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Obama Stars in "OPERATION HOT MIC"

A Disaster Coming to a Nation Near You!

A Well Deserved Award

Award 2-9-12.

Back in April of 2011 at the East Side Community Neighborhood Meeting Sgt. Tracy Baden was their month's guest speaker explaining the youth bureau and the four detectives assign to her staff of the many hardships they must encounter with the handling an approximate 150 case load annually with 500 arrest.

Working with the friendship center, the Klingberg family center, and big brothers & sisters.

When the Vice Squad arrest the parents of youngsters we bring the children to the station and watch them until the department of DCF take over their care.

She concluded her remarks noting that the youth department detectives must be commended for all the awful situations they must handle each day finding it hard to forget what they had to endure during their shifts.

Most residents of our city are unaware of the great work the youth bureau performs under her leadership but she is still capable to find time, with her busy schedule, to seek grants for the department on her own time and to teach new police officers.


Post-mortem America: Proximate cause of death

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday's Common Council Meeting


 Alderwoman Eva Magnuszewski move to have a motion to seek grants, at Wednesday's common council meeting, for the bus livability surrounding the area of the new busway. 

  The DOT has approved the low bidder for the busway contract from Massachusetts.

How much is the U.S. dollar worth?

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

CHRIS POWELL: Do Republicans want to be competitive again - The Middletown Press (

7 Arrested At Hartford DUI Checkpoint Friday That Was Moved Away From Convention Center Area | Capitol Watch


Novak not helping herself - Norwich, CT - The Bulletin


Obama Promise Kept: Coal Plants to go Bankrupt with New EPA Carbon Cap - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Britain Mayor Plans Open Office Hours On March 29, April 16 -


New Britain Mayor Pledges No Tax Increase -


House passes JOBS Act, sends bill to Obama - 2chambers - The Washington Post

O'Brien's Administration Maybe Proposing a Tax Increase

Surprise, Surprise------after the O'Brien administration raided, what he called the surplus funds, at the water department and assuming the debt of the water dept payments of a sum of $800,000 annually a local newspaper announced that the Board of Finance and Taxation is recommending an 8.1% increase to the city's expenditures resulting to a proposed mil rate increase to the city's taxpayers of 12.61 Mils. What happen to the mayor O'Brien's promise of no tax increases???? Yes, the Common Council membership has a lot of number crunching to keep them awake nights before completing their proposed budget to be submitted to the taxpayers.


Obama Just Can’t Resist Injecting Race into Any Situation

Not All Presidential Orders Are Created Equal (Part 1) - Chuck Norris - printer friendly -

The “Bi-Polar" Presidency - John Ransom - printer friendly -

CHRIS POWELL: Useless school boards; and an end run for raises - The Middletown Press (

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Britain Mayor Says He's Serious About Improving Blighted Buildings -


Possible Burglary Attempt Reported At New Britain Mayor's House -


Indian, U.S. firms urge Obama action on visas

CPOA is Tax Watchdog of New Britain

NewsBusted 3/23/12 - YouTube

Corruptio Optimi Est Pessima

Attempts to eliminate photo ID when voting in Many States.

AMD's new CEO likes basketball and the chip maker's future

By Patrick Thibodeau, senior editor of Computerworld.

Official: Obama to nominate Dartmouth College president to head World Bank - The Washington Post

Phil Sherwood's Second Waterloo:


As alleged you attempted to get into the New Britain School Board Executive Session dictating who they should pick for the New Board of Education's Superintendant or political reprisals would occur.

Also, your claiming your actions were done by you in behalf of the mayor.

In today's newspaper coverage the school board members, that are in Texas, announced their approval of their selection of Mr. Kelt L. Cooper for New Britain's new School Superintendent subject to finalization of his contract agreement with the school district.

Yes, Mr. Sherwood, your alleged threat of political reprisals didn't carry any weight or fear to the four members who decided, making your threats meaningless.

It's time for Mayor O'Brien to have a sit down with you…..

