Monday, October 28, 2013

Rumors have it-- Mrs. Gerratana placed has the new Common Council Secretary

Rumors at city hall indicates that the Common Council secretary has been replaced by Mrs. Greg Gerratana whose husband is the Democratic candidate for tax collector.  



Anonymous said...

I'm sure she must be really proud of her husband!

Anonymous said...

Greg Gerratana's aunt is Alderwoman Suzanne Bielinski; therefore she is also the aunt of Greg's wife! Bielinski also chaired the committee that selected Greg's wife as the new Council Secretary. NO CONFLICT OF INTERESTS HERE?

Could the Democrats controlling NB politics be any sleazier? Any time corruption comes up with regard to Council sleaze, the same names pop up.

Anonymous said...

How do I ask for FOI about this position?

Anonymous said...

frank- dont forget to mention the position was changed from part-time to full-time and the salary was increased quite a bit from what the previous person was making

Anonymous said...

Now there is a reason for the nanny.

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