Friday, October 11, 2013

Connecticut Property Owners Alliance Inc.
Public Notice:

Just to remind everyone what is at stake in New Britain;
  1. New Britain landlords will soon write checks to the TAX COLLECTOR, CITY OF NEW BRITAIN to pay for their landlord licensing fee if Tim O'Brien is re-elected. 
  2. New Britain landlords will be forced to raise rents on working class tenants if fees increase.  
  3. Other cities are watching closely what is going on in New Britain and will adopt similar policies and fees.
These Policies must die right now in this election

Do not rely on somebody else to take action, WE NEED YOU!

We are meeting at Roma's Restaurant, 382 Allen Street on Thursday, 10/10/13 at 7:00PM to help organize rental property owners and their tenants to combat this attack on affordable housing; please attend.


Anonymous said...

It's not just going to decide fees for "absentee landlords" either. Once this goes into effect, I guarantee you that O'Brien will attack every property owner in the city who is renting their property.

He moved quickly to out all the mechanisms in place as soon as he got into office - the "fair rent commission" does not only apply to "absentee landlords" for instance. Originally he was targeting ALL landlords, but had to back away from that.

New Britain voters better wake up, or new Britain will be a bankrupted city who penalizes private investment even more than it does now!

Anonymous said...

there is also something currently tabled that will effectively add project Labor Agreement's (PLA's) to all city projects over a certain amount (5M maybe?). Basically all projects and contracts will cost more in the city.

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