpayers’ - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

As city plans severe budget cuts
public safety jobs are most in jeopardy - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)



Book outlines Berlin Turnpike’s role in human trafficking - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Scott Whipple, Staff Writer

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Britain Police Investigate Webster Bank ATM Robbery: The Courant

New Britain Man Accused of Strangling Ex-Girlfriend

The Journal Inquirer of Manchester reported that Michael Lurry, age 25 of New Britain, has been charged with strangling his ex-girlfriend, and then stealing her car in an incident that allegedly occurred last month.

Windsor Locks Police Dept lists the pending charges as:

Date of Arrest:May 06, 2011 at 23:15
Name:Lurry, Michael Jr.    Age:  25
Address:New Britain, CT
Charged with:Strangulation 2nd, Unlawful Restraint 2nd, Assault 3rd, Disorderly Conduct, Larceny 3rd, Risk of Injury to Minor, Bond 500,000

The ten per cent budget cuts request.


With New Britain's Mayor requesting the city's managers to submit a 10% reduction to their annual budget. The managers have not publicly suggested how his/her department may survive without a certain number of existing employees however, during the last Council's public participation The Library's Director, Ms. Pat Rutkowski, explained that her budget represents 1.3% of the city's overall budget. She suggested to the Council members that if you had a pie chart of the city's expenditures you would "barely see library on this chart."

She continued by citing that her department enriches many lives servicing from July 2010 to today 332,000 residents. She concluded that she cannot find any way to reduce her budget request by 10%.

Tonight the joint board of Education Board members with the council members will discuss the Board's budget needs.

Let us hope that the remaining managers with cooler heads will be more cooperative to the mayor's request for the sake of the taxpayers.

New Britain Board of Ed Saves All Day Kindergarten: NB City Journal

Labor deal in hand, Malloy serves up red meat at the JJB

Malloy Calls For Expanding Medical, Dental Schools At UConn Health Center - Courant.com

Smith Photo

Former city mayor photgraphs bear in backyard - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

CHRIS POWELL: Are state employee unions as innocent
as they claim? - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summary Of Agreement Between Malloy Administration And SEBAC; Some Believe It Could Prompt June 30 Retirements: The Courant

New Britain School Officials To Outline Budget Crisis - Courant.com

By Don Stacom

NB Police Explorers Win 1st Place for Best Overall Post: NB City Journal

Westfarms Mall: Police Investigate Nordstrom Theft
Two People Stole Designer Handbags Worth $1,750: WFSB

Farmington Police Dept Photo

WFSB reports that anyone with information about the robbery are asked to call Officer Dan Aparo at 860-675-2400, or Detective John Beaulieu at 860-675-2462

(click the headline above to view the entire Channel 3 story)

Police: Copper Thieves Caught Exiting New Britain Home: The Courant

YouTube - • Crash Politics • Obamacorn CEO Bertha Lewis applauds her own socialist speech

Obama’s plan for America is President-assisted suicide

Troubled H-1B fraud case ends quietly

For hiring illegal aliens.

By: Patrick Thibodeau, Editor

New Britain Leaders To Discuss School Budget Cuts - Courant.com

Tuesday at 6 PM in the Council Chambers

BUSINESS WATCH: The state is not open for business The Republican-American

Friday, May 13, 2011

Avery's "Osama" Soda Causing Some Fizz: The Courant

Council Members hear from local Business Owner and Taxpayer!

James Sanders, Jr. who own Sanders Construction Co. In New Britain and also resides in the city told the council members of the hardships he faces as local business entrepreneur.

He told the conclave of Aldermen that he had to lay off 65% of his faithful employees and reduced his equipment inventory by sixty percent in order to survive with the adverse economy.

