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Why aren't liberal papers reporting Pelosi's other-worldly criticism of Boehner plan?

By: Mark Tapscott

.House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has made some incredibly naive, ill-informed and downright goofy statements before but her comment yesterday about why House Democrats oppose House Speaker John Boehner's debt-ceiling crisis bill surely must take the cake for absurdity:

"What we're trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today," Pelosi said.

But equally interesting is the fact that as of noon today you can do a search for those words on the web sites of The Washington Post, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and come up empty on all three.

I'm sure it must be coincidental.


Now how many of the Democratic candidates will receive the 'Working Families Endorsements?"

Bertha Lewis must be scratching her head as to which mayoral candidate to endorse, for the upcoming primary, since she did endorse O'Brien, and Catanzaro during the last election cycle.

frank smith | Exposing Liberal Media Bias

Public information meeting on Busway planned - The New Britain Herald (

Stewart, hopeful of deal, moves back deadline for union response to Aug. 10 - The New Britain Herald (



Higher-education ​unions won’t vote again​ on concessions deal - The New Haven Register (

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


With 34 votes for O'Brien and 6 for Paul Catanzaro the conclave selected O'Brien for his second try for the Mayoral Seat.

A Democratic Primary is a certainty with the other two Mayoral candidates in the mix former Mayor Lucian Pawlak and former Alderwoman Barbara Kirejczk.

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Time to act

House Republicans consider high-skills immigration bill

Patrick Thibodeau ---Editor

The GOP Town Committee unanimously endorsed Alderman Mark H. Bernacki for Mayor.

Plus, the 15 Republican Council members endorsed by GOP town Committee are incumbents Willie Pabon; Mary Marrocco and Louis Salvio.

Also endorsed were Jamie Giantonio; Rich Gadomski; Cris Carillo; Adrian Baron; Mario Santos; Don Naples; Daniel Davis; Carmelo Rodriguez; Kimberly Jehning; Henry Zembko; James Griffin; and Sally Eigenraam.

Mark"s Acceptance Comments:To the town committee.

 Thank you for representing and serving your fellow New Britain Republicans and thank you for nominating me and my slate to represent our party in the November City election. Being involved in local politics for close to 30 years I know it is increasingly difficult to encourage people to serve their community in either elected or non-elected capacity. We have an exciting mix of candidates dedicated to serve, passionate to work hard and committed to be a public servant for the people of New Britain.

Thank you to Mayor Tim Stewart. Under Mayor Stewart’s bold leadership New Britain became a competitive, attractive community to raise and educate a family or start or expand a business here. Mayor Stewart has been a tireless leader that worked 24/7 even fielding phone calls at 3 in the morning that made headlines. His brand of leadership was what New Britain needed.

Since announcing my candidacy for Mayor I have been going door to door, talking about important issues confronting New Britain. I am excited and encouraged about the reaction I have received from people in our community. People are ready for a change from Washington and Hartford.

A few things about me.

Maria and I were born and raised in New Britain. We built our home here and we raised and educated our children here. My parents, brothers, wife, children and I graduated from New Britain High School. My dad, daughter and I graduated from CCSU. I received my MBA from the University of Hartford.

I have been a downtown small business owner for 22 years. I have had to make payroll, grow sales, and manage costs all in an effort to provide a living for my family, my employees and their families. I have also had to survive three recessions. I believe it is the role of business, not government, to grow our economy and provide good paying jobs.

But I don’t think private enterprise has all the answers. Sometimes people need a hand up, and we must support each other.

That’s why I started a non profit charity called Warm the Children in New Britain in 2004. Warm the Children provides needy New Britain children with warm winter clothing. New Britain is one of the top two chapters in the country and has provided clothing for almost 5,000 children.

So while I am an advocate for business, I only advocate for businesses and organizations that will benefit our community and our state.

And that is why I am running for mayor, because I care about this community and the people who live and work here. I know many of you – you are my neighbors, friends, relatives and customers.

Maria and I have served with many of you as volunteers in numerous organizations over the last 30 years.

I believe in this city. I believe in our people, our neighborhoods, our organizations and our businesses. I believe in our future. And I thank you for believing in us.

