Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letters to the editor by Former Alderman Louis Salvio

Lou Salvio wrote on Apr 14, 2012 7:39 AM:

" It's amazing that the lead article on the front page of the Herald cannot be accessed on line until you get deep into the, " View All Headlines " section.

Perhaps The Herald did not wish to make a big deal out of the announcement that Phil Sherwood has been "promoted" to "Deputy Chief of Staff!" Will Sherwood now receive a raise in his salary? Hmmm! Is that why the mayor's office budget was increased by $180K?

If Sherwood now assumes some of Chief of

Staff, Klotz's duties, will she get a decrease in

salary? FAT CHANCE! Let the O'Brien games continue!

About the fines, I'd love to know how fines will be collected from NB High School and The Hospital For Special Care and New Brite Plaza.

As with the fines on blighted properties, it appears that once again persons causing the penalties to be assessed on landlords will be held harmless!!!! How about it Mayor and Deputy Chief of Staff?

Will you put $6 to $10 million in the budget for collection of fines and then takes the funds from some department reserves to pay for the shortfall of uncollected fines? Will you sue the landlords? ???????????????????????????? If these questions seem ridiculous, it's because, SO IS THIS ILL CONCEIVED PLAN. "

Lou Salvio wrote on Apr 14, 2012 12:58 PM:

" To follow up on my original post (First one posted today) that mentioned Sherwood's apparent promotion to Deputy Chief of Staff for O'Brien, I learned this morning that in fact Sherwood has been promoted and O'Brien has rewarded him with a $15K raise in pay !!!!!.

Why would the Herald bury this front page story in the "View All Headlines" section of their on-line version of the Herald? Does Sherwood still control what the Herald reports re the City of NB?

Yet O'Brien wants to lay off 130 city workers and eliminate whole departments.

Taxpayers, you be the judges! "

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Anonymous said...

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