Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Democrats Looking For Candidates -


Anonymous said...

Just so that you're not duped during the next election, I'd like to translate some common Democratic terms to assist you.

1. Everything is on the table - that means they're going to raise your taxes but they don't know by how much

2. All options are up for consideration - means they're going to raise your taxes and they already have a deal in the works

3. We're going to work with the union to find some cost savings - they're going to raise your taxes and not get any concessions

4. By investing in _______ now, we save money in the long run - they're going to raise your taxes to benefit all the organizations that contributed to their campaigns

5. We plan for this just to be a one-time source of revenue - they're going to raise your taxes the following year

6. We all must share the pain - they're going to raise taxes on the middle class and small business owner

7. Any sentence that includes the phrase "most vulnerable citizens" and is followed by housing, jobs or transportation - they're going to raise your taxes and give it to a social services program

8. Any phrase that includes "children" and "future" - they're going to raise your taxes to benefit the teacher's union

9. Any time the word "public employees" is used - they're going to raise your taxes to put their relatives and friends in patronage jobs

10. This measure will provide training and job creation - they're going to raise your taxes and waste it on a failing program

Also, if a Democrat borrows $100 million to pay the state's bills and has $5 million left. He doesn't say that we have a $100 million debt. He says we have a $5 million state surplus.

I hope this was helpful. If you need further assistance, please contact me at the New Britain Republican Town Committee.


Anonymous said...

If you read the list of the committee, it reads like who's who in radicals!

Anonymous said...

is that a photo of their chairman?

Anonymous said...

Love it, Dwight! No offense to any conservative Democrats who read or write this blog, but how appropriate the symbol of the Democratic Party is the jackass.

Anonymous said...

to be a photo of little mack the lesser one, it would have to be showing the rear end!

Anonymous said...

This financial mess can be laid at the feet of the CT Democrats who have controlled the legislature for years and the unions for the constant demands for more and the bribery of the Democrats for votes.

The collective bargaining has been a boon to unions because the unions usually get their way. The state just can't say no to union demands because of the stranglehold of unions on the Democrats.

Through this recession state worker hiring went up will prvate workers hiring went down. Share the pain, means layoff, pay cuts, pension cuts and benefit cuts just like the private workers have been dealing with for years on years.

Anonymous said...

It appears that in Democrat Robert Sanchez run for the 25th district state representative seat, he will be facing a fellow Democrat, the petitioning candidate Mr. Richard Marzi at the special election on Feb. 22nd?

Anonymous said...

HARTFORD – The United States Supreme Court has granted a petition supported by the Yankee Institute and will review a free speech case challenging the constitutionality of giving taxpayer money to political candidates.

“The U.S. Supreme Court accepts less than two percent of cases appealed to it, so the Court’s decision to take this case for review is a big deal with national implications,” said Fergus Cullen, Executive Director of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, which supported the petition with an amicus brief.

The case, McComish v. Bennett, challenges an Arizona campaign finance law that uses public funds to “level the playing field” among candidates by providing them with equal financial resources. The case specifically challenges so-called “matching grants.” More broadly, the case challenges the idea that the government has any compelling interest in ensuring candidates have equal resources, the premise of many so-called “Clean Elections” laws around the country.

Anonymous said...

NB Common Council Meeting / February 23,2011.


No Bid Contracts to Local Elected Officials. Purpose: Temporarily freeze any no-bid contracts until such time as Chief States Attorneys Office conclude investigation.

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