Thursday, February 4, 2010

Newington's GOP Mayor Joins Race For Governor -

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Anonymous said...

With all the candidates lining up for the Governor's office, I hope some of these highly qualified Republican candidates will decide to run for other offices where we still need someone of traditional American values to step up to the plate, for example: State Representative, State Senator, and Congressman.

All of these positions are currently held by radical left wing ideologues who have demonstrated they support Obama's vision for transforming America into a European socialist nation. I can't think of even one of these Democrats who has not demonstrated a hatred for capitalism and the free market system.

Hopefully many of these qualified conservative candidates will follow the lead of Scott Brown and run for the offices where America needs them the most.

The future of our nation, our state, and our communities is dependant on these good people to stand up for America, much like our forefathers did.

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