Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Islamist State terrorist who beheaded James Wright Foley

That defining moment underlines in blood how Western leaders who allow the flow of terrorists across their borders have relinquished the safety of their own citizens for convenience, cowardice and political expediency. Western leaders like President Barack Hussein Obama and Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron do not do the jobs they were sworn in to do in protecting their citizens. They only make speeches and go on vacations. The mainstream media doesn’t question negligent Western leaders about their cavalier attitudes toward radical Islamic terrorism, but their citizens know it, the watching world knows, and most importantly of all, the terrorists of the Islamic State count on it. Cameron, holidaying in Portugal in early August was as of yesterday vacationing during his annual Cornwall break. Update: David Cameron breaks off holiday after ‘British’ jihadist beheads kidnapped journalist (The Telegraph, Aug. 20, 2014) Obama, who spent less than 48 hours on his media-dubbed “mysterious” Washington break from his holiday, returned to Martha’s Vineyard last night. The Islamist State terrorist who beheaded James Wright Foley crowed at the world from the Middle East via graphic video. How long before the terrorists flowing in to the United States unhampered across its southern border get to crow over beheadings conducted right on American soil? CFP

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