Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Britain Council Advises Mayor To Negotiate Givebacks -



Lou Salvio said...

From the Courant article; "NEW BRITAIN — In a move that pushes layoff decisions back to Republican Mayor Timothy Stewart, the city's heavily Democratic council Friday evening voted for his controversial budget proposal with only minor revisions."

On the day in April when he delivered his budget proposal to the Council, Mayor Stewart told the Democrats that he couldn't give them details on possible layoffs & negotiations while they are proceeding. So, the Council finally realizes this? WOW!

Then; again from the Courant " Democratic leaders on the council urged Stewart to start negotiating immediately for concessions from municipal unions a move Stewart said he was already planning. " HELLO! Earth to Council Democrats, were you at the Mayor's announcement in April?

Instead of trying to meet with the Mayor
throughout the past two months - Stewart told them he would be flexible in scheduling sessions - to tell him their ideas, again, Council Democrats, with their super majority of eleven votes, wait until the last minute and then spring their budget ideas
on Stewart. Typical but dumb. I shall ask and urge the Mayor to veto the chages to his proposed budgets forwarded by the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

isn't that like the cart pulling the horse?

Anonymous said...

This is how it goes.... The mayor proposes no tax increase and the democrats are given the proposal...
they see the numbers they know it doesn't work but there is an election this year... Tim O'Brien's big chance and if they buck the mayor and raise taxes, Tim O'Brien will be dead in the water so they agree to the 0 tax increase and put the work back on the outgoing mayor to figure out.
This all comes down from JM as he sets up for a Tim O'Brien win.

Where is the chatty Tim O'Brien lately? Awefully quiet...

Anonymous said...

Don't count on O'Brien, Catanzaro, Pawlak, Mayo, or anyone else to save the day for NB taxpayers - they are clueless! Just looking for a job or the continuation of one.

Anonymous said...

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