Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Weekly Poll Featured

Please remember to vote on our weekly poll which appears in the upper right corner of this blog screen. This week's issue is whether Senator Dodd should resign from his Senate duties? So please vote your very true feelings on this very important issue.

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Frank Smith


It's time for Dodd to go! said...


Senator Chris Dodd revealed yesterday he was the one who removed the language preventing things like the AIG bonuses from happening, and he should resign. These are the kind of politicians we don't need representing us. Dodd heads the Senate Banking Committee, a position
Obama's First 100 Days: Chris Dodd Should Resign
too important for this career politician. While I may enjoy his comments and personality, this is about principle. President Obama talked about changing the way Washington works, and what Dodd did is exactly what's wrong with Congress. To be in Washington for 34 years and to make this blunder is unforgivable. I've had it with the incompetence. Dodd will be lucky to win re-election in Connecticut in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I voted NO for Dodd to resign since these guys think they do nothing wrong and I want the right to vote against him next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

Love the new voter poll.

Frank Smith Blog NB Fan

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of allowing others to start threads? Maybe have readers submit idea's or articles that pertain to New Britain? This would allow for people to submit on things that may not be on your radar.

For example I have often wondered what peoples thoughts are on topics such as the general condition of Washington park. If you pass the park on any given day you might find a large crowd playing vollyball on the old tennis courts or a tournament that is held on the parks basketball courts not to mention softball games, football games sledding etc. However the park seems to be falling into disarray (broken glass, graffite damaged fences and equipment). What should/could the city do?

Anonymous said...

Whether he goes on his own, or we throw him out in the election, it doesn't matter, so long as he goes!

Anonymous said...

He should wait to go. He should just leave...........

Anonymous said...


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