Now let’s talk about what this city needs in a mayor.

Raising a family, starting a business and starting a charity in New Britain I understand how hard it is to make ends meet. It seems everyday, prices are going up. If you're young, it's costing more and more to go to college. Working people are getting less for their money, and are seeing their take home pay reduced by Washington and Hartford. Some are facing higher daycare costs for their children and for some, their elderly parents. For homeowners it costs more to maintain your house, and for people on a fixed income - your dollars are not going as far as they used to.

We're all hurting; we’re all doing more with less. Just last week it was reported that Connecticut has yet to solve the unemployment problem. Businesses, big and small, are either closing or fleeing the state to much more business friendly states as New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. And all the while the only solutions provided by our opponents is more spending, more debt, more taxes, more regulations, and crony capitalism.

As mayor, I will make sure that our city government is more efficient with your hard earned tax dollars.

As mayor, my primary concern will be to bring jobs to New Britain, grow our grand list and control spending to make sure that your taxes aren't increased at this time when you need your money the most. To grow our economy, consumers, not government, need more money to spend.

Of course we still need to ensure that we have safe, clean streets and neighborhoods and that there is adequate funding for education; I will not allow those areas to suffer.

I will also bring political leaders from both parties, and individuals from the business and non-profit sectors together to work for the betterment of the city. We cannot afford to continue fighting against each other. The political bickering has to end. That is the only way for us to attract more businesses to our community and create jobs.

So why should you support me and our team?

I have the experience, the knowledge, the education and the temperament that is needed to keep this city moving in the right direction.

This is going to be a difficult and potentially ugly election. You’ve seen the lengths that some people will go to disparage their political opponents.

We want to talk about the issues, and we want you to encourage our opponents to keep the focus on solving our problems.

After all, it is New Britain’s future that this election is about. I am convinced the slate you have endorsed will provide the leadership, hard work, guidance and direction New Britain needs during these extremely difficult times.

New Britain has grown during the past 8 years, but our future is on the line. We've attracted new businesses and new jobs to New Britain mostly because we've had the kind of leadership in the Mayor’s office this city needs and wants. Year after year, New Britain voted to keep moving forward, and we've got to keep the ball rolling. We also need leaders on the City Council, Board of Education, and Board of Assessment Appeals who will keep that momentum alive.

So please, talk to your family, friends and neighbors about this election and encourage them to vote for me AND our entire team. We will answer their questions and listen to their ideas. By helping us, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you've played an important part in moving New Britain forward.

Thank you and God bless the City of New Britain.

Mark H. Bernacki

Republican Candidate for Mayor

New Britain Republicans Nominate Bernacki For Mayor -

Unanimous: GOP Town Committee backs Bernacki for mayor - The New Britain Herald (



Police report...July 25 - The Bristol Press (

Saturday, July 23, 2011


All four candidates were given an opportunity to speak to the committee members:

Alderman Paul Catanzaro cited that all the past 25 years he has been in the city he has been capable of bringing people together as a union leader, as former constable, as former police auxiliary member, as a member of the Ambulance organization, his HRA affiliation, and a current City Alderman. "That is what I am all about by bringing people together." "And being for people."

Mrs. Barbara Kirejczk a former City Alderwoman and a local business owner and not just an employee, a former school teacher, claiming that manufacturing is on its way back to New Britain. We need to enhance "Mathematics" in our schools so our children can qualify when job seeking. "As a business owner I have the background and experience to run the city government." Additionally, she announced that she was asked by the business community to seek the office of mayor.

Former Mayor Lucian Pawley cited his record as the city's mayor as being his main attribute for being selected by the Democratic Town Committee however, he added that he knows he will not receive the committee's nod and indicated that he will take papers out to primary the committee's selection.

