Friday, December 12, 2014


Liberal Democrats are angry at President Obama over the CIA, his foreign policy, increasing Wall Street coziness and a host of other disappointments. The left wing is also frustrated with their party’s presumptive 2016 nominee and in the shadow of a humiliating midterm loss. So they're acting out. Facing what promises to be a very unhappy two years in the minority with lame duck president and a presidential candidate who is deeply distrusted by the Democratic base, liberal lawmakers have adopted policies and practices they once abhorred from Republicans. And as it happens, the woman leading the charge is the only potential threat to 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton and the area of dispute is centered directly on one of Hillary’s weakest spots: her deep Wall Street ties. So what does this say about the future of the party and the instigator of this brinksmanship, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

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Anonymous said...

Since the Democrats are the party of communism, why not run a communist?

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