Wednesday, October 22, 2014

State Education Aid Is Issue in 24 - Hartford Courant

by: Don Stacom


Anonymous said...

Why Does Rick Lopes call himself a property manager ? In the state of Ct you MUST hold a CT Real Estate lic to do so, yet he does not !!!!!!!! More lies and illegal activity from Rick Lopes, He reg's his cars in another town to avoid paying tax whle an alderman, then gets caught on camera stealing from someones desk at the state capitol while working for senator DeFronzo, then when Defronzo becomes a state commissionor for DAS he takes Lopes with him and makes up a do nothing job for him. NOW Rick Lopes is ILLEGALLY doing the job of a lic real estate agent yet has no lic ?????? Where does the illegal activity end for State Rep Rick Lopes ? Oh yeah, never because you keep electing and paying him.

Anonymous said...

I thought this idiot Lopes had a carpet cleaning company

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