Saturday, June 27, 2009

Are Our State Reps.Shorting Out Our School Children

The big mystery with New Britain’s Senator and State Representatives is why they approved sending the cities of Bridgeport, Hartford, New London and many other communities large MBR increases in funding for their boards of Education for fiscal 2008-2009 while they sent New Britain $0.00.

It is quite apparent that New Britain’s representation in our legislature is lacking any attempts for helping our school children while helping so many other cities.

Our representatives did allow appropriating $558,039.00 for the new ECS aid to the city for tax relief which is paid directly to the city Council.

Eighty per cent of this amount is customarily sent to the Board of Education by the City Council and let us hope that current council members will send this much needed money since the state budget to all school districts has not been resolved--especially since we still have no state budget.


Anonymous said...

You have seen on what our legislative contingent is spending its time: DeFronzo riding around on train tracks with reporters; O'Brien getting his pisture taken in front of the DMV, taking a stroll in Stanley Park observing dead fish, stopping by the Juneteenth Celebration;worrying about how to elect a U.S. Senator if one of them gets in trouble or dies, etc.; trying to block the Hospital from a merger, you know all that important stuff. In the meantime, we lost an opportunity to sell useless water department land for $15 million because a few people complained - and we still feel the blasting shocks!! But schools, students property tax relief? Don't worry about that, they're too busy chaing businesses and wealthy taxpayers out of the state. I guess they are looking to convert the entire state into a welfare state so that they can keep getting elected.

In the meantime, they spend time saving their buddies in the legislature who violate election laws and scum like Chris Dodd. Schools and students, forget that !

Then they look the other way when phony Phil Sherwack uses their names to threaten the Hospital with a legislative power play.

Anonymous said...

scum is a perfect way to describe Chris Dodd!

Anonymous said...

He still has not released the details of his mortgage, except for the "peek-a-boo" stunt where the reporters were only allowed to briefly look at the documents that are already on file at the town clerk.

The details of his special financing as a "friend of Angelo" remain a heavily guarded secret.

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