Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chelsi P. Henry: Why I’m a Black Female Republican - The Root

President Barack Obama’s leadership has been disastrous

It’s been a gradual process, but we welcome former New York Times columnist Leslie Gelb to the realization that President Barack Obama’s leadership has been disastrous for this country. Last October Gelb wrote, “While Obama inherited rather than caused many of the world’s current crises, his habitual complacency and passivity prevent him from mitigating or resolving them.”


Friday, January 16, 2015

Holder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police - The Washington Post

‘Islam(ic)’ and ‘terrorism’

With all the publicity in world-wide publications reporting on Islamic terrorism,  the Obama Administration, and its leader, Barack H. Obama in particular, just can’t associate a connection between the two words, ‘Islam(ic)’ and ‘terrorism’.  In their small world of personal intelligence and actual brains, Islam is known only as a “peaceful religion”.

Sharpton Calls 'Emergency Meeting' for Oscars - Fox Nation

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Southington Environmental Problems Continue!



Recent news account citing the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) continue to oversee removal of contaminants from its landfills.   The EPA has designated as Superfund Sites citing that the landfills have been contaminated 25 five years ago.   Amazingly, it will take another 120 years before the town’s own wells before they  can be reopened.
Giving reason for the city of New Britain to negotiate a reasonable contract for the use of our Patton Brook well for the next 120 years since we still own it.


Arpaio Lawsuit Against Obama Amnesty Wins Accelerated Hearing


Just as President Obama is hitting the campaign trail to sell a reboot of his domestic policies ahead of next week’s State of the Union Address, the threat from Islamist militants is again crowding out his messages. Starting eight days ago with the deadly attack in Paris, the president has struggled to gain traction for his calls for more spending, higher taxes and new regulations. The Obama media strategy, on which its authors have been congratulating themselves at length in the political press, is to roll out the speech day after day to targeted geographic and demographic groups. This is not unlike what we saw last year when Islamists in Iraq and Syria destroyed the Democratic Midterm communications strategy and focused national attention on concerns over the president’s foreign policy. The president’s campaign to avoid lame duck status looks similarly imperiled.

US announces transfer of 5 Gitmo detainees; 4 to Oman, 1 to Estonia | Fox News

"free” community college!

If you think college tuition is expensive now, wait until it is free. Two years of “free” community college sounds wonderful, even though some students who just graduated felt cheated that they did not get it “free” and, in the name of fairness and justice, retroactive reimbursement was immediately demanded.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

4 top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up - The Washington Post

» GOP Intends to Stop Obama's Release of Guantanamo Terrorists » News -- GOPUSA

Astronauts relocate after space station leak | FOX CT

History Will Eviscerate Him: Obama Will Go Down as America's Gorbachev - Fox Nation

The Day - $5 million settlement reached in Connecticut fire 
 - News from southeastern Connecticut

Jimmy Carter Blames Paris Attacks on Muslim Anger With Israel - Judicial Watch

Wallet with $6,300 lost in Fairfield returned to owner | FOX CT

911 Fear

Americans, when faced with adversity, have always taken what was designed to destroy us, and turned it into something that unites us.  The attacks on September 11, 2001, were designed to divide us, fill us with indecision, and encourage us to huddle in the corner in fear.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A letter that was published in the Courant in 2002 tells the entire story of Mr. DeFronzo's refusal to serve his country:

May 07, 2002

Veterans Should

Vote In Primary

I am writing to remind all veterans of how important this upcoming Democratic primary election (New Britain-Berlin) is regarding veterans' issues and support of veteran affairs.

The Democrats have two individuals running for the office of state senator and I believe their military background is very important to all veterans and military personnel both state and federal.

Tom Bozek has served his military obligation and as state senator has supported all state veterans' issues. Meanwhile, we have Don DeFronzo who, at the time of induction, conveniently became a conscientious objector to avoid his military obligation.

Now I ask the question of anybody who served his or her country, who do you want to represent you? Bozek gets in the trenches, DeFronzo watches from the sidewalk while grandparents, mothers and fathers wave goodbye to their children going to fight the war against terrorism.

