Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Britain Politics gets polluted By The DTC Chair.

With the DTC Chairman, John McNamara, filing a complaint with the state elections commission as reported. in today’s New Britain Herald, against the Connecticut Property Owners Alliance political action committee.   With the Chairman claiming it was a well-financed and vicious campaign to unseat Former Mayor Tim O’Brien by Sam Zherka of New York, a local property owner. 
The Ct. CPOA leadership called it another attempt in harassing his group for standing up for the New Britain property owners and will be seeking a legal recourse against the chairman of the NBDTC.   
The Battle was over O’Brien’s proposed absentee landlords fees and electing his replacement “Erin Stewart”.




Anonymous said...

Asking the DTC Cahir to resign is like asking for him to give up his socialist flag.

Anonymous said...

do you mean the sickle and star?

Anonymous said...

I can not wait until you get hit for all the illegal crap that you have done John " mini "Mac ( and cheese) you are going to make Sammy look like a Boy Scout !!!!!! You ugly gapped tooth loser

Anonymous said...

What do you expect in communist Connecticut?

Anonymous said...


Do you honestly believe that the people of NB would have preferred another 2 years of incompetence, lies, payoffs to friends for no work done from O'Brien, Sherwood, Klotz and all the no show jobs given to friends of Little Mac ?

@ Anonymous #3. Please stop with the name calling. It saves no purpose.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy on #3, maybe it's Mike Trueworthy, after all he is sick.

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