He concluded his remarks by telling the councilmen that they have a" spending problem." " Look into a lot of bad spending at both the board of Education and the Public Works and etc."

frank smith

Pleas made for more education spending - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Council Minority Leader Chastises Rep. Tim O'Brien's Claims in his Political Literature


Dear Editor:

Being of a different political party than Tim O’Brien, I am thankful that I don’t receive his campaign fliers; they are full of undocumented/uncorroborated claims of what he has “done” and adjectival superlatives of his efforts. The fliers are enough to induce projectile vomiting. Truth? Not one of the dozens of bills he has offered has ever become law.

Latest example: O’Brien’s latest flier starts off, “It’s time for a new beginning for New Britain.” Is there another kind of “beginning”? I know, that’s picky, but it’s followed by, “That’s why we need” … What does that mean? That’s why we need food or shoes or oxygen? I don’t know. But the best is yet to come. In a box at the bottom of the flier are four incomplete statements/bullet points preceded by an incomplete title that says.

“New Britain deserves a better future…” WOW! That’s profound.

The four bullet points:

“Lowering unfair property taxes on New Britain taxpayers…” I ask, which property taxes are unfair? Then, O’Brien states, “ Representative Tim O’Brien is already the strongest advocate in the state for property tax reform. We need him in City Hall standing up for the taxpayers who live in New Britain” Another, WOW! Was there a vote taken for the “strongest advocate?” O’Brien has been saying this for 10 years but, WHAT HAS HE DONE ABOUT IPROPERTY TAX REFORM IN NEW BRITAIN? Nothing was done until Stewart was elected Mayor, NOTHING!

Next: “ …while improving neighborhoods for New Britain residents.” “ Improving neighborhood quality of life while lowering property taxes: strong anti-blight enforcement and requiring blighted buildings owners to pay for what they are cost our city.” (Sic) Until the Mayor’s office redid the anti blight ordinance that O’Brien wrote, it was unenforceable. Since the ordinance was redone, the city is actually using this clean and lien ordinance to collect some money from fines. Also O’Brien has not done one thing to lower NB property taxes, not one, ever!

#3. “Improving education for all New Britain’s kids …” “Education can be improved without local property taxes going up by getting more state magnet school funding for New Britain. Tim O’Brien fights for quality education for all kids.” Baloney! Tim O’Brien has been in the legislature for the same amount of time that Doris Kurtz has been in New Britain. Together, the two of them have presided in the greatest decline in test scores in NB schools. The original reason for creating magnet schools was to correct racial disparity in Hartford’s and other schools. In that regard the concept has been an abject failure. Tim Stewart is negotiating something right now that may help NB schools.

#4. “ … while creating jobs for New Britain’s future.” “Like creating jobs by revitalizing neighborhoods and investing in clean energy, we need Rep.Tim O’Brien’s creativity to build a brighter future for New Britain.” Have you ever seen such pure male bovine excrement in your life? This 4th, of O’Brien’s bullet points is the most meaningless bunch of prattle you ever saw. What does it mean? It’s about like his handshake, insincere and like a wet sponge.

Lou Salvio, Republican Alderman

Malloy’s Plan B budget would close Goodwin Tech, 16 other schools - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Malloy Crafting Grander Plan For UConn Health Center Expansion -- Courant.com

House Measure Lifts Gulf Drilling Moratorium - HUMAN EVENTS

A Declaration of Energy Independence

Bomb Threat Reported At Goodwin Tech. No Evacuations, Lockdown Ordered: WFSB

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

City DMV branch may close if Malloy’s union negotiations fall flat - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