Upholding 'Obamacare' Means The End Of Freedom --

Charles Krauthammer

Tolerating Islam: “He grabbed her by the hair and then shot her in the head” - John Ransom - printer friendly -

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Man Shot in New Britain: The Courant

Paul Harvey 1965 Warning To America "IF I WERE THE DEVIL"

After listening to this 1965 broadcast of the late Paul Harvey, you will be convinced that the current day Democrats are in fact the Devil!

Two GOP State Legislators File Lawsuit Against Gov. Malloy Over Right To Unionize | Capitol Watch

By: Christopher Keating

Two Arrested In New Britain Homicide -



After months of reading and watching the new administration’s distorted public relations campaign, I can remain silent no longer. An intense amount of criticism has been levied against me and my administration for allegedly leaving the city with an enormous financial deficit with respect to this year’s budget. Politicians, employees and others seeking to profit from the City have continued to levy charges of financial mismanagement, structural deficits and other situations that have brought me to write this letter telling the people of New Britain the truth.
For several years (including before my administration) have relied on one time revenues to balance the city’s budget and largely have been successful in doing so. Unfortunately many cities like New Britain have had to rely on revenues outside of the ever decreasing state budget. Continued state and federal mandates with shrinking revenues have caused significant concern amongst many cities throughout the state over the past several years. During my eight years as mayor I not only did not raise taxes during that period of time but also produced budget surpluses in seven of my eight budget years. In fact last year the city finished the fiscal year with a $2.5 million dollar surplus that was added to the fund balance because of a policy that was set in place during my last term in office bringing it to nearly our goal of 5% of total expenditures.
As is the case for every annual budget, last year’s budget was adopted by the Democratic controlled Common Council by a vote of 11-1 with the only no vote being Alderwoman Mary Morocco the lone republican in attendance at the hastily called budget adoption meeting on a Friday evening in late June. Two items of particular interest in this budget were the sale of city property and a line item that was put together to reflect various savings mechanisms from city union concessions and unfilled vacancies in various departments. For the record, these two items are the responsibility of both the Mayor and Common Council to work together to find savings in an already stretched thin budget. All parties including the City Finance Director were involved in these budget discussions prior to its adoption. Over one million dollars was added to the sale of property at the last minute to ensure compliance with a federal grant to hire police officers. Now fast forward to mid-November and week two of Mayor O’Brien’s administration.
During his state of the city speech Mayor O’Brien referred to a visit from the Finance Director to discuss the state of the City’s finances when it was revealed that the city was facing a deficit of nearly $11 million dollars. The question I continue to ask myself is if this truly were the case why didn’t Mr. Curry come to me prior to leaving office to tell me of his concerns? At no time did Mr. Curry ever express any level of concern towards the state of the city’s finances except with regards to cash flow a couple of years back that was addressed by the tax collector.
Suddenly as if a meteor hit the city head on, the situation is so drastic that the Finance Director and the Mayor need to address the crisis with a deficit mitigation plan. Stealing $10.5 million from the Water Department Reserve Fund to balance the city’s books is the only way to accomplish this herculean task. Included in this plan is $180,000 additional monies for the Mayor’s own office and strangely enough around $3 million would come from existing accounts deemed surplus by the Mayor’s office. Wow, wasn’t that the purpose of the line item in the budget that was adopted by the Democratic controlled council last June? This was only six months into the fiscal year and $3 million was already generated from savings? Looks like if they had done nothing that $6 million in savings would have been met and there would be no deficit in that line item. Another $1.8 million was generated from the sale of 17 acres of land at Pinnacle Park off of Slater Road to CREC to build a regional magnet school. This was also accomplished during my tenure and not closed on until the next administration. Add to this over $1 million sitting in a fund for a program to assist seniors that the Democratic controlled council has never adopted and the not yet quantified savings from various health care policy changes in many municipal contracts, renegotiated energy contracts and the results from yet another municipal spending freeze and I firmly believe that I would have been able to make that budget work without resorting to the pie in the sky tactics that Mayor O’Brien has used for the past several months.
In a recent article where the Mayor cited a recent rating upgrade from Moody’s Credit Service from A1 to A3 with a negative outlook, Moody’s stated that years of structural budget deficits would need to be fixed? Can somebody tell me what that means? If the city experienced years of surpluses then where are the deficits? Some revenue accounts underperformance was supplanted by surpluses in other areas because that is what is done when a budget document is reconciled at the fiscal year end, not six months into the year. The fact is this was not a rating increase but only a national recalibration of the municipal ratings market resulting from several class action lawsuits filed against them over the past three years. All municipal agencies across the country, not just in New Britain, received a bump in their ratings because of this fact. Furthermore, ratings agencies rely on the municipalities to inform them of all debt obligations, budgetary performance, policy decisions and anything else that might impact the City’s financial performance including their analysis of the City’s political climate.
Working within the framework of a budget is part of the responsibility of the mayor and I believe that he has neglected to do his job in a professional and ethical manner. The constant blame he levies against my administration shows his lack of problem solving ability as well as his willingness to politicize the many issues that affect the hardworking people of New Britain. When I initially took office in the fall of 2003 it would have been very easy to look backwards and levy criticism on the prior administration but I made a conscious effort to focus on moving forward and tackling the issues in a more professional manner than this administration has. I suggest that the current administration do the same as the challenges facing New Britain can’t afford to wait until the political game playing is over!