State Rep. Tim O'Brien gave his usual sermon with his hands swinging back and forth however, when asked by a committee member on how he stands on raising taxes? O'Brien somewhat ignored a direct answer with his blaming the Republicans for the increase of taxes. But when a committee member pressed O'Brien with his voting record he replied by mentioning education quality, people are losing hope and not seeing a future. He continued by stating that we have to "turn it around from the ground up."

frank smith

Obama is Determined to Destroy America

Malloy, Unions Approve New Deal -


DOT presents terminal design plan; vehicles to be showcased in September - The New Britain Herald (


Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

Friday, July 22, 2011


Chairman McNamara came to the meeting ill prepared--without even being able to name or remember the names of the candidates vying for the Democratic Endorsements.

He singled me out during the meeting since I appeared to be the only "Conservative Democratic Candidate" in attendance.

Ms. Rosemary Klotz, the committee's recording secretary, was very proud to speak of the city's diversity and how meaningful that is to her personally and how she believes that diversity is important for the general well being of all the city's residents.

Apparently, Ms. Klotz was not including "Conservative Democrats" in her definition of "diversity."

frank smith

The Beltway Industry Full-Time Employment Act - HUMAN EVENTS


Attorney Paul Zagorsky submitted old historical facts of when Mayor Pac's administration granted easements for the purpose of allowing a sewer line through Stanley Park with the Attorney General Robert Killian intervening.

Attorney Zagorsky has always with all his past presentations included all communications to and from the current Attorney General's office however, he has inadvertently omitted the City's Corporation Counsel's letter whereby he states that only pending issue regarding the Golf Course property is an application for a zone change before the Common Council which has nothing to do with the deed from Mr. Stanley to the city of New Britain citing that the entry of the Attorney General's office into this matter is "premature."

frank smith

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



These Democratic Council members, after hearing members from the public complain about the intended sale of the Saint Thomas Aquinas property to the Community Builders due to the fact that they just don't want the proposed moderate income units in their neighborhood.

 So the Democrats failed to take the matter up and off the table where it remains which would realize income for the city from the sale and subsequent property taxes.

However, "RUMORS" have it, from good sources, that they really are encouraging this property to go to an organization who is vying for it " The Friendship Center."

 Please in vision the type of tenants that this new plan will bring to the "East Side Neighborhood."

It’s no longer “Look what Obama is Doing” but “See what Obama has done”

Sustainable Health: Are You Ready to Be Forced into Health Prevention

Malloy's Cigna Deal Bad Tax Policy -

Crocodile Club to be held Sept. 9 - The Bristol Press (

Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

Trinity-on-Main seeks volunteers - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple

Staff Writer

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nick Gillespie's three reasons the debt-ceiling debate is full of malarkey | Mark Tapscott | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

Obama’s Amateur Paint-by-Numbers Liberalism Driving the World Off a Cliff

New Britain man charged for threats: Midldetown Press

Strange Support for Phil Sherwood's Organization

CCAG Fundraiser to be held at the Gerratana residence on July 26th. 
    Shirley Black, a New Britain Council member, will be one of the hosts for this event and the proceeds will benefit the CCAG organization.     

Alderman Mark Bernacki Answers How To Revitalize Downtown

As Mayor, I will welcome any and all potential developers to invest in New Britain and downtown. While the economic uncertainty in Connecticut will be a great challenge in attracting private investment to New Britain I know what it takes to be successful in New Britain and have the skills, background and education in business and city government. This experience enables me to deal with people that are willing to invest in realizing the American dream of owning a successful small business or locating a major factory or business here.

During my years on the City Council I have supported a stable tax rate, balanced budgets, supported the police station being built downtown, supported the Downtown District and CCSU/ITBD in all their efforts in attracting people downtown, was the driving force in establishing the parking authority to make it easier for customers to park downtown, supported significant downtown infrastructure improvements, and have been an ardent supporter of economic development throughout the City and supported Target, Super Stop & Shop, Shop Rite (Stanley Street), Walgreens, Achieve Financial and the sale of key Broad Street parcels to Farmington Bank and the Polam Credit Union.

80% of Connecticut’s economy is driven by small businesses that employ 20 or less people. As an entrepreneur and small business owner in downtown New Britain for over 20 years it is vitally important for New Britain to maintain a stable tax rate, a vibrant downtown and provide the products and services necessary to attract people downtown. It is equally important that our high schools and college provide the curriculum necessary in making our youth employable for these businesses to hire.

