Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CHRIS POWELL: Is there any future in Connecticut outside of government? - The Middletown Press (middletownpress.com)

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Lou Salvio said...

Writing about Malloy's "betrayal" of CT's citizens, Powell wrote,

"But as it [Malloy's Budget] all was facilitated by the largest tax increase in Connecticut’s history, this orderliness wasn’t much of a challenge or a virtue. Rather, it was the consequence of a betrayal. For in his campaign last year the governor said he aimed to cover one-third of the huge state deficit by spending cuts and two-thirds by tax increases, and in the end there were no cuts at all. The new budget raises spending by 2 percent, there will be no reduction in the state workforce, and the budget abounds with padding."

And Tim O'Brien voted for all this and wants to carry this thinking into the NB Mayor's office. How sad is this?

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