Sunday, May 29, 2011

State union members divided prior to vote on concessions - Connecticut Post

"The whole thing stinks. It's terrible,"   Concessions by the Gov. Malloy are very bad.


Anonymous said...

It is nothing more than Obamacare for state employees.

Documents have already surfaced outlining the radical agenda of the Democrats to force Sustinet, the CT version of Obamacare onto all citizens of CT. The plan calls for first forcing all state employees, retirees and all their families into this central planning health care where a Malloy appointed czar not only dictates your health care, but actually dictates your entire lifestyle. Under this plan, the czar has the power to control how much you drink, whether you smoke, use drugs, how much you weigh, your diet, whatever he decides he doesn't like about your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your entire family. Failing to follow his commands by anyone in your family brings huge fines to the employee through higher health care premiums and a huge deductible before any health care is even covered. There is no appeal, no questioning the czar, you follow his orders, or pay--period. Follow his orders whatever they be like a loyal serf, and every aspect of your health care is totally free!

They are forcing this down the throats of all state employees and their families now, and are already moving into phase 2 which is to force it upon all municipal employees and families of municipal workers. Right now they are calling it voluntary for the municipalities, but the master plan calls for it to be mandated by state law for every municipality in the state.

Once they force all government workers into this socialized medicine, phase 3 is to force every resident of the entire state into this one plan managed by state bureaucrats.

You do what comrade Dan and his health czar mandate, or face severe punishment!

Anonymous said...

Right in the description of Sustinet it says that the goal is to have 98% of the public forced into this plan by 2014 meaning that Malloy wants to have total control of the lifestyles of 98% of the people in this state within 3 years.

Adolf Hitler would be proud of Danny Boy!

Anonymous said...

I'm a state employee union member and I intend to vote NO!

Anonymous said...

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