In the Herald and in many other publications, much has been made regarding the crisis that exists re low student performance in Connecticut’s public schools. This crisis is particularly acute in urban systems with high minority enrollment.

Opinions as to who is to blame are rampant. That is to be expected, maybe. From Governor Malloy to parents, blame the teachers! Solution? Attack everything that protects teachers such as tenure laws, union contracts and hapless, uninvolved parents.

Gov. Malloy picks the area in which he feels he’ll get the least resistance, tenure laws. Others say it’s the uninvolved parents in the low socioeconomic tier. All of these are areas of concern. Perhaps what has not been mentioned but what I feel is of paramount importance, is the level of incompetence among those that are charged with supervising instruction in the schools, to wit, administrators and accountability!

When a system breeds incompetence from the superintendent of schools on down through to the principals, what I call a “good ole boys network” emerges. People get promoted in many cases because of a intertwined network of friends who follow the practice of, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. People that are marginally competent get promoted because of who they know rather than by proven performance. It’s easy for a supervisor to ignore poor or substandard performance when his or her job is on the line. If a school is perceived to have few or no problems, good job! If test scores don’t agree, blame the teachers.

Boards of Education, largely, aren’t equipped to deal with this problem. Nor are most hapless politicians like the governor. What is needed are honest, competent administrators that have the courage of their convictions to do what is professionally viable to correct the problem. Stop the witch hunt on teachers and the blame game.

Louis G. Salvio

Obama’s Pipeline is Always Half Full of It - John Ransom - printer friendly -

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New Britain Plans To Use Grant For Sol LeWitt Reproduction -



A city hall source indicated that the envelope in question was addressed to the High school and no one knew what to do with it therefore, it hung around City Hall for a period of some nine days.

Now the time came to announce that a mysterious envelope just appeared, after they decided to open it.

Amazingly, our Mayor gets national press.


Government takeover of the Land of the Free?

Obama, by executive order, has taken our citizens rights away with the stroke of his pen.

Journal Inquirer > Archives > Chris Powell > Miraculous Malloy, labor history, and robins

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Little Casanova prank. [VIDEO]

The Talk Around the City.

With the recent edition of the "Hardware City Journal" the talk around town is that it is believed its hidden editor of this paper is none other than Phil Sherwood.

The text or copy of the Mayor's state of the city address, that appeared on its front page, has given the reading public the impression that Phil wrote the article for the paper.

A source at city hall has indicated that Phil has been asking for all city advertising be given to this paper.

Is there a conflict surfacing?

The Sherwood infects all at City Hall.

His dictatorial mannerisms have had an adverse effect with all the department heads and their employees according to a city hall source.