I have supported and encouraged entrepreneurs like Jasko Development to purchase historic but blighted and abandoned downtown properties and restore them to their prominence. Because of this businesses like Vito’s, Leaves and Pages, Negritas, Subway and the soon to open Chinese Buffet have made significant financial investments in locating their businesses downtown.

Downtown has become a magnet for the arts and cultural activities. I have supported, both professionally and personally, Trinity on Main and the Hole in the Wall Theater. These two venues have drawn thousands of people downtown. As Mayor I will work closely with the New Britain Downtown District to assist in their marketing, development and beautification efforts in making downtown a fantastic place to own and operate a business.

Every consideration and proposal must be heard and evaluated before our elected leaders pass judgment on developers looking to invest tens of millions of dollars in our community. I have been dismayed by members of the opposite party that have been openly hostile to developers and small businesses looking to establish roots or expand in New Britain. Too many lost opportunities have hurt New Britain’s image as a business friendly community.

As Mayor I will maintain an open door policy to any and all private sector investment, will work hard to gain the trust and confidence of developers and small business owners and provide a business friendly atmosphere in City Hall to truly make New Britain the place to start and grow a business.

Mark Bernacki

Republican Candidate for Mayor

Cigna Deal Tough Sell In Face Of Layoffs --

BY: Kevin Rennie

In cost-cutting measure, all state schools to be governed by single Higher Education office - The New Britain Herald (


Plainville shooting involves child porn suspect; officer wounded (VIDEO); - The Bristol Press (

Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

New Britain man charged for threats - The Middletown Press (


Press Staff

Saturday, July 16, 2011



Without any hesitation the democratic side of the isle overrode the Mayor's veto with Alderman Michael Trueworthy chairing the meeting in the Mayors absence also voted in spite to the fact as the acting chair of the meeting he can only vote to break ties.

They showed no concern to the Mayor's warning within his veto message repealing his actions would cause more layoffs especially when he noted " the changes of the Democratic majority on the council are determined in caucus and give appearance of favoritisms to those agencies that have political or personal connections to the Council members. This lack of transparency is a disservice to those organizations that are relying on the public process, rather than the private conversations, to make the case for their programs."

"It's all about who you know is more important in the decision making process than the actual need of the organizations."

Conflicts of interest has no meaning these power grabbers when in fact the OIC and HRA has ties to the Democratic Council members but they also demonstrate little concern for the HUD'S funding mandates to the city's department of Municipal Development because "Because we have the votes."

In short, the Voters "are dammed by these Democratic Council neophytes" and should express their dismay on election day by replacing all eleven Democrats for new representatives that will demonstrate concerns for the city's welfare rather than their own expressed attitudes " we have the votes."

Officer involved shooting behind movie theatre: WTNH

At this time, WTNH has more details than any of the local media.  Click the link to read the full story.

Plainville Police Officer Shot At Theater: The Courant

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Congress is inviting rebellion

Close the Danbury DMV? - Mark Boughton - Connecticut News

Malloy orders one of the largest budget cuts in Connecticut history

Cigna Deal Tough Sell In Face Of Layoffs --

New Britain DMV to remain open until August - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple

Staff Writer

Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

Friday, July 15, 2011

Minority Leader Cites His Frustration of The Council Not Able to Decide

As a member of the New Britain Common Council, I have been frustrated lately by the lack of the ability of all sides to come to any form of compromise on issues that reflect the common good of all citizens. Instead, people on both sides seem satisfied to say, my point of view is the “right” one and I won’t accept anything else. Frankly, I believe this is the wrong approach and I would like it to come to an end. No number of special meetings to clarify or to ask more questions will settle anything. There will always be those that have thought of something that has never been thought of before. There will always be those who feel they speak for the majority but in reality, they are just big mouths making false claims. The time is now to put all these issues to a vote. I will push for settling these issues, Aquinas, Costco, etc., to a vote before the municipal election in November.

