Sunday, June 28, 2009

Going Forward by rail -

By Senator Donald DeFronzo


Anonymous said...

Why was the bus way property sold to the state if our Senator is pushing the rail approach?

Anonymous said...

will this rail be a "one way" system heading to points South, so that as we move out of the state, we have a train to rush us to our new home?

Anonymous said...

You'll enjoy this video! The Reading & Northern Railroad - The 425 Steam Locomotive pulling its 12 loaded Passenger Coaches on a round trip from from Port Clinton to Jim Thorpe, PA through Pennsylvania country side... Enjoy! v=btLkPrHIQFI

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why was the bus way property sold to the state if our Senator is pushing the rail approach?

That’s easy. Because it is politically advantageous. Remember this 2006 press release???

………………..Progress is being made to fund a transportation project that will benefit central Connecticut. Senator Donald DeFronzo (D-New Britain, and Representatives John Geragosian (D-New Britain), Tim O'Brien (D-New Britain), Peter Tercyak (D-New Britain) are gratified Governor Rell has approved $4.6 million in funding for the first phase of the New Britain Hartford busway project. The funding is expected to be finalized at the State Bond Commission meeting scheduled for Friday, October 6th at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

The creation of the New Britain to Hartford busway project was one of the major proposals approved by the General Assembly to improve Connecticut's transportation system. Federal funds are expected to finance 80 percent of the bus line that is designed to start in downtown New Britain and end near Union Station in Hartford.

"This $4.6 million in funding is a good beginning to a $400 million transportation project," said Senator DeFronzo. "It is the beginning of a final design effort, which hopefully will lead to the completion of the New Britain to Hartford busway....

"I was one of the earliest elected officials supporting the busway when there were many doubters, so I'm very happy that this is coming to fruition," said Representative Geragosian. "I hope a $400 million investment in our infrastructure will alleviate a lot of traffic on our roads. It is also opportunity to help revitalize parts of New Britain."

"I think it's wonderful that we are moving this project. I've been working on this since the time I was on the city council to get this," said Representative O'Brien. "This busway project is very good for New Britain and the state's transportation system.'

"It should plan a vital role in help to revitalize the downtown area," said Representative Tercyak. "We need to have a good looking station, and hopefully it will attract businesses to the area."……………….

or this in 2007?
"We define transit oriented development as the development of residential commercial and employment centers within a half-mile walking distance of public transportation facilities, and in that regard the New Britain busway is ideal for implementing a transit oriented development plan," said Senator DeFronzo. "The area is ripe for local development, and the busway corridor will open transit opportunities for the city residents and employers." "I'm very pleased that New Britain will be included in the pilot program," said Senator DeFronzo, "and that I was able to bring this funding to the city. This is another way that we're investing in New Britain and working to revitalize our without burdening local taxpayers."

Mr. Defronzo, Mr. O'Brien How many times are you going to shift gears, how many millions of dollars have we spent to get the busway off the ground?

My question is simple. What changed and why did we waste all that tax money (both localy and at the state level)?


Anonymous said...

It's called flip flop.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's called what lie will the mushbrains believe today?

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