The answer is clear and I do not mean to deface anybody; the military must remain strong and all veterans and military personnel are faced with the decision to vote for the right person in the Democratic primary on May 21. This is our obligation. This is what we fought for.

Dominic DeMarco, Kensington
January 10, 2015 at 12:55 PM

Source: Terror cells activated in France | FOX CT

Tiffany & Co.’s features same-sex couple in latest engagement ad campaign | FOX CT

MI5 Head Warns al-Qaida Plans 'Mass-Casualty Attacks Against the West'

UConn's slush fund; and insubordinate cops - Journal Inquirer: Chris Powell

George Zimmerman arrested on domestic violence with a weapon charge | FOX CT

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Common Council Leaders Must Decide.


In the event the New Britain Democrats repeat The Trueworthy fiasco, with the majority of the common council refusing to remove him from his council seat. And possibly the same procedure that will apparently follow regarding the Susan Bielinski removal; it will then assure the start of third party in the city to selecting elected officials.
 That will adhere to common sense and legal responses protecting the city’s standing within the Connecticut communities stopping the city from being laughed at as being idiotic.


What would happen if the Supreme Court dismembers Obamacare - The Washington Post

Resistance is futile when your children are standing between you and Terrorism

Arrest made after New Britain neighborhood lockdown | FOX CT

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tim Stewart's Overrun Costs

The media did blame Former Mayor Tim Stewart of the overrun cost for the police station but, were there hidden cost for his busway proposal in addition to the state grants??


Keystone court ruling in Nebraska could force Obama decision on pipeline - Washington Times

'Antiques Roadshow' discovers $1M baseball card collection - NY Daily News

2 Prominent Republicans From JW’s Corrupt List Go Down - Judicial Watch

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Interesting Suggestion for the City of New Britain Residents to Ponder By A Reader of This Blog

Obviously electing a left wing loon like O'Brien isn't a way to run a city, and electing a young girl certainly isn't working, so maybe it is time for a charter revision to change the city from a strong mayor to a city manager form of government. At least then the council can hire a professional to run the city.

Mayor Stewart on The Attack


The city’s audit gave our Mayor a reason to attack the former mayor, Tim O’Brien, claiming that he left the city in grave financial danger which gave the opportunity for the former mayor or his ghost writer to attack her father’s administration.
These attacks doesn’t help New Britain especially when our citizenry voted to have our so called elected officials to find the needed proposals and or solutions of resolve.

At least 11 killed in shooting French satirical magazine office | FOX CT

Monday, January 5, 2015

John Boehner has promised over and over

John Boehner has promised over and over not to fall into the status quo trap.  He has promised over and over not to give in to President Obama. He has promised over and over to fight Obama’s illegal amnesty. He has promised over and over to give the Congress over 72 hours to read bills. He has promised over and over to curtail the spending that is sending middle class Americans down the proverbial drain.

Williams: White liberals have used blacks for their own reasons | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

King of the World’

Recurring theories that Barack Obama sees himself as reigning ‘King of the World’ rather than merely U.S. president are proving true—in Canada, of all places. 

Canada’s next general election will take place more than a year before the next presidential election, on October 16, 2015, at which time Obama gets the golden opportunity to add the natural resource-rich Land of the Maple Leaf to his fledgling ‘kingdom’.

Person bit by rabid raccoon in Berlin | FOX CT

How Sharpton Gets Paid To Not Cry ‘Racism’ At Corporations - Fox Nation

Former Connecticut Gov. Rowland faces sentencing | FOX CT

Thursday, January 1, 2015

President Ronald Reagan

President Ronald Reagan who once famously told Soviet Union Leader Mikhail Gorbachev, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” must be rolling in his grave.

America, through a branch of the Michigan State Department of Natural Resources, now boldly and openly celebrates the ideal of communism.

Cuba crackdown on political dissidents tests Obama diplomatic outreach - Washington Times

UFO watchers discover 'coffin' in Mars rover images - Connecticut Post#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913#photo-6475913

North Korea's Kim Jong Un to South Korean leader: Let's meet |

With eye on 2016, Jeb Bush resigns from all boards - The Washington Post

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