Let’s stop the B.S., NOW! I will push for an ultimate decision on each issue, Aquinas, Costco, etc. The CT Attorney General be damned. The AG is just a political player doing what is necessary to ensure future election success. . Let’s decide our own destiny. I will “ask” that all these issues be removed from the table and voted on by the Common Council. No additional meetings and rhetoric will make the issues any more clear. Let’s make the next municipal election free of rancor and “he said, she said” arguments. Do New Britain citizens want another loss of revenue like the $15 million revenue loss debacle of 5 years ago? Do you want an increase in property taxes? Do you want continual erosion of our education process? Put you money where your own mouth is. Don’t listen to those who say they speak for this group or that. Speak for yourself.

For all, don’t think that you just came up with something that has never bee brought up before – nothing is new. Make your decision yourself. Don’t allow an agitator to lead you. Let’s finish these discussions now. Kicking the can down the road does just that - it accomplishes nothing,

Lou Salvio, Alderman, City of New Britain

Mayoral Views – State Rep. Tim O’Brien (D)

Mayoral Views – Former Mayor Lucian Pawlak (D)

What happens to IT hiring if Congress self-destructs? - Computerworld Blogs


Even As They Devour Your Tax Dollars, the Deadbeat Thugs of ACORN Housing Owe $163,000 in Back Taxes

Operated by Bertha Lewis who also operates "THE FAMILIES WORKING PARTY."

One Dead, One Injured in Berlin Crash: The Courant

New Britain Negotiating For Union Concessions -


Journal Register Company Sold To Alden Global Capital -

OUR VIEW: What would Alix do? - The New Britain Herald (

Public defenders office to lose jobs as Malloy’s cuts continue - The New Britain Herald (

By Lisa Backus
Staff Writer

New Britain DMV, five others in state
to shut down; 22 jobs to be lost in the city - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple

Police report...July 14 - The Bristol Press (

Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

DEEP chief: Mattabassett reorganization a good deal for all towns involved - The Middletown Press (

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Citizen’s Arrest of Congress

Reflexite To Merge With German Company -

New Britain's Division may exit our City.

Budget cuts closing several Conn. DMV offices - The New Haven Register (

If there is no agreement?????    Smoke and Mirrors by the Governor Malloy and his staff.   They are owned by the union and a deal will be made.

Free Computer Lessons At New Britain Library -

Police report...July 13 - The Bristol Press (

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Council tables controversial Aquainas sale - The New Britain Herald (


and Scott Whipple

Nonprofits to receive $2.5M after council overturns veto - The New Britain Herald (

By Scott Whipple

Staff Writer

3 arrested, 3 officers hurt during repossession attempt - The Middletown Press (

The Mayor's Veto Message is voted down by The Democratic Members

The Democratic Council Members have voted against Mayor Stewart's Veto.

The Passage of this vote does entertain how many of the "Democratic Members" have voted with a conflict of interest with their personal vote on the veto issue.

West Haven police seek man in possible abduction of girlfriend, infant after N.Y. homicide - The New Haven Register (

The Video Congress Does Not Want You To See

The Mayor's Veto Message Problematic For Council Democrats

June 30, 2011         Timothy T. Stewart

The Honorable Peter Denuzze

Town and City Clerk

27 West Main Street

New Britain, CT 06051

Dear Mr. Denuzze:

Years of weathering a stagnant economy as well as decreases in federal, state and local government funding have taken its toll on New Britain’s not-for-profit organizations. One of the more unfortunate outcomes of this situation has been the increased competition among these organizations for remaining funds, including the funding the City of New Britain receives from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) and HOME funds.

Each year here in New Britain, there is always much more in funding requests than the dollars we receive from HUD. There is a lengthy and oftentimes painful process as first the Commission on Community and Neighborhood Development (CCND) and then the Common Council hold public hearings and votes on the allocation. Complicating this already difficult process is the fact that many City programs and departments, in particular the Department of Municipal Development (DMD), join in the competition for this funding.

Another part of this annual process is that each year, CCND members and staff spend many hours performing due diligence on these applications, reviewing hundreds of pages of programmatic and financial information, only to be overruled by the Council. While the Council is the ultimate authority on this funding, much of their discussion and decision making goes on behind closed doors which allows political and personal relationships to influence the outcome.