New Britain: Layoffs, Tax Increase Or Both? - Courant.com

The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again

The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again

By Michelle Malkin


The public relations campaign for President Obama's latest revival of "immigration reform" makes one thing crystal clear: This is not, and never has been, about homeland security. This is not, and never has been, about economic security. It's about political security, plain and cynical.
In conjunction with Tuesday's renewed White House push in Texas for a "new pathway to citizenship" for millions of illegal immigrants, disgruntled Latino activists are ratcheting up their radical anti-enforcement rhetoric. Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez -- a persistent critic on Obama's left flank -- lambasted federal workplace enforcement raids this weekend. On Sunday, he repeated his hyperbolic attacks on homeland security agents "terrorizing" neighborhoods and ripping babies from the breasts of nursing moms. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made no public effort to defend her employees.
On campuses across the country, unhappy ethnic college student groups have turned up the heat on Democrats to resurrect the "DREAM Act" nightmare for the 12th time in a decade. The legislation -- persistently rejected by a bipartisan majority on Capitol Hill -- would provide illegal aliens (not just teenagers, but students up to age 35) federal education access and benefits, plus a conditional pass from deportation and a special path toward green cards and U.S. citizenship for themselves and unlimited relatives.
Obama argues that his comprehensive amnesty plan would boost America's bottom line. But the open-borders math doesn't add up. The Congressional Budget Office score of the last DREAM Act package estimates that "the bill would increase projected deficits by more than $5 billion in at least one of the four consecutive 10-year periods starting in 2021." And that doesn't include the costs of the unlimited family members the millions of DREAM Act beneficiaries would be able to bring to the U.S. A separate cost analysis by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies concluded that the illegal alien DREAM Act bailout would cost taxpayers $6.2 billion a year and "crowd out" U.S. students in the classroom.
To help gloss over those sobering realities and blur the lines between legal and illegal immigration, Obama summoned Latino celebrities such as actresses Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson. The starlets -- deemed important "stakeholders" in the immigration policy debate by the celebrity in chief -- have served as glamorous distractions from the vocal complaints of Southwest governors, ranchers, farmers and other victims of continued border chaos. These are the real stakeholders whose lives and livelihoods are at risk. But none had a seat at the Hollywood-filled table.
While proudly emphasizing her ethnic loyalties, Dawson (an outspoken critic of Arizona's immigration enforcement law) insists immigration reform "isn't just a Mexican" or Latino issue. But for more candid liberal strategists, the illegal alien amnesty bandwagon is nothing more than a tool to motivate current and future Latinos to protect the Democrats' grip on power. Eliseo Medina, secretary treasurer of Obama's deep-pocketed backers at the Service Employees International Union, laid out the stakes in an interview with MSNBC:
"Clearly with immigration reform and any other kind of reform that would benefit the Latino community, we have to make sure that our voices are heard in the ballot box. There are approximately 23 million Latinos that are eligible to vote, yet only 10 million voted in 2008."
SEIU's goal: "If we increase the turnout from 10 million to anywhere between 12 and 15 million, we're going to have an outsized impact on the election in 2012."
If, as widely expected, Obama fails to deliver amnesty through the legislative process, there's always amnesty by executive fiat. White House insiders first floated the idea in June 2010 to unilaterally extend either deferred action or parole to millions of illegal aliens in the United States. This administration has accomplished its major policy agenda items through force, fiat and fraud. Immigration will be no different.
Unfortunately for the law-abiding, there is no Hollywood-Washington-Big Labor lobby to speak for them. While Obama's homeland security officials hang their "mission accomplished" banner over the border, the feds have barely made a dent in the three-year naturalization application backlog or the 400,000-deportation fugitive problem.
Meanwhile, law enforcement witnesses told a House subcommittee last month that border smuggling has grown so out of control that federal prosecutors are simply declining to pursue cases. Cochise County, Arizona, Sheriff Larry Dever testified about the feds' so-called "Turn Back South" policy -- which includes lowering thresholds for drug and smuggling prosecutions, and permitting border-crossers at least seven strikes before being charged with immigration misdemeanors. And just last week, the General Accounting Office reported another massive 1.6 million illegal visa overstayers backlog -- a problem exposed by five of the 19 September 11 hijackers who benefited from systemic failure to enforce visa regulations.
So much for "never forget."

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is the author of "Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies" (Regnery 2010).

©Creators Syndicate

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Study: Conn. Residents Overtaxed

State Ranks No. 1 In Taxes: WFSB

A review of the Mattabassett bonding issue for its expansion.


First of all, a sub-committee was established by the board of directors to determine the cost to the district for handling the outside sludge. This committee established in its report a cost of $214 per dry ton excluding the district's cost of the management wages and benefits.

