Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Bielinski issues.


In March of 2014, Alderman Lou Salvio filed a Civil Service complaint against Alderwoman and then Majority Leader of the Common Council, Suzanne Bielinski alleging that Bielinski spearheaded a plot to create a Classified  Service position for her niece by marriage, Jessica Gerratana. In doing so Salvio alleges that Bielinski, sister of State Senator Terry Gerratana violated Section 4-9 of the City Charter, several sections of the Code of Ordinances ( Section on Administration) and the Rules of the New Britain Civil Service Department ( Merit Rules).

It took a little over 7 months after the filing of the complaint for the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to hold its final meeting and render a decision on October 6, 2014.

Five unpaid volunteer electors of the City from both major parties comprise the CSC. They give willingly of their time without fanfare in helping the City. All this not withstanding and after spending hours during those 7 months poring over evidentiary materials, lawyers for Bielinski and Gerratana as well as Gerratana and Bielinski themselves  took turns making summation statements that in my opinion, did little else other than to vilify the CSC, Civil Service Rules, Lou Salvio , witnesses and insisted that the entire process was politically motivated. In one of her comments, Bielinski insinuated that one witness tried to curry favor with the current Mayor Stewart by sending her a flower arrangement after she was elected Mayor. Lawyers especially should act professionally and refrain from disparaging comments. As two of the lawyers walked out of the hearing they were heard to say that the entire process and these hearings amounted to  “ A JOKE!” HOW DO YOU FEEL IF YOU ARE A COMMISSIONER AND HAD TO HEAR THAT? It amounts to buffoonery from two members of the Connecticut Bar !

The readers of this article must realize this whole debacle took place while Tim O’Brien was Mayor and while there were 13 Democrats on the Council.  It is in my opinion a clear case of nepotism revealed.The current CSC was not involved nor were the current Mayor, any of her staff, Alderman Salvio or the Corporation Council.

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