Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Minority Leader Salvio Spells it Out

The Democrat Party of NB - The "PARTY OF NO!".
For the past 8 years, Council Democrats and NB, State legislative Dems have attempted to thwart any positive venture forwarded by the Stewart administration, designed to stabilize or lower property taxes. The Democrats have been aided in their efforts by the DTC Chair. Today's column by S. Whipple conjures up examples from the past as well as those of today. Most often the name of Re. Tim Obrien is linked to their effort.
Rewind to about 5 years ago; the Tilcon Co. came forward with a proposal to buy unused, low level NB watershed property on the city's west side - no water involved - for, $15 million. Homeowners along Wooster St. petitioned O'Brien and the State Sen. Don DeFronzo to squash the proposal they did. Bye bye to $15M for NB.
Rewind to a few years ago. The WalMart store on Farmington Ave in NB is picketed by, among others, you guessed it, Tim O'Brien and a couple of NB Council members, all Dems. Result? WalMart says bye bye to NB.
O'Brien professes to champion property tax reform, more and better jobs and lower taxes. Switch to, today. The COSTCO organization, comes to NB with a proposal. Who jumps in and is leading the fight against the proposal? None other than Mr. property tax reform/jobs/lower taxes guy, Tim O'Brien. But wait, another champion of "NO" has emerged, with the name, DeFronzo. This time it's Alderman Dave DeFronzo (see today's letter to the editor).
Alderman DeFronzo is against the COSTCO proposal, the Aquinas proposal and The CREC proposal for Pinnacle Heights. Goodbye millions in property sales, goodbye to hundreds of thousands in property tax relief, goodbye to hundreds of "good" jobs, ETC.
But of course, it's an election year. The Dems are already plotting to see who will take over as Mayor - everybody knows who the DTC will endorse - and they will be making the same promises they always make. Who will suffer? New Britain taxpayers.

Lou Salvio


Anonymous said...

Jim Sanders Jr said...
We can't afford to maintain the parks now! Pools will be closed because we can't afford them! " not all" if we say no to costco, then just put a sign at the city limits that says " CITY OF NEW BRITAIN "CLOSED" For all new businesses! Signed the DEMACRATS!

Let every one who is against this be special assessed on there property to compensate for the taxes we will lose if Costco doesn't build here!!!!!!!!!

June 21, 2011 5:27 PM

Anonymous said...

Walmart left because more items were being stolen out the back door then sold out the front door. Of course misinformation Lou does not tell the whole story and has no problem creating useless management positions for his cronies. Decrease spending and you will not need to break deeds to get short term gains Mr. Salvio.

Anonymous said...

yeah call someone else "misinformation" and then throw out something like this with nothing to back it up "Lou does not tell the whole story and has no problem creating useless management positions for his cronies"

What are these positions you speak of?

Anonymous said...

Asst. Fire chief

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