The district hired an engineering consultant to developed an exact cost to the district for the outside sludge. When their report was tendered to the engineering and finance sub-committees citing a new price of $156/dry ton, the chairman of the engineering committee asked this consultant engineer as to why such a low figure? His reply was that his hands were tied to make it look like the district had a profit.

The MDC had quoted a price per liquid ton for handling the districts sludge at a considerable lower cost than the district's own operation.

Let us not forget the over-run cost for the outfall project for a sum of 1.2 million dollars.


New Britain: Layoffs, Tax Increase Or Both?

Residents Get Their Say on Thursday Evening: The Courant

Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union New Britain Office Now Open!

Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union has now  moved to 995 West Main Street in New Britain!

Hallmark's website gets a reboot

By Patrick Thibodeau, Editor

Mock Emergency Drill at Hospital Uses High-Tech Mannequin: New Britain City Journal

Oktober Fest Downtown New Britain September 16-18.

Mr Nick Augustino and Mayor Timothy Stewart

This great "Downtown Event" is co-sponsored by The Jasko Development and Nick Augustino of The East Side Restaurant.

This event will not only attract New Britain residents but will be advertised to attract many residents of surrounding towns.

The streets will block off starting at the Chestnut Street garage, up to Main Street including Main and up West Main to Washington Street.

Mr. Augustino said this is the first event and will continue for the next two years before moving  to the Walnut Hill Park for the next three years.

Mayor Stewart said this will be replacing Main Street USA and possibly the Car show. This will hopefully be the event that area residents will looking forward to attending year after year. The Chamber of Commerce, and the New Britain Downtown district are in full support of this up-coming event.

Frank Smith

Obama’s ineligibility: May the Constitution rest in peace

Connecticut Democrats strategize on repeal of death penalty - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

We needed Tim Stewart There for his two cents on death penalty.

Obama and Reid offer hot air, not cheaper gas

CHRIS POWELL: Biggest market rigger is the government itself - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

The President's Moratorium on oil rigging is the main cause by government.

Malloy's Plan B budget would slam municipalities - The Bristol Press (bristolpress.com)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Than A Thousand Runners Race In The Park For Cancer: The Courant

Letter to the Editor by The Council Minority Leader


Everyone should know by now that the State delegation members from New Britain are all Democrats. Similarly, every taxpayer in New Britain should know by now that Democrats on the Common Council outnumber Republicans, 11 to 4.

In the Herald, it has been announced that all five Democrats of the New Britain delegation voted unanimously to approve the state budget offered by Governor Malloy. THEY DID THIS EARLIER THIS WEEK KNOWING THAT THE GOVERNOR HAS YET TO HAVE AGREEMENT ON A $2 BILLION, 2 YEAR CONCESSION AGREE ENT WITH STATE EMPLOYEE UNIONS. TENTATIVELY, BOTH DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED HOUSES OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE APPROVED THE BUDGET! Most vociferous about this move was State Rep., Tim O’Brien. The Herald had quotes from no other NB delegate

Now, consider the New Britain Common Council. Again, Democrats hold an 11 to 4 super majority of votes on the Council, similar to the state delegation. What’s the difference? The New Britain delegation led by Mayor Pro Tem, Mike Trueworthy says, hold on, Mayor Stewart. You want to tell us that you are cutting 10 % of the “CITY” budget from all city departments but you won’t tell us from where? True worthy says, “ I only have half the ball!!” Who are you going to lay off? How will each city department cut 10%? Trueworthy, who works at the State Capitol, is OK with Malloy’s budget but not with Stewart’s budget – he wants to know more. WHY? He wants to interfere! If he tried that at the state level he would be sent home. Should Mayor Stewart release right now the names of those who will be laid off? Should he release any information that is covered by union contracts? Come on Mike, you know better

Trueworthy tries, as he has done for seven years to violate the City Charter. It won’t work Mike. Even with your eleven votes. Voters of New Britain; beware of Trueworthy’s promises, he’s not allowed to fulfill them, even with the 11 votes. Trueworthy uses fictitious and specious rhetoric to make promises. Too bad for those that believe this babble.

