Saturday, June 4, 2011

Costco execs say store would bring 500 jobs, $475K in tax benefits - The New Britain Herald (


Staff Writer


Anonymous said...

They must be out of their minds to want to invest so much in such a crap hole city, but rest assured, Democrats will stop at nothing to derail this plan just like the way they dismantled the development of Pinnacle Heights and the way they drove Walmart out of the city.

Anonymous said...

Costco is not depending on New Britain for business. For years, I have traveled to Waterbury to shop at Costcos. Don't you think they know who will be shopping at their store? The membership card is $50.

What makes this a "crap hole city", as you say, is our educational system, lack of parenting and the Democratic Town Committee who put all these dummies on the Common Council and the BOE.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how anxious Costco will be to continue this project now that they are forced to provide 5 vacation days to every employee, and that's what they will turn out to be, vacation days, because most people drag themselves to work when they are sick and save their sick time for when they are well and just want a day off.

Until the employer can force every employee who is sick to stay home for being sick, there is no public health aspect to this feel good law because your waiter will continue to sneeze and cough all over your salad while he saves his guaranteed sick leave for when he wants to go to the casino, or to the beach when he is well.

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