Friday, June 24, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: AFSCME Local 391 rejects concession agreement with Gov. Malloy

Fox 61 is reporting that AFSCME Local 391 has rejected the concession plan.  This was the final vote to sink the plan, so no matter what the remaining unions vote, the deal has been rejected.

Governor Malloy is now threatening to lay off 7,500 to 10,000 union members, apparently as punishment for not accepting his so-called deal.    Malloy has reportedly said he will not meet again with unions and will go ahead with his plan for the layoffs.

Sounds like little more than sour grapes on Malloy's part, otherwise why would a leader blanketly refuse to even discuss a possible solution with the unions?  Shouldn't the Governor put the needs of the state above his childish ego?


Anonymous said...

Democrats frequently see themselves as royalty. It is not surprising that he is seeking to punish people for disagreeing with him. How dare they?

Anonymous said...

I guess I can now go use my copy of the agreement as toilet paper, which is all it was worth to begin with.

Anonymous said...

There was much discussion and debate during the news conference about why the membership didn't follow their union leaders and blindly vote for this deal. Perhaps the system is flawed by the fact that so many people are forced by law to belong to these unions when they have absolutely no desire to be in a union. How can you expect blind faith from people that are forced by a matter of law to belong to an organization against their free will?

So long as Connecticut remains a FORCED union state, you will never have a majority of your members following you blindly!

Being a state employee in Connecticut in many ways is like living in Nazi Germany. You must doante to the communist party whether you want to or not.

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler would have been proud of these socialists forcing people to donate to Democrats. Didn't the Nazi party operate in a similar manner?

Anonymous said...

Later, as the occupiers of Europe, the Germans trawled the museums and private collections of Europe for suitably "Aryan" art to be acquired to fill a bombastic new gallery in Hitler's home town of Linz. At first a pretense was made of exchanges of works, but later acquisitions came through forced "donations" and eventually by simple looting.

I guess looting is next for the unions and the Democrats like Malloy that they own outright.

Anonymous said...

Of course they have to force people to belong to the unions in order for the unions to survive. No one in their right mind would voluntarily join such a radical organization. Look at the facts:

Union membership is at a 70 year low in this country. In free states where you have the freedom of choice, union membership is almost non-existent. Even in New York just last week, Target employees voted down a union by more than 2 to 1. Their response to the union was thanks, but no thanks.

Most people are not going to join such an anti-American organization unless they are forced to against their will!

It is like flushing a portion of your paycheck down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

poor danny boy--too socialist even for the unions.

Anonymous said...

Communism fails once again, even in radical extremist Conn.

Anonymous said...

An AFSCME member was on Rowland's talk show this afternoon describing that the union members rejected this plan because the left wing Marxists that run the union were trying to force the state employees into Sustinet, Comrade Dan's version of Obamacare on steroids. The gentlemen said they can have all the votes they want and AFSCME members are going to reject every one of them because they will not accept this radical socialist health care plan they are trying to force down all our throats.

He also said that Danny Boy is doing this so he can run to his pal Obama and brag that he forced Connecticut into socialized medicine.

Anonymous said...

It is clearly not greed that motivates these union leaders. It is extreme left wing zealousness.

The majority of the state employees who rejected this deal did so because if your read the fine print, it appears that this so-called deal forces all state employees and retirees into Sustinet as a preamble to forcing all municipal employees and then finally every resident of Connecticut into this radical single payer system by a projected target date of 2014. It actually says in their master plan that 98% of all residents of the entire state to be forced into Sustinet by 2014, so if you think this radical extremist agenda doesn't impact you, think again.

Every state employee I spoke to that voted no said if you removed this sneaky attempt to force them into socialized medicine, they would vote in favor of the rest of the package.

Don't you think it is a mighty bit suspicious that the SEBAC attorney and at least one other union leaders that have both been pushing hard for this deal are also on the board of Sustinet--Connecticut's version of Obamacare on steroids?

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea: Instead of pitting state employees against the rich or business owners, why don't we just stop spending like drunken sailors?

Hundreds of millions for a busway from nowhere to nowhere, hundreds of millions for expanding a health center that already loses billions of dollars, millions to expand a private hospital in Windham, millions to build Route 11 after 30 years of it sititng there. Cut these 3 programs, and stop giving away money like it grows on trees, and you will solve the budget deficit. Texas closed a $30 billion budget gap without raising one dime in new taxes and without touching their $9 billion rainy day fund. They simply did like the rest of us do, and cut spending.

The problem is that Danno seems to really believe it is the state's place to create jobs by seizing as much wealth as he can from the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change in Connecticut as long as we remain a FORCED union state.

Under current law, all state employees must pay dues to a union as a condition of their employment. The only way not to pay is to quit your job.

This generates millions of dollars that unions in turn funnel into the campaigns of Democrats, effectively donating your money to the campaigns of people you may not agree with and may not support or even vote for, but your money is forcibly taken from you and used to elect people you don't support.

Much of this money is also used by the unions to bus in union agitators to work on the campaigns of Democrats, helping them to get elected. I read one report where a Democratic candidate in the last election was reportedly paying hundreds of people from out of state $25 an hour to go door knocking for him. Where do you suppose that money came from?

The end result is that the unions own most of the legislators like chattel, for without the unions, they would have no campaign funds and no paid armies to work their campaigns. You could sum it up by suggesting that most legislators are the property of the unions and must do what they are told as if you were watching a gangster movie and the union bosses are their Dons.

Until state employees are given the freedom of choice to reject unions if they so desire, nothing will change. The first step in stopping this nonsense would be to change the law forcing each and every state employee to pay dues to an organization he may have no desire to belong to, and incidentally it is also an organization that works against the public interest by fighting to spend more of your tax dollars.

This forced dues situation created by state law is something that any organized crime family would envy.

Repeal it and finally make Connecticut a free state.

Anonymous said...

How do you FORCE people to go see a doctor? How do you FORCE people to have mandatory testing? How do you FORCE people to not only go to the doctor , but if you do not do exactly as the doctor tells you , you will be fined! How do you FORCE people to buy from a particular pharmacy in order to recieve their medications? if you do not buy from a particular pharamcy you will be fined! I to would of voted no on this contract.

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