Monday, February 7, 2011

GOP Chief Raps Stewart Critics As Hypocrites: The Courant

By Don Stacom


Anonymous said...

Of course Miller screws up everything he touches. He is a Democrat isn't he?

Anonymous said...

NEW BRITAIN — The current political mailing of message of double-dipping and two government salaries from the Donald DeFronzo - Terry Bielinski Gerratana New Britain campaign headquarters and other State Democratic leaders characterized Mayor Tim Stewart's as "double-dipping" and a political power play, and are insisting that he should choose one job or the other if he wins the 6th Senate District seat in a special election on Feb. 22nd.

On Monday 02/07/11 State Republican Chairman Chris Healy responded by accusing Democrats of hypocrisy. He noted that Democrat First Selectman Philip Miller of Essex, a candidate for the 36th House District seat, has acknowledged that he'll keep his municipal job if he wins – but all New Britain Democrats are ignoring that while attacking Mayor Stewart.

"Why is the standard different for Mayor Tim Stewart than First Selectman Phil Miller?" Healy asked in an e-mail. "Oh, I know, Tim Stewart is a Republican who is doing his job," Healy wrote. "Phil Miller, on the other hand, has a habit of fouling up just about everything he touches."

Anonymous said...

The Prevailing wage in CT is ludicrius. For example, an average HVAC tech makes about $28 per hour plus about $8 in fringes. Under prevailing wage, We have to pay him $36.22 per hour plus $26.21 in fringes! This is based on a recent project in New London. CT for the US government.

Can you belive the union people say that eliminating the prevailing clause will not lower construction costs? It is because their dues are based on a percentage of earnings. What a joke. Everyone is entitled to a fair wage, but they do not have the right to rape the state of CT Mr. DeFronzo.

Anonymous said...

Dems Ask For Probe of New Britain City Contracts.

The head of the state Democratic Party Tuesday 02/08/11 called for an investigation into claims that New Britain Mayor Tim Stewart improperly awarded contracts to Republican members of the City Council.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo alleged that Stewart offered more than $240,000 in no-bid contracts, and said the chief state’s attorney must intervene.

The allegations by state Democrat DiNardo came a day after state Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy said that he filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission over push poll conducted on behalf of candidate Terry Gerratana.

Chairman Healy cited election law that forbids third party expenditures such as push polling that advocates for the defeat of another candidate in the 6th district Senate race.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Chris Christie's newly created Red Tape Commission, in charge of reviewing regulatory barriers affecting New Jersey's business climate, will include Democratic Union City Mayor and state Sen. Brian Stack.

I guess Democratic Mayor/Senator Stack who will now accept a 3rd simultaneous position didn't get the damning memo from Don DeFronzo proclaiming that no one can do both jobs, never mind 3!

Must be that such a conflict of interest only applies to Republicans???

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