Friday, August 9, 2013

The Truth That Washington wants you to ignor

This is a U.S.Ambassador

If ANYTHING is going to take Obama down, IT IS THIS!!
Ambassador Stevens was tortured, raped, cattle prodded and burned, FOR 7 HOURS, while Hillary and Obama ignored his cries. (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO).
Share this wherever you can, especially on Liberal group pages. They need to see the truth, which they've been denied by the MSM. This has the possibility to be bad for Hillary and Obama. They're scared, and are starting to get desperate to shut us up about Benghazi. Remember.

This is the reality the oBUMa-Billary Liars do NOT want you to see.


Anonymous said...

The liberal media won't tell you about this because it is negative about their Messiah.

Anonymous said...

American embassy's all over Africa and the Middle East remain closed.

Instead of being the world power we once were, Democrats have reduced our nation to a weak and cowardice nation that is on the constant run from Al Qaeda.

Do you miss George W. Bush yet?

Anonymous said...

And the "we can't do nothing republicans...our whole government is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

How can we be sure that this is the body of Ambassador Stevens?

Anonymous said...

This photo was originally aired on Al Jazeera, the same network that recently paid Al Gore $500 million for the purchase of his Current network.

Anonymous said...

This photo would have cost President Obama and many other Lib Dems candidates their elections and rightly so.

Why didn't The Romney Campaign produce it?

The Republican Party needs to stop being afraid to expose the truth about The Lib Dem Party.

This advise holds true for the the New Britain Republican Town Committee also.

Anonymous said...

It speaks volumes about what kind of animals we're up against. Cowards who bomb innocent civilians, cowards who hide in mosques to run from a fire fight, cowards who trick children into blowing themselves up just on the chance they'll hurt of kill innocent people.

And cowards who gang rape, torture and kill a man who loved Libya and its people.

Instead of speaking the truth about them, our government jails an innocent man for some obscure cartoonish video he made to hide from the truth.

And the American people just yawn.

Anonymous said...

"This advise holds true for the the New Britain Republican Town Committee also."

This statement couldn't be truer. They seem to be too busy touting an individual who stands for seizing your guns than to be focused on any issues. I guess money is more important than standing on principles.

Anonymous said...

The Republican candidate should send copies of this photo out in campaign mailers with the caption "Hilary's finest hour as Secretary of the State."

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