Thursday, January 15, 2015


Just as President Obama is hitting the campaign trail to sell a reboot of his domestic policies ahead of next week’s State of the Union Address, the threat from Islamist militants is again crowding out his messages. Starting eight days ago with the deadly attack in Paris, the president has struggled to gain traction for his calls for more spending, higher taxes and new regulations. The Obama media strategy, on which its authors have been congratulating themselves at length in the political press, is to roll out the speech day after day to targeted geographic and demographic groups. This is not unlike what we saw last year when Islamists in Iraq and Syria destroyed the Democratic Midterm communications strategy and focused national attention on concerns over the president’s foreign policy. The president’s campaign to avoid lame duck status looks similarly imperiled.


Anonymous said...

Where are the NB stories?

I just read McNamara's comments and I do agree with him when he says the "action taken by the commission to remove Bielinski from office and fine her over the council’s hiring of her niece 'creates needless debate and discord in city government.'"

However, we disagree on how to solve this. Instead of the city dropping the case as John would prefer, she should resign and admit she was wrong to get her neice the job. Total arrogance.

Anonymous said...

If the Democrats care about saving the city the embarrassment of this ongoing and growing scandal, the easiest way to put it to rest and move on is for Bielinsky to resign from office and go away.

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