Tuesday, February 16, 2010

KATHLEEN PARKER: Dear Sarah, be careful - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)


Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin kept Trig under a cloak of secrecy, the media would call her out. When Sarah Palin stands up for Trig she is critized for exploiting him. When would Sarah Palin not be critized for anything she does?

Sarah Palin is genuine. She isn't afraid to speak up even regarding her own personal trials such as learning that she is carrying a child with downs syndrome. She shares with others her own natural reaction as she dealt with accepting this difficult information. Unlike some of our other popular political figures such as John Edwards. John Edwards exploited his wife's cancer. He played that card as such a loving and committed husband for voters to respect him in hopes of getting their vote.

Anonymous said...

Usually, I enjoy reading Kathleen Parker's columns. Not this time. I would hope that the press will stop singling out people like Sarah Palin because, "they are different." Like it or not Kathleen, Sarah Palin's folksy, down to earth, good to look at, non-intellectual personna resonates with the "average" folks here in America. Quasi intellectuals like Kathleen Parker, Ellen Goodman and the bitchy, Rachel Madow along with CNBC's "hatcet man" Olberman are jealous-type haters. They are lucky to have jobs.

Keep talking Sarah, millions love you!

Anonymous said...

The liberals come out of the woodwork to attack Sarah Palin any time she speaks. Why does she scare them so much? Could it be that they are all such phonies, that they are afraid of someone who genuinely shares traditional American values with the rest of us?

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