Saturday, May 7, 2011

Letter to the Editor by The Council Minority Leader


Everyone should know by now that the State delegation members from New Britain are all Democrats. Similarly, every taxpayer in New Britain should know by now that Democrats on the Common Council outnumber Republicans, 11 to 4.

In the Herald, it has been announced that all five Democrats of the New Britain delegation voted unanimously to approve the state budget offered by Governor Malloy. THEY DID THIS EARLIER THIS WEEK KNOWING THAT THE GOVERNOR HAS YET TO HAVE AGREEMENT ON A $2 BILLION, 2 YEAR CONCESSION AGREE ENT WITH STATE EMPLOYEE UNIONS. TENTATIVELY, BOTH DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED HOUSES OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE APPROVED THE BUDGET! Most vociferous about this move was State Rep., Tim O’Brien. The Herald had quotes from no other NB delegate

Now, consider the New Britain Common Council. Again, Democrats hold an 11 to 4 super majority of votes on the Council, similar to the state delegation. What’s the difference? The New Britain delegation led by Mayor Pro Tem, Mike Trueworthy says, hold on, Mayor Stewart. You want to tell us that you are cutting 10 % of the “CITY” budget from all city departments but you won’t tell us from where? True worthy says, “ I only have half the ball!!” Who are you going to lay off? How will each city department cut 10%? Trueworthy, who works at the State Capitol, is OK with Malloy’s budget but not with Stewart’s budget – he wants to know more. WHY? He wants to interfere! If he tried that at the state level he would be sent home. Should Mayor Stewart release right now the names of those who will be laid off? Should he release any information that is covered by union contracts? Come on Mike, you know better

Trueworthy tries, as he has done for seven years to violate the City Charter. It won’t work Mike. Even with your eleven votes. Voters of New Britain; beware of Trueworthy’s promises, he’s not allowed to fulfill them, even with the 11 votes. Trueworthy uses fictitious and specious rhetoric to make promises. Too bad for those that believe this babble.

So, you see, our state delegation is OK with voting for a state budget without all pertinent information, but our city Democrats cry, we only have half of a ball! Wake up New Britain! The Common Council Democrats forgot about you the day they were elected.

Lou Salvio, Alderman

103 Russwin Rd.

New Britain, CT 06053


Anonymous said...

Trueworthy's type of babble is called Democratspeak.

Anonymous said...

CAPITOL WATCH - The Malloy Real Budget?

State Sen. Len Suzio, a Republican from Meriden, noted that, as a freshman, this is the first time he's had the chance to take a stand. "I'm a brand new face up I haven't yet been jaded by the process,'' he said.

Suzio notes that he has a background in accounting and finance--"I know a real budget when I see one and this is no real budget. It's a phony budget dressed up in gimmicks.''

The reliance on such gimmickry is all the more troubling because Malloy pledged to submit an honest budget, Suzio said. "This is a governor who promised to swear off gimmicks in the budget. He's employing the biggest gimmick ever used... in Connecticut."

Suzio and state Rep. Christopher Coutu, a Republican from Norwich, are both plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which is expected to be filed in Hartford Superior Court.

Scott said more legislators, as well as state employees and small business owners, will join the lawsuit early next week. Suzio said he expects the entire Republican caucus in the state Senate to sign on as plaintiffs.

Anonymous said...

And the Minority Leader's Type is called a big windbag

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