So, you see, our state delegation is OK with voting for a state budget without all pertinent information, but our city Democrats cry, we only have half of a ball! Wake up New Britain! The Common Council Democrats forgot about you the day they were elected.

Lou Salvio, Alderman

103 Russwin Rd.

New Britain, CT 06053

Recent Census a Farce For The Mattabassett District.


Many years ago The Town of Cromwell connected their Northeast section of town to the MDC in Hartford rather than building a pump station sending their waste water sewage to the Mattabassett. This way the district realizes no benefit financially from this area of town therefore, these homes involved should not be counted for the purpose of the census count resulting in a loss of the anticipated additional seat, to the District, for the town of Cromwell.

Additionally, The Town of Berlin as an unusual distinction with its Chamberlain Highway area with no sewers but all septic system tanks offering no revenue to the Mattabassett. The census count should not include for this vast area of Berlin possibly causing a loss of representation to the Mattbassett board of directors by one seat.

With the City of New Britain carrying the bigger load with its being 99% sewered.

The State Legislative leaders must realize that Chairman William Candelori's proposed plan for the district's representation is a "FARCE" and a careful review of the proposed plan must take place at our state capitol.

Conservative group files a lawsuit asserting state budget is unconstitutional - Capitol Watch

New Nutmeg Credit Union branch to open in city - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

Malloy’s Plan B seeks 4,700 Conn. job cuts; conservative group to file suit - The New Haven Register (nhregister.com)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Costco Plans New Britain Store Near Route 9

Golf Course Would Need To Move A Couple Of Holes

Obama’s ineligibility and the coming second American revolution

City of New Britain Office of Mayor Timothy Stewart


May 6, 2011


Contact: Lisa Carver, City of New Britain (860) 826-3303

Bill Millerick, New Britain Chamber of Commerce (860) 229-1665

Gerry Amodio, Downtown District (860) 229-0878


New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart announced today that he will be hosting a joint press conference next week with the New Britain Chamber of Commerce, New Britain Downtown District, Nick Augustino owner of the Eastside Restaurant and Avner Krohn of Jasko Development. Details of the press conference:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 – 10:30 am

New Britain City Hall Room 201

27 West Main Street, New Britain

“The City is fortunate to have someone with Nick Augustino’s vision and commitment to support the economic revitalization of New Britain,” Mayor Stewart said today. “This new venture is a natural extension of Nick’s exciting plans for an Oktoberfest in downtown New Britain in September.”

“This is an exciting opportunity not only for me and my business, but the community,” said Nick Augustino. “I am looking forward to providing more details at this press conference about this new venture as well as the upcoming Oktoberfest.”

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Democrats Prepare To Ram Through Largest Tax Increase In Connecticut History: Capitol Watch

Elderly and Disabled Property Tax Relief


55 PEARL STREET • NEW BRITAIN, CT 06051-2610 • (860) 826-3553 • FAX (860) 826-3557

General Press Release

Timothy T. Stewart, Mayor

City of New Britain .

Elderly and Disabled Property Tax Relief

April 29, 2011

Elderly or disabled New Britain residents are reminded that applications for property tax

relief on their homes are currently being taken at the New Britain Senior Center. The

filing deadline in order to apply for benefits this year is May 13,2011

Anyone, who was 65 or older in 2010 or who received Social Security Disability benefits,

is eligible to apply for a discount on their property taxes under the State of Connecticut's


limits, to obtain a benefit under this program, are $32,300 for single applicants and

$39,500 for married couples. These income guidelines, which are set by the State of

Connecticut, are based on last year's totals and include 2010 Social Security Benefits.

Based on their income, participants would see a significant reduction in their property

taxes beginning with the July 1, 2011 bill.