What will it take for our Mayor to wake up to what this guy is causing with his wicked demeanor towards anyone who disagrees with him?

The city is the big loser for the mayor’s inaction for his not resolving this matter.

Society cannot blame ‘The Little Man Who Wasn’t There’

Obama's "Catholic Plan" - YouTube

CBO: Obama budget produces 2013 deficit of $977 billion | Washington Examiner

How the Roberts court could save health care - The Washington Post

DeLauro’s clout in Washington to be more important to Connecticut

Hey Larson your out!!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Can Your Child 'Doodle'? Google Art Contest Offers $30,000 College Scholarship -

New Britain Police Release Names Of 23 Men Charged In Prostitution Sting -

Traffic Stop Nets Man Wanted For Murder In Puerto Rico, Police Say -

NBPD  "Good Work"

In His First State of City Address, Mayor O'Brien, Retorting to His Usual Blame Game!


Mr. Mayor, by your stating its all the past administration's fault, in your State of the City Address to the Common Council membership one wonders to what party your mayoral ship represents.

When I last looked you are a Democratic mayor and with your blaming your predecessor for all your ills unfortunately,itis a complete fabrication bestowed by you, onto the city taxpayers.

Kindly be reminded that all past budget approvals were passed by a Democratic majority control common council which places the blame back to your own party.

It would have been more appreciative by the taxpayers if you had told truth rather than adverting to your " usual blame game."

As a registered Democrat, like yourself, I hope you promise to not raise taxes will be factual.

New Britain Mayor Blames Deficit On Predecessor -


NewsBusted 3/16/12 - YouTube

New Britain Schools Need State Takeover --

One can only surmise that Phil Sherwood got Stan Simpson to write this article since Don Stacom would not write such a ultra liberal opinion for Phil.

The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama - The Washington Post

Marxists gang up on Old MacDonald’s Farm

From Coca-Cola: How to empower IT

Patrick Thibodeau

Obama's Disdain For Oil Hurting America --

Prostitution Sting In New Britain -

Vote to increase Conn. minimum wage | Connecticut

Sir Speedy of New Britain Ct. is Featured.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bigger problems behind falling election turnout

By Chris Powell

Canada’s Astro-turfed Conspiracy in the Making

Senate approves $109 billion transportation bill - The Washington Post

White House CIO's first 40 days included 'worst day' ever


New Britain Residents To Hear 'State Of The City' -


The Dictatortial Rulers of New Britain


The Dictators who have been elected to run our city for their city, commonly known as members of the progressive party, have advised all the elected common council members to not raise any questions on the council floor.

Questions are heard only during the leadership meetings and by the way one republican Alderman has been advised that he is not welcomed at future leadership meetings because he asks too many questions.

The Hall of flags within the council chambers, representing the cultural makeup of our city residents, inadvertently omitted one flag that does represent a large segment of New Britain's progressive representation and population "A Hammer and Sickle."

I trust the affected members will voice their objections by refusing to maintain lockjaws on the common council floor since they were elected to represent their constituency and not that of the "so-called dictators."

Polls, Pump, No Friend to Obama - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daniel M. Salerno States It as it Appears.

In today's New Britain Herald Mr. Salerno stated:
And I will quote a part of his letter to the editor which is on target:

" I for one would like to hear from the Mayor and the Board of Education on their positions about students who do not live in the school district attending New Britain Schools at the taxpayers' expense. Such abuse have been happening in the New Britain school system for decades, and have been swept under the rug. Maybe Mr. Cooper is onto something."
This was a good answer to Sherwood's alleged assault on the Board of Education Executive session.


Obama lobby of Senate leads to defeat of Keystone pipeline provision - HUMAN EVENTS

Justice Department bars Texas voter ID law - The Washington Post

Sherwood Exposed

Phil Sherwood has no official status in New Britain; he is a professional troublemaker and lackey for any ELECTED OFFICIAL that wants a muckraker and a prevaricator to do dirty work.
Phil has absolutely no authority whatsoever to do what he does. He is not elected and there is no provision in the Charter for his position. Why department heads, directors, and duly elected officials and city hall employees allow Phil Sherwood to boss them around and intimidate them is beyond me. Personally, I am surprised that Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, at this time, is the most glaring example of Phil's intimidating tactics. I am incredulous that she even talked with Sherwood.