Be assured my objections are not based on whether these agencies and programs provide worthwhile and valuable services to our community. They all do and I wish we did not have to make these Solomon like decisions. But the reality is not all requests can be funded 100%. My objection is that the changes of the Democratic majority on the Council are determined in caucus and give the appearance of favoritism to those agencies that have political or personal connections to Council members. This lack of transparency is a disservice to those organizations that are relying on the public process, rather than private conversations, to make the case for their programs.

The Council is giving the appearance that “who you know” is more important in the decision making process than the actual need of the organizations. For example, this year as well as last year, the Council overruled CCND to give funding to Urban Oaks ($20,000) despite the fact that Urban Oaks has over $67,000 of prior CDBG funding that they have not accessed which should be an outrage to all those organizations that were bypassed or received less funding in those years. Several members of the Urban Oaks board are active members of the Democratic Party.


Page Two

June 30, 2011

Another agency benefitting from Council changes to the CDBG allocation was Pathway Senderos. A prominent member of the local Democratic Party and member of the Pathway’s Board was lobbying very hard by phone and in person to increase funding by $20,000 and they were successful. Rather than the merits of Pathway’s application being discussed in an open forum, the decision was made once again behind closed doors.

Other agencies that benefitted by Council action were the Human Resources Agency of New Britain (HRA) and the Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) both of which have recent connections to Democratic aldermen – until a few months ago, Alderman Trueworthy’s wife was employed at HRA and Alderman Sanchez was employed at OIC.

This year, these changes come at the expense of workforce development and in City programs themselves. The Council totally eliminated funding for the Future Workforce program sponsored by Capital Workforce Partners (CWP). CWP has been instrumental in the success of the local hiring on the police station project, which is currently at 30% (double of the goal set at the onset of the project). The Future Workforce program was especially critical as it targets young people entering the workforce. Over the past three years that the program has been in place, over 1,500 young men and women have had an instructional introduction into the workplace that has been the key to finding work after graduation. To pull the plug on a jobs program as New Britain families are struggling in order to fund an organic farm that should by this time be self-sufficient is incomprehensible to me.

Also severely impacted is the City’s Department of Municipal Development. The irony is that it is DMD staff that monitor the distribution and reporting of the HUD funding. They also assist our local not-for-profit groups in dealing with HUD regulations. I cannot even count the number of times a local not-for-profit has called City Hall in a panic, concerned that a program may close without emergency funding for repairs or to replace lost federal or state funding. Time and time again, DMD Director Ken Malinowski and his staff have come to the rescue. They will now be repaid by having to lay off 10% of their department (2 employees) due to lack of HUD funding.

As much as no one wanted to get to this point or how awful it may sound, New Britain has reached the point where “charity begins at home”. As we continue to deal with the fallout of the FY 2012 general fund budget, which still may include employee lay-offs, how can we add to that by not reserving sufficient federal funding for our own use? The City cannot help others cope with the needs in our community, if we do not have adequate staffing to do so.

For the above reasons, and with all due respect to the Council, I hereby veto Resolution #31463-1 of the June 22, 2011 meeting of the New Britain Common Council. I am hoping that this veto will give the Council a chance to review the available material and reconsider how the allocation of these funds will impact future City operations.


Timothy T. Stewart

Mayor, City of New Britain

cc: Common Council

Gennaro Bizzarro, Corporation Counsel

Robert Curry, Finance Director

James E. Sanders Sr. has announced that he is seeking an eighth term on the New Britain Board of Education.

During his term of office on the Board of Education he has been responsible for instituting many major programs such as Jr. ROTC program at New Britain High School and a Dress Code requirement for both Middle School and grade schools.
He has held the office of President 3 times, Vice President 9 times and Secretary 2 times. He has been chairman of the Curriculum. Finance, Policy and Personnel committees. He has also been a member of these committees.
During his time on the Board of Education he has earned many awards.

