Friday, February 20, 2009

Did President Obama promises during the campaign to not raise taxes on anyone making $250,000 per year go astray?

---------------------SCHIP funds for health insurance programs for children of poor families.

Unfortunately, this good intent in helping the children of poor families will directly affect their family with the proposed increase in federal excise tax on tobacco to pay for the SCHIP expansion which was signed into law by President Obama.

It will increase crime at retail outlets giving a higher cash return on the cigarettes the criminals steal thus enhancing the tobacco retailers to become the victims of robbery.

The adverse effects the tobacco increases will cause to our poor that this bill is supposed to help are as follows:

1 Cigarettes: 62 cents per pack.
2 Large Cigars up to 40 cents per.
3 Little cigars 96 cents per pack.
4 Pipe tobacco $1.71 per pound.
5 Roll-your own tobacco $23.53 per pound.
6 Chewing Tobacco 30.5 cents per pound.
7 Snuff: 91.5 cents per pound.

Knowing the adverse effects the aforementioned products do to one’s health and to the second hand smoke that is inhaled by friends these increase prices through the federal excise tax targets the poor that these funds collected are to help.

The States are all going to add there increases to the tobacco products for whatever purposes deemed as necessary for their current needs ------The Budget!


Anonymous said...

This means another 62 cents in federal excise tax per pack of cigarettes, $6.20 more per carton.
This increase will take effect April 1st.
What other new federal taxes haven't we heard about?

Anonymous said...

Cigarette taxes or "sin" taxes as they have become to be known dispraportionately affect lower income people because lower income people smoke cigarettes by a much higher percentage then higher income people. So much for Obama only taxing the rich. Now you will pay for free health care for inner city children every time you buy a pack of cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Or you could not smoke...

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