When Phil gets officious, people should simply ignore him or tell him to take a hike. The fact that Phil was hired by O'Brien is simply testament to O'Brien's ineptitude and the fact that he is an invertebrate.

Louis Salvio

The Year Solar Goes Bankrupt - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Sunday, March 11, 2012

CPOA Makes Donation to the New Britain Police Canine Corps

At this week's Triad Breakfast held at the New Britain Senior Center; the Citizen's Property Owner's Association (CPOA) presented a check for $1,000.00 to New Britain Police Chief William Gagliardi and Mayor Timothy O'Brien. The donated money is earmarked for use in conjunction with the New Britain Police canine corps. Surrounded by CPOA members including Alderman and Police Board Liaison Wilfredo Pabon, CPOA President Michael Wanik spoke on behalf of the organization, praising police, fire and EMS service to taxpayers; especially during the recent critical events that occurred in our city. Chief Gagliardi indicated the city will put the donated money to good use, and informed the breakfast attendees that New Britain currently has a total of five canines, three of which work in patrol and two are narcotics specialists. Mayor O'Brien also made remarks about our fine public safety services, and thanked CPOA for their donation. CPOA is a New Britain taxpayer group which monitors local government to ensure the best use of taxpayer's monies. The organization is believed to be one of the oldest taxpayer organizations in the nation.

Sherwood responds to Mayor's Letter

Much to my surprise in reading the front page of the hardware city journal that showcased an item entitled "Mayor's Aide Responds."

This response was for a letter sent to His Honor, Mayor T. O'Brien, by a Board of Education member and is entitled to a direct response from the mayor regarding the actions of his aid alluded to within this letter.

The response by Mr. Sherwood should have been entitled "Denial, Denial,& Denial" for his alleged "egregious behavior."

One can only assume that his honor condones the radical behavior expressed in Mr. Carver's letter.


Obama Puts Second Term Above Israel's Survival --

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Britain's Young Students Regarding Sex and Births

The 2008 Health Department Statistics indicates one 15 year old, 56 -18 years olds and with 159- 20 year olds.

This report continued by indicating that the foregoing information 10.85 % were whites, 5.4 % blacks, and Hispanics 81%.

Doctor Ayalon's board proposal of dispensing contraceptives was on target however, his proposal drew a considerable opposition at the time of his proposal because, the plan did not include parental inclusion or approval on a one on one basis.

However, the board of education members should not re-visit this issue since it is the duty of New Britain's health department to provide the proper method of dispensing such medical aid to our young students and of course, with their parental notification and approvals.


Mayor O'Brien's freeze on hiring turns out to be nothing but a false promise to the Electorate.

After citing this edict he just turned around and hired a secretary and a communications director.

Now he is proposing hiring and independent Auditor and requesting that the common council to sign on with his request.

Who will this mayor hire next?

The major question being asked by the citizens is why did the Mayor add to his office annual budget an additional $180,000?


Legitimizing Obama's Anarchy

Why so little news coverage? Republican American

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Britain City Hall Evacuated -

Mayor's office receives suspicious envelope.

Opened by a secretary but the Mayor did indicate that no one was hurt. Both the city hall and the Board of Education adjacent to the city hall were closed for the day.


