Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Zherka issue

Are Sam Zherka’s, “so called friends” have been able to find the time to visit him in the New York Jail?


Anonymous said...

I’m not sure ALL of Zherka’s grateful New Britain political friends will be visiting him, but I am sure they won’t be traveling out to NY in NB-1 to stay incognito.

Frank, any chance you can do an expose on just how many millions he ripped off the taxpayer’s for?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Frank, you have an obligation to New Britain Voters, to investigate the issue of Sam Zerhka, and all his financial maneuvering with New Britain Politicians and I hld your hands to the fire to do just that! Be the hero for New Britain Voters:

Anonymous said...

You Dem's make me laugh. So a selfmade man does well in life and doesnt have to live off of the taxpayers like you, so you hate him. You are all such loosers. And I mean the ELECTED DEM'S living off of taxpayers just to be clear. Get over NO'Brien lost and a bunch of you lost your free ride.

Anonymous said...

Frank, it would be logical to think that key politicos from New Britain must be visiting Zherka for face-to-face meetings. It won’t be a visit to check on Zherka’s wellbeing, but to get their alibi’s straight for the soon approaching New Britain investigation. LOTS and LOTS of things for them to talk about Frank.

Too bad we can’t get a video for YouTube video of our “city celebrities” visiting Sammy, but we can try!

Also Frank, I agree with the last poster that you really should do an in-depth investigation on Zherka’s influence on the last city election. Don’t let Robin Vinci run a story written by one of Zherka’s employees sugarcoating and spinning the whole scam…YOU are a real New Britain writer.

Anonymous said...

We need to investigate the 2 No'Brien years of corruption. MILLIONS of $$$ stolen from the city. The real criminals Mike and Sue just got a free pass too. I guess you can do as you please if you have a D after your name, right Phil ?

Anonymous said...

Hey, “Puny Poster,” US Dem’s are the ones laughing at YOU Republicans if you actually think Zherka didn’t live off of millions of TAXPAYER dollars for years.

Read on little one,

Selim Zherka was charged with tax fraud, wire fraud, witness tampering and bank fraud. Because one of the banks allegedly defrauded, North Fork Bank, was later purchased by a TARP recipient, the Special Inspector General of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) helped lead the investigation.

Congress created TARP after a series of bank failures threatened the nation’s financial systems. Banks were able to borrow money from the government at favorable terms. Because TAXPAYER MONIES were used to prop up the bank that acquired North Fork Bank, the alleged fraud is considered a fraud against the TARP program and is a felony.

The $36.5 million obtained from a TARP backed bank is just a drop in the bucket. The indictment says he obtained in excess of $146 million in loans from North Fork Bank (now Capital One), Sovereign Bank (now Santander), and Signature Bank by lying about the purchase prices of the real estate he was acquiring, the amount of the down payments he was making toward the purchases in question, his assets, his income, his tax returns. In other words, he lied about everything. (In the words of New York’s FBI Director, George Venizelos, “Zherka’s web of deception knew few bounds.”)

It is documented that Farmington Hills Apartments was financed with millions fraudulently loaned from North Fork Bank.

So, “Puny Poster,” to most intelligent people (Dems and Republicans), it appears that some of Zherka’s $36.5 million defrauded TARP backed TAXPAYER’S MONEY found it’s way to Hard Hittin’ New Britain and the last city election…AGREED?

Anonymous said...


It appears that your blog has become the haven for has been operatives of the "NO Brien" two year fiasco.

Are you and all of your readers forgetting about infamous transgressions of the "wonder boy" from New Hampshire? I hear he's back. Must miss taking a city car out with one of his concubines and running out of gas of the way to, ?????????????????????

What is it with the Dems fascination Zherka?

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