Sunday, October 26, 2014

President Obama "MIA"

President has turned over the internet question to be controlled by the United Nations which will raise havoc over the US’S freedom of speech.  Unfortunately our President is MIA in leading the desires of our citizens concerns.

It is Widely known that the UN is controlled by Russia and China's Veto Powers.


Anonymous said...

TEXAS — Republicans nominated Attorney General Greg Abbott, regarded as one of the most decent human beings to ever seek higher office. His Democrat counterpart Wendy Davis is attempting to become one of most terrible people to ever run for any office. A former Republican, Davis divorced her husband and abandoned her children after he paid for her law school. She just ran an ad attacking Abbott’s paraplegic status. The issue now is not how badly Abbott trounces Davis, but how much collateral damage she does to Texas Democrats everywhere. Even if Texas were not a Republican state in a Republican year, she would still be political ebola.

Anonymous said...

COLORADO — John Hickenlooper is toast for allowing former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to cajole him into pushing gun control. Conservatives have pushed back hard, ousting two anti-gun Democrats in recall elections. Incumbent Hickenlooper is dragging down the entire Democratic ticket. Democrats turned Colorado from red to blue on other issues, but destroyed themselves the moment they came for the gun owners. Hickenlooper is gone. Congressman Bob Beauprez will win.

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