Thursday, January 15, 2015

Southington Environmental Problems Continue!



Recent news account citing the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) continue to oversee removal of contaminants from its landfills.   The EPA has designated as Superfund Sites citing that the landfills have been contaminated 25 five years ago.   Amazingly, it will take another 120 years before the town’s own wells before they  can be reopened.
Giving reason for the city of New Britain to negotiate a reasonable contract for the use of our Patton Brook well for the next 120 years since we still own it.



Anonymous said...

I call bull shit. Let's have the city of NB just give it to them. No one should pay for water. I'd rather have water then street lights on my road. Down with Government control !!!!!!!!!! And democrates suck

Anonymous said...

didn't big bertha want to sell this well to Southington?

Anonymous said...

let big bertha sell it!

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