Sunday, June 19, 2011

The union-owned Democrats - The Washington Post

By Charles Krauthammer,

Even Boeing is not allowed to use their new Plant by the unions.


Anonymous said...

The only positive note is that overall union membership continues to dwindle across the nation. In 20 years we might be reading history books telling us what unions were all about, except for socialist Connecticut which will no doubt embrace unions long after the rest of the nation abandons them and their anti-American agenda.

Anonymous said...

What these socialists will be doing by blocking companies from fleeing socialist states like Washington, or Connecticut for that matter, and relocating to free states like South Carolina, will be to leave them no other option but to totally cease operations in the US and move their operation to a business free environment like Hong Kong which was built on the premise that business operates best when left alone to make its own decisions free of any government interference.

Hong Kong has been the freest nation in the world for decades, and that will be one of the popular destinations for businesses that must flee the oppression of the Communist States of America.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Dictator Dan would think of this site?

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