Those who have been enrolled with this program in the past have received a letter from

the Tax Assessor; if this is the year they must re-apply. However, new applicants are also

encouraged to call the. Senior Center as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Under the Center's "One Stop Shopping" concept, eligibility for other programs, such as


the time of the individual's appointment Finally, if a married couple wishes to apply, it

is necessary for only one of the spouses to have been age 65 or over to be considered for

the HOMEOWNER benefit In these tough economic times, Mayor Stewart is interested

in seeing that all eligible residents take advantage of this valuable assistance.

Please Contact Mr. John Coughlin at the Senior Center to  up-date file your file.

Memo: UBS planning to move workers - StamfordAdvocate

Job losses In Conn.     Thanks to the Democrats.

Around Town: A special ceremony honoring Arthur Powers - The New Britain Herald (newbritainherald.com)

State to help inmates pare child-support bills - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

Citizen’s Property Owners Association (CPOA)

Suggest you time this for Monday, May 2nd (Tax Freedom Day). Thanks.


Dear Editor;

Today, May 2nd is Tax Freedom Day in Connecticut. This means those of us working since January 1st will have earned enough money to pay our taxes for the year today. Stop and digest that: Flash back to New Years Day and realize all your sweat and toil from that first day of the year till now has all gone to pay your federal, state and local taxes.

Wait! There’s more good news! The first tax freedom day in the US was on March 26th in Mississippi. The US average was 102 days or, April 12th on the calendar. Yes, you guessed it: We’re #1!!!! Connecticut residents spend 122 days working to pay their taxes; the longest in the entire nation.

When do you think we’ll celebrate next year since Governor Malloy wants to increase our taxes again? And what about some on our Common Council will no doubt want to throw money to special interests, raising our taxes here in New Britain again. Maybe tax freedom day for us will be the end of June, six full months. That would make it easy; we’ll just mail every other paycheck to the government until they raise the taxes again.

Let’s stop the insanity. There is no more money to give. There will be even less to give when all the employers leave for friendlier pastures. Demand our politicians reduce our taxes by cutting spending. We have a spending problem; not a revenue problem.

It’s simple: tell them today you won’t vote for them in November if your taxes increase; then do just that.

Michael W. Wanik


Citizen’s Property Owners Association (CPOA)

The Death Penalty Does Not Deter Liberals - Mike Adams - printer friendly - Townhall.com

Former President George W. Bush celebrates death of Osama: "No matter how long it takes, justice will be done"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Berlin Native Struck, Killed in Brooklyn, NY: The Courant

PLAINVILLE: Baby Born AT DUI Checkpoint: CTNow.com

Atlas Shrugged Part I, Now Playing At Plainville AMC Loews!

Here's your chance to see the movie that literally has liberals coming unglued!

Click the headline at the top for the show times at AMC Loews of Plainville.



During April 13 thirteenth's meeting Carlozzi's vicious attack bestowed onto the Finance Director, Robert Carry, extremely was uncalled for. With his bringing up a private report to the city council members was soon to become public with all the childish questions by his demanding who told the director to include the names of the spouses, their annual income, and where they work. His tirade went on for a considerable period of time even subsequent to the Mayor's admission that he had ordered that information to be included within the report. Those in attendance may recall Alderman Pabon's comment erased the tenseness in the council chambers when he exclaimed "I didn't know my wife made that much money."

Phase two surfaces during the Council meeting held on April 27th. when the Finance director decided to speak to the council during Public Participation after he reviewed the city's employment policies. Claiming that he was publicly attacked by Alderman Carlozzi citing that this was a planned assault. He continued with his charges of imitation, schoolyard bullying, and harassment.

Mr. Currey then asked that the council to elaborate what the terms of owned and or operated means. The council passed Mr. Curry's request with one voting nay.

This all stems from Democratic attacks on two local business owners serving on the Republican side of the isle Aldermen Pabon and Bernacki.

After the Council meeting was aired on TV many public comments were in full support for Mr. Curry.

Abuses happen when unions have government friends

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