Thursday, July 24, 2014

The “TANS” proposal to the common council membership!


When the city hired a consultant to advise the council membership of the necessity to avoid a takeover of the city’s finances by the state three of the members continued with their disbelief that this could happen for nearly a period of three hours.  They were advised that this similar situation occurred to the cities of Bridgeport and Waterbury, Conn.  When the voting occurred three of the Alderman that voted for the takeover by the state were Aldermen David DeFronzo, Michael Trueworthy, and Adam Platosz.
Rumors have it that David DeFronzo has planned to run for mayor during the next election cycle overshooting Trueworthy’s desires to venture for the same Democratic party selection for the same spot.
The electorate of the city of New Britain should be forewarned to not re-elect these three Alderman that voted for the state takeover of our city’s finances, by their voting for the “TANS” proposal, because they were not really representing their electorate’s best interest.  

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Anonymous said...

They probably wet their pants at the very thought of Danny Boy Malloy taking over the city. Maybe even a tingle down their legs?

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