Video: Canadian Talk Show Host Destroys Obama Over Keystone Decision | Conservatives4Palin

NewsBusted 3/09/12 - YouTube

“Food Justice” Has Arrived

Salvio Attacks O'Brien's Announcement of Hiring an Independent Auditor With Past History

In this article what the Herald fails to do is to ask for information from anyone else that was in office on the Council when the previous "independent auditor" was hired and then resigned. All comments came from Dems.
In her farewell "rant" at a Council meeting the "Auditor" blamed me for her having to leave. Yes, I exposed the fact that she submitted incorrect time worked reports that resulted in her being overpaid by the city to the tune of over $4000. She resigned probably because she might have been made to pay back the money.
She was hired by Trueworthy and Bielinski who wrote her contract - City Officials wanted nothing to do with it. She answered to nobody and chose her own work hours.
As for Trueworthy's claim that she saved the city $375 K, that is pure hogwash!
And what about O'Brien's hiring freeze? That's hogwash too; look at page 2 of O'Brien's Budget document; Items 2,3 and 4 show increases of $60K each.
I saved all the documentation that I had re this "auditor" and I won't be muzzled by Sherwod.
I won't even attempt to tell O'Brien where to find the information because he might have the city hall computers locked up. The Herald must have had to ask permission for this article to be written.

Can't wait to see my tax bill in July! "

Presidential Pork Kills Keystone - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Obama Puts Second Term Above Israel's Survival --

New Britain Mayor Prepares To Name A New Fire Chief -

By Don Stacom

Berlin Police Say Suspect In Critical Condition After Exchanging Fire With Officers -

Way to go Florida

This is a great start.
Great idea! However, the liberals will probably sponsor a bill making drug addiction a handicap. Look for the druggies parking in the blue spaces.

Way to go Florida - you rock !!!!!
If us old folks stick together, we can do the same as Florida.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I think it is GREAT!
Only 49 more states to go!!!!!!! Hooray for Florida!
I-95 and I-75 will be jammed for the next month or so with druggies and
deadbeats heading North out of Florida, because this is the first state in the union to require drug
testing to receive welfare!
Hooray for Florida! In signing the new law, Republican Gov. Rick Scott said,
"If Floridians want welfare, they better make sure they are drug-free".
Applicants must pay for the drug test, but are reimbursed if they test drug-free.
Applicants who test positive for illicit substances won't be eligible for the funds for a year, or until
they undergo treatment.
Those who fail a second time will be banned from receiving funds for three years!
Naturally, a few people are crying this is unconstitutional.
How is this unconstitutional? It's a legal requirement that every person applying for a JOB has to pass drug tests in order to get the JOB, why not those who receive welfare?
Forward this if you agree!
Let's get welfare back to the ones who NEED it, not to those who WON'T get a JOB.

By July 2014, your doctor could be Obama

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama working on the Fundamental Transformation of Canada

Vetting Obama: an epic failure

The Sherwood Saga

Is Mayor O'Brien going to defend or ignore the many complaints voice by the citizens of our city over Mr. Sherwood's adverse activities over the selection of the new Superintendent of New Britain Schools?


Editorial: Cigarette warnings need to be graphic

CHRIS POWELL: A peripatetic governor can miss the big points - The Middletown Press (

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paul Carver Tells It as It Is

Paul M. Carver
286 Garry Drive
New Britain, CT 06052

March 5, 2012

Dear Mayor O’Brien:

I would like to make you aware of the egregious behavior of your Communications Director Phil Sherwood Wednesday last at a session of the Board of Education’s Search Committee. In my many years as an elected official, I have never encountered such a blatant affront to the system of checks and balances which is the basis for our democratic form of government.

As you are aware, the Board of Education has gone to great lengths to ensure that the search for a new superintendent is a fair and open process. In addition to naming the Board as Search Committee, we formed two advisory panels, one of community members and one of school district staff, to participate in the search process.

On Monday, February 27, the above three groups gave 12 hours of their time to interviewing the 7 candidates recommended by the hired consultant. Many of us had to take time off from work to do so, but I know I speak for many when I say we are willing to make personal sacrifices to keep our commitment to finding the right candidate to meet the challenges of this critical position.

In addition, there was a long evening on Tuesday with a meet and greet and a question and answer session for the three finalists with the community. The Board received hundreds of feedback forms and we were very pleased with the positive response from the community.

Wednesday noon, the Board met to go over the community feedback and prepare for the final interview of the remaining two finalists (one having dropped out of consideration). The Board, meeting as the Superintendent Search Committee, is allowed under FOIA to meet in private to discuss hiring decisions.

