Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stewart Replies to The Democrats demand for Pledge

February 3, 2011
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6TH District State Senate candidate Tim Stewart today answered a request from several local Democrat office holders that he and his opponent, Terry Gerratana sign a “pledge” regarding their conduct if elected.

“Late yesterday, I received an email from Mike Trueworthy (New Britain Common Council member) giving me what is in effect an ultimatum to sign this document by 2:00 pm today, less than 24 hours after having received it. This is thinly veiled attempt to keep the issue of my tenure as Mayor alive, when I have already issued a statement (attached) that puts the matter to rest,” said Stewart.

“Frankly, I am very flattered by the fact that Democrats must be assuming I will win the special election on February 22nd by the amount of attention they are giving to my post-election plans. However, in order to be able to move on to discuss the many critical issues facing the state legislature, I have signed a modified version of the pledge (copy attached).”

“I have added that the next state senator should pledge to put the interests of their constituents above their political party. Public service above politics is something I strongly believe in as I have had to overcome hyper-partisanship throughout my tenure as mayor of New Britain. I hope my opponent will sign this tenet as well, despite some of the ugly partisan tactics from her camp during this shortened special election campaign.”

“In addition, I have added that some transition in the mayor’s office is necessary should I be privileged to win the election to the state senate. I don’t think anybody in their right mind would expect the CEO of a $200 million plus organization to walk away that abruptly. This whole issue is a tempest in a teapot being pushed by Mr. Trueworthy who is in a hurry to assume power as acting mayor should there be a vacancy.”

Stewart concluded, “I think voters deserve a more intelligent, issue focused discussion in the few weeks remaining in this campaign. For my part, I will continue wage a positive campaign based on my record and views on state government.”

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Anonymous said...

Should Mike Trueworthy be offering advice to anyone about what is the honorable behavior to be recommending to candidates for office. I don't think so. Careful Mike! You may get a response you didn't expect. By the way Mike, how are you making a living these days?

Anonymous said...

How is Mike making a living ? I would like to know how our aldermen makes a living.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a contract only as good as the person who signs it?

Thanks to junior's recent antics, not to mention Commissioner Gerrantana's failure to act regarding apparent election law violations, the Gerrantana name is not very respectable by the public these days, so who would take her word for any contract she signed anyway, considering she swore an oath to enforce the elections laws of this state.

Anonymous said...

Mike Trueworthy listed his employer and occupation on Gerratana's finance report as "State legislature" "sessional employee". So his friends have given him a job at the Capital - one that usually goes to kids just out of school - I guess his volatility did not sit well with his clients.

Guess he thinks he just needs something temporarily tell he can park his rear in the Mayor's chair. We can only hope that never happens. Lord help us if that lunatic gets in there even for a minute!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, Trulyworthless is an aide to Tim O'Brien possibly?

Or is serial poster Gerratana still in that capacity?

Anonymous said...

This Libtard ran his own business into the ground, and now he wants a chance to destroy the city from behind the mayor's desk? What makes him think he can possibly run a $200 million budget when he couldn't run a one man show?

Anonymous said...

Gerratana is an elitist. People like her are the reason we have the highest debt per resident in the USA. They have no sense of reality, create all these social programs and drive up taxes.

Keep electing Liberals and you will start seeing more Florida and NY license plates in Connecticut. Drive the tax payers out and then who is left to pay all the debt the liberals have created?

The Hammer & Sickle Club of New Britain

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that the Libtards have accepted the fact that their candidate simply can't win? Why else would they be coming unglued at the possibility that the mayor might deny a yo-yo like Trueworthy the chance to park his butt behind the mayor's desk? Next time maybe they will find a candidate who is electable?

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see all the radical Democrats openly accepting that Tim Stewart is their next Senator!

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