Monday, June 20, 2011

Yankee Institute Blasts SEBAC As "Desperate And Paranoid'' :The Courant


Anonymous said...

Apparently SEBAC believes that the Yankee Institute doesn't have the First Amendment right to criticize such a radical deal for state employees (forcing all state employees into an Obama style socialized medicine as a preamble to the same destruction of health care for all citizens of the state) or at least believes that the Attorney General can be used as their pawn to silence speech that they happen to disagree with.

Didn't we witness similar conduct in Nazi Germany? In this regard, it would appear that the unions in our forced union state are no different than the Nazis!

Anonymous said...

delusional is more accurate for these union thugs!

Anonymous said...

Yankee Institute and State of CT Database computers?

We saw lots of references to the Yankee Institute, but we didn't know where it came from,'' O'Connor said. "We couldn't track down the original, named sources in the e-mail. They were nowhere in the [state employee] database.''

One e-mail was purportedly sent by a person named Dan Luciano, which seemed to be a combination of attorney Dan Livingston and longtime union leader Sal Luciano.

"We did some due diligence,'' O'Connor said, noting that they could not find the name of Dan Luciano or any other alleged state employees on the e-mails. "It was time to elevate this to a higher level. That was why we sent the letter off to the attorney general.''

The opposition to the union deal is being spread in e-mails, on the Internet, and at

Attorney Jepsen has asked the auditors to investigate the complaint by the state employees' union.

"We have received a letter alleging improper use of the state e-mail system,'' State Attorney Jepsen said in a statement.

"Pursuant to the whistleblower statute, Connecticut Gen. Stat. Section 4-61dd, we are referring the matter to the Connecticut State Auditors of Public Accounts ( NOTE: John Geragosian - 25th District NB Rep. replaced by Democrat Robert Sanchez in Special Election) for their consideration.

We will continue to review claims that state computer laws have been violated. At this time, there is insufficient information to comment further on the merits of these serious allegations."

Anonymous said...

Blaming the Yankee Insitute is priceless... there nothing you SEBAC guys will stoop too!

Anonymous said...

The union alleges that the Yankee Institute is breaking the law by opposing sweetheart labor union deals. The Yankee Institute categorically deny all of the union’s accusations made in SEBAC’s desperate and paranoid June 17 letter to Attorney General Jepsen.

If the unions can’t provide any evidence to support their charges, they should withdraw them and apologize to the Yankee Institute before their credibility is further damaged. Without such evidence, the Attorney General has no basis for an investigation and he should say so immediately.

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