I was surprised when Mr. Sherwood tried to insert himself into the meeting uninvited and unannounced. He threatened the Board with labeling us “racists” if we chose a particular candidate. After Mr. Sherwood left, board members, Democrat and Republican alike, expressed their shock that a representative of the Mayor’s office would not only act so rudely and harshly, but would attempt to coerce members on how to cast their votes. This type of behavior would not be allowed in our schools under our bullying policy, and it should not be tolerated by City Hall employees toward elected officials.

Mayor, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you were not aware of nor condoned this behavior by Mr. Sherwood. As such, I respectfully ask that you personally review this situation and that at a minimum; members of the Board of Education receive an apology from Mr. Sherwood. However, it is really the community that deserves an apology for this unethical attempt to circumvent the democratic process and override this open process which is so critical not only our children’s future, but the viability of our entire City.

Let me emphasize that I write to you as an individual and not as a spokesman or representative of the Board of Education. I would not presume to speak for the Board or other Board members and that would not be appropriate. I thank you for your attention in this matter.

Best Regards,

Paul M. Carver

Cc: New Britain Herald
Hartford Courant

The United States of Islam

Former Alderman Strikes at the Heart of the O'Brien Administration

It has been only five months since Tim O'Brien was elected as Mayor of New Britain. In those five months O'Brien's administration: has denied/controlled public access to information by muzzling certain employees of the various city hall departments, e.g., the Director of the Water Dept.; has, through actions of Communications Director, Phil Sherwood violated executive session protocols of the BOE - Phil Sherwood tried to gain access; has appointed an elected official to a commission - Peter Spano to the CCND; has allegedly threatened an elected member of the BOE - through a member of his office staff that any thought of a future political career was now DOA because she didn't vote the way he wanted for the new Superintendent of Schools; has hired a law firm that was very generous to his campaign for Mayor to validate any actions take so far that appear to violate our city charter - what's wrong with using NB'S own Corporation Counsel Office?

This was the administration that was going to be open and transparent in its dealings with city hall employees, NB citizens and the Common Council. I believe the people of New Britain, especially any voters - for O'Brien - that read and ask questions, will rue the day that they voted for O'Brien. One of the most spineless and unforgivable things that any Chief Elected Official of a city state or country can do to try to fix blame for anything that is perceived as wrong to their predecessors. The taxpayers of New Britain will see more financial tricks from this O'Brien's administration before July 1, 2012

It appears that O'Brien and his henchmen have done little more in their stewardship of the City thus far, than to try to validate their actions by blaming everything they perceive as wrong on the prior administration of Mayor Stewart. Before long - I hope - the people of New Britain people will realize that they are being hoodwinked by this bunch of charlatans.

Louis Salvio

Malloy wants protective order in slander suit - Connecticut News

Its the Democratic way ----behind doors is their way.

Obama Urges Netanyahu to Use Diplomacy, Not Arms, to Check Iran -

Netanyahu later Stated he will protect his people from all dangers.

Dear GE, GM and Obama: We're Not as Dumb as You - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Monday, March 5, 2012

T D Bank On Allen Street, New Britain was robbed this morning.

The Police are looking for any information from the public and ask that you call police headquarters with anything you may have observed.

The Individual is black and approximately six feet tall.


Showdown: Sheriff Arpaio vs. the legend of Barry Soetoro as Barack Hussein Obama II

How Stimulating: Unemployment Benefits for Murderers - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Former City Alderman Speaks out on the Sherwood- Ayalon Attempt

It's amazing to me that neither the Courant nor the Herald have included in their articles on the BOE's vote for the new Superintendent, anything about the part played by Sherwood, McNamara the lesser and their stooge, Aram Ayalon in his - Sherwood's - aborted invasion attempt of a BOE executive session. Apparently, Phil Sherwood has muzzled the press, also.