Such as;

• Life time Achievement for being the longest elected BOE member

• Elected to National Football College Hall of Fame

• Exchange Club Man of the Year

• New Britain Football League Coach of the Year

• Head Coach of New Britain Midget Football team in the DELMARVA Bowl held in Maryland and Virginia

Organizations he has belonged to includes

• Marine Corps League – Past Commandant

• Knights of Columbus 3rd and 4th Degree

• Ancient Order of Hibernians

• Friends of Football – Charter Member & Lifetime Member

• Board of Directors College Hall of Fames – Northern Chapter

• President of various PTO;s and PTA’s

He pledges is continuous stand for the rights and well being of the students, parents and taxpayers of the city of New Britain.

YouTube - ‪NewsBusted 7/12/11‬‏

YouTube - ‪NewsBusted 7/12/11‬‏

OUR VIEW: Stop the obstructionists - The New Britain Herald (

Make the Busway happen!

Offering a lifeline to the disabled - The New Britain Herald (



Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

EDITORIAL: Obama should back Boeing’s job creation - The New Haven Register (

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Governor Malloy is proposing to raise the state of Connecticut taxes so as to be able to Give Cigna $50,000,000 to provide two hundred jobs from the State of PA. to be placed in the town of Bloomfield, Ct.

This represents a cost per job created a sum of $250,000.

 Math doesn't lie but, could our Governor, fabricate that this move as being great for our state taxpayers?

Congressional acts for their own interest and not for the Seniors

For those of you who are on Medicare, read the article below.It is about the monthly amount of money you are going to pay in Medicare premiums in 2011, 2012 and the huge increase you will pay in 2013.

It's a short but important article:

Congress will not allow an increase in the social security COLA (cost of living adjustment); however, the per person monthly Medicare insurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 in 2011, $104.20 in 2012, $120.20 for the year 2013 AND increases

to a wonderful $247.00 in 2014.Thank You Obamacare!

Congress also gave themselves a $3,000 a month Cost of Living Adjustment!

2 True Believers Become Public Face Of Unions -

Berlin Priest Arrested -

Greater Hartford Labor Council Won't Support A Mayoral Candidate - Cityline | Hartford News

Former Alderman Phil Sherwood is at it "Again." But in Hartford Where He Belongs.   New Britain residents hasn't missed him at all

Meet IBM's new $75,000 mainframe

Police Blotter - The Bristol Press (

Middletown arrests - The Middletown Press (

Kirejczk to announce mayoral candidacy - The New Britain Herald (

New Britain schools facing up to 10 layoffs - The New Britain Herald (

Two charged for not cooperating with police in Ortiz murder investigation - The New Britain Herald (

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New York David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal' - Village Voice


With four of its party members vying for the mayoralty endorsement promises with certainty a costly primary election will take place:

The names that have been placed for nomination are: Alderman Paul Catanzaro, Former Mayor Lucian Pawlak, State Rep. Timothy O'Brien, and former Alderwoman Barbara Kireczyk.

Rumors have surfaced that some of the candidates that do not obtain the parties endorsement will circulate petitions as independent candidates.

The real question that the voters need to know is how many of the above named candidates will accept Bertha Lewis's endorsement from her "WORKING FAMILIES PARTY."


What do you get when you offer a liberal a penny for his thoughts?

A: Change.

Police: New Britain Man, 34, Dragged Girlfriend Alongside Car 150 Feet -

State Plans To Close Enfield Prison Later This Year; Fourth Prison Closing In Less Than Two Years -

Puerto Rican pride festival
kicks off today on High St. - The New Britain Herald (

Mayor vetoes $2.5M for community groups, blasts Dems for ‘politicizing’ charitable giving - The New Britain Herald (



Seniors thrive in art classes at Senior Center - The New Britain Herald (

DON PESCI: The Rowland, Malloy, Occhiogrosso duel - The Middletown Press (

Friday, July 8, 2011

Police: New Britain Man, 34, Dragged Girlfriend Alongside Car 150 Feet: The Courant

Texas executes Mexican despite White House plea | Amarillo Globe-News

Texas executed a Mexican over the objections of the white house, and communist Dan is giving free tuition to illegals who are committing a crime simply by being here!

