Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chelsi P. Henry: Why I’m a Black Female Republican - The Root


Anonymous said...

I could never understand why so many blacks would run out and affiliate with the same party that gave them the KKK and was responsible for lynchings and torture of blacks?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what point Anon poster #1, but they sound racist and perhaps also a race baiter.

At any rate and with regard to the veterans homeless shelter, I applaud the idea but has anyone noticed the cost? They are going to spend $2.24 Million to renovate 18 units which comes out to about $125k per unit.

The value of the renovated building will be less than $1 million and there are comparable sales to back that up. This is why New Britain has so much Blight as it costs far more to renovate buildings that the end product is worth.

Is there any way to fix, correct or remedy this? Not sure what the way out is, but we have to get there or the blight issue will never go away.

Grants and tax credits might help some but this is a real problem.

Obrien tried, but he didn't understand the issues at all and simply tried to fight the problem with fines which did nothing to solve the problem except to make them New Britain's problem because eventually the city would have to taken ownership of all the blighted properties.

Anything going on at 600 Main? The issues are exactly the same, its costs more to renovate than the building will be worth. NO investors going to touch that until the equation gets turned upside down.

Anonymous said...

Bond rating upgrade today, Stewart's doing a fantastic job.

I can only imagine where we'd be today if Obrien had been reelected.

Thanks Erin! Way to go.

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