Allegedly, Sherwood tried - unsuccessfully - to gain access to a BOE executive session and was turned away by the BOE Chair. Allegedly again, Beloin was threatened by Sherwood to the effect that if she voted for/supported Cooper and not White, Beloin-Saavedras political career in NB would be jeopardized.

Ater 5 months of the O'Brien Administration, this city has been turned into a de facto, dictatorship.

This time, Sherwood has gone too far in trying to strong-arm the BOE. He should be summarily dismissed by O'Brien.

Louis Salvio

Mary Labieniec Celebrates her 104th Birthday at McDonalds.


With five generations of her family members there to help her celebrate with Chubby Clark's band to move the celebration along with standing room only in attendance.

Relatives, neighbors, and friends too many to count were there to enjoy with her this joyous day.
The Band
The Band members with Mary


Malice in Wonderland as Barack’s Presidency Finally Runs Out of Gas

Aram Ayalon - Central Connecticut State University -

Questions Raised About Choice For New Britain Superintendent -

By: Don Stacom

Ten Indications That Obama Is Scared – Patriot Update

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"The Invasion of the Board of Education Executive Session Meeting"


One known to the political entrepreneurs as "Skippy" Phil Sherwood, allegedly made his imposing entrance to this executive session calling the board's selection to be the next district's new Superintendant of Schools "a Racist."

This demeaning act continued with his issuing his promised political "retaliation" if the board would not adhere to his demands. This strong arm activity from city hall's Mayoral staff has to end.

The press release in a local newspaper exposing and or sharing publicly happenings, within the executive session held by the Board of Education, by one of its members, Dr. Ayalon because he didn't get his way should be facing not only a reprimand by his fellow board members but the question of impeachment should therefore follow for his reprehensible public exposure of the executive session matters.

Mayor O'Brien should publicly admonish his chief radical spokesman for his childish inexcusable attempt to sway our elected Board of Education Officials in their deciding or selecting the district's top administrator.
Mr. Sherwood aka, Skippy

This Cat is So Inefficient -

Chevy Volt, Perfect Car for the One Percent, Suspends Production - John Ransom - printer friendly -

Friday, March 2, 2012

NewsBusted 3/02/12 - YouTube

Serious Crime Wave Undertaken By City Gangs?


Recently you may have read the administration's new zero tolerance policy against those heinous criminals who push shopping carts down the street because the mayor has declared these people a blight on our city? Yes, that is correct, the city is facing a rash of burglaries, larcenies, robberies, rapes, and even murders, and the police department has just been told that their utmost priority is to never ever pass a person pushing a shopping cart without arresting that person. If you take the order literally as it was reported in news reports, an officer could be on his/her way to a violent crime in progress and would be defying the chief's new order if, on the first sight of a person with a shopping cart, they do not abandon the emergency call and stop to arrest the person pushing the shopping cart. I'm sure that individual officers would exercise discretion in that regard, but the wording of the order shows just how far the administration has gone. The city has even gone so far as to purchase bags and place them in every police car to be used by the officers for bagging the suspect's groceries after the police seize the shopping cart during their arrest.

This crime wave seems heinous enough on its own, but a photo has emerged which may make it appear that the mayor has underestimated the seriousness of the problem. It may even be possible that gangs have encroached on this criminal activity--making it even more serious a problem. So let's help the mayor out. After all, the city can't stop crime if the public doesn't work with them, so the next time you see such a crime in progress, notify the mayor's office so they can send out the mayor's new shopping cart enforcement police and round up those heinous shopping cart villains! Kudos to the mayor for taking on these dangerous gang bangers!

Dying to be Green

Labieniec ready to party at 104 - The Berlin Citizen: Berlin News, Sports, Photos And More!

Comptroller Projects Budget Deficit At $20.7 Million; GAAP Gap At $96 Million

.By Christopher Keating

5th District Democrats Vyin for the seat with Donovan, a working families candiate, To Populist Tax the rich Rhetoric At Debate --

Rick Green

Obama Backed Solar Company Slashes 70 Percent of Workforce - Bob Beauprez - printer friendly -

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