Friday, December 5, 2014


Amid a recent spread of buyer’s remorse among Democratic lawmakers who pushed President Obama’s complicated and unpopular health law through, the Obama administration is warning Americans that they face big price hikes if they don’t find their version of the ObamaCare blue light special aisle during open enrollment. In many cases that means changing coverage plans, even though you may be happy with it, again. Federal health officials say people could face rate hikes of nearly 10 percent and could lose subsidies if they don’t shop around. The warning comes on top of this year’s more costly premiums, which, depending on the state you live in, could mean a double-digit price jump. In other words, Americans, who were sold on claims of reduced rates, can add “You’d better shop around” to the ObamaCare hit parade of “If you like it you can keep it.”

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Anonymous said...

someone has to pay for all that free stuff, like 80 year olds having coverage for birth control and everyone being required to have coverage for heroin addiction counseling and so on.

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