Obama’s ineligibility: When government declares war on the people

The wurst news: Oktoberfest celebration postponed until 2012 - The New Britain Herald (


Stewart asks unions for furlough days, health cost hike - The New Britain Herald (



Malloy signs bill to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates - The Middletown Press (

Cromwell arrests - The Middletown Press (

Shouldn't The New Britain Democrats have better Council Candidates?

Suzanne Bielinski has announced that she wants back on the Council. She admitted that she is passionate about public safety - I add, the Fire Department and certain members of Local 992. In this writer’s opinion, Bielinski was one of the most destructive, obstructive, and delay experts of any Council member during the Stewart years.
One of Stewart’s first major hires was a fire chief. The fire department and 992 had been given a “gift contract” by Lucian Pawlak, a gift that haunts the city to this day. When the Mayor hired Mark Carr as Fire Chief, certain members of Local 992, supported by the Democrat Council of which Bielinski was a member, went ballistic. The City was confronted with some of the most hateful acts ever perpetrated by a Local Union on a Fire Chief, NB Mayor and a certain Council member. Overloading the Council chambers with 992 members, large signs placed on private homes, etc. Uncooperative acts by 992 members against the new chief, grievances by the dozen – still active today – by 992 members that are officers of Local 992 today. Local 992 supported a former alderman to be Stewart’s opponent in a Mayoral race. They placed signs illegally all over the streets, especially around Vance School and jeered at Stewart supporters at polling places. One of the unsuccessful candidates for Chief recently prepared a 30 page “report” trying to obstruct the building of the police station downtown.

Through Bielinski, the Local 992 has blocked successfully, the appointment of an Assistant Fire Chief – union doesn’t like it. Bielinski wanted a Deputy Chief to do the job because they could get overtime, Assistants don’t.

Ladder company members brag that they are “dozing for dollars” in their firehouses because they are not required to make first responder calls. It’s the “best job we ever had.” Bielinski supports all of these shenanigans. If there was ever a way to block or delay a Stewart proposal, Bielinski would be part of it. Bipartisan effort? What a crock.!

Bielinski is a perfect McNamara Candidate; devious, partisan, insidious and anti common people. She is a winner take all, socialist candidate. She is not for the common people, she is a McNamara Democrat, pure and simple.

Fascism Is Not Conservatism - David Limbaugh - printer friendly -

Fascism Is Not Conservatism - David Limbaugh - printer friendly -

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Courant Trims Newsroom Jobs -

Couldn't Obama's Economy-- Republican American

"The plant here had been open 100 years; it survived the Great Depression. It couldn't survive the Obama economy."
— Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaking at the now-closed Allentown Metal Works steel plant in Allentown, Pa., which President Obama visited in December 2009 to tout his economic-recovery program

In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts - The Washington Post

The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Rowland Rage

What's There To Talk About With State Employee Unions? -

OUR VIEW: Screening saves lives - The New Britain Herald (

Bielinski vies for her old job back - The New Britain Herald (



CHRIS POWELL: Hostage to unions, Malloy proves inept - The Middletown Press (

Inept ?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Union Leader Letter: “The State Employee Health Plan Will Become Part of SustiNet” — Daily Ructions

Former Governor John Rowland repeatedly called for Luciano to immediately resign his position for his apparent attempt to deceive his members at AFSCME Council 4 during yesterdays radio program.

Just Too Many Left Turns?

Unions Ask Malloy To Reopen Talks To Avoid Layoffs -

Gov. Malloy leaving the door opened for the unions to get him to change his mind! 

All smoke and mirrors.

Malloy In New Britain On Jobs Tour, East Granby For Military Sendoff -

Malloy takes credit for the New Britain Police Station, which is currently under construction, for putting local people to work and learning a new trade.

When in reality, it was Mayor Timothy Stewart's original idea for getting the building contractor to agree in hiring local residents so they can learn a trade for their future employment.

The Debt Ceiling Fiction

Obama’s ineligibility: A Congress of cowards

The Military service men should refuse to meet with these congressional visitors.

Berlin Council delays vote on Middletown joining Mattabassett - The New Britain Herald (

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