Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alderman Louis Salvio Supports Change to State Representatives..

Currently, New Britain’s State General Assembly Delegation comprises five delegates, one senator and four representatives. All five are Democrats, a composition has not changed for over ten years. Two of our  state representatives are shared with neighboring towns; the 24th. with the town of Newington and the 22nd. with the town of Plainville.

Under this current delegation, New Britain’s educational, socio economic and political viability has deteriorated to the point that it can be considered abysmal and functionally unproductive in all categories.

The Republican Party of New Britain offers a slate of young, energetic and active business and professional candidates who are ready with fresh ideas to offer more than party loyalty to bring New Britain out of its current state of economic and educational doldrums. These candidates will act to overcome the Governor’s largest tax increase in state history and the unprofessional and unethical behaviors of some of our current state delegation.

The Republican slate includes: Atty. Gennaro Bizzarro, New Britain’s current Corporation Counsel (24th); Law School Graduate, Edward Colon (25th); New Britain Business Owner, Piotr (Peter) Ceglarz (26th). This delegation will offer honest leadership and representation for ALL the people of New Britain and not simply be beholden to one Political Party or faction. Please, vote for the people of New Britain, vote for these fresh capable voices of change, vote against do nothing representatives.

As was said by one writer (source unknown), “when the party becomes more important than principle, we are in dire straits, for it reveals that our leaders are incapable or unwilling to think critically for themselves.”

Lou Salvio, New Britain


Anonymous said...

But all of the elected folks are promising to make things better for all of us ( after they screwed everything up).

Anonymous said...

you mean even more free stuff for everyone?

Anonymous said...

Quick put something in Lou Salvio's mouth": He has endorsed Candidates, on the Republican side, that along will sink everyone's Campaign!

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